Out partying

Out partying

Scavenging through my clothes i settle on a thight black dress that expresses my curves nicely. My big round B cups are propped up on the rim of the dress as my butt pops making it look round. My boyfriend told me that tonight we would be wild and to dress extra slutty. I never do know what he has in mind, hes always suprising me with things. Wether it be events or presents, he has an imagination. I wonder how some of it hasn’t gotten him sent to jail with what he does.
Vibrating in my pocket, my phone goes off signaling a text from him
-Im here-
-come out-
Responding, I grab my phone and clutch and head out of my small apartment and into his black sports car. Slipping into the passenger seat, I quickly greet him with a short peck on the cheek as he has already started speeding down the street.
"So where are we going, babe?" I ask as I look at him. His dark hair is combed over onto his head perfectly with a few loose strands dangling in front of his forehead like a greaser, he is wearing a plain grey t-shirt and navy blue jeans which makes me question my attire. Looking over at me, he shoots me a grin and looks me over before putting his free hand on my exposed thigh.
"Somewhere new baby, you will enjoy." With that he rubs his hand on my thigh and pats it lightly.
"You will enjoy." Retrieving his hand to the steering wheel, I look even more confused than normal. When he speaks with that tone of voice and mystery it means sex would be involved, but when is it never with us. We are one freaky couple and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Smirking at him, I slowly slide my hand down to his crotch and begin to rub through his pants.
"Maybe I will enjoy." I whisper in his ear while biting it teasingly and returning back to my spot. I could hear him exhale a sharp air of breath, gripping the steering wheel.
"Don’t do that. Not when im driving." He states with utter defeat, its true it does send his mind into a little journey when I tease him like that.
Shortly before we knew it, we were parked before one of the clubs that I seen his single friends go to on mutliple occasions.
Escorting me out of the car, he placed his hand on the small of my back and we walked in passing a line of people. The music was blaring loudly from the speakers and I could feel the vibrations through my shoes as the stench of sweat and alcohol welcomed me in. Guiding me towards a small booth in the corner of the club, I immediately began to recognize who was sitting in it. Inviting us to sit where my boyfriends hot friends, some that I had fantasized about in our early years of dating. There was Nick who had a killer body with a nice re real olive tan, he liked to keep his hair short and never missed on complimenting my apperance. There was also Nikita who was one of the foreign of them all but a real sport, he was like a guy best friend to me and I could always talk to him about anything. He liked to keep his hair in a quiff and style that gangster kpop look that he cherished, he was a total teen out of them all. The last one was Greg, Greg was the normal guy of all of them. He goes to college and rocks his flat chest and killer physique just somehow can never seem to s stay with one girl so he goes to clubs a lot.
Sliding into the booth, I sat next to Nick who was sitting next to Nikita leaving greg at the end and making my boyfriend come on the otherside of me which also left him at the end. So were at a club, sitting at a booth with Babes friends. Scratch that, his hot friends that he knows I have fantasized about.
"So you finally made it, Dan." Nick exclaimed with a wide grin on his face.
"Yeah I did, couldn’t wait to try this night out." My boyfriend smirked looking at the guys and they all smiled back at him.
"So you brought candy up here, ey?" Greg said while looking me up and down, resting his eyes on my boobs.
"Yeah couldn’t not bring her for the fun." Daniel laughed sneaking a hand down to meet my thighs.
"Mhmm." Nikita murmured looking at me as if he knew something I didn’t, I could see a lustful look in his eyes.
"So lets get this night started and order some drinks." Greg shouted while signaling a server to us.
Walking over, the lady wore a black short skirt that just barely covered her ass and a tight white top that exposed way too much cleavage for my liking. The boys were starting to fawn over her like kids, trying to get her attention with orders. She was obviously liking the attention as she exposed her boobs a little bit more to the boys viewing.
Leaving, she left a stench of jelaousy on me that I didn’t even know was boiling inside until Daniel rubbed his hands up to my panties and began to massage my pussy through my panties.
"Settle darling, don’t want the beast unleashing." He whispered into my ear while looking at the boys.
"She had a nice pair of knockers, ey boys?" Nick announced while the rest nodded their heads in agreement.
"Yeah, just want to stick my dick right between them." Nikita said while holding the table and motioning thrusting.
Speaking of the devil, the server came back with our drinks and Greg of course got her to stay with us. She got to sit on his lap while he felt up on her boobs, her high pitched laughter was getting annoying in my mind but the boys didn’t seem to mind even Daniel was entertained.
He slipped his hand into my panties and began to rub my clit, knowing how to turn me on. Nick took his eyes off greg fondling the girl and noticed me and Dan and he began to kiss on my neck while rubbing himself between his pants. Dan and Nick both sucked hard on my neck, one of my hands were on Dans pants and the other on Nicks. Dan plunged his fingers deep into my pussy once he ripped off my panties, making me spread my legs wide. Nick worked his way to my boobs and let them loose, not wearing a bra I had my tits exposed for the boys and both were sucking and attacking each. God it felt good having two guys reach out for me like that, it was great with Dan but having more than one person do multiple things to u at once was just unbelievable. Greg seemed to have gotten the servers top off as he was violating her tits while Nikita watched us and began to jack himself off. The excitement was surging through my body at this public expierence and not one person seemed to have stopped us.
"Mmm candy your tits taste as good as they feel, why havent u been sharing yourself to us earlier." Nick moaned as he suckled on my tit hard.
"Was just teasing you guys til tonight." Daniel chuckled while biting down onto my other nipple. Letting me go, the both of them pushed me hard onto the table and ripped off my dress, laying me naked and exposed for everyone to see.
"Let everyone see what a total slut you are." Daniel smirked as he spread my legs open and dived his head deep into my pussy, licking and sucking every inch of my womanhood. Nick grabbed my hand and led it to his exposed dick which I had to jack off for him while Nikita stood up and kneeled between my tits and began to tit fuck me. I was in ecstasy as each guy used my body for his own pleasure, waiting and wanting to explore me for a long time. I looked over to see Greg getting a blowjob, the woman seemed to bop her head exactly like a pro, coming up and taking all nine inches of Greg. I was working on Nicks dick, rubbing all around it making sure to massage the tip and going back down in long hard strokes. My tits were jiggling as Nikita fucked them hard and just as I thought he was done, he neared up to my mouth and exploded his seed all into my throat forcing me to swallow it down hard. Getting off, he sucked and massaged my tits as Nick came up and positioned my mouth over his dick and forced it in. I began to suck hard, making sure to bring lots of attention to t the tip sucking on it as if it were a lollipop then bringing it all down and deepthroating him. All while doing this I was nearing towards climax as Dans face ate me out, his nose was rubbing onto my clit and I was about to cum when he suddendly stopped and undid his pants revealing his long hard dick. Positioning himself, he haevily thrust himself into me. Fucking me hard, he held onto my wasit n shook the table as he fucked deep short strokes. This movement made it easier for me to give Nick an awesome blow job as he was having his hands grab my head and stick it all into my mouth. Without a moment sooner both Nick and Dan were cumming into me. Looking away from the two tired boys I found myself staring at Greg fucking the server from behind doggy stlye as Nikita was infront of her letting her give him a blow job.
Getting off of me, Dan pulled me to him once he cleaned himself off and gave him my panties and dress. Nick pulled up his pants and walked off to the bar to mingle with some girls he spotted. Once I got dressed, Daniel said bye to the boys and escorted me out of the club where we returned to his car and began to passionately makeout.
"How was that for a night, baby?" He smiled while looking at me sraight in the eyes.
"It was amazing." I said pulling him in for a hug.
"Good, but none of them were allowed to fuck you in ur tight cunt because your mine. So next time u want to fuck like that, u plan it." He said while pulling me in for a long kiss before he sped us off back to my apartment.

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