The Begining and 40year late the change

The Begining and 40year late the change

Jay and I have been playing with each other since we were about 15. It started one night when he slept over my house and we wanted to watch TV well after my parents went to bed.

Here is the short back ground before I get into what happened last weekend.

That night after we turned off TV we opened the sleeper couch and laid down for the night. Shortly after we were under the covers I felt his hand slide over my side and gently touch my cock. At that point, like every 15 year old boy, it did not take more than a few seconds to get hard. He then slid his hand into my tight white undies and started to rub me. I rolled on my back and within seconds he was sucking me.

A few nights later we were sleeping at his house and my mind was racing as we got ready for bed. My aunt told us if we wanted to talk and watch TV late we could use the guest room if we did not mind sleeping in a double bed. As you can guess it was not a problem.

When we got into the bed my heart was pounding in anticipation of what could be happening shortly. Much to my disappointment nothing happened. After about half an hour went by I rolled on my back and closer to Jay. When I did my hand touched his leg so I left it there. I slowly and gently started to rub his leg and I noticed he did not have on any clothes. My hand worked its way over to find his rock hard cock and when it did he put his hand on top of mine and started to help me rub him. This was the first time I had ever touched another cock and it felt really good so I took over rubbing it.

While I was doing that he took his hand and placed it behind me and gently persuaded me to move my mouth closer to his cock. The closer I got the more excited I got until I was only inches away watching me jerk him off. This feeling came over me that I wanted to suck him just like he did to me a few nights earlier. I was afraid I would not do a good job so I went really slow. First I licked the head then put it into my mouth, it tasted a little salty as it was full of precum. I gradually took more and more in my mouth until I started to gag. He softly said just go slow and you will be OK. His advice was perfect, I slowed down, relaxed and was finally able to feel his pubic hair on my nose because I had completely taken in his beautiful cock.

When he started to cum he pulled out slightly so his cum landed on my tongue and lips. It was salty but very tasty, I did not want to lose a single drop.

All of that took place about 40 years ago – that is right we are in our mid 50’s now.

We both got married and I moved about 300 miles away so our get togethers were greatly reduced. Any time we did get together it was very hard to sneak away for any type of sex. We traded blow jobs every few years and that was the best we could do.

Then the unthinkable happened! We were able to work it out so Jay and his wife met me and my wife at a beach house that we rented for a week. Jay and I loved to fish and the girls loved to sunbathe which allowed us some private time together. Believe me when I tell you we had some of the hottest blow jobs and “69’s” you can ever imagine.

It was during that time that the beginning of a new adventure started. As we were heavily into a 69 I suddenly but gently felt something around my ass. It felt good and I was really enjoying sucking his cock that I just let it happen. You guessed it, he was fingering my virgin ass. We both came and swallowed every drop of each other’s cum.

The next night as we were stripper fishing he asked me if I liked his finger in my ass. I told him it was a little shocking at first but since I was enjoying his cock so much I just relaxed and discovered that I was enjoying that too.

Here is the first of two bombs he dropped on me that night. He told me that his wife has a strap on and fucks him regularly. He told me it started the same way we did it earlier, his wife fingered him as they were eating and sucking each other. The second bomb was that a few years earlier his wife caught us giving each other a blow job. She kept it a secret until she knew we were going on this vacation together. She promised never to tell my wife unless I said it was OK.

The last night of our vacation was one I will never forget. Jay and I were fishing, that is to say our lines were in the water but that is where the fishing ended. We were at a very private beach so there was no danger of anyone coming by. He asked me if I would like him to fuck me. This took me by surprise but on the other hand sounded very hot and exciting. I told him I was not sure I could stand the pain of his cock entering my ass but he assured me he would be gentle and stop if it was hurting. He reminded me of many years ago when I sucked him for the first time and gagged. We both laughed.

We then got naked and started to rub each other’s body all over. I was the one who got on my knees first and took his beautiful cock in my mouth. We sucked each other’s cock and nipples for a while then he asked if I was ready. I told him as ready as I could be.

He said the most comfortable way to do it the first time would be for me to get on my hands and knees allowing him to enter me from behind. I did not know any different so I agreed.

I got into position and he got behind me and began rubbing my butt checks and gently sliding his finger over my waiting asshole. I heard something and looked toward the sound and it was just him getting some lube from the tackle box. I closed my eyes and just let him have his way. He was kissing my butt then I felt his tongue start to slide between my cheeks and lick my waiting hole. I was rock hard and almost shot right then.

He continued to lick me then I felt the smoothness of the lube. He gently slid in a finger then it felt like a second finger. When that stopped it felt like hours before I felt anything again, it was a cock pressing and trying to work its way in. Slowly but gently it worked its way in and out and began to feel really great.

All of a sudden I felt something pressing on my lips, what could it be? It was Jay’s cock but how could that be when he was fucking me. I took a look and to my surprise it was his wife and her strap on doing the fucking.

I did not know what to do as they both stopped, his cock was on my lips and her strap on was deep inside me. After a few seconds I opened my mouth and sucked in his cock and everything began to work.

She pulled out and they rolled me on my back, she got between my legs and Jay put them up on her shoulders so she could enter me again. And looking me in the face were her two 34B tits so I said to my self, why not? I reached up and cupped one in each hand, she let out a soft, sexy moan. This continued for a while then she pulled out again and said that she wanted to see us in the 69 position sucking each other. I just stayed there waiting for Jay to get on but he laid along side of me wanting me on top.

Within seconds of me getting on top and each of us engulfing the cock that was sitting in front of us I felt her working her strap on back into me. It did not take long for me to unload into Jay’s mouth. She kept fucking me until Jay shot his load.

We all just laid there for a while before she said she needed to get back to the house before my wife came looking for her.

We have a snow mobile trip planned for January and I am wondering if I should tell my wife so we can have a foursome or just keep things the way they are and hope we can have another three some?????????

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