A Warm Spring Part 1

A Warm Spring Part 1

This is another story about Tate and his small adventures, after an year, Kain moved out which left Tate really down.

Spring time, usually, at this time of the year, I would go out with Kain and talk all night about random stuff, which was cool...until now...the day he moved out, so I was just doing my homework as if it was a thrusday like any other, until my dad came into my room with the phone.

"It's for you" He said smiling as I grabbed it as if I was a dead man.

"Hello?"I said with a low and a bit sad tone.

"Wow...lighten up!How are you doing!"Kain said on the other side, that made me jump of joy inside and made my eyes tear a bit, it was my big bro!

"Kain!?Is that you!?" I asked happily.

"Of course it is me...who else would it be?" He asked.

"How are you!?" I asked, in fact, I asked much more questions.

"Hey Hey...slow down, I have some news." He said calmly.

"Uh...sorry..." I said blushing a little, then I looked at dad who was still watching waiting for something.

"So...I have the weekend off, if you want, tomorrow I can pick you up at school tomorrow and you spend the weekend with me." He said.

"Of course I want!" I said.

"IF Mom and Dad are ok with it too.."

"I'll ask, hang on." I simply turned my face and saw Mom and Dad already looking at me, it was creepy.
"So..Kain is offering to pick me up at school tomorrow...and then spend the weekend with him." I said.

"That's fine with me...Amy?" Dad said with a smile.

"I like the idea" Mom said with a smile.I just gabbed the phone again.

"It's a deal! I'm out exactly at 3 PM!" I said happy.

"I'll be there...cya tomorrow."He hang up, I just couldn't wait, I was going to spend my weekend with Kain.

Friday came and school time had just ended so I just stood outside on the grass with some friends, some highly doubting that Kain would actually come, others doubting that he even existed. I just told them to wait, that's when he came as cool as he could be, he came directly to me on his Black Motorcycle wearing blue jeans, a black shirt under his cool black greatcoat and shades. My friends just jawdropped when I climbed the motorcycle, so Kain just signed a bye with his middle and index fingers waving them and he took me to his apartment, we just kept talking in the hallway and then he opened the door, I was amazed, My eyes were shining like a kid that got a new toy.

"This place is...Awsome!" I said entering and taking off my shoes

"Glad you like it" he said with a smile on his face.

Kain's apartment was not that small, but not that big as well, it was divided in living room, Kitchen, Bathroom and 2 rooms, on the living room he had a red sofa, a huge TV, his Guitar and on the wall he had his sword, which he never used ever since the last tournment, going through the hallway, his room was right at the end, but I didn't get to see it.

"Listen now...any time you want or need me...you can come here..." he said giving me a small key.

"For real?" I asked.

"Sure...after all...you're important to me..and I gotta protect you right?" he said letting out another smile.

"Cool! Thanks!" I said putting the key inside my pocket
"Now, I'm gonna take a shower and change clothes k?" I said walking to the bathroom.

"Want company...?" he said with a smirk.

"Hey...it's your house..." I said with a small smile.

"Then leave the bathroom opened, I'll be right there..." he said moving to his room.

"K!" I said running to the bathroom as I started undressed and turned on the shower, the bathroom was amazingly clean, and I liked it. After some minutes, Kain came in and got with me under the shower.

"It've been some time...I missed you..."He said hugging me under the shower as our naked bodies touched eachother.

"I missed you too..." I said hugging him back, he simply sat on the floor as the water fell on his head and I sat on his lap kissing his lips.

"And I missed this kiss.." He said smiling and kissing my chest and slowly and gently biting my nipples, I let out slow moans as he continued kissing me reaching my belly button and finally sliding his tongue to my now hard dick.
"You got bigger...I like it..." he said as he started sucking me off, I must have gotten 1 to 1,5 inch bigger since the last time we did this, I should be aroud 6 inches by now, and I was moaning a lot as water fell on Kain's head. It felt so good, and Kain was jacking off as he was sucking me off and he was speeding up, then he stopped and just jacked me off.
"I want your sweet milk Tatey...It tastes so good...tell me..do you want mine?" he asked getting near my ear.

"I...do." I said between my moans.

"Then do as I do now..." He said getting us in a 69 position.
"It's almost coming, just work a little down there.." He said before he continued sucking me, so I did the same and started licking his big dick, it felt amazing, it was sweet, almost like a big lollipop, after a feel minutes I felt his muscles stiffen as his thrusts and moans were getting fast, just as mines were, we went deep throat on eachother and I felt my cum inside his mouth as he played with my dick with his tongue as he shot his right down my throat almost making me gag when we finally settled down.

"That was...awsome.." I said with a hard breathing.

"I know...now, we take a bath" he said laughing, I joined in the laughs as well.

After the bath, we stayed in our underwear, he laugh at me because now I wear blue boxers and we wrestled a little, then we sat on the sofa to play some Xbox and asked if I wanted to help him prepare dinner, and I accepted it. it was cool helping him, we just ate and watched some movies, and before I could even notice...we were Making out again...

"Did you know that you're really hot?" He whispered to me on the sofa while he played with my hard dick.

"I was thinking the same about you.." I said smiling rubbing him as well.

"Are you going to let me in?" he asked.

"If you want...it's your house...I home you don't mind having cummed sofa.."I said laughing.

"Oh...don't worry...I'm sure we'll figure out something...we still have the whooole weekend ahead of us.."He said smiling and tasting my precum.

"Yeah...the whooole weekend..." I closed my eyes and kissed him again and he seemed to enjoy it, sadly we were too tired...so after that, we went to his room and slept until the next morning, and I didn't know something cool was going to happen that saturday.

End of part 1, I'll be back with part 2 later, expect me!

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