Salvation Ch. 9 Sally Mildrew

Salvation Ch. 9 Sally Mildrew

Miss Marchant's quarters are situated on the top floor, well away from
both the staff's quarters and the children's dormitories. The rooms are
private, isolated and soundproofed so that the screams of the children
she tortures to satisfy her pent-up sexual passions, can't be heard
throughout the orphanage.

When the other children were sent to bed that evening, the matron brought
Sally to Alice's bedroom to prepare her. Drugged, little Sally wasn't
sure where she was, the bed wasn't hers; it was far too large to be hers.
The air was perfumed and there was a feminine musk that clung to the bed
sheets, one that made her feel warm and aroused.

She couldn't remember what time she'd been brought to the bedroom, but
she did remember matron undressing her and then massaging a soothing
ointment into her already bruised body for what seemed like a very long
time, which made her feel warm and aroused. Rebecca Bolton always used
slow sensual massage to arouse the children sexually, prior to them
entertaining their masters and mistresses.

After braiding Sally's hair into plaits as instructed, Rebecca used her
fingers to skilfully awaken the child's sexual appetite, smiling as she
warned her that if Miss Marchant caught her doing this to herself without
permission, she would be severely punished.

"Wait here for your mistress and don't touch yourself!" Matron told her.

Rebecca then left the room, leaving the child tucked up in her mistress's
warm bed. The boys and girls at St Saviour's are routinely masturbated,
but if they are caught touching themselves without permission, they are
severely punished.

The reasoning behind this rule is to conserve their sexual energy, so
that they are able to perform on demand. The girl's are always expected
to have multiple orgasms during masturbation; however the boys are
expected to keep their cock's erect and to control themselves for as long
as possible, before ejaculating.

Memories of the dungeon soon came back to Sally as she sat up, aches and
pains making her gasp, then she looked down at her slender body, her
breasts small enough for her to see the underside as she stared at the
inflamed mark beneath her left nipple.

She stared in amazement at all the marks that stood out against her pale
skin and tried desperately to take away the pain by masturbating herself.
Battling against her tiredness for what seemed like a very long time,
Sally eventually fell asleep, her hands between her thighs and her
fingers caressing her cunt.

It was early morning when Alice entered the room. She stood over the
child as she slept, removing the bedclothes to enjoy her innocence.
Sally's thighs lay parted and her fingers were still inside her cunt, a
scene that aroused Alice, because she now had an excuse to torture the
little tart, under the pretext of punishing her severely for masturbating
without permission.

Drugged as she was, Sally would do anything that was asked of her and
Alice had every intention of making the child suffer as she struggled
hard to pleasure her mistress.

Alice checked the adjoining room to make sure that all the items she had
asked for had been delivered. Satisfied, she slipped out of her clothes
and freshened herself up, before returning to her bedroom to wake up the
sleeping child.

Alice bent over her and tested the state of her arousal; pleased to see
that the little tart had the nerve to masturbate, even though she knew
that she would be punished severely for doing so.

"You dirty little tart!" Alice shouted.

Removing Sally's fingers from her hairless cunt, Alice replaced them with
her own and roughly pinched and twisted her clitoris, until she woke up

"Weren't you told, not to touch yourself?" Alice shouted.

"Yes, I'm sorry, please Miss I'm sorry!" Sally pleaded.

"What happens to dirty little tarts who masturbate without permission?"
Alice asked the child in a very stern voice, continuing to pinch and
twist her tender little clitoris.

"They are punished, Miss!" Sally replied, screaming in agony.

"Where!" Alice asked her teasingly.

"On their bottoms, Miss!" Sally whimpered.

"Turn over, you dirty little tart!" Alice ordered. Sally turned over, her
bottom now nicely presented to her mistress.

"I'm sorry Miss, please don't punish me!" Sally pleaded.

"Lift your bottom higher," Alice whispered, roughly helping Sally to lift
her bottom into the required position.

"You have a lovely bottom, Sally" Alice told her.

Alice, caressed the child's pale, smooth and delicate skin of Sally's
lovely bottom for a while, bringing shivers to her little body.

"Thank you, Miss!" Sally uttered, a blush starting to appear on her sweet

"Dr Stevens, has written here in your journal, that your bottom can
withstand a lot of pain," Alice teased her.

"No please, please don't punish my bottom, Miss!" Sally pleaded.

"I am going to enjoy punishing your bottom, Sally!" Alice whispered
softly and erotically in her ear, making her shiver with fear and her
little toes to curl.

That sly smile of Alice's had returned once again, as she now thought how
much she was going to enjoy torturing this lovely child.

"That's right Sally, they have their bottoms severely punished!" Alice

With a cruel passion Alice spanked Sally's bottom hard. Sally opened her
thighs in the hope that her mistress would slip her fingers in-between
and arouse her again like matron did. Instead, Alice grabbed hold of the
struggling child and dragged her from the bed over to a nearby chair.

Sitting on the chair, Alice turned Sally to face her and then pulled her
down so that her body was securely held under her left arm. She then made
Sally straddle her left thigh, a position that brought Sally's right knee
level with her aching cunt. Alice spanked Sally for a good ten minutes in
this position, the friction of Sally's knee, giving her multiple orgasms.

"Please, please stop Miss!" Sally pleaded, screaming and writhing from
the pain.

Alice loved this position, as it didn't matter whether it was a boy or a
girl, the friction was still the same.

"Are you going to do as you are told now?" Alice asked, roughly massaging
her bruised little bottom under the pretext of soothing the pain.

"Yes Miss," Sally cried, her screams subsiding.

Standing Sally up, Alice lifted her off the floor and threw her on to the
bed, still crying and pleading with her mistress.

"Show me that you still love me!" Alice said as she lay down, parting her
thighs to offer her now dripping cunt to Sally.

The girl scrambled between her mistresses thighs and licked. Alice placed
her hands behind Sally's head, pressing her face into her cunt and
writhed her hips as she came to orgasm again.

Alice had difficulty in controlling herself as the little tart parted her
bottom and started to lick both her cunt and anus in long flowing

"Oh God!" Alice gasped, giving in and leaning forward, closing her eyes
as the little fingers helped part her bottom, so that the young tongue
could ferret inwards and pleasure her again.

Panting and flushed, Sally gazed in awe at her mistress, as her eyes
rolled back and her body went into involuntary spasms.

Pleased with Sally's efforts, Alice decided to initiate her into her
harem and give her the chance to earn the much-coveted badge of honour.
The St Saviour's badge of honour is only presented to children who have
really suffered, whilst striving to give pleasure to others.

Breathing deeply, Alice calmed her raging blood.

"You have done well so far Sally!" Alice said, a broad smile on her face.

"Have you heard of the badge of honour?" Alice asked, a new excitement
starting to appear in her voice.

Sally hesitated, with a worried look on her face. She knew of other
children that had received the badge; but they had been sworn to secrecy
about what was involved in earning it.

"Yes Miss," Sally replied, looking confused.

Alice kissed her, a kiss that was hard but yet loving, tongues twisting
together and lips striving to bruise each other.

"Would you like to earn yours now?" Alice smiled.

Sally hesitated again and then started to cry, tears sliding down her
face as she struggling to accept the offer, thinking about the ordeals
she had already been through and wondering whether she could possibly go
through them again.

"Will it hurt, Miss?" Sally asked.

"Yes, it will but wearing your badge will bring you special privileges,"
Alice said, worried that Sally might hesitate and change her mind.

To Miss Marchant, her enjoyment was gained from torturing a child who had
agreed to suffer in order to gain the badge. That way she could really
torture them, as they wouldn't know if they had done enough to gain the
badge or not.

"Will you wear your badge with pride?" Alice asked the little girl.

"Yes, oh yes Miss," Sally answered with a new enthusiasm, realising that
the badge would be worth earning, even if she did have to suffer again to
earn it.

"Good girl!" Alice said, pleased with her response.

She hugged Sally tightly; squeezing and caressing her bottom, then
slipped her fingers between her thighs. Sensing that she was getting
nicely aroused, Alice took hold of the Sally's hand and led her through
to an adjoining room.

When she inherited St Saviour's, Alice had this room specially built as a
place to relive her sexual frustrations. Many children had been made to
pleasure Alice in this room, the screams from their torture where music
to her ears.

The room was small; a window in the ceiling providing the only light and
bolted to a raised platform in the centre was a whipping horse. Alice
also had mirrors angled around the room, so that she could see the
expressions on the children's faces, as she tortured them from behind.

It is worth noting, that the children were also able to see what was
about to happen to them reflected in the mirrors, a fact that Alice
hadn't overlooked.

When Sally saw the horse, she remembered both the pain of the punishment
horses and the joy of the pleasure horses, but she instinctively knew
that this was a punishment horse.

Sally had seen many punishment horses at both St Saviour's and other
orphanages, but this one looked different to her. Made entirely of wood,
the four legs had restraints attached to each of them and in place of a
saddle there was a wedged shaped pommel, which was operated from
underneath the horse.

"Mount," Alice ordered.

Alice helped the nervous child to obey her by smacking and then squeezing
her already bruised bottom. A convenient ladder had been placed at the
side of the horse and Alice assisted Sally to mount it, using her hands
to roughly position her tender limbs.

Alice made Sally lie along the horses back with her head hanging free and
then attached her wrists to rings in the front legs. With her pubis
positioned over the pommel, she drew Sally's thighs wide apart and
attached her ankles to the back legs.

After attaching a broad leather strap across her back, Alice attached
ribbons to her plaits and tied them to the strap, which ensured that her
head remained held up and forward, so it could be seen reflected in the

Turning the handle, Alice lifted Sally's pubis and forced the child's
bottom to part as wide as the restraints would allow. In this position,
Alice's head was now level with Sally's genitals and by standing on a
platform; Alice could then raise herself up so that her groin was level
with Sally's bottom.

"Are you ready to earn your badge, Sally?" Alice asked as she moved
behind her, watching the expression on the child's face in the mirrors.

"Yes, Miss!" Sally replied, her voice starting to falter.
Alice retrieved the little package that had been left for her, making
sure that the contents were conveniently to hand before stepping up
behind Sally to start her torture.

Bending so her face was within inches of Sally's adorable bottom, Alice
breathed in the aroma of the child's nervous sexuality and then slowly
kissed and licked her, bringing new struggles, as she was very slowly
aroused again.

Alice kissed and licked her bottom, alternating between her cunt and anus
for a good few moments and then started to bite everywhere lightly until
she was just about to orgasm, then without warning she closed her teeth
around her engorged clitoris and bit hard, just at the moment of the
girls orgasm.

"No, no, no!" Sally screamed, trying to work out which was better the
pain or the pleasure, feeling them both just as strongly.

The child's struggling shook Alice's whole body and her screams rang loud
in her ears. Alice then slowly pulled on a pair of leather gloves and
retrieved from the package, a fresh bouquet of nettles.

"No, no please don't," Sally, pleaded as she watched Miss Marchant
preparing the nettles in the mirrors.
No stranger to the pain that the nettles produced, Sally whimpered as she
waited for her mistress to apply the leaves.

The wait wasn't long; Alice very slowly traced the kisses she had given
Sally's lovely bottom and then caressed her little breasts, pinching her
nipples to make them stand erect, so she could wrap the leaves around the
now erect nipples.

"No, please!" Sally screamed, as the nettles started to burn and then
leave a livid red rash on the surface of her delicate pale skin.

Breathing deeply, Alice calmed her raging blood. Then with the calm came
a new arousal and her grin was feral, her mind made up, she reached into
the package to retrieve the next two items.

The first was a pair of leather gloves with spikes sewn into their palms
and the second was a special harness. Alice had commissioned both these
items to be made discreetly by a boot-maker in Saville Row.

A gusset ran from the waistband, tapering towards the back to sit in-
between Alice's bottom cheeks. Into this gusset had been sewn two solid
rubber cocks, one short and fat and faced inwards, the other one long and
slender, its whole surface covered with small spikes and faced outwards.

Sally watched nervously, a feeling of complete helplessness coming over
her, as her mistress put on the evil looking harness. Alice slid the
harness up her long legs, reaching for the shorter cock to place it at
the entrance to her aching cunt.

With a groan of pleasure, she eased the cock deep into her cunt and
adjusted the gusset, pulling tightly on the straps to anchor it. Sally
started to cry as she caught a glimpse of the harness, staring in
disbelief at the size of the evil looking rubber cock that was now
attached to her mistress's groin.

Like a tiger stalking her prey, Alice walked around the horse so that the
child would be able to see the cock and fully appreciate its unique
design. Her young and still innocent eyes were drawn to the tiny rubber
spikes that covered its six-inch surface.

It gleamed in the morning sunlight; it even seemed to pulse as she became
aware that the other end must be inserted into her mistresses own cunt,
which made her pant all the more and get more aroused.

To Sally earning her badge was going to be torture, but the very thought
that she would be pleasuring her mistress to earn it, strangely pleased
her. The very thought brought a tingle to her little slit and quickening
to her breath. Her skin tingled all over while dread and excitement made
her belly tighten and her legs quiver.

To Alice having Sally pleasure her in order to earn her badge meant that
the child had agreed to be tortured, a prospect that she was certainly
going to enjoy.

Satisfied with the horror on the child's face, Alice slowly walked around
to the back of the horse and roughly pinched her bottom, which was now so
widely parted that her cunt and anus appeared distorted.

Previous welts, cuts and bruises were ghostly images on the young girl's
pale flesh, increasing her beauty rather than detracting from it.
Sally's open and tender little slit spoke of her loss of innocence and of
the little tart that Alice knew she was.

With a cruel smile that was visible to Sally in the mirrors, Alice pulled
on the spiked leather gloves and stepped up onto the platform, her groin
now level with the child's lovely little bottom.

"No, please, I want to change my mind, Miss!" Sally screamed, tears
flowing down her cheeks and dripping onto the floor where they formed an
interesting pattern for her torturer to admire.

Realising that the spiked cock was going to be used without lubrication
Sally pleaded with her mistress to let her change her mind. Blubbered
words stumbled from her weeping mouth, her eyes staring at the mirrored
images of the sadistic cock, which was now sticking out obscenely from
her mistresses leather covered crotch.

"There's no going back now, Sally!" Alice said, her eyes fixed on the
little girl's exposed slit and watched as the bright pink cunt flexed as
it waited in dread to being defiled. There was a true beauty in its plain
innocence, yet its true beauty would certainly glow, once the spiked cock
had properly ravished it.

Alice placed the head of the spiked cock up against Sally's cunt and
pushed it passed the swollen clitoris. The child's screams filled the
room and invaded Alice's body, inflaming her.

She looked down and admired the separated labia, bulging out around the
spiked cock as it made its way torturously into the child's tight little
cunt. Alice brought new screams from her little bound lover, pushing ever
deeper, until the labia separated and the bulbous head was swallowed deep
inside her vagina.

Alice felt the pressure building in her own cunt as she pushed, the
screams and struggles of the girl only inflaming her passions further.
Lying along Sally's back she used the spiked gloves to torture Sally's
tender breasts whilst at the same time rhythmically fucking Sally's cunt
with the spiked cock.

The muscles in Sally's cunt tightened around the spiked cock, forcing the
cock in Alice's cunt to slip in and out of her. The exquisite sensations,
together with the screams and frantic struggles of the child, constantly
invaded Alice with pleasure, a pleasure so strong she found it bringing
her to orgasm again and again.

Satisfied with Sally's efforts to pleasure her and exhausted by the
continual orgasms the torture of the child had brought her, Alice decided
to release her.

"You have done well, Sally" Alice said, as she tried to reassure the
hysterical and crying child that her ordeal was now over.

"You have earned your badge," Alice announced as she started to release
Sally from the horse.

"Do you still love me, Sally!" Alice asked as she cuddled her.

"Yes, Miss!" Sally wept as her mistress led her back into the bedroom
again and then got into the large warm bed with her.

Alice lay awake with Sally now lying exhausted in her arms, her passions
fully satisfied and she started to plan in her mind the visit of Jonathan
and his wife Elizabeth in a couple of days.

Jonathan Brown had asked for his wife Elizabeth to visit St Saviour's and
Alice was keen to add her to the now growing list of patrons.

Alice finally fell asleep with her new little tart Sally Mildrew cuddled
in her arms and a broad smile on her face.

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