My Husband’s Friend Visits Us - Part 2

My Husband’s Friend Visits Us - Part 2

You’d better read “My Husband’s Friend Visits Us” first, as it’s the beginning of
this story. Otherwise, it will be impossible to understand!

Hi! This is Lynn again, and I want to tell you what happened after all the pleasure I had with my husband Jim and his well endowed friend Ben, when we welcomed him in your home.

We were destroyed after all the alcohol we had had, and also all the sex activities, extremely pleasuring but also exhausting. We showered together and went to bed – our king size bed, of course, not the makeshift at the home office as I had planned.

While we were showering and preparing to go to bed, Jim asked me if I was surprised about him and Ben having sex. I said it made me even hornier, but I was a bit surprised. Then he explained that when they were freshmen at the MIT and shared the dorm, they soon became best friends. They went to all the frat parties they could, but they were a king of geeks back then, and most of the girls would not go out with a freshman. They always came back with blue balls and had to jerk off. Eventually, they started jerking off simultaneously and then each other. Jim became horny and curious about Ben’s huge shaft and once started sucking him off, until his mouth was full of sperm. Once, Ben asked Jim to put his tiny cock in his asshole and to masturbate him at the same time. He had a huge orgasm with his prostate being stimulated and with Jim’s strong hands in his cock. From then on, they kept doing it occasionally, even when they became much luckier with the chicks. Anyway, they never had any sexual desire about other men, it was simply a natural thing for them as best friends.

I was expecting to be fucked again, but I was too tired and my pussy was sore, so we all went to bed. It was a warm night and we slept in the nude, me in the middle. I woke up in the middle of the night. Ben was spooning me, still asleep, and his involuntary hard on was pressing warmly my ass and lower back. It was so hot that I had to touch myself and get some relief before I slept again.

The sun was already shining when I woke up again. Ben and I were still spooning, but he was now fully awake, his hard against my ass again his hand caressing my boob. When he sensed I was awake, he kissed the back of my neck, took his cock and started brushing my butt crack. It was hard, worm and wet. I opened my legs and with my left hand accommodated his mast between my thighs, massaging lightly my pussy. He put his other hand under my body, holding now both boobs, and kept his soft moving down there. He whispered in my ear: “Do you like pressure in your tits?” “Yes”, I whispered back, and he held them more firmly, for my pleasure. I felt my nipples harder and harder and my pussy was drooling, so I moved back my left arm, held his cock, and brushed his head against my pussy.

When he was almost positioned, I raised my left leg and put his head on the bulls eye: he understood and slowly started the penetration. He knew he had to be slow and careful with his big cock, and so he did: small pushes, kisses in the neck, caressing my boobs, and I felt him pacing in inch by inch. I was not feeling sore anymore, and my vagina was more adapted to his thickness and length. Soon, he was all in, and I felt the pressure in my womb and his balls against my ass.

We were still moving slowly, but anyway rocking the bed, and Jim woke up. When he saw us, he smiled, came closer to me, and kissed my mouth, a long, deep, wet kiss. Then he moved his head down and replaced one of Ben’s hands with his mouth, licking my areola softly and then sucking hard my even harder nipple, He knew how I liked it. Ben left my twins to Jim and held my hips to gain control of the pace of the fucking, in and out.

I told Jim to give his pecker to me. He turned upside down in a 69 position and I took easily his entire dick in my mouth. While I blew him, he started licking again my clit and his moving friend’s shaft. We staying doing this for a while, calmly, enjoying the feelings, when I felt Jim’s tongue accelerate and licking my clit harder. Ben was now accelerating too, pounding my ass with his crotch and penetrating me deeply and strongly. I soon came, a huge and long orgasm, humming with Jim’s cock in my mouth. When they felt I was coming they also accelerated, Ben hammering my enlarged cunt stronger and stronger, and Jim fucking my mouth. Jim soon filled my mouth with cum, moaning. I was exhausted now, but swallowed his goo and kept my steady pace for Ben. He soon hammered even harder, held my hips firmly, plunged his rod totally inside me, keeping just small movements, and started shaking his whole body and yelling. It looked like a big orgasm.

We stayed put for a while. Then, Jim turned up again and hugged and kissed my spunked mouth. I felt Ben getting semi hard and then limp, still inside me. It was still huge, though. After some minutes resting and hugging ourselves fondly, we stood up, showered and I fixed us a hearty breakfast to reload our batteries.

We spent the day driving around, showing Ben the region and the main spots at the Valley he might live if he got a new job around. We had a nice late lunch in a delightful seafood place, al fresco, and made sure we enjoyed some oysters to keep our sex energy up. We came back home and the boys watched football while I organized the house a bit, and then joined them with a couple cold beers.

After the game we chatted a long time about the day we had had and Ben’s plans, what he had thought about the Valley and so on, we gave him some advice. We were still enjoying some beer, it was already dark, and we all would have a busy Monday: Jim leaves very early to work, I go around 10AM to the gym for my first client, and Ben had to leave around the same time for his first job interview. He would have another in the afternoon and the final one on Tuesday afternoon. He would be leaving back to Carolina on Wednesday in the morning.

We had a quick sandwich and went to bed. Ben insisted to sleep in the makeshift bed in the office, not to bother our sleep, but Jim and I were adamant that we should sleep together again. Of course, when we undressed we got horny againL after a long foreplay, Ben penetrated me again from behind, and Jim also spooned him and fucked his ass again. Once more, we all got a huge and noisy triple orgasm.

When I woke up, in the morning, Jim had already showered and was dressed. He kissed me good bye and I stood in bed a little while. Ben was still asleep, spooning me. Soon he woke up, and we went to the kitchen for breakfast. He told me he was confident but a bit anxious for the interviews, as they should entirely change his life. He helped with the dishes, it was time for him to shower and dress up to leave, and I was about to do the same – except dressing up, as I wear sport clothes – when he said: “Maybe you could give me some extra good luck.” I smiled when I looked down and saw the volume in his boxer shorts. “Don’t you ever relax?” I asked, laughing, and he replied: “I am afraid I had to relax too long, and anyway you make me this way.”

I took his hand, went to bed, undressed and watched again his magnificent hard, gleaming pole when he approached me. We didn’t have much time, so a quickie would do. We kissed, he kissed both my boobs, and then I lay down and opened my legs. He crawled between my thighs, I opened my big pussy lips and showed my hairy slit open for him. I could see he was enjoying the scene. He soon positioned himself on top of me, I helped guiding his rod again to the target, and soon he was all inside me. I was surprised how my vagina had adapted to him now, it was really stretched, and he started pumping while I helped him by raising my hips. I enjoyed the pressure and warmth of his body over mine, he started at my bouncing boobs, and we both moved in a crescendo and came together, strongly, again. He kissed me softly, we showered and left to do our duties.

I arrived back home first late afternoon. I changed to wear something very casually, yet sexy: flip flops, tight white shorts and a red t-shirt. I brushed my hair so the long waves felt over my shoulder to disguise my braless boobs.

Jim and Ben arrived almost at the same time. It was worm, so I had fixed a jar of margarita. They put themselves more comfortably too – cargo pants, t-shirts and sandals, and we started to sip the drink and chat. Ben told us how excited he was with his first interview: it was in the company he favored, as he felt more advanced technologically and challenging for him, while at the same time he felt more confident as it was close to his area of expertise. The other one in the afternoon was fine too, and both companies promised to come back to him very soon. He was a very successful businessman and experienced engineer, so he was a catch. I noticed how he kept staring at my boobs, pressing freely against the fabric of my shirt, and at my long legs and round ass.

We ordered pizza, as the conversation and drinks were so nice I was not in the mood to cook. It was funny when I opened the door to get the pizzas, the delivery boy almost gasped when he saw the shape of by tits, became confused, almost dropped the pizzas and left thanking me – not otherwise –without even waiting for his tip. We all had a good laugh when I told the boys.

We had dinner with some white wine watching a TV movie, and then went to the bedroom. We all knew we would have more action before bed time. I was naked in a sec. sat down at the bed and waited while they negotiated their sandals and clothes. Ben came close to me, semi hard, his cock curved down by its own weight. I took it and started licking his head, and in no time he was fully hard. I opened my legs, as I knew my furry pussy would turn him on.

I thought about Jim, so far just enjoying the scene, and I asked Ben to lie down in bed. I was in all fours still blowing him, and I felt Jim’s tongue probing my pussy from behind. After a while I lay down sideways and ask Ben to come from behind. He spooned me again, held my boob with his right hand and helped raising my left leg, holing it high, while I positioned his big head in the entrance. Carefully as always, he started the penetration, giving me a great pleasure: I can’t describe the sensation of feeling your vagina gently stretched, a continuous pressure against the clit, when a monster cock comes inside you. When he was all inside, he started moving in and out, slowly.

We both enjoyed that and I knew that soon he would start pumping faster, and we both would come, but I had to take care of Jim. “Jim, honey, why don’t you come here and spoon Ben? I want my 2 men fucking me.” I saw Jim smiling while he went to the bedside table, took the KY tube, and went behind him. He must have been fingering Ben with some lube, as I felt Ben’s body change the rhythm, and then probably lubed his cock. He lay behind Ben, as I felt the mattress moving, and said: “Stay put for a second, Ben, while I start doing it”, Jim said. Ben stopped, deep inside my pussy, and moaned when Jim started fucking his asshole. Jim was soon deep inside him and started pumping. Ben started again, more vigorously now, and I felt the strength of two bodies hammering my pussy through Ben’s monster.

I soon started coming in hot waves, long, multiple orgasms. I am not a screamer, but I couldn’t held myself and screamed with all my lungs, uttering “Yes, fuck me, put this pole deep inside me, harder, harder!” I felt dizzy, but stood still – my now limp leg still raised by Ben’s strong hand – so they could finish. They were certainly turned on even more with my screams, and they started moaning and coming simultaneously. Ben, as usual, hammered harder and deeper, and I felt the pressure in my womb.

We stayed there for several minutes, Ben still inside me – I felt his cock became semi-hard, and then limp – and Jim inside his friend’s asshole. We showered, I kissed them good night in the mouth, and we went to bed. I was happy Ben would be with us one night more.

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