The Bad Babysitter

The Bad Babysitter

I had been working for Tre for three months. It didn’t pay the best, but it gave me some extra spending money and it was pretty easy work. All I had to do was sit around and take his kids to the bus every morning after he went to work.

I met him in the town Facebook group. He was looking for a baby sitter and I was looking for easy money. It seemed like a good match. His two kids, were well-mannered kids and it was evident that Tre, even though a single dad who worked full time and was taking online classes at the community college, raised his kids with pride and dignity. Their house wasn’t in the best part of town, definitely not somewhere I would go on my own accord.

Tre was a bus driver for the city, he worked the morning routes and would leave around 4:30 am. I usually got there around 4:20ish. My job was to wake the boys up, get them dressed and fed, and to their school bus stop by 7:30 am.

It was a cool November day. My roommate and I had gotten into a disagreement so I slept in my car that night. I “woke up” earlier than usual and decided to head over to Tre’s a little bit early. I pulled into his driveway around 4:00 am, twenty minutes early. Tre gave me a key, so I let myself in. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by Tre sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching the news wearing nothing but an un-tied bathrobe.

He seemed startled to see me, “you’re early” he exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I said, still in shock, “I couldn’t sleep so left home early.” He just nodded his head and stood up to face me. Tre was a tall, muscular black man. He stood 6’3 and there was not an ounce of body fat to be seen. It was then that I was truly shocked. Dangling down from an untamed bush of hair was a schlong longer and thicker than my two previous boyfriends combined! It must have been at least six inches long and it looked completely flaccid!

As I stared at his schlong, he walked toward me, getting within inches of me. I was breathing heavily as he wrapped one of his long muscular arms around my short plump body. As his hand slid down my back and into the waistband of my yoga pants, in a soft voice he asked, “why don’t we kill time in my room?” Unable to speak, I just nodded and, with his hand firmly grabbing my left ass cheek, he walked me through the living room, past the boys’ rooms, and into his bedroom.

Once in his room, he spun me around and planted a soft kiss on my lips. As our lips touched, I felt his hands lift my shirt up and over my head. I felt my bra unclasp and drop to the floor. Then he laid me on his bed and started kissing his way down to my boobs. First my ear, then my neck, and finally to my breasts. As his tongue flicked against my nipple, I felt my yoga pants being slid off my legs, exposing a vagina that had not been shaved in weeks.

When he saw the Amazon Jungle between my legs, he smiled and engulfed his face in it. His long tongue flicked against my clit while his fingers started sliding in and out of my vagina. One finger, then two, then three. It took every ounce of my being not to scream out in ecstasy as my orgasm flooded my vagina. My walls tightening around his fingers didn’t seem to phase him, he just kept on.

When my body finished convulsing, he removed his fingers from my throbbing vagina and stood up. He grabbed his dick, it had grown! It was standing fully hard, a solid ten inches long. He positioned his dick in front of my slit, teased it up and down. And slowly slid the head in just long enough for me to moan in excitement and pain. Then he pulled away. 4:15 am.

He had to leave in fifteen minutes and he wasn’t dressed. He laid on the bed next to me, kissed me, and cuddled me in his strong arms. “Why don’t you come by tonight after dinner, so I can finish what I started?” He asked in a soft voice.

I looked at him, stunned, and still in awe of what happened. All I could do was rapidly nod my head. With that, he got up, dropped his robe, and went over to his dresser to get dressed. I laid on his bed, naked with my legs still spread as he dressed into his bus driver uniform, it was obvious that no amount of clothing was going to hide his massive erection. Once he finished dressing he slid me to the front of the bed and under the covers. Then, he kissed me on the forehead and left for work.

Later that afternoon, I got a text message from Tre. Come over after 9, dress cute, you can sleep here.

I pulled up to his house around 9:15 wearing only a hoodie I had stolen from his closet before I left this morning. As I walked to my trunk to get my overnight bag, a cool breeze swept across my freshly-shaven vagina and it occurred to me that I had just flashed half his neighborhood.

I let myself into the house and Tre was laying on the couch in some red boxers, his erection standing tall. He got up and walked over to me with a big smile on his face. He wrapped his arm around me and his hand made a beeline for my bottom. When his hand reached under and discovered I was not wearing panties, his smile grew even bigger and he scooped me up into his muscular arms and carried me to his bedroom. While he carried me, he kissed me passionately. Once in his room, he threw me on his bed and immediately ripped my hoodie off of me, exposing my naked body to him as he stood over me. He pinned me to the bed so he could passionately kiss me, before making his way down to my throbbing vagina. With one swoop of his tongue, I was in sheer ecstasy. After only a few minutes of him devouring my vagina, my body began to convulse as my orgasm arrived.

When my orgasm subsided, he stood over my limp body and dropped his red boxers, and his dick, which looks like it had grown since this morning, was standing tall. I reached up to grab his dick and pulled it, and his body toward, me.

I stuck my tongue out and licked up and down his shaft and along his balls before I wrapped my lips around his soft warm hard cock. Still standing over me, he lowered his hips down, shoving his dick as far down my throat as it would go, which wasn’t very far. When I couldn’t breathe, he slowly pulled it all the way out. He slid down to his dick was centimeters away from my vagina. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me before he guided his dick into my wet vagina.

I could feel the head slowly making its way into my tight vagina, stretching it well past its max. I let out a loud moan of pain and pleasure. As his massive dick invaded my body even farther, the pain grew more intense and my moans grew louder. He slid about 8 inches before he couldn’t go anymore. With that, he had a smirk on his face. He grabbed his boxers and shoved them in my mouth, and pinned both my arms to the bed. He slowly pulled out until only the tip was still in. With a kiss on my forehead as my only warning, he SLAMMED his big black cock back into my vagina. Tears started to roll down my eyes as he unrelentingly pounded any and all evidence of my virginity out of my vagina.

After 10 minutes of sheer pain and pleasure and being under his total control, his pupils started to dilate and his pumping slowed as I felt his massive dick start to throb load upon load of his children deep inside me. When the throbbing subsided, I thought I was in the clear, but he gave me one last thrust before pulling out and collapsing on the bed next to me. With mascara running down my face and his boxers still gagging me, I looked at him with fear in my eyes.

“Don’t worry” he said, “I got a vasectomy when I was 20.”

As the fear in my eyes went away, he pulled the underwear out of my mouth and kissed me. I tried to sit up, but the pain between my legs was too great. He sensed my struggle and readjusted me so I was under the covers. Then he stood up to walk to the bathroom, his dick still hard and gleaming with my pussy juices. He came back with some makeup remover wipes and gently wiped the mascara off my face.

After turning off the lights, he climbed in bed next to me and took me in his arms. “Best babysitter ever,” he remarked before I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning still in Tre’s arms. He turned me over and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him and climbed on top of him. There was still a massive pain between my legs, but I didn’t care.

We kissed for five minutes. Then I got up. Unfortunately, I had to leave because I had a group project for the class. I threw on the clothes I had packed in my bag: some running shorts and a t-shirt. I quickly brushed my hair and threw his red boxers and hoodie into my bag. They were mine forever now.

Not caring if the neighbors saw, he walked me to my car door, fully naked.

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