The Halloween mix up Part 3_(1)

The Halloween mix up Part 3_(1)


I sat there on the bed with my dick covered in both our fluids watching my mother walk towards the bathroom with a little limp due to the ass pounding I had just blessed her with. I knew deep down she needed a good fuck but she just wasnt expecting it to be from her loving son. I decided it was time to go home, get cleaned up and finish the night. I imagine thats what my mother was doing in the bathroom, or at least trying to fix her costume enough to sneak out without anyone noticing the hole in her backside.

After having a long hot shower and having my balls drained I was exhausted. It was a night to remember and hopefully not one to be punished for. I awoke next morning with thoughts of the previous night, but my sexual thoughts had quickly turned to unpleasant outcomes. I had begun to wonder where things are to go now, is my mother angry with me, are we going to be awkward with each other now; these are the thoughts and worries that began to build up. I would say last night was a mistake but a mistake would have not been so satisfying. I got dressed and quietly went down to the kitchen like any other day to see my mother already there sitting drinking her morning coffee. She was wearing a white blouse and tight blue jeans, she looked up at me with beautiful blue eyes "good morning" she said with a motherly smile. "Good morning mom". I poured myself a coffee and joined her at the table sitting across from her. I had to get the weight off my chest about last night. "Mom about the party" she cut me off mid sentence. "Its fine, we didnt know and you couldnt control your desires". I could feel my face turn a little red but felt some relief until she started to speak again. "Last night I saw you in a different light, you were almost aggressive but to be fair I guess its my fault; I didnt know you had such fantasies and desires about me hun". Im sorry mom I don't know what came over me, I guess I got caught up in the moment and couldnt resist seeing you in that costume. "Did you get it out of your system at least?" I dont know mom, I dont think so. Ive dreamed about you for years and last night probably made it worse. I suddenly felt pressure between my crotch, looking down I saw my moms foot slowly rubbing up and down my crotch area making me hard.

"Well clearly you still have energy from last night so I have a proposal for you" I didnt know where this was going but with her foot on my crotch I could tell I liked the direction of this conversation. "Im off this weekend with no chores or places to go so Ive had the idea to let you fulfill as many desires as you can and to get all your urges out of the way; but come Monday we go back to our normal lives and never speak of this weekend again, Do we have a deal?"

As if she had ask if we had a deal, did she really think I would pass up the offer to relive last night again for two full days. Did she have any idea what she was getting herself into! "What are the rules?" is all I managed to ask. "No videos, that is my only rule; I am willing to do anything and everything else you can come up with as unpleasant as it may be" Then I accept I told her with the worlds biggest hard on. "Good" she said smiling as I felt her other foot position itself on my crotch to join her other in toying with my cock. I was already fully erect and in pain from my pants restrictions and was in no mood to waste time with teasing this early and on a time frame. I stood up removing my moms feet from my lap and started to undo my pants while walking towards my mom who I could tell was horny even though she was trying to conceal it. She smiled as I pulled down my pants and saw the precum she had caused "what is it would you like me to do honey" she said staring into my eyes. I want you to suck my dick as if your life depended on it. She slid off her chair and while looking into my eyes she opened her mouth placing just the tip of my cock into her warm mouth cleaning up the little precum I had oozed "As you wish sweetie" My mother slid my shaft fully into her mouth taking me into her throat with no hesitation on her first try while never leaving eye contact.

She worked on my dick twirling her tongue around my shaft constantly bobbing her head then pulled back to gasp for a quick breath then went right back to it. "Show me your tits mom" I wasnt asking anymore, I was demanding. She said I can do whatever I want and I plan on treating her like the slutty whore of a mother she is. She began unbuttoning her blouse sliding it down to her stomach with my penis still in her mouth. Suddenly her glorious milky white breasts were revealed to me giving me all the motivation I needed to cum. As she bobbed her head on my dick I grabbed her hair with both hands slowly guiding her while staring at her tits as they bounced the littlest amount everytime she took me into her warm wet mouth. I couldnt hold myself anymore and hunched over alittle to pick up the pace and fucked my mothers mouth releasing my entire load into her throat. Staying in her mouth for a few seconds I leaned over and kissed the top of her head then grabbed her chin to show me my own load in her mouth. She opened her mouth staring into my eyes showing me a mouthful of cum. Then without me even having to tell her she swallowed it only dripping a little onto her chest which she began to rub onto her tits playing with her nipples. She pinched one then stood up "come get me when your ready to do something else". She turned; about to walk away but she forgot Im young and have an amazing sex drive. I grabbed her arm turning her back to face me startling her. I could see she was surprised and not knowing why I grabbed her. I lifted her up onto the kitchen table pushing her onto her back. "oh my god already" she said as I began pulling her pants and panties off. "What mom I can see your already wet, and im not wasting valuable bonding time". I grabbed my mothers muscular legs and yanked her towards me positioning myself between her legs with my cock fully erect.

"You look beautiful in this position mom" she was laying on her back with her breasts still out in the open and legs between my arms pussy an inch away from the tip on my dick. She was about to respond but I pushed my full length in her pussy causing her to arch up off the table a little letting out a little gasp followed by a delighted moan. I smiled at her, as I moved in and out of her... my own mother. I lifted her left leg onto my shoulder and slid her closer to me getting the full advantage point of her. I reached forward and grabbed one of her luxurious breast with my hand while continuing to pump my cock into her pussy. Her moans began to pick up as I became more aggressive with my thrusts making her tits bounce with every push. She was an amazing site to see all sprawled out on the kitchen table where we usually eat. I was tensing up ready to cum pulling out of my mothers twat to cum on her tits she quickly moved her legs behind my back locking me in. I had no choice but to cum in my mothers tight pussy but not like I was going to fight it either. I thrusted into her two more times releasing my seed into my sweet mother. I could feel the warmth of my load enter her as she moaned in pure ecstasy, slowly her legs gave out allowing me to remove my shaft from my mothers pussy. Watching as excess semen spilled out of her with the removal of my dick. "I love you mom" I said to which she replied she loved me back. She sat up and smirked "are you done now for a little while" she laughed. "For now, but go get changed were going shopping for my next few fantasies ive had in mind, and wear something loose with easy access". I walked to my room to get cleaned up and changed. Looking at the clock it was obly 9:30 in the morning. It was going to be a good day getting close to mom, she has no idea what shes gotten herself into.

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