My Graduation Present 2

My Graduation Present 2

In a daze, I stumbled up to my room, bikini held in my fist. I crept slowly up the stairs, trying to keep from attracting any attention. I winced as one creaked beneath my weight, pausing to make sure I hadn't awoken anyone, sighing as I heard nothing but the hum of the air conditioner. God what would my parents have said if they had seen me? I finally made it to my room and shut the door behind me flopping onto my bed. I didn't even bother to slip under the covers before falling asleep, the sound of my ceiling fan lulling me to sleep.

I woke up early in the morning, the sun shining brightly through my window. While the sun may have woken me up, a sudden chill ran up my spine. With air conditioner running all night, mixed with my ceiling fan, I was freezing, and as I moved, my hand accidentally brushed my erect nipple, hard in the cold room. I shivered, running to my bathroom, and turning the shower on as hot as it would go, the room filling quickly with steam. I climbed in and sighed as the warm water rushed over me. Then it hit me.

What had I done last night? It had to be a dream. It had to be. But as my hand fell between my legs, my tender pussy lips confirmed my suspicions that it was most certainly NOT a dream. It all flooded back to me, his warm embrace, his strong arms, that coc—oh my god what was I doing? This was my uncle I was thinking about! Despite those feelings though, I couldn't help how turned on I was, and had to refrain from rubbing my clit.

I just dried my hair, and pulled it back into a pony tail, as I got dressed and headed down stairs. My Father and Mother were already up and at it, and my uncle was no where to be seen. I made myself some breakfast, and started eating when the back door was flung open.

There he came, strutting in, wearing only basketball shorts, and his tennis shoes, drenched in sweat, and his head phones in. My eyes locked onto him, scanning over his sweaty chest, his hairs matted against him with sweat. There goes those feeling again. I tried to ignore him, but kept taking furtive glances as I continued to eat.

Scott kept up talking about his run, and other stuff I couldn't pay attention to because I would get caught up staring at him, his biceps as he would flex his arm, or his abs the way he turned. It obviously pissed my mom off that he was half naked, and I wonder if she noticed how much his cock bulged in those shorts? I sure did. I don't think he was even wearing underwear.

“Oh and Leslie,” Scott said, causing me to snap my gaze up to his face for the first time since he came in. I blushed just thinking about last night again, but he acted like nothing happened. “I forgot to give you, your graduation present,” he said, walking over to his book bag in the living room. He pulled out an envelope, and tossed it on the table in front of me. Puzzled, I opened it up, and was confused at what I saw at first, but gasped when I figured it out. It was a plane ticket to Hawaii, leaving tomorrow.

“Oh My Gosh, Scott I --”

“Absolutely not,” said my mother. “I will not have my daughter--”

“Kathy she's going,” said my father.

“No she's not she's--”

“She's 18 and old enough to go if she wants to,” my father said with a finality that made me smile. My mother stopped, obviously angry but she didn't push it, choosing instead to storm out of the room. My father sighed an exhausted sigh, knowing the shit show that was about to start. He followed after her, headed up the steps, leaving me and my uncle by ourselves.

Scott turned to me and smiled a devilish grin. “You better get packed up, your gonna have a good summer, ” he said, handing me his phone. “Put your number in there, I'm going to the store later, let me know if you need anything. ” he said, putting his number in my phone simultaneously. He grabbed his back, and headed upstairs, as I headed outside. I'd promised a friend yesterday I would meet her for coffee this morning.

We had been drinking for a while, talking about graduation, and me relaying the news about my surprise trip to Hawaii, when I felt my phone vibrate. I saw it was a message from my uncle, and opened my phone, choking on my coffee when I saw it. My new picture message was of my uncle, in our bathroom, just out of the shower standing naked in the mirror, flexing his biceps. Right where his dick would have been he had sat a bottle of shampoo, to keep it out of sight. After assuring my friend I was ok, we kept on with our conversation, but I couldn't help but keep sneaking a peek at it every few minutes.

When I got home, Scott was not, and neither were my parents. I spent most of my day packing my bags, and eating dinner alone with my parents. Scott still wasn't home, and my mother was making more comments about him probably being out drinking himself to death.

I was in my room at 11 Skyping a friend, when I got another text from Scott, that simply asked if I was awake. I told him yes, and then got off of Skype with my friend. I stood up, thinking he might be in the kitchen, and went to open the door, only to have it opened and Scott come storming in, shutting it behind him, and grabbing me in one swift motion. His lips were on mine, and he was on top of me on my bed before I knew what was happening.

I was only wearing a large t-shirt, and his hand quickly found its way underneath, rubbing me through my underwear. I moaned into his lips, his tongue infiltrating my mouth, and mine slipped into his, as he worked to pull the shirt off of me. My panties were already getting wet, when Scott stopped kissing me on the lips, kissing and licking his way down my body. He grabbed my left breast, sucking the other in his mouth, as he roughly squeezed the other. He kissed down my body, before arriving at my thighs.

Scott licked my panties, getting them thoroughly wet, before kissing up and down my inner thighs. I was shaking as his big hands grabbed my panties and slipped them down, and pulling them off me. I breathed heavily as I felt his breath on my pussy, his hands sliding up my thighs and squeezing my ass, before I felt his tongue lap at my pussy. A loud moan escaped my lips, which he was sure to muffle, as a big hand reached up and covered my mouth.

“Can't have mommy and daddy hearing, can we,” he whispered before plunging his tongue into me, tasting my wet cunt. His tongue rubbed my clit and I moaned even louder, causing him to stop. He grabbed my wet panties and forced them in my mouth to gag me, his hand staying clamped over tight. His tongue got back to work, and before long I was writhing, by now tasting my own pussy juices from the underwear in my mouth.

That man ate me like no one ever had before, his tongue got in me deeper than I thought possible, licking and sucking on my pussy. He slipped a finger in me and while licking me, began probing me roughly with his finger. Held down by him, I writhed in pleasure, his tongue and finger working magic.

He flipped me over, onto my stomach, pulling my ass up into the air. He licked my pussy from behind, dragging his tongue from my pussy, all the way up, then licking my ass. I buried my face into my pillow moaning loudly. His tongue circled around my asshole, his big hands roughly gripping my ass cheeks and spreading them apart. He forced his tongue into my asshole, his long tongue pleasuring me like I never had been before. He finally flipped over onto his back, laying underneath me, and pulling my hips onto his face. His tongue played with my pussy lips, suck and tonguing wildly. I thrust into his face, His hands pulling me onto him as much as I could go. I rode his face wildly, sometimes even his nose tickling my wet cunt. I rode faster and faster until his mouth found my clit, which he toyed with, using his tongue, before sucking on it roughly. That did it, and threw me over the edge.

For the first time in my life, I squirted, and it was like years of orgasms came flooding out. And I mean flooding. I screamed into the pillow,squirting all over Scott's face as a he greedily tried to drink it all up. I panted as he rolled out from under me, collapsing on the bed next to him shortly thereafter.

"Damn why don't you warn a guy next time," he whispered laughing. his face was still dripping with my pussy juices, his hair soaked in it, dripping from his short beard.

"I've never ... done that...before," I said panting, my legs still trembling.

"Well you better get rested up kiddo, you've got a whole summer of that to look forward too," he said with a wink, as he got out of my bed, and left just as quietly as he entered.

This was going to be some summer indeed.

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