House Slut - Introduction Part 2_(1)

House Slut - Introduction Part 2_(1)

Chapter 5
Tegan made a quick stop by the bathroom to wipe Brandon’s residue off her in the various places it had landed and rinse her mouth. She had a feeling sharing roomies was going to use a lot of mouthwash and made a mental note to mention it. Looking at herself in the mirror, naked and flushed, she couldn’t help but reflect on the events of the last hour. She’d offered herself bodily to her roommates and they’d accepted. She’d not only had sexual relations twice in one day, but with two separate men, and she was about to go for a third. She’d even let one fuck her in the ass! She knew that guys loved the idea of anal, it felt taboo and fed into some domineering instinct, but she hoped it wasn’t something they’d want every day. Two guys down and neither had gone near her pussy, which to her surprise was throbbing, practically dripping with need. She considered frigging herself to completion right there in the bathroom but reconsidered – she wanted to save her energy for her final contender, one who she hoped would give her wet hole the attention she craved.
Returning to the living room she found Sam still seated on the couch and approached him directly. Brandon was almost certainly asleep in his first-ever sex coma, and Angus was probably dozing himself before leaving for his night shift job in a few hours. She considered it unlikely they’d be interrupted and had a feeling Sam had made the same assessment as he turned off the TV discreetly playing some top 40 music channel and rose to his feet, taking a moment to drink in her appearance as he attended to undressing himself. He took his time, Tegan seemed to feel partially to engage her interest and also to put off the moment when they’d get down to business.
Sam peeled his long-sleeved t-shirt off his well-sculpted and tanned torso, his movements slow and deliberate for her attention, then unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the carpet along with his boxers, standing shamelessly before her, and then they were two naked adults standing some six feet apart. Tegan of course took the opportunity to see what he had in store for her. His cock was, she figured, about half erect based on the way it stood out from his body. Conveniently it looked like it would give her a mid-point between the other two cocks she’d had inside her today, not quite measuring Brandon’s length or Angus’ girth. A moment or two passed and Sam retook his seat on the couch, patting his crotch.
“Take a seat”.
Perfunctory. Businesslike. This was going to be fun, in it’s own way. Tegan closed the distance between him and straddled him on the couch, resting her arms across his shoulders and locking her wrists behind his head. She could feel his cock bob and nudge against her shaved lips, apparently gaining a swell of enthusiasm from her proximity. She knew he could feel her heat but held off lowering her hips for now, waiting for further cues as Sam enjoyed a close up view of her nipples and the curve of her small tits, studiously ignoring her face for now.
“How’s your day been so far?”
“It’s been an experience.”
“I’ll bet. What made you decide to go this route? I don’t mean to get overly personal considering the nature of our relationship, but I imagine you had other options.” As Sam spoke he cupped her snatch with his left hand and toyed with her clit momentarily, finding it throbbing, then sank a finger into her needy hole with ease.
Tegan allowed herself a small moan, her hips squirming. “I made a decision for me. You stand to benefit from it, hugely. Let’s face it Sam, what you stand to gain out of me is worth a lot more than the rent and my share of the bills. I’m giving up a lot, but maybe somewhere inside, I’m getting something too.”
There was a long pause as Sam ran his fingers through the fiery curls of her pubic hair. His other hand tickled the sole of her foot, making her leg kick.
“You’re definitely a catch. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about you at night, lying in bed a couple of rooms away. But I’m sure you guessed that when you moved into a share house with three guys.” He offered his finger to her lips, enjoying watching her suck it clean as he spoke then removing it to allow her her turn to speak.
“I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I assume any guy I meet wants to fuck me, if only a little bit.” She paused, shifting her ass. “Did you jerk off at night, thinking about me? Wondering what I looked like under the sheets? Whether I slept in the nude?”
Sam grinned “Oh, I didn’t have to use my imagination for that.”
Tegan tilted her head, looking up at him. “What’s that mean?”
“I’ve seen you naked. Before today I mean.” He delved his finger into her heat once more, curling it towards him against the inner wall behind her clit, forcing a strong shudder from her body.
“In the shower, one time. I came home early and you’d left the door open. Your eyes were squeezed shut against the shampoo suds so you didn’t see me, but I saw you. I went back to my room, and you left for work, apparently none the wiser.”, he continued.
“Is that true?”
“Oh yes. You were singing… Duran Duran I think.”
“Oh, shut up.” She swatted him playfully, though inwardly she was slightly troubled. She felt self-conscious about it, being exposed without her knowledge, though she realised that a reasonable precaution would have been to close the damn door. She could hardly blame Sam for that. Besides, it didn’t really matter anymore, and she said as much. “I guess it doesn’t matter now.”
“No, I suppose it doesn’t.” he paused for thought as he tasted his finger freshly slick with her juices. “That was only a week after you moved in, and I’ve used that as my jerk-off material ever since.” he added, matter-of-factly as he grasped her by the hips and pulled her cunt down onto his now fully erect cock.
Tegan cried out in a mixture of surprise and pleasure as he took her, her silken walls parting easily around his throbbing cock. Her parted pussy lips settled around the base of his cock as she felt him push deep up inside her, as deep into her molten recesses as he could reach, his purple cockhead fitting snugly against her cervix. In a breathy moan, she asked “Did you ever hope to see me like this, Sam?”
“Enough talk.”
Sam held Tegan firmly by the hips and rocked her slowly forward then back, building a slow and steady rhythm which she gradually took up on her own. Tegan bit her lip as she felt him move around inside her, her wetness making it easy for his length to nudge at every nook and cranny, sending fire through her tingling nerve endings as her muscles involuntarily clenched around the intruder. Somehow despite the almost transactional nature of their pre-discussion, this felt like the most personal encounter yet.
Sam groaned with pleasure as he left Tegan's hips to do the work below, his hands roamed further up her slim body, to caress her small breasts and gently circle her nipples with his thumbs. With an urgency in his voice that perhaps betrayed an inner time limit, he broke the near silence.
"Fuck, you're tight."
"Thank you." Tegan moaned breathily into his ear.
"I mean... you haven't been fucked here yet... in your pussy."
Tegan lifted her hips slightly then sat down on him again, hard When she felt his entire body shudder and go weak under him she took it as a sign to keep doing that, and altered her rhythm, revelling in the feel of him pushing into her over and over.
"Not today, Sam. You're the first one to claim my pussy today. Kind of ironic since I just offered to be a live in fuckdoll and you were third in line."
Sam groaned, urging his hips up as Tegan rode him, his urgency rising with each moment. Hearing her so crudely restate her position, that she was simple 'open', to be used by them at a whim, triggered a wave of erotic thoughts which only duelled his desire more.
"Typical guys... offer them any hole they want, and all go straight up the ass."
"Not you though. You couldn't wait to slide into my wet little cunt." Tegan bit his earlobe and began sucking at his neck, moaning into his skin as pushing she increased the speed of her hips feeling his cock swell inside her, knowing he must be reaching her peak and determined to meet him there. Already she could feel herself tipping over the point of no return...
"I think... I made... the right... choice..." stammered Sam, his breathing ragged as Tegan's powerful movements drove the rest of the words from him. He threw his right arm behind her back and pulled her close, lowering his mouth to her right nipple and suckling forcefully, his left hand on her hip as he drove his own hips forward, loud groan punctuating a powerfully shudder running through his body as he could no longer hold himself back. Deep inside Tegan his shaft pulsed and twitched, and from deep inside himself he found his release, his hot seed bursting forth and flooding Tegan's pussy.
Tegan shuddered and twitched, arching her back as Sam's mouth closed on her nipple. She balanced on the metaphorical edge as she felt his cock pulsing inside her, her breath catching in her throat as she waited for, ached for what would come next. Then literally, Sam came. She felt the hot torrent on his cum hit her cervix and flood her hole. Given that the only other men in the house had already fucked her that day, she felt no need to be discreet and openly screamed her pleasure as she finally reached her orgasm after hours of sexual tension.
Sam held on or the ride as Tegan's vagina clenched at his throbbing shaft, milking every drop of his seed. Twice, three times he pulsed forth into her before he felt himself begin to wilt, though her needy muscles clenching at his member send the occasional thrill of pleasure through his tired body.
They sat there together for some time, cooling in the open air of the living room, until Tegan finally saw wisdom in not being overly lazy and eased herself some Sam's lap, his flaccid length sliding from her. She stood before Sam, looking down at him with almost a sense of triumph, feeling the cooling trickle of his semen running down the inside of her thigh.
Sam looked up at her blearily, admiring the delicate features of her face, her firm tits, her red-haired muff he'd so recently enjoyed and the trickle of himself left behind. He refocused on her face and said "I think I love you."
Tegan laughed. "Early days, sport. You don't say that after one date."
"You don't normally fuck on the first date."
"You don't normally fuck three guys on your first date." A long pause, before Tegan added "I should try and get some sleep while I can. I imagine I'll have a busy day tomorrow, especially now that you'd all got your practise shots in.
"See you tomorrow, then." Sam said, punctuated with a sarcastic wave.

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