The Pet - Part 2 - the first hour

The Pet - Part 2 - the first hour

The drive home had been fun for the four friends. Well, fun for everyone except for Sally who had drawn the short straw and was driving the transit van they’d borrowed for the weekend off Kim’s owner.

She’d adapted it especially for those special occasions when she’d invite one, but only one, of her friends around to abuse Kim for a while she drove them around the city.

The back of the van had been completely stripped of all its fittings and the floor had been refitted with a mattress. In each of the four corners, a large hook had been fastened to the interior and Kim was suspended in mid-air by ropes attached to his ankles and wrists, the other end of each stretch of rope firmly tied to the hooks.

Jess’s piss and cum soaked knickers were still firmly wedged in his mouth and the knot protruding from his arsehole was all that could be seen of Liz’s similarly drenched panties. A length of string had also been wound tightly around the head of his cock and, this too, was pulled taught and attached to a fifth hook in the centre of the van’s ceiling, stretching his cock as far as was possible away from his body. The string that Charlotte, Kim’s owner, had wrapped around his balls earlier was still very tight.

While Lorraine and Liz stood either side of his groin and took it in turns to hit his erection as hard as they could with small leather-ended paddle whips they’d found in Charlotte’s suitcase, Jess sat astride Kim’s head, her pussy grinding into his face.

Every five minutes of the twenty-minute journey, the two older women had stopped hitting him and spent five minutes furiously masturbating him and squeezing his balls in a deliberate effort to make him cum again so they could punish him further.

The journey was over far too quickly for them all and at last they arrived at Liz’s house.

Undoing the ropes from the hooks on the inside of the van, but not undoing them from Kim’s ankles, wrists or cock, the friends led him inside and into the lounge.

“OK,” said Sally. “Lorraine has had the pleasure of one of your special “greetings” but the rest of us haven’t. I think we need to rectify that straight away, don’t you?”

Kim didn’t answer, partly because he had a mouthful of Jess’s piss and cum soaked knickers and partly because he had been trained not to answer questions like that. He had, after all, no say in what happened to him so what was the point in agreeing or disagreeing?

Kim’s owner hadn’t told the friends this though and when he didn’t immediately response to Sally’s question she thought he was being disobedient. To punish him, she moved behind him, reached between his legs and grabbed hold of the string that was wrapped tightly around his testicles, pulling it back between his legs and up towards his shoulders.

“I asked you a question”, she said sternly, pulling the string even harder. The pain shot through Kim’s groin but, despite the wonderful feeling it gave him, he managed a nod.

“Good boy,” Sally said. “Now, I don’t know what your owner expects of you in way of response to questions, but I expect an immediate answer. Is that understood?”

Kim hesitated a second before nodding again because he wanted Sally to pull the string even further backwards and upwards, causing him even more pain.

Sally was only too happy to oblige him and, this time, as she pulled on the string, she slapped his balls as hard as she could with her other hand.

This time, despite wanting and needing the feelings that Sally’s torture stirred in him, Kim nodded again.

Letting go of the string, Sally said, “There, that’s better, isn’t it?” And although it wasn’t better as far as Kim was concerned, he nodded again.

“Now, get down on your knees, you have four arseholes to say hello to.”

Kim did as he was told and the masking tape was removed from his head and Jess’s knickers taken from his mouth. Each of the friends took their jeans off and, one by one, bent over in front of him, spreading their arse cheeks, and offered him their arseholes to lick.

For the next twenty minutes, the four friends fed their arseholes to Kim, and he in turn greedily tongue fucked their anuses.

Liz was first and she gasped as she experienced a tongue probing her sensitive anal opening for the very first time. Kim’s tongue and lips explored every part of her arsehole until Sally pushed her out of the way and, pulling her buttocks as wide apart as they would go, pushed her arse right into Kim’s face.

Kim opened his mouth wide and sucked as hard as he could while pushing his tongue into Sally’s rectum. She almost fainted on the spot with pleasure as his tongue found its way inside her arse.

Lorraine was next. She already knew the ecstasy of Kim’s tongue in her anus and this time was even better because he was doing it at her command, not his owner’s.

Last was Jess, her sweet, tight teenage arse tasting the best of the lot. Although the other three’s arses had tasted so wonderful, Kim enjoyed French kissing the 16-year-old’s arse the best. The taste was exquisite and he could have licked and sucked and kissed Jess’s arse all day.

However, the friends had other plans for him so he was disappointed when Jess moved away from him, his mouth feeling empty now that he didn’t have anything to lick.

Ordering him to stand up, the ropes around his wrists were pulled to hooks in the ceiling and fastened securely. His legs were forced apart and a spreader bar attached to his ankles, immobilising his legs.

Reaching into the suitcase of toys that they’d brought with them from Kim’s owner’s, Liz brought out two 3lb round weights with hooks attached. Tying each weight to the end of the string wound tightly around his balls, she held each weight up so that it was level with Kim’s hips and, without warning, let each one drop, yanking his testicles downwards with such force that the friends thought that they would be ripped clean away from his body.

“I really think he liked that,” Lorraine said and she lifted the weights up again, except this time she raised them to the level of his chest before letting them drop. Kim’s cry of excited pain yet, at the same time, pleasure only served to give Lorraine the go ahead to do it again… and again…and a fourth time, until Kim’s breathing was very heavy and ragged.

“Oh, our little pet is starting to struggle already, girls”, Sally said as she took her turn at dropping the weights, each time spanking Kim on the arse as she did so. After she’d dropped the weights a few more times, Sally untied the string and removed them but immediately pulled the string as tight as she could and tied it to the spreader bar holding Kim’s legs apart, pulling his balls down and away from his groin.

Untying the string that was still wound tightly around the head of his cock, Liz said, “Now, for the next forty minutes we are going to wank and suck you non-stop. You are not to cum though. It’s this simple – if you cum you will be punished so severely that you will wish you were back with that soft owner of yours.”

“We know that you will want to cum,” she added, “but you won’t, not unless you want to feel a hell of a lot of pain.”

“Jess,” she said, “you can go first. Just take a hold of his cock and wank him slowly but steadily up and down. You can take the head of his cock into your mouth and suck it if you want but just make sure you keep on moving your hand up and down his shaft. We’re all going to take it in turns to masturbate him and he’s got forty minutes to survive without cumming.”

Jess did as she was told by the older woman, and for the first time in her life she felt the hardness of a stiff erection in her hand. She could feel Kim’s tied balls harden even more as the movement of her hand up and down his shaft sent more blood pumping into him and she squeezed them hard with her other hand. They were already ultra sensitive from being bound tightly with the string and pulled down from his groin but, despite her young age, Jess loved the feeling of being in total control of Kim, helpless as he was in front of her, giving him the feelings of pain and arousal that he loved so much.

For ten minutes, Jess continued to work his foreskin up and down his shaft while alternating between squeezing, slapping and gently stroking his testicles. She could feel her own juices starting to seep from between her pussy lips as the first of Kim’s pre-cum leaked from his cock. She hungrily licked this up and the extra sensitivity caused by the lubrication nearly made Kim cum there and then.

Jess could feel his body tense in anticipation of his orgasm but he managed to control it, much to the annoyance of the teenager. She really wanted to be the one to make him cum so he could be punished. If she was honest with herself, she was slightly jealous of Kim. She had often thought about sex with another woman and she also daydreamed of being another woman’s plaything. The thought of being at the mercy of Sally, Liz and Lorraine filled her with such excitement that it was unreal. Maybe, she thought to herself, she would suggest to them that next time she would be their pet. Now that was a wonderful thought.

Her disappointment at not making Kim cum was doubled when Sally announced that her ten minutes were up and that his was someone else’s turn now but was eased slightly when Sally said quietly, so that Kim couldn’t hear, that she could look through the suitcase for something suitable to punish Kim with when he did finally cum.

“I thought he wasn’t supposed to?” Jess asked, confused.

“Don’t you want to punish him?” Sally responded. “We wanted to let him think that to start with but don’t you think it will be so delicious that, despite his efforts not to, he’s doesn’t know that he’s going to anyway?”

Jess smiled broadly. She knew now that she just had to be her friends’ pet soon. The thought of being their slave almost made her cum right there.

So, as the teenager started to look through the wonderful selection of implements in the suitcase, Sally got down on her knees in front of Kim and took his cock into her mouth, slowly working her lips up and down his erection, savouring the taste of his pre-cum on her tongue. For the next ten minutes, Sally sucked and licked Kim’s cock, keeping the same steady rhythm all the time, building up the sensations inside him almost to the point of no return.

Once again, Kim could only barely manage to stop his orgasm but stop it he did and, taking her mouth away from his cock, Sally slapped his testicles a few times just to let him know that, despite him stopping himself from cumming, she was still in control.

“OK,” Sally said. “Just Lorraine and Liz to go now, Kim. You’ve managed to survive twenty minutes. Let’s see if you can survive the next twenty. Twenty long minutes for you to obey and not cum. Personally,” she said, turning to her friends and winking, “I don’t think you’ll be able to do it. But we shall have to see. Either way, the pleasure we are all getting from seeing you struggle not to cum, or the pleasure we will definitely get from punishing you if you do, we don’t mind one little bit.”

“Personally,” Lorraine added, “I’d like to torture the hell out of you so be a good little boy and cum soon, please.”

“Oh, me too,” added Liz. “And it’s my turn last with you, Kim. So you’d better make sure you have some self control left by the time I get around to you.”

“Hey, I know what we could do to make things a little more tricky for him,” Jess said. “Do any of you mind if I take it in turns and finger your pussies and suck on your clits for you? I’ve always wanted to do it and I’m sure it will turn Kim on even more to see it. There’s no way he would be able to hold back if he saw me sucking on your cunts.”

Although a little surprised at the sixteen-year-old’s suggestion, they agreed that if Jess wanted to do it and, more importantly, if it helped make things more difficult for Kim, then they should definitely do it.

“Hey, I’m up for it – or, more importantly, I think he’ll be up for it,” Sally joked.

So, as Lorraine knelt in front of Kim and pumped his shaft furiously with one hand while scratching his, by now, very sore testicles with the nails on her other hand, Sally and Liz sat down on the settee and spread their legs as wide as they could.

Jess knelt on the floor in front of the settee and took Liz’s clit in her mouth, sucking hard on it, at the same time pushing three fingers deep into Liz’s pussy. After a couple of minutes, Jess moved over to Sally and did the same to her.

The combination of the pleasure Lorraine’s hand massaging his erection and the sight of the teenager sucking on Liz and Sally’s clits was almost too much for Kim to bear. He, of course, didn’t know that the girls’ plan was to deliberately make him cum right at the end of the time limit they’d told him so all he could do was try his very best to hold back his impending orgasm.

The groans of pleasure from the two friends on the settee wasn’t helping him and when Jess reached back between her widespread legs and started to finger fuck her own arse, he really thought he wouldn’t be able to hold on anymore.

Momentarily, he closed his eyes in an attempt to block out the sight of the teenager and the two older ladies on the settee but Lorraine saw this and gave the string stretching from his testicles to the spreader bar a very quick hard tug, causing intense pain to jolt through his groin.

“That’s a very bad thing to do, Kim”, she scolded. “Jess is eating my friends’ pussies for your pleasure. The least you can do is watch.” And she jerked hard on the string once more, just to let Kim now that she was definitely in charge.

After ten minutes, Lorraine stood up and, giving him one final smack on the bollocks, said, “Liz, your turn honey. See if he can last this final ten minutes. He’s done well so far. I wonder,” she added, turning to her friends and winking, “can he make it to the end?”

Liz got up from the sofa, her clit rock hard, her pussy dripping wet from Jess’s sucking and fingering, and replacing Jess’s fingers with two of her own, walked over to Kim, stopping to pick up a tub of Vaseline from the suitcase on the way.

Smearing a large blob all over his erection, she started to furiously masturbate him while still fingering her pussy. Sally and Jess took two small horse whips out of the suitcase, stood either side of Kim and whipped his tight, sensitive balls hard, in rhythm with each of Liz’s strokes.

“Careful, girls,” laughed Jess, “you’ll have him cumming soon. And we don’t want that, do we?” she added wickedly.

“I wonder,” thought Sally. “You remember what happened when the anal balls were pulled out of his arse back at his owner’s house? Do you think he could withstand you pulling Lorraine’s knickers from his arse right now, Jess?”

The other three girls had forgotten that Lorraine’s knickers were still knotted and stuffed far into Kim’s anus but they all grinned in anticipation know that Sally had reminded them of them.

“That would be so mean of us to let him get so close and then do that to him right at the last second, wouldn’t it?” Lorraine said. “Let’s think about it for the five minutes that are left, shall we?”

For the next five minutes, Liz continued to wank Kim’s Vaseline covered cock as fast as she could while Lorraine and Sally smacked his balls with the whips harder and faster. Kim gritted his teeth and held his breath because, although he wanted so desperately to cum, he also wanted to show the friends that he could withstand what they were doing to him.

In truth, he wanted to cum badly not only because his body screamed out for him to do so but because he wanted the punishment of the torture the girls had promised him if he did.

Eventually, with around 60 seconds left, Sally suggested to Jess that she get ready to pull Lorraine’s knickers from out of Kim’s arse so Jess moved around behind Kim and grabbed a firm hold on the knot of knickers that was showing sticking out of his anus.

When there were about thirty seconds left, Sally said, “thirty seconds, Kim. Thirty short seconds. Are we going to do this to you? Are we going to put you through all of that and then make you cum with only a few seconds left? You bet we are! You’re not going to last because, all along, we had planned to make you cum right at the very last second. How wonderfully cruel of us is that?”

“Jess, have you got a firm hold on that knot? Because we’re going to count down from ten seconds and when we get to one you’re going to pull Lorraine’s piss soaked knickers from his arsehole.”

The friends started counting backwards from ten, Liz still frenziedly masturbating Kim and Lorraine and Sally hitting his testicles as hard as they possibly could. When they got to “one”, Jess yanked hard on the knot in Lorraine’s knickers that was sticking out of Kim’s anus and pulled the piss, cum and now shit stained knickers from his bowels.

With one second left, Kim’s orgasm exploded from his body, his cum spraying fast and furious from his cock. As his owner’s pet, every orgasm that he had these days was so intense because of the way it was given to him (mostly through torture and pain and humiliation) and this one was no different.

Each fresh wave of his release made him grit his teeth and strain on the ropes holding him firmly in place and, as his balls expanded and contracted with each new spurt, the added pain only heightened the feelings of pleasure he felt.

The four friends just stood back and watched. The mixture of pleasure and pain on Kim’s face was something completely new to them but they all knew that the rest of the weekend was something they, and Kim, were going to enjoy immensely.

When eventually Kim’s orgasm subsided and he slumped loosely in his restraints, Lorraine said, “Oh Kim. You were doing so well too. You managed to control yourself for so long, only to succumb right at the end. That’s so disappointing for us. We thought you were better than that. Ah well, you knew the deal. We didn’t tell you you could cum, did we? And now you’re going to be punished for disobeying us. Get your energy back because you are so going to need it. Oh and we’re going to have to get you hard again, aren’t we? Well, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.”

… to be continued in Part 3.

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