Revenge. Chapter 1. (Revised)

Revenge. Chapter 1. (Revised)

Carmen Fox was sitting in her dark bedroom with the laptop's glow the only source of light. Her hip-length, straight, jet black hair was splayed around her and she knew her light blue eyes reflected the laptop's light. She hadn't been busy doing anything since Ross broke up with her. Now she spent the majority of her days doing this. Surfing the internet and visiting websites like Google, Facebook, and other various things. She was currently on Facebook.

Perhaps it wouldn't hurt anything to visit his page? He wouldn't be able to tell she was visiting his page, and it could only be this once. She decided on clicking on his name and casually browsing his wall. He never deleted her as a friend, so it was nothing she hadn't see-.

What the hell is this? She thought. Her eyes were not deceiving her. His page said in a relationship with Sage Adkins. She couldn't help herself. She clicked on her name and was relieved when her profile wasn't private.

From what she could tell, this Sage bitch was a curly headed blonde with fake boobs and a perky personality. Ross hadn't even broken up with her two days ago; which means he either left her for this bitch, or he was having an affair and chose the new girl. God dammit, she was younger too. That's such a cliche. Carmen wasn't old. She was only in her early thirties, but Ross was older than her and this new slut of his was twenty-six. Oh look. The little trend-follower was bi-sexual too.

This called for revenge.

The next night, Carmen put on a black v-neck t-shirt, so she wouldn't be seen in the night, and dark denim shorts that would allow her to move her legs around when she went over to his house. There was no need in abandoning all of her fashion sense, so she put on some black, peep toe heels too. She planned on destroying his black Escalade that he loved so much. Nothing he can complain about to insurance, but enough to piss him off as much as he did her.

As she pulled up to her ex's house, the lights coming from inside told her she'd have to be quiet. So she grabbed her bottle of white nail polish and slowly approached his black escalade. She doodled signs like middle fingers and cocks on all the other windows and some the doors, then she saved the best for last as she wrote "Jerk-mobile" in big letters on the back window and then went around to climb on the hood so she could write, "I like sluts, not women" so big that it covered the entire front window. She was too pissed to get creative.

She gracefully hoped off the hood and glanced in the window for safety and did a double take when she saw Ross on the white couch that he'd made out with her on so many times. He was in the same position, but this time it wasn't her straddling him and kissing his lips. It was Sage.

She couldn't help herself then. Curiosity pulled her to the window so she could look at the two of them better. She looked at him first out of longing. She could only see the back of him, but his brown hair was as soft and luscious as ever. She could tell just by looking at it. His muscular arms wrapped around her little, yellow sundress. She couldn't make out specific features, but her blonde hair was curled and flowed down past her shoulders. She knew from Facebook that she had blue eyes and a foxy kind of face though.
She was sure now that he was having an affair. No one is slutty enough to fuck on the first date if they're looking for a relationship. Not at her age, anyway.

When Sage took a breather, she glanced up casually and Carmen dashes behind the wall and out of sight. However, as their voices grew louder and muffled sounds came from inside the house, she realized she hadn't moved fast enough, so she started to run to her car for safety.

Heels were a bad idea tonight. She felt Ross's muscular arms wrap around her waist and lift her into the air. She started to kick and fight him when she realized he was carrying her back into the house with his new slut trailing behind them.

She was plopped on the white, soft couch they were just making out on and he looked into her eyes with that brown, intense stare he got when he was angry and said, "You fucking bitch."

She crossed her arms and gave him a sly look.

"What were you thinking, doing that to my car?" He demanded.

She didn't answer. She just stared at him and made him guess. He must have known she wouldn't just sit by and mope while he got constant sex though.

"Real mature, Carmen," Ross said as he looked out the window to his precious car that probably meant more to him than both the girls in the room combined. "Sage is not a slut," he claimed.

"Sure I am."

They both turned their heads toward her in surprise. Sage smiled and walked in front of Carmen before she glared at her and said, "I knew he was in a relationship. I knew you were at work while he was fucking me. I'm a slut," Sage leaned forward and put a hand on each of Carmen's bare thighs and added with a suddenly husky voice, "And I can get real dirty."

Pure wrath pulsed through Carmen and she slapped Sage across the face with as much force as she could possibly put into the blow.

Ross dashed behind the couch and held Carmen's hands back, giving Sage full access. "What do you even miss about our relationship, huh?" she heard from behind her, "Working at different times? Living in different places? Having the same sex once every weekend?"

"I think it was the sex," Sage chimed in. Sage moved forward and stuck her thumb in Carmen's shorts and played with her lips. Sage giggled and said, "She's already wet, just from me kneeling in front of her. Do you want to be pleasured, Carmen?"

Carmen kicked Sage in the chest and hesitated before saying, "Don't say my name." She was already wet from Ross touching her, not Sage. She needed sex bad.

Sage rubbed her chest with a disgruntled expression and said, "Ow, you kicked me with heels on! And that wasn't a no."

Carmen narrowed her eyes and said, "Sorry; wouldn't wanna pop one of your implants. And I'm not a lesbian."

"Ladies, ladies," Ross said slowly and calmly,"Maybe we can work something out here." He sounded really suspicious when he said that. So when Sage smiled, Carmen squirmed out of Ross's arms and stated, "I've worked out all I want." This was getting out of control and she didn't want to be involved in it any longer. "I fucked up your car and now I'm leaving."

Of course, why she ever thought it would be that easy was a mystery. Ross grabbed her before she could even lift herself off the couch and he held her down on the soft white sofa so that she was lying down. "Speaking of my car," Ross said with a malicious grin, "I think you owe me."

Carmen rolled her eyes and argued, "It's just nail-polish, it'll wash off; I don't have to pay you anything."

"Look at this house," Sage said, bringing herself back into the conversation, "The type of car you trashed," Carmen thought she was being an idiot, stating obvious things, but as Sage took off Carmen's black heels slowly and stared her in the eye, whispering, "He doesn't want money," she saw where this was going.

Ross was hovering over her and she could see a bulge in his dark jeans. Sage was kneeling between her legs. Yes, she knew exactly what was on their mind. And she didn't want any of it. She may be horny from no sex in the past few days, but she wasn't about to release with her ex and her replacement.

Carmen lost it and was now fighting for freedom as she screamed, "No! I'm not fucking either of you."
Ross put on a faint smile as he grabbed the hem of her black v-neck t-shirt and started to force it off her. Sage simultaneously undid the button and zipper on her shorts, but she figured Ross was a greater threat, so she closed her legs to hinder Sage, but slapped and fought Ross as much as she could. To no avail.
Soon, her light skin showed against the white couch and her red bra that covered her natural D-cupped breasts and her matching thong were the main attraction.

She started to panic a little, but Ross held her down again while Sage peeled off her little sundress and kicked off her yellow strappy heels. She quickly undid the clasp of her lacy, strapless bra supporting her D-cups and the slut didn't even have to worry about underwear, because she wasn't wearing any.

She was unwise to fight Ross, because she now weakened herself and Sage held her down easily enough while Ross stripped. The bitch knew what she was doing too. She held both of Carmen's wrists in one hand, while grabbing the back of her hair with the other. She had to support herself on her elbows, so her bare breasts were pressed against Carmen's. She used this to taunt Carmen. Since she was bi-sexual, she rubbed their breasts together and made little moaning noises while staring Carmen in her light blue eyes. Allowing Ross all the time he needed to strip off his clothes.

She'd seen Ross naked before, though. She knew his prominent six-pack and matching pecs. She knew his dark hair was all over his body, but there wasn't enough to make him look hairy, she definitely recognized his stiff 7 inches of cock when she saw it.

Now that they were both naked, Sage moved down and forced her red thong away from her body while she had no choice but to lay there while Ross approached her and undid her bra. Now that her voluptuous tits and clean shaven pussy were out for the world to see, what would she do, even if she had the chance to get away? She can't go anywhere public, which cancel every place her car would take her.

Ross grabbed Carmen's hair and put his dick in front of her face. She refused to suck him unwillingly. She pursed her lips and turned her head, despite the pain it caused from her hair. However, as Sage's tongue flicked her clit unexpectedly, she let out a gasp and Ross took his opportunity to shove all seven inches into her mouth.

She never enjoyed it, but she was always good at deep-throating. Then again, while she didn't like what Ross was doing, she couldn't help but love having Sage eat her out. She wasn't the slightest bit homosexual, but it did feel amazing. Just like if it was a man eating her out. That was the method she decided on using so as to deal with what was happening to her; because she was currently being raped.
Fortunately, as Ross's balls pressed against her chin with each inward thrust, she could feel they were tightened. He was about to cum. This would be over soon.

Suddenly, Ross pulled out of her mouth and Sage noticed and stopped licking. "Move over here, C." Ross commanded.

Out of curiosity, she obeyed. Ross pulled her up and put her on her knees in front of the couch. Sage sat in front of Carmen and spread her legs wide, letting it be known what was going to happen next.

Ross grabbed the back of her head in one hand and pushed her forward. She really didn't want this. She didn't care how horny she was, this wasn't going to get her the release she needed. It didn't matter, though. Ross kept pushing until her lips were against Sage's bare vag. She gave up, thinking it would get this over with sooner.

Suddenly Ross pulled on her hips so that she was still forced to eat out Sage, but her bum was in the air and she knew where Ross was going with this. The tip of his penis touching her lips only confirmed her belief.

Carmen stopped licking when Ross pushed inside of her and started thrusting because a loud moan escaped her lips. Ross was right about having the same sex. She was always only comfortable with missionary, but this position didn't seem to be that bad. Save the vagina in her mouth, of course.
Ross pumped like that until she could tell all three of them were close to climax. Sage came first and Carmen grimaced at the pussy juice as it rested on her chin. She used her hand that was previously keeping her up to wipe it off.

Then Ross pulled out unexpectedly and she looked back to see what was wrong. Something was very wrong. He only pulled out so he could line his dick up with her ass.

"Ross, stop!" she cried. She'd lick Sage's pussy all night to avoid that. He didn't listen though. He just pushed against her ass like it was as flexible as her vag, which it was proving not to be. She'd never had anal sex with anyone in her life. Until now.

Ross pushed inside and she felt a pop when he officially entered her. She screamed at the stinging pain as tears welled in her eyes. "Ross, please stop. Ow," she was whimpering and begging now rather than demanding.

Apparently her agony was enough to make his horny ass listen because he pulled out of her and subtly rubbed her ass as if trying to relieve the pain.

"Hold her, will you, Babe?" Ross said before running upstairs naked. Sage didn't hesitate to dominate her by holding her head back against her vag. Now that Ross couldn't protect her, Carmen decided to fight. Naked or not, she was getting out of here.

Carmen bit down on Sage's clit, causing her to scream and release her hold. She knew Sage's scream would call Ross to come down faster, so she sprinted to the door so fast her legs burned.

Ross appeared at the bottom of the stairs right in front of Carmen and she bumped into his naked, muscular body. After that, she noticed the bottle of lube in his hand.

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