Taken from Behind

Taken from Behind

Bao is standing in front of the mirror as she ruffles through the dresser searching for panties and bra. Her towel is wrapped around her like its giving her a hug. Her hair leans to one side of her shoulder as drops of water fall from the ends. Water drops run down her leg. The room is dim and quiet. Candles light up the room as the scent of vanilla fills the air. The light shines onto her wet body as she removes the towel. Throwing it on to the bed.
I walk up from behind her wrapping my hands around her waist. Pulling her petite body towards me as I gently kiss her neck. Bao moans as I wrap my hands around her ass. Squeezing slowly and gently. I throw her onto the bed as her hair whips out water. Bao looks up at me startled and in a daze.

I mount over her as the light shines off my abs. My hand slowly and lightly runs up and down on her thigh. As the other lifts her head up for a kiss. My lips touch hers in a slow, gentle motion. Her lips melting into mine as we kiss. We break away as I look into her eyes. My heart warming. Bao looks deep into mine as we stare with smiles. I lean in to kiss her more vigorously. Our tongues colliding against eachAs always I endeavoured to arrive on time, I don’t like to be late so at 08:55 I arrived outside my sister-in-laws house ready to collect Em. I exited my car and knocked on the door and Hayley answered promptly, still wearing her dressing gown. I couldn’t help but casually look her up and down and internally nod with approval.

Hayley is my sister in law, she stands about 5’9” has sandy blonde hair and cutting brown eyes. She is 4 years older than me but I have always enjoyed spending time with Hay and her affinity for wearing low cut tops which showcase her ample cleavage never went unnoticed. Neither did her liking for wearing low cut jeans, giving me regular sneak peaks of her undies.

Is Em ready I asked, expecting the usual answer of not yet, however I was not expecting the answer I received.
“Em isn’t here I’m afraid, I must have got my wires crossed.”
Hay stated with a knowing smile.
I knew something was going on by know but could resist when asked inside.
“Would you like to come in for coffee?”
Came the invitation, I responded with a weak nod. As Hay turned to lead me inside she flicked her dressing gown to give me a peak at the bottom of her ass, which was proudly peering out from her thong. I could feel my cock starting to throb.

It was at this moment as we entered the living room that Hay turned to me, she looked into my eyes and said calmly.
“I’m glad nobody is around, I know you having been want this to.”
In my pants I could feel my cock growing. I knew that as much as this situation was so wrong, she was right I did want this.
I looked back but only managed to stammer,
“I dddon’t....”
Before Hay made her move.
Hay moved forward, I felt her hand on the crouch of my pants, as she felt my cock through the denim she looked up at me with her radiating smile, as for the first time she knew that I really did want this.
“I knew you wanted this. I knew you wanted me.”
As she spoke I could feel her hand making it way inside my boxers. She took hold of my cock; I felt rushes of pleasure all through my body. All the fantasies I had had over the year went rushing through my mind. I was brought back to the real world as Hay released my cock, unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them to my ankles in one movement. My cock stood to attention creating a bulge in my boxers. As we stood face to face, those fantasies still in the back of my mind, Hay smiled and put her arms around my neck. As she pulled herself close to me I felt her body press up against my cock, all I could think about was cumming this was the realisation of my fantasies but I knew I needed to wait. We stood embracing one another freely in the middle of the living room, Hay leant in towards my ear and whispered.
“I want to see what your cock can do”
As I stood for a moment trying to comprehend what I had just heard, Hay released her grip and slid down my body, shedding her gown in one fluid movement. There she was knelt before me now wearing only a bra and the thong which I had been allowed to glimpse previously. I notice now that they were a matching set, sky blue lace with matching detail to be exact. I looked down on Hay knelt there, she looked so innocent, but I knew that her intentions were anything but innocent.

As I watched she reached forward and began to rub my cock which was clearly visible through my boxers. Slowly she rubbed up and down my shaft, I could feel my balls beginning to tingle and I knew what this was a sign of. As I thought of the consequences of cumming right at this second, I became aware that Hay was now unbuttoning my boxers.
“Fuck me” she exclaimed as my cock came into view from inside my boxers. I looked down at her with a knowing smile. Inside knowing that was exactly how I intended for this encounter to end.

Hay reached forward and began to carefully cradle my balls as she did this she looked up at me as if to gain approval. My expression must have been enough approval as without waiting for my reaction she leant forward and took my cock into her mouth. I thought my ball were going to explode right there. I composed myself. I could feel her saliva coating my cock; she began to massage me using her tongue. She started at the tip of my cock slowly working to the base before making her way back and repeating this process. As she did this I could feel her grip on my balls getting tighter. As I stood I looked down on Hay at work I couldn’t help letting those fantasies slip into my mind. I had dreamt of this moment since we met over 6 years previously. I could feel the cum gathering in my cock, as I let the first squirt from my cock Hay looked up and took my cock from her mouth I closed my eyes has cum shot from my cock onto her face and her glorious tits. I opened my eyes to see Hay’s smiling face covered in my cum. I watched as she licked all of the cum that her tongue could reach into her mouth and drank it down.

Hay looked up and smiled,
“judging by that load you needed that”
I could only muster a smile in response, my balls were still throbbing from the orgasm which she had brought me to.
“I best get rid of this you’ve got cum all over it”
she stated as she unclipped her bra an began to move to an upright position in front of me. As she stood I felt her know free tits run up my thigh then up my t-shirted upper body. As she did this cum transferred from her to my t-shirt.
“oh, you had best remove that now it has cum on too.
She lifted my tee and pressed her ample tits against my now bear chest. I felt my cock begin to rouse again. As she pulled back from me I had my first glance of those glorious tits on full show, her nipple sat proud as a sign of her excitement.

As Hay's hand reached down towards my cock for the send time, I reach down towards the front of her thong. As my fingers made contact with the rough lace I could feel the dampness which indicated the current state of the pussy which contained within it. Without further thought I carefully slipped inside her thong and in the same movement her pussy. Hay breathed sharply then relaxed into me arms allowing me to proceed. Two things stuck me now, firstly her pussy felt perfectly clean shaven, and this thought made my cock stand hard once again. Secondly her pussy was extremely wet, a sign that she had longed for this as much as I had. As I fingered her pussy gently working her clit with my thumb I felt her removing my boxers, with my spare hand I reciprocated by removing her thong.

As her thong hit the floor she stepped out of it an lowered herself onto the leather sofa, it was only now I became aware we had been standing for such a time. As she lay there looking up at me smiling I could not take my eyes off her pussy. There it was, as clean shaven as it had felt, the juices leaking out were the only sign of the fingering she had just received. I position myself between her legs and let my cock rest against her pussy.
“Please fuck me now” she gasped breathlessly
“I want your cock”
With that I leant towards her pressing my cock to her pussy more firmly, her pussy opened allowing my cock to glide in. I could feel her juices all over my stiff cock, I slowly pushed it deeper into her. I began to quicken my stroke in and out of her pussy, as I did she began to gasp. Using her legs she pulled me near to ensure she was enjoying the full length of my cock. Her body was glistening with sweat, which just made her appear more perfect in my eyes. I could feel cum gathering once again, I wished I could make this last forever. As I drew near to my climax I pushed my cock deep into her now sodden pussy, as I did this Hay’s breathing began to quicken. I continued fucking her she threw her arms around my next pulled me close and whispered “I’m cumming”. This along with the feel of her tits on my chest and her juices on my cock were enough to bring me to an orgasm to. I felt cum surge from my cock into Hay’s pussy.

With this I sank my cock deep into Hay and kissed her neck gently, before removing my now limp cock from here moist pussy. As I did this I could see the cum I had just squirted beginning to escape from her. With a smile Hay leant up and kissed me before standing up. Silhouetted in the sunlight she showed no signs of our encounter and retained her gracious elegant as she bent over to pick up her undies my heart skipped a beat at the sight of her ass. She smiled at me before stating.
“I’m going to tidy myself up. I think it’s best if you show yourself out.”
Before I could respond she left adding,
“Thank you. Until next time... Maybe” other. My hand wraps around the back of her head as I gently kiss her neck. My lips caressing her body as I move lower and lower. My soft lips running down her belly slowly as my hand glides on her thigh. I get to her moist pussy lips and give a gentle, wet kiss as I move away and kiss her thigh, In the hopes of a tease.

I kiss all around her pussy. Ignoring it, and kissing her thighs and licking all around it. Her body shaking as she pants slightly. I look up to her and give her a smile as I lick my lips . My tongue touches her clit and then moves up and down in a slow gentle manner. Her back arches as she moans and grabs her breast. Her hand pulls my hair closer to her. My tongue moves quicker as I suck and kiss her clit. The wetness of her drips from my chin and runs down. She is sweating and panting. The light glistening off her. My tongue licks faster as she starts to quietly yelp. She gets louder as I got faster and faster. She arches her back and screams. Screaming my name as she cums all over my lips. Dripping off my chin and shinning from the candle light.Wiping it from chin, I go back to kissing her.

Our lips colliding as she tastes herself and me. I bite her lip as she rolls me over onto my back. Bao kisses my neck and I breath heavily. She moves downward as her soft lips pull away from my skin. Her tongue running down my abs. She pulls my briefs off slowly. Throwing them to the floor. My hard cock springs out of my shorts like a jack in the box from hell. She grabs it gently licking the sides. Slowly and so softly. Bringing me closer to the edge. She looks up into my eyes and slowly taking my cock into her mouth. My back arches as I moan her name. Her saliva running down the shaft as she turns bobbing her head up and down. I grab her hair yanking her down. My hard cock rammed down her throat. Bao gags as she pushes further down. She yanks back up gasping for air with this wide grin on her face.

Bao climbs back up to me as I kiss and suck the drool from her mouth. Her drool runs down my hard dick and glistens off the light. Her pussy drips like a fountain onto my abs as she sits on me. Bao reaches under herself grabbing my hard, wet, cock and sets it under her as she slowly moves down on it. It squeezes in slowly as she drops her head back moaning softly. My eyes close and I arch my head back. My hand flies to her supple breast as I grab it and squeeze. She bounces slowly up and down on me. As I tightly squeeze in and out of her tight, petite pussy. My hand wraps around her tit as it grabs handfuls of her breast. My other hand moves down to rub her swollen clit. Bao moans louder as she bounces up and down with faster momentum. Her tit bouncing as the other one is tightly grasped in my hand. She bounces faster and her screaming and flailing her head back. I moan louder. Calling out her name in gasps between breaths. She cums again as she scratches my abs, drawing blood.

Letting out a loud scream as her cum sprays onto me.I pull out yanking her down so I can forceful kiss her. She gets up and leans over the dresser. I follow behind with my hand on her ass. I kneel down spreading her cheeks as I lick slowly into her small, wet pussy. I get back up grabbing my cock as I slowly push it inside her. Bao's mouth widening and eyes clenching as she pants and shakes. I thrust faster as objects wobble off the dresser. The mirror slamming against the wall as her body is pushed forward harder and faster. My hand grabs her ass as the other pulls her back. I smack her ass. Leaving red hand marks. My hard cock slams in and out of her with a fast, hard motion. The mirror falls, and the dresser is wobbling as she grips onto it. We are both shouting each others names.

Then we cum simultaneously. Spraying like a popped water balloon. We scream and shake. Panting we lay back on the bed. Light shinning off our sweat drenched bodies. I wrap my arms around her as she lays her head onto my chest and listens to my heavy heart beat. I rest my head on hers and I hold her tight. Speechless. Falling asleep in each others arms. Bao finds me opening another bottle of wine. Standing behind me she grabs my ass before running her other hand up over my chest, her breasts pressing against my back and her head on my shoulders. Slowly her hand slides down my body and starts rubbing my cock through my towel while kneading my ass.

Turning round we kiss passionately, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths in rapid succession as Bao feels me lift her off the floor. She wraps her legs around my torso holding on to my upper body as I carried her up the stairs. The door to our bedroom has been left open as we stumble through the archway, kissing, before collapsing onto the bed. Bao has succeeded in pulling my towel off, throwing it across the room in the general direction of our bathroom, allowing Bao to run her hands over my bare chest before reaching further down my body. She feels my cock is throbbing and standing at attention. Bao leans forward on the bed to admire the hard cock in front of her. She cups my hairy balls as her mouth works its way down the shaft, leaving a trail of saliva down my aching member. She teases me, as she sucks one of my balls into her mouth toying with it with her tongue. Moving back to the tip of my cock and the exquisite sensation as her tongue passes along sensitive edge of the tip.

With the tingling sensation growing at the base of my spine I know it is her turn. I gently pull back before kneeling down to kiss her again, before getting onto the bed behind her. I caress the sides of her body from her breasts down to her hips as she slithers out of the silk shirt lifting it up over her head before dropping it on the floor. Bao coos, as her bare breasts feel the satin sheets, her nipples hardened, becoming erect and more tender. I cupped them firmly from behind, my hard cock pressing into her back as she tilts her head up and we kiss again. As we re-positioned on the bed, Bao is lying on her back as I work my way down until I'm kissing her navel. The small damp spot on her panties tells me all I needed to know. My hands grip her panties, she lifts her hips until her ass no longer touches the bed. Her beautiful ass is bare, as I slip her panties off then lifting her legs back up towards her head. I enjoy the smooth sensation of her legs, turning my attention to her recently waxed and completely hairless pussy.

I crawl between her legs as they lay invitingly splayed open on the bed, gently kissing her thighs as I went. As I reach her pussy lips, I decide to prolong the anticipation a little longer working my way around her pussy onto her other inner thigh, down to her ankle and back up her leg until I reach her breast. I raise myself up onto my arms and we kiss deeply, my cock slapping against her thigh as she lifts her ass, trying to bring her pussy into contact with my body. I move away from her mouth then slowly kiss my way down her body to her breasts and navel, before my tongue arrives at her soaking and silky smooth pussy. I taste her, before moving my tongue out of her vagina and onto her exposed rosy-pink clit. The bud is poking out as I lavish it with tongue strokes, alternating between gentle and firm, rapid and slow movement over the surface, and breaking from this to suck her clit, increasing the sensation on very delicate spot. At the same time one arm snakes its way up her body while the other hand gently teases the entrances to her pussy and ass.

My tongue continues its unrelenting and unyielding assault on her clit as I feel the heat emanating from her pussy. Moments later her hips start to buck under the constant ministrations from my tongue and she moans in ecstasy as my tongue fucks her to another powerful orgasm. She tastes her own love juice as I move myself behind her as we kiss while her orgasm subsides and her trembling stops. She feels my hard cock pressing against her ass. Wanting to feel me inside her she raises her leg throwing it behind them both as we continue to kiss, and without hesitation she feels the tip of my cock as it moves from her ass to her pussy. We moan in unison as the rest of my shaft enters her.

I pull back a little before pushing my cock back inside Bao as she moans again as it fills her hot soaking pussy. I slowly did this again and again until my shaft is buried in her up to the hilt. Bao starts to push back with her ass trying to get me deeper and deeper inside her as we settle down into a rhythmic fucking. Precum is already oozing from the tip of my cock as I feel the flush of blood to my head and genitals of my pending orgasm. Not wanting to end things just yet, I withdraw roll them both over until Bao is on all fours, her ass in the air. I re-engaged granting Bao's wish as my shaft thrusts deeper and deeper into her expectant pussy.

Before too long I can't hold back. Moaning I feel my cock pulse and quiver as I shoot a stream of hot cum deep inside her, followed by another, and another, and another. We collapse on top of each other on the bed as the last drops of cum splashes against Bao's cervix while she enjoys her fifth orgasm of the night. Reaching behind she grabs hold of the base of my shaft, keeping it inside her before flexing her own muscles to milk the very last drops of cum from me. We roll over to caress each other, with Bao lying spread eagle on the bed, her pussy quivering inside sending echoes of her orgasm up her spine. She lifts her ass again as I reach behind them for a spare pillow, which I place under her raised ass before rolling onto my side to kiss her again.

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