hey guys i m Rohan age- 16 i m exact 5ft 10inchs tall, i ws a bit skinny on my early age but get it build up by hitting gym. so u can say i've got a good physics i have a tan type skin tone but pretty much on fair side.
all of this i gt no luck with girls! as i help my dad in shop so got no time for all this stuff.
like every teenage indian guy i too have my hormones at top! as i ws a virgin!

I live with my mom , dad & a elder sister Roshni age 17, but when u look at us u'll say she's my little sis. she is 5ft 6inch slim n equipped with the perfect size breast which is neither large nor small, but most sexist part of her body is her ass, her ass is just perfect I've ever seen ,YET!. i've even had a sexual adventure with her while playing doctor..2 when i ws 10,she used me fr licking her pussy back then by saying she had pain in there n will go away by licking. it ws our everyday routine back then but 1 day it all stopped i don't remember exactly why?


i woke up at the sound of the alarm, it was 5am "pretty much time left for a good nap" i thought to myself then i gt to my senses omg ive flight to catch .i quickly gt ready n head downstairs. mom n Roshni were waiting fr me. we took the luggage in the van and headed for the airport. we reached just in time said good bye to dad after all he wasn't coming with us. I was very excited firstly coz I'll get some rest from my hard everyday work secondly i will meet my cousins, but it wasn't just my get together it was my mom's too. I'll meet some new faces this time
we were there just in time as we got outside we were looking fr uncle Raj as we were told he would come to pick us up, meantime an unfamiliar face reached us and greeted us hey! aunt, how is you? blah blah blah.. the usual and then he turned to me and said "is he Rohan?he has grown up so much i barely recognized him!" then my mom introduced him to me as his cousin brother. then we headed to my mom's grand mother's home
soon we were there i was stunned at the size of the house it was pretty much the size of a mansion but very old!. uncle Raj has made some arrangement so we could live there with ease as the house was closed for couple of years. later i found out only half part was capable to use n even some rooms were so dusty & filled with scrap, they were around 15 rooms for 30 people so there were 2 people per room there was also a big pool who need some cleaning and also a garden. there weren't any type of entertainment not even a t.v so i wondered how I'll spend 5 days without all these stuff & believe me it was much better!.

as i entered the house they were lots of familiar and unfamiliar faces so there were lots of greeting n introduction as i made way through people, i entered the main hall where everybody was there, as i stand there awkwardly ,a guy called my name,i moved my head that way,it was my cousin jayash he is just replica of me the only thing is i am much more muscular than him. He was a with group of people of our age as i join i noticed a girl around 5ft 4inch wearing a red tank top and denim shorts it was clenching her ass so tightly that i can easily imagine what's under it, i just can't help myself and do nothing but stare at her amazing butt it was much better than my sister's and my meaning of perfect ass got redefined. so i was there behind her looking at her ass as everybody was looking at me i turned my gaze up and saw each 1 of them looking at me,"ohh shit!do hell with me" i mummered to myself as i felt like a pervert. as got close to them there was an awkward silence. jayash broke the silence by introduced me to every1."So Rohan here is our mother's cousin's daughter Sneha in sort our sister"said Jayash introducing me to the girl i was staring. what a lovely face! my hand were shaking as we exchange a hand shake while i was thinking why sister? though i was having her hand in mine for split sec but it felt like a million year. I expected she'll be around 16 or something. I got comfortable with them later on. as we were chatting about the school, studies likes and hobbies i asked her age to which she replied 14 . , "YOU R KIDDING, RIGHT!" i said "OMG! Reallyyy!" i continued to which she nodded. I just can't get it down my throat "fourteen" i loudly said
"Why i don't look like it" she asked
"no! i mean i thought u'll be around 16 or something" i replied
"& that's why so?" she said
"you idiot look at your butt and your boobs, you look sexy as hell I'll fuck you if i got a chance" i thought to myself
"nothing serious just awaii" i replied
as we were talking uncle Raj showed up and every1 just look up at him as it was his idea about this big get together and he was in charge of all the stuff "hey every1! umm as you know the rooms are so dusty that we can't use them, some rooms are ready but those aren't enough for all of us. So i have an idea why don't we sleep at terrace tonight?" majority of people seems to agree with him "so it is final that tonight we'll sleep tonight at terrace and boys I'll be needing some helping hands so gets your butt over here. we'll clean the mess up after having lunch while the ladies will take care of food and kitchen" after saying this he left.
after lunch we were ready to begin. me & jayash got the task of cleaning swimming pool and making arrangement to use it. we started cleaning the pool side after it we took out the beach chairs which were stored in basement, clean them as well then we got inside the pool to clean it up too. it was over 30 ft long so it was a hard job. after some half an hour we were tired and thirsty so we got couple of soft drinks and laid in those chairs.
"you were checking her out dude, weren't you?" said Jayash.
"who man!?" i replied.
"You know who!, Sneha" he said.
"you lust over her,pervert" "i can see it in your eyes" he continued.
"nah man! besides she is my sister, i shouldn't be thinking about her that way" i replied.
"no bro! she ain't your sis dude, she your moms cousin's daughter , u both are far apart!" he said
"here she come! now be a good boy and think with your dick and talk to her" he continued and stood up to leave us alone.
I finally gave her glaze she look so hot in those short that i wish i could be it so i can clench her pussy and that amazing butt the whole day! while she was coming my way jayash was giving body gesture from behind her saying "TALk TO HER ASSHOLE!" and immediately stopped as Sneha turned to see what he was doing to which he quickly left.
She then approached me and said "what he was doing".
"I don't know" i replied.
"So what you guys were doing?" she asked.
"cleaning up the pool so you can use it". i answered.
" you don't want to see me in my bikini?" she said with a smirk.
to this i keep repeating think with ur diick, think with ur dick in my head
then i finally cleared my throat and said" yup i am pretty sure want 2"
"how do you think i look?" she asked.
to which i look her from top to bottom and again my eyes
"u look gorgeous!, and very hot too." i replied
"So be quick and cool my body down" she said and left.

at this i was just thinking what she actually mean, i told everything to my brother about this
"She is giving u signals u dumb" said Jayash
after this we get to the work and get it done in an hour. i looked at watch it was still 4:10 pm . filled the pool water and got inside.
"pools ready" we made the announcement to the group of young ladies, they all got excited as it was Christmas and its time to open presents. as the girls made through the way to get into their bikinis Sneha stopped in front of me and quietly whispered in my ears "Somebody is too eager to watch" and left to which Jayash jab me in my stomach and said "too smooth brother too smooth"
i got myself change to the trunks head towards the pool and i quickly dive inside and join Jayash while i was inside i saw my sis coming wearing a red bikini and flowers over it she got herself seated in one of chairs and started applying sun screen all over her body. i can feel my dick getting harder inside my trunks. suddenly somebody jump on my back forcing me to get under water as i come to my senses and wiped my eyes and i saw Sneha laughing at some distance "GOTCHA" she proudly said "catch me if u can" she continued and started to ran away with no words i started to chase her in secs i grab her from back we were both off balance my weight force her deep under water as she was unable to stand up i grab her by waist & pulled her up. as she was catching her breathing i sense our position which was my front was crushing her butt & my left hand was just over her pussy only thing separating my hand and her pussy was just a thin fabric, i can even feel the hotness of it under water and my other hand was on his tits. i immediately got hard. my cock was now at his maximum size which 6.5inch and was poking in her ass hole
"I think somebody got excited" she said with a wiggle of her ass which cause my throbbing member to push little bit further between her ass cheeks.
"U have to learn,how to control yourselves, horny boy" she said and pushed me and again tried to ran away
and again i tried to catch her but this time i tried to push her under and grab her by waist applied force but somehow she slipped away then i grab her from back & again my hand was above her pussy but this time it was my intention but this time something was different with her pussy, and on the other hand which was underwater (luckily) had something hanging in their fingers IT WAS HER FUCKING PANTIES AND I WAS TOUCHING HER BARE PUSSY AND I ALSO CAN FEEL SOME PUBIC HAIR ON IT AND MOST AMAZING PART WAS MY COCK WAS BURIED IN HER THE ONLY THING SEPARATING WAS MY TRUNKS, SHE WAS NOW PANTING HARD IN MY HANDS, coz of all this my own heart was beating like it would rip my chest anytime, i look around to see if anybody watching us, luckily everybody was busy with themselves.
"umm! ya ah can't wait up!!.. ohh have some patients sssshh!!." she said quietly while breathing hard in my arms.
after some sec her breathing got much harder than before and she started to shiver and had an orgasms ,all of this feelings were new to me, i can feel i couldn't control myself, all my blood run through my dick & i started cumming in my trunks. after some time our orgasms subsided and I started to leave the pool so we can't be busted.
"aren't u forgetting something " she said from behind.
i look around and found her panties still in my fingertips
"here u go " i said
"you pulled it off so its your job to pull it on!!"she said with a smirk
i followed her instructions and dove under water, there it was a perfect pussy lips with small pubic hair on it. it was the first pussy i've ever seen in real life don't get me wrong i've seen my sis pussy but it was more like blur! so it was most erotic moment in my life. if i haven't had cum a min ago i would've got hard!
"i don't have a whole day, be quick" she said bringing me back to my senses.
i pulled her panties to her thighs and give a small peck on her pussy before pulling it all the way up. without a word she left , i stood there like a statue, still couldn't believe what happened!.
the rest of the day was a blur. at night we all were at terrace. jayash n me were playing on my psp. beside us sneha and Shruti (another cousin) were having some chit -chat. there were 3 rows of mattresses. first row was booked for elders and the last for teenagers ,rest in the middle. we four were at the corner , after some time jayash and me got bored with the psp and join the ladies in their gossip. after about half an hour jayash's elder brother called him from another side.
"I'll back in a minute guys" jayash said though he never got back.
at almost 12:30 Shruti announced she is going to sleep, Sneha and me continued talking, after some time between some random convo she suddenly said
"u like what u saw?"
"umm! no i don't like, i love what i saw"
after awkward silence filled up the place and at that time i got to know that every1 was asleep except us. we were so close that our lips were only inches away. we were both looking at each other's eyes. my heart again started to beat heavily.i moved close to her in order to kiss her and stopped only 2 inches away inorder to observe her response. after getting nothing from her i finally moved close but she immediately pulled herself away
"ohh fuck" i thought to myself and was feeling very guilt but stayed there.
when i completely lost hope she pushed herself in and our lips met for first time. I was feeling like i was in heaven. then i pushed my tongue into her,she welcomed me by sucking on it. the more i kiss her the more i want, in secs i was above her kissing furiously ,after a min i realised where i was and pulled myself back, my heart was now pumping blood harder and i quickly watch around to see everyone asleep. i was now above her, we both were in pyjamas so my member was poking in her pussy area, she was looking me with lust as saying don't stop,again we were kissing furiously but this time i was searching her body with mine unoccupied hands .firstly i moved my hands towards her tits give them a light squeeze then moved down to her pussy. i then started kissing her neck to which she let out a soft moan.
"shh keep it low" i told her
the feelings were so intense that i couldn't control myself at last it overtook me and i pulled her pyjamas to her knees then look around to check on everyone. then i pulled my cock out of my pyjamas and place it over her panties. then in one swift move i pulled her panties to her knees too, now my cock was ready to enter her i could feel the heat of her pussy lips on my cock's head then i put some pressure on her and without effort my cock's head was buried in her.
"wait man,i am virgin it would too painful for me if u fuck me, i wouldn't keep quite you know!"
so close too lose virginity to damn beautiful 14 year old sexy girl u can't control yourself,
"fuck everybody ,I'll fuck you tonight bitch" i thought to myself.
then i come to my sense "u idiot she only 14 and if a guy like u will fuck her then she is gonna a hell lot of noise" said my other mind.
"don't get upset baby,i have an idea " she said after watching my lost desire, and quickly rolled me over now she was on top of me. i wondered she had that much power in that tiny frame. she than pulled her panties n pyjamas up and started too roam around the terrace right now i was lost at where her mind was, she grabbed a covers and was watching everybody very keenly then head back to me.she then unfold the covers on me & looked around again, i was watching her at what she was doing i saw her hands get down towards her pyjamas strap and in a swift she pulled her pyjamas with her panties off and throw them to a side. she was now naked infront of me this view was much better than in the pool , her body was shining against the moon light. then she joined me in covers but upside down.
"why is she act so mature than her age?" i asked myself
there is a saying in india "why counting the seeds rather than having the fruit"
my head and her lower part was outside the covers and i cannot see a thing what she was doing. i felt her hands wrapping my shaft like a lollipop she licked my cock's head, the feelings were so intense that i closed my eyes to enjoy it more. i could smell her aroma it was something i can't explain. i opened my eyes to see her fresh pussy lips i gave it a lick, the taste was a bit salty and filled with smell of her juices. i started licking her pussy like a mad dog however i had never thought about licking a pussy but from then it became my first priority. i just completely lost that she was now giving me a blowjob. her mouth was lubricating my shaft, we were like hungry monkeys fighting over bananas. it become uncomfortable for us in the covers so i removed them after secs she removed her baggy long t-shirt now she was full naked over me as she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. i watched between our bodies which were now sparkling in the moon light with our sweat and between them she was moving her head up and down on my cock which was too shining with the mixture of her saliva and my precum , she then swifted to licking me with her tongue like she is licking a ice-cream candy. she gave a wiggle to her pussy gathering my attention, and again started sucking on her pussy. now i could feel that i was close to cum and knew she was too. then she started pushing her pussy lips in my face and had an orgasm im my mouth. i could feel her juices running down my throat i sucked every single drop of her cum and started too cum in her mouth too. but she couldn't decide whether to suck or watch so her mouth just stuck on my cock's head while i cummed in her mouth, i watched from the gap between of our bodies that my cum was leaking and running through my shaft like lava run down from volcano. she then started to lick all the hot lava from my volcano.
after we regained our breath she slept besides me still naked her head on my left chest and her leg across me. she drifted off to sleep but i was thinking as how my boring life changed in one day. how i was a boy without any girl in life and in next day i am sleeping with a naked girl besides me. after half an hour of watching stars i looked at her.
"what a beauty" i thought looking at her tits which make my cock to get to his full length.
i started sucking on her boobs then i moved around all her body. i lick each and every part of her body she could've bath with my saliva. then i make her roll and lay on her stomach.
"What a view"i told myself looking at her perfect juicy ass. then i started working my tongue on her back side.
after satisfying myself i rolled her 90° so she was now facing Shruti who was asleep and i was behind her . i placed my full erect cock beneath her ass cheek and started ramming her ass.
the sun started to show up and light got filled in terrace , now she was in her full glory i moved up a little bit to see my cock was rubing her pussy lips .her skin was so smooth i felt like i was in 7th cloud . i pace up my speed and was close to cum.
"ummm ahhhh,,,, uhh"she moaned
listening to her maked me shoot jets of cum,if Shruti wasn't a little bit far i could've shoot all over her.
"get dressed before anybody would woke up" i alerted her and drifted off to sleep.Shruti
PART 2 IS ON THE WAY suggestion is appreciated. THANK U

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