First Threesome – MMF

First Threesome – MMF

I knew the gym would be closing soon, so I hurried to get back to the change room and hit the showers. I had to skip the sauna this time, which I which I had become fond of doing, so I can stretch properly, not to mention that’s where I sucked my first dick and it brings back such great memories. But I didn’t have time, so I went straight to the showers in the nude, with just my towel hanging over my shoulder. The change room was completely empty, just the way I liked it. I started the water and adjusted the temperature so it was nice and steamy hot and stepped in after putting my towel on the hook outside. I left the curtain open because why not? As I lathered my body I began to feel the stirrings of a sexual tension. I knew this feeling well since it happens to me all the time. Some would call it a sexual addiction, but I actually think I’m fairly normal, I just give in to my desires more often than most men. I don’t see the point in suppressing it as long as I’m not hurting anyone, and I would never do that. So I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. There had been a girl earlier that I noticed working out. It must have been her leg day, because she was doing squats and lunges and burpees, etc. She had an ass to die for, and of course she was wearing some tight workout pants. My hands began to slide all over my body as if they had a mind of their own, eventually finding their goal at my crotch. All slippery from the soap and water I started gliding my fingers all over my cock with both hands. In what seems like just seconds it was hard and standing at attention. I’m not going to lie, I love my dick. Not just because it brings me such pleasure, but I also think it’s a fairly nice one. It’s average length, but quite thick and plump. It’s well shaped, and proportioned, with a pretty mushroom head on top. But when it’s rock solid as it was now, and nice and slippery, I love how it feels in my hands, not just how my hands feel on it.

Anyway, I must have got lost in my thoughts as I firmly gripped my shaft, sliding my hands up and down it repeatedly, enjoying every sensation, because suddenly I heard the change room door open. I immediately opened my eyes and froze in position, the water still running down my shoulders and back. I heard giggling at first, and two distinct voices. Then I heard a “Shhh”.

“Hello?” I heard a male voice call out. I looked down at my soapy body and stiff cock. “Shit” I thought to myself, and immediately turned around to rinse off as fast as I could. I said nothing.

“Hello? Gym staff. Is someone there?” The voice repeated. I was still frantically trying to rinse off all the soap, but it was embedded in my chest hair and was tough to rinse out. I didn’t know what to say, so I still said nothing.

It was a bit quieter now but heard the voice say something like “uhhg, hold on, be right back.” I started panicking in fear of being caught naked with a massive hardon, but was still rinsing and couldn’t think of what to do. Within a few seconds the man appeared around the corner and he stopped in his tracks when he saw me, turning his head away as not to make me uncomfortable. Too late. He was a trainer at the gym. I’d seen him around before.

“Ohh Geez!” He said. “Sorry man, I didn’t think anyone was in here. Didn’t you hear me calling?”

I looked at him, embarrassed, twisting my body and covering my crotch with both hands so he couldn’t see my hard dick. “Umm… yeah… sorry, I was just… I didn’t think you’d come in here.”

“Sorry about that. I thought someone had left the shower on, since no one replied.” He explained, still looking away from me.

“No, it’s my fault. I should have said something. Just wanted to finish up.” I said as I shut off the water, having finally rinsed off all the soap. I had to release one of my hands to grab the towel, but he wasn’t looking so I quickly did so. As I did, suddenly a woman came around the corner as well, and had a clear view of my big hard cock as she approached. She was also wearing the gym staff clothing, and I saw her eyes widen when she saw me.

“Ohhh!” She exclaimed. “Was wondering who you were talking to.” She said to the trainer. As she said it, her eyes fixed on my crotch, and I quickly pulled my hand back from where I was reaching for the towel. I hadn’t grabbed it yet. I struggled to cover my dick with both hands because it was still standing at attention. “Now I see.” She said finishing her thought.

“What the!” I gasped. “Should you be in here?”

“Should you?” She replied smugly. “The gym has been closed for fifteen minutes. We’ve already locked up out front.”

“Oh shit. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize what time it was.” I explained.

“That’s okay. I’m actually glad we found you.” She said, resting her hand now on the male trainer’s shoulder, and blatantly looking me over from head to toe.

The male trainer seemed a bit uncomfortable, and looked her in the eyes. “Sarah. Come on… leave the man alone. I’m sure he just wants to get home.” He said.

“It doesn’t look like that to me.” She said, again fixing her eyes on my crotch. “Looks to me like he was taking his time in the shower, enjoying himself.”

I could feel my face flush with embarrassment. I knew it was obvious this whole time what I’d been doing but now she’d called me out on it. I lowered my head in shame.

“That’s great though!” She said joyfully, as she took a step closer to me, releasing her hand from the man’s shoulder. “Listen, my name’s Sarah, and this is Steve. We come in here after we close up sometimes for a little fun.” She turned to look back to Steve, and I saw a slight smile come to his lips. “Maybe you’d want to join us?” She asked as she reached toward me and brushed my chest hair with her fingers.

I was still attempting to cover my dick with my hands, and I felt a slight twitch in it when I heard her words. I immediately looked up into her eyes, shocked but also intrigued at her proposal. “What?! Fun?... like… you mean…” I stumbled to say.

“Yeah…” She confirmed, as she slid her hand down to my arm, and lightly pulled it to the side. I willingly moved my hand away, revealing part of my stiff shaft. “Fun.” She finished.

“Don’t worry.” Steve interjected. “There’s no one else in the building. We locked up.”

“Yup, and I don’t see a ring on this finger.” Sarah said, now touching my left hand and pulling it aside as well.

“And she’s really looking!” Steve said with a chuckle.

“So… what do you say, big boy?” She asked blatantly.

She was standing quite close to me now, grazing her fingers over my chest, abs and arms. She was switching her view between my eyes and my cock that was almost touching her tummy by now. I said nothing, but simply moved her fingers to my shaft and she gratefully wrapped them around it. As she did, I saw her eyes light up again and a big smile come across her. She knew my answer was obviously ‘yes’.

She looked right in my eyes and leaned her head into mine and planted a deep passionate kiss on me. She gripped my cock firmly as we made out, slowly and sensually rocking her hand up and down. She was a great kisser, and I fell into her, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her firmly against me while I returned her kiss. I had my eyes closed now, but felt Steve’s presence, who had come up behind her. He was gripping her ass and started caressing all the parts of her that he could touch. I opened my eyes to see him looking down at her butt as he felt her up. She eventually broke our kiss and leaned her head back, turning her neck to face him. He grabbed her face with both hands and began to kiss her as I had. She was still pressed against me though, with her hand stroking my shaft between our bodies. I took a small step back to give her some room to jerk me off freely, and looked her over while she made out with him. It was hot, watching them kiss like that. They obviously enjoyed each other quite a bit. I was surprised at what I’d just started but at the same time I was clearly very horny and thought to myself, “What the hell, let’s do this!”

I put my hands on her waist and slid them up to her breasts while she continued to stroke me. As I felt her up she moved her free hand up to Steve’s head, pulling him into her face more, kissing more deeply. I felt her front side all over through her clothes, and decided I was really going to just go with it. I curled my fingers inside her waistband and without hesitation, pulled her tight pants and underwear down to her thighs. Steve was pressed up against her backside and her pants stretched and struggled to come down over her tight round bum, but eventually did. Steve immediately reached for the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up quickly, exposing her sports bra. In once swift motion, he had gripped the bottom of her sports bra and forced it up over her ample breasts as well. She quickly broke their kiss, and finally released my dick as well. She crossed her arms, grabbing both side of her shirt and bra and yanked them up quickly over her head. At the same time, having freed my dick from her grasp, I leaned forward and pushed both her pants and panties down to the wet floor. She stepped out of them, and shook her head from side to side, ruffling her hair a bit. In an instant, she was nude in front of me, and quickly replaced her opposite hand this time on my shaft. My hands began to surf her body as I looked her over again. Her tight trainer body was flawless. She had the most firm, perky C-cup breasts I’d ever felt, and her trimmed, toned tummy lead down to her shaved soft pussy and legs. As I stood there admiring her, I noticed Steve now undressing on the other side of her. He’d stripped in a matter of seconds as well, and was now returning to his position, pressing himself up against her backside. She looked me in the eye again before kissing me, and stroking my dick faster than she had before.

My hands were all over her body, but eventually found her smooth pussy which was already sopping wet. I heard her moan as I touched it, and knew she was fully engaged in this experience. Her slippery pussy was so warm and smooth it was a dream to finger, and I knew I wanted to taste her. As I sunk two fingers in her warmth, I felt Steve’s hands reaching around to me now. He started caressing my butt and squeezing it. I broke my kiss with Sarah, and opened my eyes to look at him with a grin. He didn’t say anything but replied by moving his hands around my hips and slipping them in between mine and Sarah’s bodies. We both instinctively separated slightly giving him access, and he found my balls with his fingers. As he reached around Sarah, fondling my balls, she released her grip on me and Steve took over. I still had two fingers firmly planted in Sarah’s snatch and reached my other hand around her now to grab her ass. No wonder she is a trainer, with a tight butt like that! I tilted my head down and started kissing and sucking on Sarah’s amazingly perky tits, while Steve fondled and stroked my business. All these sensations were too much I suppose because I began to feel the familiar stirring in my groin and even heard myself involuntarily moan in pleasure. I knew I was getting to the verge of orgasm and didn’t want this to end anytime soon, so I had to stop everything for the moment. I lifted my head and looked at them both in the eyes briefly, then gently placed my hands on Steve’s hands. He halted his movements.

I slowly backed up, not saying anything, but letting them know I don’t want to stop entirely, I just want to do something else. As we all released each other, I crouched down lowering myself to my knees. Now with my face near Sarah’s dripping pussy, I looked up at her with puppy dog eyes and smiled. She was looking down at me. I saw Steve’s hands moving around her body, and then firmly gripping her breasts. I leaned in and slowly licked her pussy. She sighed and immediately lifted her right leg, placing it on the handicap bar in the shower. With better access now, I bent my head further and really got my tongue in there. Her hand moved to my head as I licked her and I saw her head roll backwards. I knew she must be making out with Steve again, as he caressed her tits. I was inserting multiple fingers in her now, and finding her clit with my tongue, lapping her wonderfully tasty juice in the process. As I took a breath, I finally noticed Steve’s big heavy balls hanging in view, directly behind Sarah’s ass. I used my free hand to graze them. Not hearing or seeing a response, I cupped them, and then began to roll them in my fingers. Then I heard muffled moaning from up above and knew I was doing well. I continued to eat and finger Sarah’s soft cunt while fondling Steve’s balls for a few minutes, while my own feelings subsided a bit.

I could see and feel Steve beginning to hump on Sarah’s backside while I worked on them both. I could tell he wanted to be in her, as did I, but not quite yet. I reached up with my hand under Sarah’s crotch and felt up Steve’s body. I found his stiff cock and wrapped my hand around it. He instinctively moved his hips back to give me more access. I hadn’t actually thought about what I was doing or even wanted to do, but my hands pulled his cock downwards so that it was now facing me, below Sarah’s pussy. “Holy fuck” I accidentally said out loud. It was huge. It must have been 9 inches long, because even from behind Sarah, the tip was well exposed in front of her. I even saw her look down towards me, and she could see his cock sticking out a few inches in front of her. She smiled at me, as if to say ‘I know right’.

“Can I suck it?” I said sheepishly. Sarah beamed with glee looking down at me.

“Of course.” I heard Steve say from behind her.

So I sat down a bit further on my legs, changing my stance. I still had my hand wrapped around his big beautiful dick, but it was straining against me. It wanted to stand straight up. So I let go momentarily and it sprung upwards, touching Sarah’s juicy pussy. I helped it a bit, rubbing it into her cunt a little, then gripping it again after it was nice and wet on top. I rubbed the pussy juice all around, stroking his shaft, getting it nice and lubed. I loved the way she tasted. She was watching me the whole time.

Then I leaned my head in and reached out for his dick tip with my tongue. I slowly engulfed the first few inches of his cock with my hot mouth, revelling the taste of Sarah’s nectar all over his shaft. I went as far as I could before my nose touched her cunt. I breathed in deeply, and then slowly backed off. Looking up I saw her wide eyes of encouragement. I went back for more, again sliding my mouth across his stiff cock, feeling it stretch my mouth with its girth. This time I bent my head to get more of him before her pussy got in my way. This was incredible. I’d only ever sucked cock once before but I loved it. This was the best of both worlds, a cock that tasted like pussy. I began to pick up my pace, losing control of my impulses. I hungrily devoured his shaft as much as I could each time, pausing to breath in the beautiful pussy in front of me. I was bending his shaft downwards more now, trying to get deeper and deeper each time. I knew I could deepthroat, so I repeatedly tried that over and over, holding his shaft deep in my gullet for several seconds a few times. I heard him reacting to that each time. His cock was so solid, I could feel the rigidity ever time my tongue passed over it. I could tell it’s what was keeping my cock solid as well, and I so badly wanted it in something now.

A few more minutes of delicious cock sucking and it didn’t seem like Steve was going to cum or anything. They were making out above me periodically while he felt her body all over, but it was time for more than this. As I slide Steve’s giant beautiful dick out of my throat one last time, I let it spring upwards and touch Sarah’s pussy. I pressed it against her again, and he began to rock back and forth, coating his dick in her cunt sap. I pushed the tip of his dick backwards enough that it could enter her, and then helped it in. With a big groan, Steve immediately pushed forward, his rock solid shaft gliding into her sopping cunt easily. She reacted as well, releasing a sigh and actually bracing herself on the shower wall. I was right there beneath them in awe, watching his thick dick penetrate her. As he withdrew, her cunt literally dripped on me, and his shaft was covered in her white juice. I couldn’t help myself, and quickly grabbed his dick again, popping it out of her completely and pulling it down towards my mouth. I once again hungrily consumed him as far as I could, feeling his dick deep in my throat, working Sarah’s pussy juice off with my tongue, and gratefully swallowing it. I slid my mouth off of him and looked up to see Sarah looking down again.

“Sorry.” I said. “Couldn’t help it.” She smiled again.

I guided his big rod back towards her inviting cunt and helped it in. Again, he thrust forward, as deep as he could this time. Sarah’s body fell forward a bit, leaning over me now. I continued to watch up close for a bit as he began to slide in and out of her hotness repeatedly. I absent-mindedly began to stroke my own dick and I sat on the ground watching him fuck her. He was gripped her amazing tits while he bucked from behind. She was bracing herself on the walls now and began to cry out in pleasure. Her cunt was actually dripping with every thrust. She looked down at me and noticed I was now jacking myself. I saw her place a hand on Steve’s hip behind her, and he immediately slowed his pace.

“Come here.” She said, reaching down for me.

I rose to my feet as she leaned back into Steve. He pulled her back into him, still holding her tits. I knew his big cock was still inside her. As I stood up she reached for my cock instantly. As she slowly began to stroke it again she said “I can’t take him in my ass.” Then she looked down to my average-sized dick. “But I could take this.”

I looked at Steve, who smiled big and then backed away from Sarah, ejecting his cock from her in the process. She smiled too then lowered her foot to the ground and suddenly turned around to face Steve. I hadn’t seen her ass until now, and my god it was firm. Plump and round, just the perfect little butt. Her trainer body was so tight and firm, I could only imagine how tight her asshole would be. She wrapped her arms around Steve, and he dipped his body a bit. Then he sharply stood up causing her to squeal. I could tell he had skewered her pussy on his big cock again. He reached down with both his hands and she hopped upwards while he lifted her. She was suspended now on her muscular training partner, while his cock was buried deep inside her. I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and I saw him look at me. They were just standing there for now, as if to wait for me.

I stepped up behind her and felt down below her with my hand. It was all so juicy and slippery. As I rubbed circles around his cock, feeling it stretching her pussy, I lightly rubbed on her tight asshole as well. I heard moans of encouragement from her, and decided to test the waters with a finger or two first. As I pressed my finger on her rose bud, it squished in and entered her easily. She groaned again and even said “ahhh, yeah”. I took that as my cue, and touched my dick tip to her dripping holes. As I slid it around spreading her nectar on it Steve began to rock in and out of her slightly. I found her hole with my cock and slowly pressed forward. It breached her ass with ease, and began to slide in, stretching it to the max. She froze in place for a moment, and then eased down onto me, encouraging me to impale her further. Her ass was so tight I could barely take, and as I slid in, I could feel the pressure of Steve’s dick in her pussy as well. I’d never felt this before and it was too much to handle. With a final push, I thrust upward and was suddenly in her ass to the hilt. She squealed again and buried her head in Steve’s shoulder. But I heard a muffled “Oh fuck yes.” come out of her lips. Steve and I looked at each other and grinned. Then Steve began to lift her up, slipping both of our rock hard shafts out of her at the same time. But before either of us popped out, he dropped her back down again. “AHH” she yelled.

He repeated, lifting her upwards and letting her fall. Again and again, now with a rhythm, we were fucking both her holes. She gripped Steve’s shoulders harder now as she began to scream wildly. We were all in sync as Steve controlled her movement, impaling her on both our solid cocks over and over. Eventually she wanted some control, slamming herself down on both of us, she began to writhe back and forth. I could barely contain myself anymore. Her tight ass, combined with the feeling of Steve’s rock hard shaft against mine inside of her, it was too much for me. I was mounting for a massive orgasm, when she started to convulse on both of us. Steve and I stopped moving while Sarah shook between us. She buried her face in Steve’s shoulder again, this time I think biting him. Her screams were muffled, as she climaxed hard. I felt her sap running down my balls while her orgasm subsided. Several seconds later, she lifted her head, panting heavily. “OH my god.” She breathed. “UHH. I’ve never had two at once.” She admitted. “That was… fucking… amazing.”

As she said that, I felt my balls swelling. Her cum was trickling over them, and I couldn’t contain it any more. I ever so slightly swayed in and out of her a few last times, and I knew I had to release. I pulled out of her tight asshole, immediately gripping my cock in my hand. Realizing what was happening, she pushed herself away from Steve, and he instantly released her, withdrawing his big dick from her pussy in the process. Sarah turned to face me and quickly kissed my face and chest, then suddenly dropped to her knees. She grabbed my hands and removed them from my dick, replacing them with her own, and began to furiously stroke me to completion. She steadied herself on her knees positioning directly below me. She puffed her chest and opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue. “Yeah, come on baby.” She said. “Give me some cum!”

That was all it took, and I braced myself on the shower walls and looked right in her eyes. She had my dick tip right in front of her outstretched tongue, beating my rock hard cock, just waiting for it. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as I finally released, and shot a huge spurt of cum right onto her face. She shut her eyes quickly as the first shot laid itself straight from her forehead to her chin, across her open mouth. I continued to unload, and the second shot blasted further, clearing her head completely, and actually hitting Steve behind her. Then more shots landed across her face, and again and again, I emptied my balls, the majority ending up in her waiting mouth. She opened her eyes as she milked the last oozing bits of cum from me and I saw it sitting there on her tongue. She closed her mouth and effortlessly swallowed it all. “Mmmm” she moaned, squeezing one last tiny drop from my dick tip. I looked at her and chuckled a bit seeing her face was painted with my cum, and realizing I’d hit Steve with it as well. She wiped some off her cheek and nose and giggled a bit as well.

I looked up at Steve, who was jerking his own solid cock now. Sarah turned her attention to him as well, and spun to face him. I had a good view of his entire body, including his giant hard dick, which I hadn’t seen entirely until now. He was also a perfect specimen, with that Adonis body and amazing cock. His muscles were flexing like crazy as he beat his dick desperately trying to finish. Sarah was now in front of him as she had been with me, repeating what she said to me. “OH yeah. Give me more. Come on baby, feed me that load too.” She begged, as she took control of jerking him, like she did with me.

As I stood there watching her finish him, I couldn’t help but think I wanted to taste him too. So without really thinking, I dropped to my knees again and snuggled up against Sarah. I started rubbing and lifting her perky breasts. I noticed some of my cum on her shoulder and sucked it off, kissing her neck as well. “Mmm, you want some too?” She asked me. I looked up bashfully and replied “Yes please.” Directing my answer to Steve. As if on cue, I saw his body surge a bit and Sarah prepared to receive some more cum. I continued to hold her tits firmly, creating a shelf and then pressed my face up next to hers. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as she was. It took both hands for her to sufficiently masturbate Steve’s enormous cock, and her hands were a blur now. I watched intently, and saw his balls tighten. I knew it was coming so I looked up into his eyes. He grunted loudly and suddenly a rope of cum hit Sarah’s nose and I actually felt it splash to me. She redirected his cock and the second blast was mine. It landed straight across my entire face, probably going beyond my head as well. It startled me but I kept my eyes open and actually I grabbed his bursting cock with my hand. I wanted to feel it and see it. I kept watching as his balls contracted repeatedly, and I felt the surges flow through his huge shaft. Sarah let me keep his erupting dick in my direction, giving me blast after blast of hot cum. My mouth was gaping, attempting to catch all of it, but it was uncontrollable. As I stroked and squeezed, it continued to flow and burst on my face and tongue. Steve was panting and moaning during the longest orgasm I’ve ever seen a guy have. Sarah took a few shots and I knew I was being greedy, but I wanted more. A few more smaller shots and I knew it was over. I did what Sarah had done to me and milked out the last few oozes of his delicious cum, right onto my tongue.

I looked at Sarah, seeing our now mixed cum slipping down her face, dripping on her perfect tits. She looked at me and quickly grabbed my head, pulling me to kiss her deeply. Steve’s cum mingled and mixed in our mouths, making for the tastiest kiss I’ve ever had. She left most of it with me, but when we broke our kiss I saw her swallow some. I looked up to Steve and then swallowed as well. His nectar was beautifully tangy, and I loved every drop. I even started scooping it from all over my face into my mouth, and noticed Sarah doing the same with mine from earlier. As I licked my fingers and lips I eyed the cum that had dripped on Sarah’s breasts. But before I could act on it, Steve was on his knees, already leaning in to clean it off her. “Save some for me” He said, as he licked the few drops off her nipples, pausing to kiss and suck them as well.

We all sat there in a heap of exhaustion, sticky but satisfied, just silently admiring each other.

“Well I really hope I run into you two again sometime.” I said breaking the silence.

The End.

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