Threeway Fun

Threeway Fun

After a long cold winter, my sister in law Mary and I decided it was time to get out of the house and go see some of my

friends.We decided to stop over at Joe's house and drink a few beers with him since we hadn't seen him in almost 3 months.After about 5 beers a piece and a

whole lot of bullshitting I noticed Joe staring at Mary's tits. Mary is a very attractive woman. Shes five foot six, dark hair, and a set of 44DD tits that

just about bust through anything she tries to cover them with. Mary didn't mind and everyone knew she enjoyed the attention she got when she wore low cut

tops. "Mary would you grab us all another beer?" asked Joe. "Sure thing" she replied and got up and shook that sexy ass at us as she walked from the room to

the kitchen. Joe smiled and said, "Goddamn dude i don't know how you can just sit there and not do anything with that!" I laughed and shook my head, "You

know she's my sister in law Joe what kind of guy do you think I am."
Joe just laughed and said "I know damn well what kind of guy you are we've been friends for to many years for you to bullshit me like that."
"Whats so funny in here", asked Mary as she returned with the beer."Joe was just commenting on your awesome tits", I replied. Joe choked and almost spit his

beer across the table. "Show them to us?" I asked knowing damn well she would, she loved showing off her body."Sure boys look at these" said Mary as she

lifted her shirt and let her tits fall out. "Oh my fucking god!" Joe gasped getting a damn good look. "Let's go in the living room onto the couch boys" Mary

said walking out and removing her top as she went. Joe and I got up and followed her into the room. "I want one of you to sit on each side of me, that way

you can both have one to play with" she said licking her beautiful nipple to tease us. We got ourseleves to the couch and sat on each sideof her each taking

a nipple in our mouths.licking and sucking on her tits i watched as Joes was doing the same thing. Moaning loudly Mary grabbed at both our crotches. "Lose

the pants guys let's have some fun" she said. Cock instantly hard I stood up and stripped, smiling to myself as Joe stripped never taking his mouth off

Mary's supple tit. As soon as I sat back down Mary had a cock in both hands jerking us off slowly while we were still working her tits over. Mary leaned

over and took Joe's cock into her mouth. Slowly licking the shaft from the base to the tip. Her position left her beautiful ass in the air and I was going

to take advantage. Pulling her panties to the side I stuck a finger into her super tight cunt. She was so wet it was running down my palm from just a few

seconds of fingering her."Oh god thats so fucking good" Joe exclaimed. Mary sat up smiling and said "you aint seen nothing yet." She stood up and quickly

stripped off all the clothes she had left on. In one move she straddled Joe and inseted his cock into her sloppy wet pussy. Standing on the couch I stuck my

hard cock in her mouth while she was riding Joe. Looking down and seeing my dick buried in her mouth and those big tits bouncing up and down as she rode

Joes dick damn near drove me nuts. i pulled my cock out of her mouth and sat back down on the couch prompting Joe roll Mary over to her stomach placing her

face in my crotch again. Joe was ramming Mary hard as she was sucking my dick and moaning at the same time. Stopping before he came Joe said "your turn."

Mary smiled and turned around aiming that perfect ass towards me. I watched for a second as she started sucking her own cum off Joes dick and started

moaning again. I layed down and slid underneath Mary and started to lick her pussy. She groaned and started to grind my face. With that i decided to fuck

her with my tongue. I started licing her clit and then inserted my tongue into her tight pussy. Moving faster and faster a she was still grinding on my face

I heard her start to pant loudly. My tongue still buried in her hole, she came. My face was covered in her cunt juice and I was not stopping. "GODDAMN!!"

Mary squealed, "Don't stop please don't stop, Joe while he's eating my pussy get back there and fuck me!" Readjusting our position a little bit left Mary

and I in a 69 position and Joe behind Mary. Licking Mary's clit and watching as Joe's massive dick pushed into her was like nothing I had ever experienced

before. Joe started ramming his cock into Mary as I licked her clit faster and faster. Mary was moaning and I could tell she was going to cum again so I put

my mouth over her clit and started sucking it, knowing this would drive her mad. With Joe slamming her pussy and me licking her clit Mary came hard I tasted

her cum running onto my tongue and sucked her clit all the harder."FUCK YES,FUCK YES,FUCK YES", Mary screamed. Looking up I could see Joes cock throbbing

and ramming into her wet hole, and heard him start to moan as well. I knew Joe was getting ready to cum so I wanted to make Mary cum again with him.I

started to lick her slit as fast as I could. Joe let out a yell and rammed his cock into Mary's pussy as I watched it throb knowing she was getting one hell

of a load. Mary was working my dick at a furious pace and I felt the familiar tingle in my balls telling me I was about to cum.I kept licking her cunt and

she was moaning as Joe pulled his cock from her. The cum running from her pussy was as amazing amount. Without missing a beat I kept licking her pussy,

eating there combined juices. Knowing I was licking another mans cum out of my sister in law more than I could handle and I came hard in Mary's mouth. "That

was fucking amazing", said Joe. Mary sat up off me and sat on Joes lap. Smiling and winking at me she kissed Joe. I wasn't sure what to expect, she just

sucked the cum out of my cock and now she was kissing my best friend! Mary still had a mouthful of cum when she started kissing joe, he pulled away a little

at first then he really started kissing her, sharing my cum between the two of them. "Not bad boys, even if it was a little quick!", laughed Mary as she got

up to get a towel. Joe just smiled at me and I winked at him knowing damn well this was just the beginning.

More to come!

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