The Dream_(1)

The Dream_(1)

She slipped into my room so quietly I thought she was a dream. Her daphenous gown billowing in a subtle breeze like some scene from a movie. She smiled as she crossed the room with her coy little shy girl smile and I was hard immediately. I must be dreaming, this was too good to be true.

As she neared my bed she stopped and let me take in the full glory of her. The gown clung to her gorgeous breasts and hard nipples so while I couldn't see them, I could see their full shape hinted at. The light made the gown transparent at her waist so I could see perfectly the outline of her long luscious legs and the sway of her hips. I knew I had to be dreaming but I didn't want to wake up...she was too perfect.

She was in fact my fantasy. I had seen Sasha on the Internet and instantly craved her in deep dark ways. She was a special girl with a special surprise just for me as I watched her on the screen. She performed on the webcam for me and I drank her in like liquor, devouring every second to be relived a thousand times as I stroked my cock to that memory. She was amazing.

Her face was so beautiful, playful and pretty and sexy all at once. She was like someone had looked into my mind and pulled out every sexual fantasy I had and put them all together in this wonderful package. Her ass was tight enough that you could bounce a quarter on it and get 30 cents change. When she bent over all I could imagine was sliding deep into her and fucking her until she screamed for mercy.

Then there was the surprise which made her all the more desirable. Nothing is so alluring as a secret. I didn't know why she was in my room in the middle of the night and I didn't care. I pulled back the covers to reveal my naked body and throbbing 7 inch cock and invited her in. She smiled and giggled and stepped forward towards me. As she did she undid the top of her gown and it slid off her body revealing her smooth perfect skin. She was wearing only a white satin thong as she slid into bed with me.

We kissed gently and then the hunger over took me. This was, after all, my fantasy, and I was going to enjoy it. I kissed her deeply and passionately, tasting her and almost melding into her sweet lips. She responded by moaning and sliding under me, our lips never parting as I began to slide my hand down her body. I squeezed her breasts, so firm and perfect in my hand and she arched her back, pushing her tit further into my grasp.

Her expert hands found my cock and began to play with me. I was so hard I ached for release already. As her fingers played up and down my shaft I shook slightly at the intensity of the sensation, her hands were so soft and the nails so long, as she caressed my balls I had to moan out and catch my breath. he laughed and we kissed again, not as feverish this time but with much more deliberation. We both knew what we wanted.

We rolled again and she was on top and slowly she slid down my body, kissing and licking me all the way. She paused and sucked my nipple hard and then bit it before moving further down. As her lips neared my cock I took a handful of her hair and guided her to my aching head. As her lips kissed me I no longer cared if this was a fantasy, it was the best night of my life. Her lips were like warm wet velvet as they sucked my cock in deep.

I cried out and arched my back and she shook her head from side to side until she swallowed my whole cock and was able to lick my balls. This was amazing, my hands in her hair turned to fists as she began to slide up and down my shaft, sucking and nibbling and licking me with wonderful wet sounds. She moaned as she sucked me in and I found myself unable to breath momentarily. She was so skilled I was worried I would cum too fast but I didn't have to worry, Sasha had too much in store for me for me to cum so soon.

She pulled off my cock and slid back up to kiss me. The taste of my own precum on her lips drove me nuts. We kissed hard and fast, tongues exploring each others mouths. Hands sliding all over each others bodies. God I wanted to fuck her so bad. I rolled her onto her back and began to kiss my way down her body. I stopped at her big luscious tits to suck and squeeze them for a while. Nibbling on the nipples and pulling them with my fingers until she moaned and thrashed her head back and forth.

Kissing my way down I slid my tongue into her belly button and as she laughed I kissed over her belly and to the top of her panties. Looking up at her I pulled the elastic with my teeth until they began to slide down. Sasha lifted her ass for me to make it easier and I slid them over her sexy hips and then down her thighs.

She spread her legs slightly and her cock slipped free and sprang to life. Hard and bobbing in front of my face I wasted no time. I wasn't a tease or coy, I wanted to suck her too badly. I took the head into my mouth and then slid my face down onto her, taking all but an inch deep into my throat and then sliding back up again. She tasted wonderful and felt so good filling my mouth.

As I began sucking and licking her I could feel her cock twitch with pleasure and throb with need against my tongue. I sucked and licked and moaned and nibbled until I tasted her precum. It was so intense, that first salty sweetness in my mouth. I was like a starving man. I used one hand to pump her as I sucked, wanting her to fill my mouth with cum, wanting her to drip down my chin.

Her long nails dug into my hair and she began to thrust up into my mouth in time with my sucking. She got a hungry determined look in her eyes and she wanted to cum for me, wanted to give me that hot mouthful of sex. I watched her watching me suck her, her eyes locked on mine, both of us enjoying the watching.

She throbbed in my mouth and closed her eyes and I knew she was going to cum, Thrashing my head from side to side I took her deep into my throat and squeezed her balls in my hand gently and firmly. I milked her for all I could get and as she started to cum I almost came from the sensation of her hot load shooting into my mouth.

As my mouth filled with blast after blast of hot sweet sticky cum, some dripped down my chin. I didn't stop sucking. My hand pumped her and milked every last drop out of her until she was done. Then I sucked her more until the pleasure was too intense for her to take and she begged for me to stop. I finally pulled my mouth away from her cock and smiled at her.

We weren't done yet, I flipped her over and she pushed up onto her hands and knees, still [panting from her intense orgasm. I buried my face into her ass and began to tongue fuck her tight asshole and lick her until she squirmed in delight. I slid my tongue deep into her and flattened it, spreading her tight hole wide open. She moaned in pleasure and pushed back onto my face. She was nearly ready for a good fucking.

I grabbed a tube of Wet and poured some down her crack, letting the coolness of the liquid and the tickle of it running down get to her before using two fingers to rub it all around her hole and then sliding both fingers into her to lube her up good. I pressed my cock head against her ass and thrust into her. As I slid in there was a moment of tightness and then everything relaxed and I buried myself balls deep up her ass.

Grabbing her hair I started fucking her. She screamed out and pushed back onto my cock, begging for me to fuck her harder. I slid my cock out with each stroke until only my head was in her and then slammed it back in to the balls each time. the force of the fucking almost knocking her down. She was screaming Yes! over and over as I fucked her deep and hard.

I knew I wouldn't last long in that perfect ass of hers but it felt so good. Holding her hair like reigns with one hand I spanked her sweet ass cheeks with the other as I whispered evil and decadent things in her ear about being my little cum slut and how much I wanted to bathe her in my cum. She was beyond speaking, she made animalistic growls and moans in response and fucked back harder on my cock.

It was all too much, I couldn't hold back. I growled out a low dangerous bestial cry and slammed deep into her again and my cock exploded. A hot sticky geyser of cum shot up her ass and then another. Thrust after thrust I emptied my balls into her until I was sure I would just dry up and wither if I came any more. Sasha was tightening her ass cheeks and milking me for all she could get until I was empty and done.

We slumped down into a pile of flesh on the bed and kissed and touched and held each other. She traced my chest muscles and then smiled at me and kissed me deep. As she did that she used her nail on her right pointer finger to cut into my chest slightly, just enough to drawn blood. I pulled back but she kept kissing me and then scratched me again. When we broke the embrace I looked down to see a perfect S carved into my chest, dripping a tiny trail of blood. She laughed and kissed me again and i slowly slipped into the darkness of sleep.

When I awoke of course I was alone. It was all just a dream. There was no goddess in from the window, just a wet sticky mess of cum from my fantasy as I slept. I pulled the sheets back and stood up, my muscles sore and stiff. Stretching I walked to the bathroom and there in the mirror saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks. I gazed at my reflection and there on my chest, in my own dried blood, a perfect S carved into me. Some dreams are more real then others.

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