Dominant wife pt1

Dominant wife pt1

After a long hot shower Daz returned to the bedroom, entering the bedroom Daz was shocked to see his gorgeous wife as he had never seen her before dressed in an amazing leather corset with her huge breasts straining to get free and a long leather skirt that sat just above the top of her knee high leather boots. Mj was holding a riding crop in her hand and had a mischievous look on her face, her black hair was long and straight and she had a bright red lipstick that made her smile look all that more wicked. Daz stood before her naked and felt himself getting hard just at the sight of his wife who resembled the dominatrix that he so often fantasised about but hadn't ever mentioned to his wife.

"Your Late ! now get on your knees and crawl over here to apologise" commanded Mj. Daz thought this seemed like fun to play along with for a bit so obeyed his wife and crawled over and then knelt before his stunning wife and looked up giving his cutest smile "Sorry I am late and didn't ring" Mj's smile disappeared "Shut up, I didn't give you permission to speak" Mj tapped the crop in her hand as she circled Daz staring at him in deep thought. Mj stopped in front of Daz and roughly pushed his head down toward the floor "kiss my feet !" As strange as this all seemed to Daz he was finding it all very exciting and rather than argue he decided to obey. On all fours his arse sticking in the air he lent his head to enable him to lick and kiss his dominant wife's high heeled boots.

*smack* Daz had been busily kissing and licking Mj's boots and didn't see the riding crop as it was lifted and brought down hard against his arse cheek, it stung and took him by surprise, he stopped kissing her boots and reached back to rub the sore spot sitting up in the process. Mj had begun to laugh quietly to herself and muttered something like "this is going to be fun" Daz stood up to protest but as he stood Mj circled behind him and pushed him face first onto the bed. She quickly pulled his hands behind him and attached some handcuffs in a way that suggested she had thought this through and practised this move at least in her mind. With his hands cuffed behind laying face down on the bed Daz angrily began to protest " what the hell are you doing ? undo me now." Mj just laughed as she straddled him sitting on his back, she reached around and managed to place something into his mouth, he felt her buckle something behind his head and recognised from his porn surfing that she had just gagged him with one of those ball gag devices he had seen so many times, he realised that his secret fantasies were perhaps not as secret as he thought and that Mj had perhaps been following his trail of porn surfing and decided to use this information for her own good.

Mj stood back up and grabbing the handcuffs pulled Daz awkwardly back to his feet from behind, she spun him around and looked straight into his eyes "tonight you are my slave and to show how sorry you are for always being late and showing a total lack of respect for me you will do exactly as I command otherwise I will take some photos of you in this pathetic position and email them to all your work mates, is that clear ?" Daz thought about how he could charge her and knock her over but without knowing where the key was to the cuffs he knew this was not a good option and reluctantly nodded his head in agreement. Mj placed a studded dog collar around Daz's neck and attached a chain lead to it "on your knees !" she commanded. Daz knelt as she turned and draped the chain over her shoulder and he watched as she seductively wiggled her arse as she led him from the bedroom to the spare room on his knees with his hands behind his back. It was hard to keep up and the chain pulled tight several times nearly forcing him to topple over and his knees hurt even though it was only a short distance.

On entering the spare room Daz began to realise that tonight's events had been planned in detail, not just the new outfit and handcuffs but the spare room had been set-up as well. A table against the wall had several items Daz had not seen before and he realised that Mj had done some considerable shopping in the lead up to tonight.

Mj led Daz to the centre of the room and the grabbing the chain close to the collar pulled him back to a standing position. Leather cuffs on short chains had been attached to the floor and Mj quickly placed these around Daz's ankles spreading his feet at a comfortable position. A chain hung from the ceiling and she attached this to his collar. Mj stood back to look at her naked husband with his hands cuffed behind his back, a ball gag preventing him from talking and now his feet locked in position and the collar chain meaning he could hardly move at all from his position. Mj circled him a couple of times looking him up and down, running the tip of the riding crop up and down his body, stopping to circle his erect nipples with the crop and playfully tapping his dick from side to side with the crop. Despite his earlier protests and angry look Mj knew by his hard dick that he was actually enjoying the situation she had created for him. Mj felt he looked a bit like a slave set up ready for inspection and hoped that he would enjoy some of the many surprises she had in store for him tonight...............

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