Goblins’ Rise Ch4

Goblins’ Rise Ch4

The beautiful apprentice unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the stone floor of the wizard’s lab. Her silk panties soon followed, leaving her slim pale legs bare. Her young pussy exposed.

She was human, young and ripe. With long black hair, straight and shiny. Just barely eighteen and a virgin when she had been kidnapped by the old wizard. A prize he took after a band of adventurers had tried to slay him. The old man knew she hated him.

That was part of her appeal.

Made all too clear in the way she shuddered and looked away as his hand reached down to grasp her bare pussy. Her soft cunny plucked bare for his pleasure. She couldn’t stop her little whimper of revulsion. The shiver that coursed through her body at his brazen touch.

He softly rubbed her tender muff. His wrinkled middle finger just barely pushing into the wetness between her netherlips. His old man grin a look of victory. Relived every time he abused the poor girl.

With a raspy chuckle, he tugged down her blue silk top. Just a tube of cloth that barely covered her small budding breasts. She gasped as her nipples hardened in the cool air of the room.

He pinched one I love you of her hard buds. The girl moaned and looked up at him in shock. Knowing that soon she would be taking his old, hard cock.

She may have been his apprentice, but she wasn’t his lover. She was a slave. A toy to be used and abused at his whim. One he loved to play with.

Their lesson was over for the day. His ritual had been a success. He would take his pleasure from her. Then go and eat. Perhaps at a fancy tavern while she languished in her cell.

The wizard bent her young, pale body over a rough wooden table. She winced as it dug into her hips. He tied her wrists behind her back with a length of hemp rope. Then with a grin he slapped her little ass.

She squealed as his blows rained down. Stern painful strikes. Not the playful swats of a lover. Her ass quickly grew red. Throbbing with pain.

The old man paused in his abuse. Sliding his bony fingers between teen thighs. The girl groaned as his wrinkled digits probed at her most precious spot. Finding her quit wet.

The wizard pushed his robe open. Revealing that he wore nothing underneath. His old dick was long and skinny. Hard and erect above a pair of shriveled balls.

She cried out as his dick shoved deep inside her. Each time was a fresh dishonor. Even though he had defiled her young body numerous times.

The old man resumed slapping her ass as he thrust. Laughing as she sobbed. “Where’s your father, whore. Who is there to save you?” He taunted.

Dead, was the answer. And no one. There was no one to rescue her from her torments.

The old man pulled out and forced her to her knees on the stone floor. “Suck.” He ordered. Pushing his slimy dick against her clenched mouth.

She turned her head in disgust. Refusing to partake in the foul act. A slap from the old man though, and she was docile again.

She turned and opened her mouth. Tasting her own juices as his dick slid along her tongue. Prodding her throat and making her gag.

The wizard grabbed her raven black hair and face fucked the girl. She choked and coughed as his dick went uncomfortably far into her throat. Then she was gasping for air. He had pulled out. Only to force her to stand by he long hair.

He made her lie back on the table. Her arms still bound beneath her. She spread her legs in submission. Hoping to prevent further pain.

The wizard grabbed a pair of candlesticks. The teen closed her eyes with a frown and turned her head as the candles were raised above her budding breasts.

She hissed in pain as the first drops of wax splashed her young tits. Stinging like liquid fire for a moment before quickly drying and cooling.

The wizard moaned as he pushed his dick back into the girl’s tight cunt. Thrusting slowly as he dripped burning wax on her chest. He grinned at her obvious discomfort.

Finally he grunted. His dick pumped his old jizz into her young pussy. Filling her with his mess.

He pulled her to the floor again and she obediently took his flaccid cock in her mouth. As she slurped up their sex slime she gave him a look of disgust that he cherished. The teen slave, on her knees, looking up, hatred in her eyes, hatred and defeat, his old dick in her mouth.

Later, in her cold cell she thought back to her first time with the vile wizard.

“I have a gift for your sixteenth birthday, girl.” The old wizard had announced. He was cruel even then, but he had taught her some magics. With the promise of teaching her more.

“You...you are going to let me go?” Catherine had asked.

“Of course not. But you will aid me in a powerful ritual. One requiring a virgin sacrifice.”

Her eyes went wide with fear. Till now he hadn’t laid a hand in her. She had been his slave and apprentice for two years. “I...I thought you said...a gift...”

“I didn’t say the gift was for you, girl.” He grinned cruelly. “Plenty of demons love the taste of a virgin’s innocence.”

She struggled, but she was small and skinny. No match for the surprisingly strong old man. He dragged her to his lab. There he clasped her wrists in manacles attaches to the ceiling. Lifting her so she stood uncomfortably on her tiptoes.

She begged as he cast his summoning spells. A long ritual that left her sore and frightened.

Then the stone floor beneath her seemed to crumble away. The old man laughed in triumph as a well six feet in diameter opened. Strange mist rose from the hole. Illuminated by a strange green light. She could feel the cold air from the hole. Colder even than the stone tower. It seemed to nibble at her now dangling toes.

Catherine could do nothing but look down into the hole with horror. Something was down there. Something writhing in the mist.

Black tentacles rose from the pit. Half a dozen wiggling, and glistening. Covered in putrid slime. The young teen screamed.

She kicked her legs, dress flapping around her. Shaking and jerking, she tried to swing to the edge of the pit. Futilely trying to get away from whatever monstrosity lived in the dark.

Two tendrils wrapped around her ankles. Pulling down, gently but firmly. Holding her in place. Spreading her legs apart.

One tentacle rose up behind her. Gently wrapping around her neck. She could feel it as it’s tip rubbed against her cheek. Like leather covered in jam. And cold. It raised goosebumps across her body. Catherine moaned as her young cunny began to strangely tingle.

Another tendril rose underneath her plain wool dress. She could see its shape writhing against the grey cloth as it rose.

She moaned as it slithered under her shift. Cold and disgusting against her tummy. Wriggling up till it found her little tits. Just tiny buds, they were still quite sensitive. Catherine gasped as the cold invader began to rub them. She didn’t even notice her master with his dick out. Slowly stroking his long cock as he watched.

Her whole body tingled from the tentacle’s touch. She had only recently began exploring her body. Finding the places that filled her with a titillating delight. Her little breasts only seemed to tickle when she touched them. This was so much more. Like a whole body tickle. And that tingle in her cunny has turned into a buzz. An exciting buzz.

The tentacle slithered back down her body. Slipping gently into her bloomers.

“No...” Catherine moaned weekly as it squirmed past her bare pubis. Her whole body shivered in shock as it lightly brushed her young netherlips. It felt like her heart had skipped a beat.

The tentacle in her panties gently rubbed her most precious spot. While the one around her neck gently caressed her cheek. Catherine’s thighs trembled in anticipation.

Satisfied, the tentacle pulled away. Taking the girl’s bloomers down with it. Catherine cried out in shock as she was disrobed. She struggled as two more tentacles grabbed the neck of her dress and began tearing. Easily ripping the wool garment from her body. Her linen shift soon followed. Leaving the sixteen year old virgin totally nude and vulnerable.

She yanked her ankles free and pulled her legs up in a vain attempt to cover her precious sex. Tentacles wrapped around her knees, and though she clenched with all her might, slowly pulled her thighs open. Leaving her pussy bare and vulnerable to the monster.

She watched in fascinated horror as a tentacle slowly drifted between her thighs. Wiggling it’s way forward almost hypnotically. Then it’s tip was pressing against her pristine cunny.

It felt cold and slimy. Like a dead thing.

There was no gentleness this time. No light caressing. The tentacle around her neck tightened. Making her head pound as the one at her pussy shoved ruthlessly in.

Catherine screamed. The pain was something she had never imagined. Her maidenhood torn away by this evil alien...thing.

But it wasn’t just a pain of the flesh. As the beast raped her tight cunt she was lost in a daze. She could feel it darken her soul. Taking something precious from her. A little part of her essence that it would forever keep. Forever owning a part of her.

As she came back to herself she could feel the other tentacles writhing around her. The one on her neck forced its way between her young lips. She gagged at the disgusting taste of its slime.

Another wrapped her chest. Then it’s tip opened. A little toothless mouth that snapped at her tiny nipples.

Catherine squirmed as the tentacles abused her. She had never felt so full as with the cold tentacle wriggling in her pussy. Her cunt throbbed. Uncontrollably clenching its intruder as he body responded.

This was her first time. Something she could never get back. No loving husband. No gentle lover. Just a cold, demonic mass of tentacles.

Tears filled her eyes as she felt a cold tendril push between her asscheeks. It pressed firmly against her tight arse.

She tried to squeal around the tentacle fucking her throat as it penetrated her analflower. The cold intruder burned its way up her ass. She could horribly feel it rubbing against the tentacle in her cunt. Unnaturally filling both her tight young holes.

Catherine’s demon rape seemed to go on for hours.

She was barely conscious when she was dropped unceremoniously onto the hard stone floor. The flagstones seeming to be warmer beneath her belly than her first lover. The tentacles retreated and the well closed as if it had never been.

She tried to lift herself. She seemed sore all over. Especially...down there.

Then warm hands grabbed her. Her master. There to help her up!

No. The old man forced her down. His warm, wrinkled body climbed on top of her. He easily slid his old dick into her gaping cunt. Grunting with pleasure.

Catherine wept as her master took her for the first time.

It would be far from the last for the pretty teen.

It would be years before she was powerful and brave enough to escape him. Years of abuse and violation. Years of diligent study and practice. Years spent in his cold tower.


We are on the boarder of Biladi lands. Traveling up the foothills of the Red Rose Mountains. This close we can see the reddish tint that gave them their name. Probably something to do with the soil. Iron content maybe? I’m not a geologist.

The daunting mountains separated these non-human lands we have been traveling through, from the human kingdoms. Or so I have been told.

“Many different lords and kings lay claims to the mountains. From both sides of the range.” Priyala lectured as we marched. “No one has been able to tame them, though. There are a few independent settlements. But mostly the mountains are wild. Monsters, bandits, bad weather, and other dangers keep most out. Plus the humans don’t really want anything to do with us.” The cute cat girl grins up at me.

“This human does.” I grin back, reaching down to give her ass a squeeze. Much to her obvious delight.

When we stop for a short break Rebecca snuggles up close to me. “Happy?” I ask smiling down at her.

She smiles back. “Always, if I am with you.”

There’s a thump and a plume of smoke a short way off. My wife frowns. “Those guns are going to change everything.” She warns.

I nod. “From what we’ve seen, magic dulls the need to advance science.” Becca looks at me. “Why invent irrigation, when a mage can simply make it rain where you need?”

“Maybe that’s why the Goblins are so interested in your stories.” She suggests. “They have little or no magic among their people. No power in the greater world. Science could give them that power. Level the playing field.”

I nod, sure she’s right. I point to where Amanatia and a few others gather around her kettle. I can see she has already made modifications. “You know, guns didn’t tame the west.” I lecture the beautiful woman. She grins, used to me expounding on ideas. “It was trains, the telegraph, and electricity. The less flashy things that made everyone’s lives easier. Infrastructure.”

“Some would say that wasn’t a good thing.” She suggests. I just shrug. I have little patience to those who would stand in the way of progress.

That evening we decided to throw a small celebration. We were close enough to the mountains that I declared we had officially left Biladi lands. The mood of our band seemed to be one of excitement. Ready to tackle what cane next.

A nice dinner was cooked and we even broke out sweets for everyone.

After dinner nearly everyone joined in the evening orgy. Even some of the Nathair, who have definitely been warming up to the rest of us.

My followers partner up, or collect in small groups. Stripping and touching. Soon the air is filled with moans and gasps as they enjoy each other’s bodies.

I look around, Natia bounces up and down in one of the snake men’s laps. Her big goblin breasts jiggling.

Gort thrusts into Kara from behind. His hand slapping her lighter green ass in time with his fucking.

I see Sakura’s pink fuzzy body under a group of goblins. Her legs spread and head tilted back as she takes green dick at each end. Plus another who straddles her chest and dry humps her perky C-cup tits.

Rebecca groans loudly as she bends over. Taking one of the big Chockwa men from behind. His thick blue cock spreading her human pussy.

Minna squirms playfully on my lap. One of the Roden, a mouse girl. She is thin and as short as the goblins. Her skin is a dark grey and velvet smooth. She has perky B-cup tits and a cute little ass.

She shivers and giggles as I caress her big round ears. Her small hand tugging at my hard cock. “Put it in me, master.” She begs in her cute, high pitched voice. “I need you to fill me up.”

I lay her down on a blanket. The mouse spreads her legs for me and grabs my shoulders, pulling me close. We both gasp as I thrust into her tight pussy. Other couples fucking nearby. Our moans are lost in the sexual cacophony.

After she has a little, squeaking, mouse orgasm I flip her over. I settle above her little body and push her long tail aside. Minna gasps as I enter her from behind. She reaches back and caresses my cheek as I thrust deep inside her.

I groan through my own orgasm when I finally finish. I roll over sated and tired from the day’s march. The little mouse girl snuggling affectionately up to my side.

We are in the mountains now. Making our way through a series of valleys. Trying to get to a pass that will allow the easiest journey through.

We rest beside a wide stream. It pools among some boulders where we break for a light meal.

Most of the girls have stripped. My slaves make a wonderful sight in the sparkling mountain water. Splashing and frolicking.

I start to pull my boots off when Gort comes huffing up to me, out of breath.

“Trouble?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Not yet.” He catches his breath. “We’re being trailed by some Goblins. Mountain Goblins.”

“That different from your boys?” I ask, pulling off my shirt.

He shrugs. We are much farther than he has ever travelled. “I don’t think they’ll try anything. We look pretty battle ready now, Boss.” The little green man looks around as I pull off my pants.

“The scouts think they may have been scoping out the princesses, though.” He hops from foot to foot. Nervous.

I raise another eyebrow at him. Then turn my head. I hear Becca’s lovely laugh somewhere behind me. I spy her, water glistening off her big beautiful orbs. She pulls one of the twins close for a kiss. Before splashing and diving away.

“The princesses?” I turn back to my lieutenant.

“Get yourself a princess and you can maybe start your own warren.” He shrugs.

I nod. It makes sense. Basically turn the poor girl into a baby making factory.

Something else to watch out for.

A shiver rubs through me as I step into the water. It’s cold!

“Freezing.” I moan as I submerge.

When I come back up I hear, “I’ll keep you warm, handsome.” In a husky voice. The big, blue Harper. Naked and wet and grinning. Her giant tits near my head.

“I’ll take you up on that later, beautiful.” I grin back at her.

“Promises, promises.” She laughs. Then pulls me in for a deep kiss. I happily reach around and squeeze her big round ass.

Then her tail thrashes the water as she wades off.

We travel for a week. The terrain definitely tougher than the plains and forests we left behind us. The weather stays decent during the day, but gets cold at night.

We are nearly halfway through the range according to our map, when we spy a town. Low and grey. It seems to hug the ground menacingly. Surrounded by a couple dozen farms. The only building over two stories is a large wooden contraption at the center. Like scaffolding surrounding a trio of large cranes.

“Let’s get close and rest.” I order. “See if they send out an envoy.

Sure enough, within the hour a trio of what must be Dwarves ride out on big ponies. They wear full plate and carry big axes. They each have a long ornate beard.

“Hallo, the camp!” The center one calls in a deep voice. He has a leathery face and an almost comically round nose. His beard is a dark blonde, and hangs to his knees. Braided in three big plaits. Iron rings have been braided into them, fully reflecting the sun.

I step forward. “Greetings. I am captain Nicholas. We come in peace. Mercenaries passing through the mountains.”

“Mercenaries, eh?” The center Dwarf hops down. The other two stay mounted looking grim. “Looks like a band of Gobbo raiders to me.” He growls.

The Dwarf stands just under five feet tall, but husky. I’d bet he outweighs me, even without all his gear.

“Yes, sir. Many of my troop are Goblins. But I assure you, not a raider among them.” Anymore, I think to myself.

He looks at me askance. As if saying we both know that wasn’t true.

“Name’s Snamnir.” He reaches out his hand and we shake. His hand is rough and iron hard. Warm. “An’ if you’ve golds to spend, I suppose you’re welcome. Gobbos or no.”

We strike camp with the Dwarves watching us closely. Though I notice his gaze lingers more on the ladies than my goblin soldiers. His companions‘ too, though they try to hide it.

“We don’t get many travelers from this side of the mountains. Not many travelers period, really. Heading home?” He asks as we walk.

I shake my head. “Not really. I originally come from much further away.”

We follow him past a few farms and through a big, strong gate. Snamnir walks with me, leading his husky pony. ”Welcome to Obstinate Hold.”

He doesn’t stop talking. Almost as if this is his only opportunity. He gives us a little history about the valley. The town is here to mine iron and copper.

“Is that what the cranes are for?” I ask.

The blonde dwarf nods. “Aye. ‘The Pit.’ A great hole in the ground. See the town needs to be above ground to watch over the farms.” He goes on to talk about guarding against raiders.

I get the impression that he is a sort of cross between a sheriff and a militia captain.

“If you have a suggestion, we would like to rent out an inn for a couple nights.” I suggest.

Snamnir nods. “Molly’s would be my choice. Ale’s watered, but she serves the best spiced potatoes.”

The three lawmen are nice enough to lead us across town. Molly’s is a two story building. Made of dark brick and stone, with peaked roofs.

I thank the talkative dwarf and head in.

Molly herself meets me at the door. “Whole town said you were comin’.” She explains.

Molly is a handsome woman. With long braided hair, but no beard. A bit husky. She wears a peasant style dress with a leather apron. Her blouse is cut low to show off her ample cleavage. A change from the ladies we passed in the street who mostly wore neck to ankle dresses. Many of them worn leather, rather than a softer material.

“We would like to rent out the whole building. Probably for a few days.” I offer.

We haggle on a price then she invites us in with a big sweep of her arm.

The building has six rooms upstairs and two down. Plus the common room, and space in the attic. We divvy up the rooms, with me getting my own.

“Small groups. And not many at once.” I order Gort to let the troops explore the town. “We don’t want any trouble.” Before I head out to tour the Obstinate Hold with my wife and Kara.

Rebecca wears a sensual dress. Slit high on one side, but still more demure than her normal clothing.

We get plenty of looks from the town’s people. Mostly the women. Often people would come to their door or window to watch us pass. Hopefully that won’t last long.

‘The Pit’ is just that. A big hole in the ground. Probably a hundred yards across. Scaffolding and ramps descend into the dark below. The cranes dangle multiple lines into the depths.

I can’t help shivering as I look down.

...something...unwholesome...I don’t know.

I shake my head as we walk away. We do some window shopping as we explore the town.

Plenty of handcrafted goods. They look like high quality stuff. A lot of metalwork.

“This would be a good place to buy more weapons.” Kara suggests. “Good, sturdy gear.”

I buy my two loves pastries from a shoppe in a market square. Then we head back to the inn.

In the evening I push Becca’s face down between Kara’s green thighs. The beautiful Orc growls as my wife licks her bare pussy.

I slap Rebecca’s round, upturned ass. Enjoying both the way it jiggles and her cute little ‘yelp’ of pain.

I grab and squeeze her asscheeks. Spreading her pussylips with my thumbs. The blonde moans as I slowly push into her sweet love tunnel. Then she goes back to licking her Orcish mistress as I thrust.

Later I lay on my back as Karagoth rides me cowgirl style. Becca hugging her from behind. Squeezing her massive green tits.

I smile and sigh contentedly.

What a way to end our first night here.


Catherine had escaped her cruel master when she was twenty two. Finally brave enough to run. Though not to face him.

She stole a spellbook, her father’s journal, and as much supplies as she could fit in a large bag and slipped away into the night. Not even sure where to go. Though she knew it had to be far from the perverted wizard’s tower.

Alone, she traveled across the countryside. Occasionally stopping at small villages. Eventually finding her way to a large city.

She spent a month sleeping in alleys and scrounging for enough to eat. Spending each day desperate, frightened, and hungry.

She found she could often trade blowjobs for food. Then she would swallow her pride, as well as men’s cum.

Hungry and cold, Catherine agreed to work for a baker for a short time. Simply for the offer of regular meals and a cot in the pantry.

That first night she awoke as the fat baker had slipped into the pantry. He held a candle and she could see he was naked. His fat cock dangled below his big belly.

The young woman pulled her thin sheet up to her chin. Cowering. A little voice in her head cried out, told her that she was better than this. Powerful. But years of abuse at the wizard’s hands was too much to overcome.

The fat man tugged off her sheet. Grinning to find she was as naked underneath. Her body even more beautiful than he imagined. He boldly grabbed one of her tits. They had grown into full, perky C-cups. They could hear his fat wife snoring upstairs.

The raven haired girl whimpered as his fat fingers slid up her inner thigh. Yet she obediently spread her legs at his touch. Catherine clenched her eyes as his fingers groped her sex. His fat face leaned in and slobbered on her tits.

She let out a loud “Oomph!” As he settled his bulk on her much smaller frame. Submissively taking his thick cock as he thrust into her fuck hole.

The fat man didn’t last long. He grunted like a pig as he emptied his balls into her. Then he kissed her forehead and left.

She cried herself to sleep that night. Ashamed that she hadn’t fought back. Her old master had taught her she was just a cunt to be fucked and abused. She didn’t know how to escape that without starving.

At least the baker treated her better than the wizard over the next few weeks. And her corner in the pantry was nicer than her cell.


We have rested in Obstinate Hold for two nights now. The plan is to leave the next morning. Before tackling the other half of the mountain range.

The tougher half, as I have been warned.

My goblins have been running all over town. The Dwarves were suspicious at first, but soon warmed up to them. They had never met such inquisitive green skins. Probably had never met any, period. I think they view my group as an amusing oddity.

Amanatia and her crew were excited. She had convinced me to purchase materials for a portable blacksmith. They bought a cart, couple mountain ponies, a small anvil, and a couple crates worth of gear.

It would be a workshop we could take with us. Not as full featured as a blacksmith shoppe would be, but still quite useful.

I had enticed Oslafa into my room. I have found the big bear girl to be quite shy. The Urzo seemed like a proud and fierce people. Unfortunately her torments at the hands of the sorcerers seems to have left her timid, and unassuming.

Harper had taken the girl under her wing, though. The blue woman and her brothers were teaching the bear how to fight. Even with only one arm, Oslafa could nearly bash a tree in half with her heavy iron mace.

So far the brown furred girl and I have only had sex a couple times. She tends to shy away from our orgies, unless explicitly told to join. I’m hoping she will open up with a little more time and effort.

The seven foot tall woman wears a thick leather skirt to just below her knees and a leather halter, cinched up the front and showing off much of her massive cleavage.

I wouldn’t call the husky girl cute, handsome maybe. She had huge tits though. They actually didn’t look that big on her large body. Then you touched them and realized just how magnificent they are. Probably J-cups. Each bigger than my head.

I close the door behind us. She doesn’t raise her good eye to look at me till I pull her into an embrace. My hands cupping her rear through her leather.

“You are beautiful, you know.” I assure the timid girl. My gaze dances across her face. Her good violet eye, amusing bear nose, her patch over her right eye. it is red silk with a stylized bear claw one of the girls had embroidered.

Then there were the scars on her face. A half dozen big ones. Up and down the right side. Where her thick chestnut fur won’t grow back. I think those embarrass her more than her lost arm.

She gives me a tentative smile. “Thank you, sir.”

I pull the bear in for a kiss. My tongue slipping past her lips. She tastes of the deep woods and rage.

She moans as I untie her halter. My hands greedily grab her giant breasts. Fuzzy and warm. Her silky fur is much shorter here. Like soft velvet. Her nipples harden as I gently rub them with my palms.

I tug down her skirt as I guide her toward the bed. She wears silk shorts underneath. With her cute, tuft tail sticking out. They quickly fall to the floor too. Leaving the nervous girl naked before me.

She lays back on my bed as I strip. She doesn’t really seem interested in me physically. So I don’t put on a show for her. I can’t help wondering if she is more into women.

I kneel before her and gently push her legs apart. Leaning in to kiss and caress her soft cunny. The big bear girl gasps and moans, both surprised and delighted by the act.

On the trail our couple sex acts had just been quickies. This was the first opportunity to do a bit more exploring with the girl. See if I could open her up.

I gently tongue her pussylips. Getting a little deeper with each stroke. I can’t help grinning as I watch her grab and squeeze her own giant breast with her only hand.

When my tongue is deep in her I gently brush her clit with my fingertips. Oslafa writhes on the bed, groaning loudly. She grabs the sheet with her one hand and beats at the mattress with her half arm.

Her groan gets even louder as her orgasm washes over her. Oslafa’s chestnut fur standing on end as her body shakes. Her strong thighs clench around my head as I lap at her wet cunt.

I climb up next to her as she slowly settles down. Leaning in to suck on her hard nipples. My hand caresses her soft, silky tummy.

When she comes down she looks at me with her good eye. Her violet pupil seems to twinkle. “That...that was amazing.”

I grin at her. “My turn.” I say, rolling on top of her big frame. She wraps her legs around me as I slide my dick into her fuzzy, bear peach. Her pussy throbbing and squeezing my cock.

We both moan as I start to thrust. I smile as she leans in for a kiss. This time her tongue is an active partner in our play. Caressing and dancing with my own.

Gradually I feel my own orgasm building. My dick thrusts balls deep in the furry girl. Her hand grabs at my back as her arm rubs against the bed. She licks my neck as she moans her pleasure.

Then I gasp as I unload in her. Pumping a big load of my cream deep in her love tunnel.

Afterward we lay together in our bliss.

“That was wonderful.” She sighs.

Later in the evening Snamnir joins me at the inn. We sit in big comfy chairs near the fire place. His gaze often distracted by one or another of the girls.

“You definitely know how to live.” He grins at me. His hand gesturing at the twins. Both topless and tickling each other. Wet from bathing and looking for food.

I nod at the sheriff. “They definitely bring out a smile on a man’s face.” I admit.

The dwarf sighs, looking away from the beautiful distractions. He takes a sip of ale from his flagon. “We have a green skin problem.”

“If any of my boys...” I start.

“No, no.” He waves my protest away. “Your Gobbos ‘ave been fine. The merchants especially think so.” He looks back toward the twins. “No these are Orcs mostly. They don’t seem strong enough to assault the town, but they are causing a ruckus for the farms. Especially the outliers.”

“And you would like us to help?” I asked.

“Aye. It pains me to admit. The town has grown soft in these last centuries. More merchants clinging to golds, than heroes swinging an axe.” He takes another sip. “You mentioned being mercenaries. You any good?”

I nod. “I like to think so. Survived so far anyway.”

He nods back. “Well our money’s good, an we could use the help. If we keep losing farms we lose the town. The mine.”

We spend the next hour working out the details. Even without Karagoth looking over my shoulder I think I get us a good deal.

We will run patrols on a weekly stipend. With a bounty for any heads we bring back. If we can find their camp or lair then we get a big reward for putting an end to the threat.

In return the town will also pay for our lodging at the inn. Our food and drink. As well as upkeep on our gear.

After the blonde Dwarf leaves I head off to work out a patrol schedule with Kara.

“I’ve had a few Dwarves approach me, Boss. So have some of the other boys.” Gort sat with me at the bar. I sip a sweet drink that tastes faintly of root beer. Not fizzy though.

“How much did they offer?” I ask. Apparently some of the townsfolk have been propositioning my men for sex with the girls.

“Usually a couple golds for the ‘full experience.’ Whatever that means.” I give a low whistle. That wouldn’t be chump change.

“We don’t have any Dwarf ladies with us though.” I protest.

“Yeah, thats the thing. They ain’t lookin for nice Dwarf ladies. They especially want the princesses.” He tells me.

“No surprise there boys.” Molly had gotten close to our conversation as she wiped down the bar. I give her my raised eyebrow making her grin.

“It’s a well known secret that Dwarf men are all perverts.” She explains. “No one really knows why. So us ladies tend toward the prudish side to compensate.”

“Us ladies?” I kid, nodding towards her ample cleavage on display with both my eyebrows raised.

She blushes, turning her cheeks rosy. “Well, most ladies anyway. If showing off a little tit will get me more customers. Well mores the better.”

I nod in agreement. “Maybe...maybe we put on a show. Something to test the waters. Could we use your cellar?” I ask the Dwarf maiden.

She gives me a grin. “I think I’d want a small percentage.”

“Agreed. Bailey needs to be sheered, and Betsy always needs milked.” I tell them. “Let’s test the waters and put on a little show. If we don’t get run out of town, then maybe we push things a little further.”

My wife stood before the door of the inn. Nervous but excited. Ready to step out on the street.

She was dressed, or undressed as it were, in her pink silk thong and matching sheer crop-top. She had thigh high stockings and high heels. She also had her ‘Orc’s Whore’ collar on. Her leash held by a grinning Kara.

Rebecca held a sign that advertised our ‘special’ show this evening. I figure her lack of clothes would relay what special meant.

I give her a quick kiss and open the door. My wife steps outside. Nearly nude. Ready to be humiliated and shamed.

They are gone most of the afternoon. Finally led back in by none other than the sheriff himself. The blonde Dwarf gins at me as he escorts my wife inside. His hand resting on her nearly bare ass.

“Figured I would watch over the the ladies. Wouldn’t want there to be any trouble.” He says happily.

I grin back. “No sir. Perhaps you would like a seat right up front for the show?”

“Well...since I’m here and all.” Becca jumps as he gives her ass a pinch. Then he heads toward the bar.

I lead my wife upstairs to help her get ready for the night’s entertainment.

As soon as we get in my room she pushes me against the door and shoves her tongue down my throat. Her amazing body pressed into mine.

“Wreck me.” She demands when our lips part. Her hand snaking inside my pants. “Fuck me like the whore I am. Ride me rough.” Her growl is nearly that of Kara’s.

“You had fun, I take it?” I grin at the beautiful blonde. The woman that I love.

She nods excitedly. “It was amazing. Everyone was looking.” She grabs my cock and starts tugging. “They could see nearly everything.” She presses her ample chest against me. Clearly visible through her sheer top.

I reach around and grab her round ass. Giving her a good squeeze. “So many disapproving looks. Judging me. Silently degrading me, and sometimes not so silently.” She bites her lower lip as she grins. “That was mostly the women. The men looked at me as an object of lust.” She slides her silky leg up my side. “Not a person. I was a toy. Something to be used, then thrown away.”

“You whore!” I growl at her. Hopefully not loud enough to be heard outside the room. She gasps with excitement. “How dare you show yourself off in front of everyone!”

I pull off my belt. My wife grinning in her excitement and lust. I pull her to the bed and force her over my knee.

“No, daddy! Please. I’ll be good.” She whimpers in her little girl voice. My cock is nearly exploding out of my pants.

I raise my arm. Savoring the moment. The woman across my lap. Her sweet round ass. Our mutual lust.

Then her derrière jiggles at the CRACK! of the leather. My sweet, whore wife gasps in pain and exhilaration.

Then again and again. My belt gradually turning her ass red. Her legs kick and Becca whimpers in pain. “No, daddy! No!” She protests to no avail.

On the eleventh strike I feel her shiver. Her moan of pain reaching a deeper octave as she has a small orgasm.

I pause the beating to shove two fingers deep in her wet twat. Pushing her thong aside to get at her fuck hole. “Dwarf cock? Is that what you want you little tramp!” I rub my fingers inside her, against her vaginal walk. Extending her orgasm. She can’t respond, lost in her bliss. Yet I’m sure my harsh tone helps her arousal.

I toss my wife on the bed and yank off her thong. Quickly I pull my rock hard dick out. Grabbing her knees, I spread her legs as I climb on top of her. She looks up at me, her lust clear in her eyes.

We both moan as I enter her. Her hands slide up my back under my shirt. I push her sheer top up and greedily suck on her nipples.

I thrust hard. My balls slapping against her pussy. “Oh, Daddy! Yes!” Becca gasps. Too excited, I can tell I won’t last long.

My wife squeals when I reach up and pinch both her nipples. Pulling her big breasts up by her tortured buds. Her tits wobble and jiggle as I thrust.

I shiver as my orgasm hits. I fill her cunt with my jizz as waves of pleasure wash through me. Then I roll over next to her. Both of us gasping and grinning.

Rebecca leans over and kisses my cheek. “That was great.” She smiles at me.

We had cleared out the inn’s cellar. Moving crates and casks so there would be room for a small stage and space for an audience.

By nightfall the cellar was packed wall to wall with eager Dwarves. Most of which were men. Many wearing scarves and bandannas to hide their identity.

The three Chokwa brothers are on hand to keep the crowd under control. Both bunny girls, Priyala, and my wife move through the crowd serving drinks. They wear short skirts and tiny tops. I grin as I see the Biladi girl jump. A Dwarf hand having reached under her skirt to goose her sweet rear.

We made a deal with Molly. We had paid a fee to use the cellar, and we got a small percentage of the drink sales. The handsome dwarf maid grinned at me from across the room as she continuously filled mugs from a makeshift bar.

A hush falls over the crowd when the curtains part. Revealing two makeup vanities. Back to back with a mirror frame between them. The setup is set slightly diagonal to the crowd.

Then the twins come out from opposite ends of the stage. Calliandra and Trishandra are dressed identically. The dark haired teens look lovely in thin white dresses, buttoned down the front.

The both sit at the desks. Peering at each other through the mirror frame.

Then they begin to wash. Taking soft towels from little basins, they gently wipe their faces. The twin sisters doing their best to mirror each other’s movements.

With their faces washed the beautiful teens slowly unbutton the top five buttons of their dresses. There is a rustling from the crowd as their young cleavage and tops of their pink bras are revealed.

The girls then dab at their chests. Wet cloths sensually wiping. The crowd noticeably excited.

More buttons undone. The girls’ delicate fingers work their way down to their smooth tummies. They pull their dresses off down to their waists.

Pink silk bras are the only things offering any modesty to their budding breasts, already D-cups. Their nipples are clearly outlined by the thin cloth.

They slowly wash their arms. Then their tummies. Towels slowly moving up toward their breasts. The crowd noticeably tense. They set their towels down.

Then both girls reach back and unclasp their bras. They use one arm to cover their young tits while they pull the silk away. Not yet letting us see their treasures. they wait a long moment as they gaze into the ‘mirror.’

There is a soft moan of appreciation from the crowd when the twins’ arms move from their chests to pick up their towels. The young Humans’ breasts now on display to the whole room.

I suspect most of the Dwarves didn’t actually believe there would be nudity. It’s obvious that they approve.

Snamnir himself seems totally entranced from his seat right near the stage. And he has actually seen the girls topless

When their plump breasts are clean, the girls stand and shimmy out of their dresses. They are left only in tiny, pink, silk shorts. The crowd clapping at the bold move. They both bend over their chairs for a moment, palms flat on the seats as they gaze into their ‘mirror.’

Calli is bent away from the audience her sweet round ass only partially covered by her shorts. Trisha is bent toward. Her big tits dangling in a wonderful display for the Dwarves.

The twins stand and each lifts a leg. Setting a foot on their chairs. Slowly washing the leg, before switching and washing the other.

Then they both hook their thumbs in the waistband of their shorts and bend way over as they slide them off.

The crowd erupts as they get their first glimpse of human pussy. Young, soft, and topped with little trimmed tufts of brown hair.

The girls sit sideways on the chairs their legs pointed to the crowd. Delicately they lift their towels. Then they spread their thighs.

With no modesty left to the girls, they begin to gently rub their most sensitive spots. Both begin to moan. Soon they drop their towels and brazenly finger themselves. Moaning louder and louder in their pleasure.

The teens shiver through small orgasms. I suspect faked, for the show. Then they stand and walk around the desks on the audience side. The sisters embrace and kiss deeply. Their hands grabbing and squeezing each other’s breast and ass.

When the twins are gone from the stage, Gort comes out and announces a ten minute intermission.

“Great! That was great!” Snamnir gushes, standing next to me. Around half the Dwarves have gone upstairs for a smoke of to get a bite to eat.

“Well it only gets more perverted from here.” I mock warn the sheriff.

He grins and slaps me on the back. “Can’t wait, my friend.”

The crowd finally settles back down for the second of our three acts.

The curtains open on a short stool next to a platform raised a foot off the ground.

Gertrude walks out carrying a wooden pail. Also dressed in a thin white dress. Her large bosom strains at the buttons that just barely hold her tits in.

She sits on the stool and hitched up her skirt. Then she smiles nervously at the audience.

Karagoth walks out. The beautiful Orc is dressed only in a brown leather halter, cut low to show plenty of cleavage. A leather loincloth that only covers half of her sweet ass. She also has fur boots.

She leads Betsy by a chain leash.

The pretty cow girl looks nervous, but excited. The curvy girl is completely naked. Her giant tits sway as she is led to the platform.

Docily the Vacca gets to her hands and knees on the raised platform. She faces the audience. Her heavy tits dangling. Gertrude scoots her stool closer to one side. She places her wooden bucket below the cow’s hanging breasts.

There is a soft groan of excitement from the crowd as the mature Human woman grabs Betsy’s tits. Holding them like udders.

The docile girl grunts as Gertrude begins to squeeze and tug her giant, brown breasts. she clenches her eyes shut, humiliated and degraded before the crowd.

Visible streams of milk shoot into the bucket. And there’s a sound. The hollow sound of liquid hitting wood.

My dick is hard in my pants. It always is when I watch Betsy get milked. Something we do every two or three days.

She doesn’t seem to mind. She says she enjoys it in fact. But it always seems so naughty to me. Kinky. So degrading to her.

The audience doesn’t notice Kara squaring up bekind the Vacca woman. They are so enrapt by the lewd milking. The beautiful Orc strokes a leather strap in her hand. Then she raises it...

The CRACK! of leather against ass seems to fill the room. Betsy’s Eyes open wide in a look of shock and pain. A shiver of arousal runs through my body.

“Moooo!” She bellows at the abuse. Further degrading herself before the horny Dwarves. Gertrude still milking her giant tits.

The crowd murmurs excitedly as Kara raises her hand again. Betsy winces, and her whole husky body shudders at the next CRACK!

“Muh...mooooo!” The submissive livestock bellows.

Slowly the bucket fills with breast milk. Slowly the cow girl’s ass is punished before the crowd.

Finally Kara leads the docile girl off the stage by her leash. Gertrude stands and takes her, mostly full bucket.

We will sell shots of warm breast milk during the next intermission.

The final act is the one in most looking forward to.

When the curtains open Bailey comes running onto the stage. The sheep girl looks frightfully back over her shoulder. She looks sweet and vulnerable in her white dress. Buttoned down the front, similar to the other women. Only hers is missing the top four buttons and hangs off her right shoulder. The tops of her furry cleavage just visible.

The pretty sheep is chased by one of the Nathair men. Her tits bounce and jiggle under her dress, obviously she doesn’t have any foundation garments on. He makes fake grabs at her, though he obviously isn’t intending to catch her as they run around the stage.

Suddenly a second Nathair man jumps out and grabs the poor girl. She struggles but the four armed men easily subdue her. One pulls her arms behind her back. Making sure she faces the excited audience. The other grips the top of her dress. “No! No, please. No!” She begs in vain.

The crowd cheers as her dress is ripped apart. Buttons fly everywhere as the pretty girl is stripped. Nude under her dress. Nude and quite fuzzy.

It’s time for her sheering. I grin as one of the men picks up sheers at the edge of the stage. While the other yanks her tattered dress the rest of the way off.

Docily, Bailey lets them lead her to the center of the stage. She looks defeated and humiliated as they begin sheering her fur off before the crowd.

They manhandle the docile woman as they cut. Forcing her to move this way and that. Treating her not like a vibrant person, but as a dumb animal. Her thick white wool falling to the stage like snow. Slowly revealing her pink body underneath.

Her eyes constantly seek out mine. Wanting to share this violation of intimacy with me. She said she was excited to do it, but I can tell the act is honestly humiliating to the young woman.

The Nathair move from her top, down. She shivers as their sharp sheers move across her big tits. The dexterous snake men very careful with their sharp instruments. Her nipples look to be as hard as diamonds as the cold metal caresses her skin.

The snake men make her sit on a stool while they snip around her sweet pussy. her legs spread obscenely wide for the audience’s amusement. Bailey shivers with her eyes closed as they trim her. Their fingers poking and prodding her most precious spot. Their scissors snipping her soft wool.

Finally she is left shivering and naked before her excited audience. Her pink body freshly exposed. They make her kneel in the pile of her own wool. Humiliated. Her head bowed. This most intimate act forced upon her instead of shared lovingly.

That evening Bailey rolls with me as we make love in my bed. She seems quite excited to have shared her humiliation with me.


At twenty six Catherine had struck out, again on her own. This time determined to put her magic skills to use. She had gotten her bearings. Learning more about the wider world even as the baker regularly abused her.

Eventually she was hired as a seer for a powerful Dwarf stonemason. He seemed quite pleased to take her on. She didn’t think to ask why such a man would need a seer.

She soon learned that he was the leader of a crime syndicate. That part of her job was to make sure people spoke the truth. Or to find it when it was hidden.

She also soon found that, once again her body was to be included.

She was talking to him in his lounge three weeks after first coming on. Proud to be treated like a valued employee. Dressed neck to floor in a plain brown robe with a short red cape off one shoulder and a pointy red wizard’s hat.

Suddenly he yanked her down onto his lap. His hands quickly and eagerly exploring.

“No!what are you...” She started to protest.

“Hush now, trinket! You’d not have me turn you into the mages guild for unlicensed craft. Would you?” He threatened.

The girl froze. It was true. Her whole life had been spent outside the guild. They took a dim view of unlicensed practitioners.

His hairy hand pulled her robe up well past her knee. Showing off her shapely legs. “Besides, we both know this is your proper place.” His fingers crawled up her inner thighs. She gasped as he groped her through her linen shorts.

‘Is it true?’ She wondered as his lips covered hers. His tongue tasted of cigars and expensive ale. She moaned as his hand tore her underwear to get at her soft peach. His fingers pushed into her wet pussy.

After that she was ordered to dress like an exotic dancer. Skimpy outfits of silk and lace. Always offering tantalizing glimpses of her beautiful body.

The perverted dwarf loved to fuck the human girl any way he desired. Though he loved even more to humiliate and defile her.

His favorite was to share her body with goblins. The cruel little men did shadow work for the crime lord. They were all too happy to tear her scant clothing off and molest her beautiful body for her grinning boss.

The black haired mage would docily get on all fours. Her ass in the air, her cheek to the floor to show submission.

From one cruel master to another, she continued to live her life as a whore. A toy for men to use.


We started patrolling the farms that surround the town. The plan was to try to catch any thieves that might sneak their way in. Or fight any larger band of raiders that didn’t run away at first sight.

Kara had commissioned some new weapons from a couple smiths in town. The goblins were hard at work on the small workshop they had set up in the inn’s stables. And the girls had started seeing horny Dwarf clients.

We continue to be shadowed by small groups of goblins. Though they don’t come close to the city and they run away even when approached by Gort or one of his men.

I made a rule that the princesses are not allowed outside the city walls. I don’t think they even noticed. Much too caught up in their workshop, and the fascinating sights the city has to offer.

Our patrols are usually ten man teams. Eight goblins and two bigger folk.

On more than one occasion we have spied raiders. Orcs, but these look ragged compared to Karagoth. They look scrawny and shifty. Not like mighty warriors.

At the beginning of our second week of patrols we are patrolling the furthest farms. It’s where we spend most of our time as that’s where the worst trouble is. Mitzi has proven to be a valuable asset. She flys pretty high to scout for me.

Suddenly the beautiful fairy lands on my shoulder and gives my cheek a kiss. “Orcs!” And she points in a direction.

We double time through a small woods. Past signs of logging and trapping, to find them on the other side.

They are chopping through the wooden wall that surrounds the main farm buildings to get at one of the outlying farms. Dwarves shooting at them with crossbows.

We march up on them from behind. Instead of scattering they turn to engage us. A dozen Orcs laughing at the goblins that they are sure would turn and run at the first sign of a fight.

I can’t help but grin at their shocked looks as we crash into them. The boys fight in pairs to watch each other’s backs. I swing my nice steel sword. The magic crystal one is safely back at the inn. I swing and cut down the first Orc to square off with me. His short sword shattering on mine.

On this patrol I’m partnered with one of the big Chokwa brothers. He knocks a short Orc aside with his club to get at their big leader.

He had face tattoos and dark green skin and stands near six feet tall. Maybe a foot taller than his followers. Still coming up short against my blue lizard.

The orcs begin to panic when my goblin boys refuse to tremble in terror. When the Chokwa bashes their leader’s skull in they break and run. Only two actually making it as crossbow quarrels fired by the farmers. take down three of the fleeing green skins.

We take one prisoner back to the city. Another dying on the way.

In the evening I lay on my bed naked. My cock hard as I slowly stroked it and watched the beautiful fairy.

Mitzi kneels, naked in a saucer of honey on my chest. She spreads the sweets all over her silver body. bathing in it. Golden ooze dripping from her silver skin.

When she is fully covered I pick her up and lick and suck her clean as she giggles and moans.

She easily comes to orgasm as she rubs her tiny puss against my tongue. Sometimes straddling my mouth, sometimes on her hands and knees while I lean in and lick her from behind. Her musical screams are a delight to my ears. Then she moves back to cover herself again.

After we have used up the honey she hugs my dick and uses her whole body to give me a tug job.

I moan my pleasure as I watch the tiny woman’s silver ass moving up and down. Soon my balls clench as I cum all over the fairy. It nearly smothers her jet black hair. She grins as she licks some of it up. Then flutters off to get a washcloth.

I was getting ready to leave Snamnir’s office. The prisoner had died of his questioning by the Dwarves.

He claimed to be a member of a poor mountain tribe. Brought here by a powerful sorcerer. They have a camp up in the mountains where they are mining.

“Well, we haven’t seen any evidence of a magic user. Yet.” I tell the sheriff. He nods slowly. “Patrols are one thing. Taking down a caster isn’t in our contract.”

“Could you do it?” He asks.

I nod. “Probably. We have before. I’d want to know what we were getting into though. And it wouldn’t be cheap.”

Now it’s his turn to nod. “Why don’t I walk you back to your inn?” He stands and throws his cloak over a shoulder.

Snamnir has been one of our most frequent customers. For their part, the girls have been quite open to the whole prostitution idea.

Amanatia told me it wasn’t much different from what they were already doing and it gave them a way to bring in some coin for the group.

When we step in to the common room the sheriff bids me good night and wanders over to Miso. While I head to my room.

I’ve barely closed the door when there is a knock. I smile as I open to find Gertrude. The mature woman smiling back.

“Have time for a fat old woman?” She asks gently caressing her ample cleavage.

“For you, I’ll make time.” I pull her into an embrace. Shoving the door closed with my foot as we kiss.

The mature woman pulls her low cut blouse down. Letting her big floppy tits tumble out. Before I can grab them she drops to her knees.

I take a deep, wonderful breath as she pulls my pants down. Taking my cock and sucking it to hardness.

When she stands her dress is off before she reaches the bed. I make her lay back, but just on the edge. I pull my shirt off. Then I grab her ankles together and lift straight up so her big ass is revealed.

Gertrude groans with pleasure and pain as I slap her bottom. I rub my hard cock against her thick thigh as I punish the older woman.

When her ass is nice and red I release her legs and climb on top of her. My dick slides easily into her wet twat. I grip and squeeze her big tits as I thrust. Nibbling on her hard nipples and sucking on them like sweets. The mature woman moaning and gasping as we fuck.

After I cum deep inside her we lay snuggling. She coos softly against my chest half falling asleep. Soon we will head down for dinner. First though, I think a round two.


Catherine learned much about the underbelly of society from her Dwarven master. Most of all, she learned to be ruthless. No one would ever give her an easy pass, she realized. From her they would only take.

As her magic grew, so to did her influence. She left the Dwarf gurgling in a pool of his own frozen blood, and traveled to a new city. One where she worked for a number of unsavory clients.

Her price was high, but she gained a reputation as someone who could get things done.

She found she continued to wear her slutty outfits. At first she had sought to return to heavy robes. But found them uncomfortable. Or...that’s what she told herself. Then she told herself that sexy clothes were a way to take back her sexuality.

That may have been partly true. It was also true that part of her yearned to be seen as a sex object. To be demeaned and humiliated.

She found herself frequenting an Orc tavern. One where she would play the passive human. She needed to feed this dark desire once or twice a week.

Catherine would let the biggest or ugliest Orc take her for the evening. Usually openly stripping her before the whole room. Often fucking her right there. Like a common whore.

She would be forced over a table and fucked from behind. Held down while his friends used her too. She would whimper as her asscheeks were spread apart and Orc cocks burned their way up her rear, the green men laughing above her.

She would spend time on her knees. Under a table. Sucking green dick. Licking their sweaty balls.

She would be tied to a stained bed upstairs. Cruel Orcs standing in line to fuck her through a long night. Her body would be sore, bruised, and exhausted for days.

Yet she kept going back. Part of her craved the sexual abuse.


“You’re sure about this?” I demanded.

The Goblin warrior’s name is Crom. He leads the band of scouts that had been following us. Gort looks nervous for vouching for him. But the little man is not easily conned.

Crom wears a chain mail shirt, small iron helm and iron tipped boots. He brandished a plain shield and heavy axe. All his gear looks to be in good shape. Well kept, though I am no expert.

His group of fifteen Goblins say they have spotted a large band of Orcs heading to the outlying farms.

We have gathered most of our forces and Snamnir has some thirty heavily armored Dwarf warriors of his own. We are starting the march out of town. If this is a trap we will head into it prepared.

The town should be able to hold off an attack if we are wrong about this. Long enough for us to get back. The walls are sturdy and so are its citizens.

I march with Gort for a ways. “They aren’t going to kidnap one of the princesses. Are they?” I ask of Crom and his men.

The little green man shakes his head. “No, boss. I don’t think so.”

“They are the ones who were following us?”

He nods. “He just wanted to make sure you were the real deal. That you wasn’t beating us and the like.” Gort explains. “Word is gettin’ around. Least, it is among the warrens.”

We march steadily for a few hours before we see smoke. One of the farms on fire. The Orcs still raiding the buildings.

I hear a horn blow from the farm when we spot them. No way to hide a force our size. Not out here anyway.

Instead of running, the Orcs begin to line up to face us. The majority of our troops are goblins, easily visible even from this distance.

They probably think my boys will crumble at the first sign of blood.

As we approach I marvel again at how different these Orcs are to Kara. Scrawny and jittery. They look more like bandits than soldiers.

The Orcs scream as they run at us. “Steady boys.” I try to calmly assure my men. A couple arrows arch overhead to land in our back rows. More are fired at the armored Dwarves. At some ten yards out two of the thunderbusts fire. The sound nearly dwarfing the Orc battlecry. A handful of the raiders are knocked off their feet. Not killed I think, though.

Then we are fighting. My sword flashes as I slice an Orc, and another. Once again it feels natural in my hand. As if I had trained to fight my whole life. Not just in desperation over the last few months.

I can hear the crackle of magic coming from the Orc mob, and I head in that direction. Pushing and slicing my way through the scrum.

I spot a grey haired Orc. With wrinkled skin and missing teeth. He grins as he zaps another Goblin. A strange snake made of electricity seems to be wrapped around him.

Should have brought my magic sword.

I cut one of the mage’s bodyguards, then kick him aside as he tries to recover. Only to find the old Orc grinning at me.

I lift my blade in a vain attempt to block whatever is coming. Then I clench it in my hand as my muscles lock. The electricity crackles around me. Drowning out the sound of battle. Burning my flesh. After it passes I drop to my knees. Still alive but in great pain.

I can see the bodyguard out of the corner of my eye. The one I had kicked. He raises his sword as the mage turns to a different target. The threat I posed gone.

I feel more than hear the ‘THUMP’ the bodyguard goes flying. Big, blue Harper is there with her giant mace. Her tail whipping in anger.

Hanatal close to her side. Aiming her thunderbust at the unsuspecting mage.

The musket shot I definitely hear as I slump over. Moments from passing out. I grin as I see the old Orc’s magical shield flare out under the Goblin girl’s barrage.

Hannah was the only princess I allowed to come. She had loudly insisted. Claiming she was the only one qualified to test the gun modifications in combat.

Things go black for a moment. Then I’m laying on my back. Harper sands like a mountain above me. Blood dripping from her mace. I hear another thunderbust shot from nearby.

Arizaza kneels above me. “Better?” The snake girl asks grinning. Mitzi looks down on me concerned from her place on the shaman’s shoulder.

“Y...yeah. Yeah, I think so.” I sit up. My head spinning a bit.

“Maybe you should work on healing for a bit.” Ari suggests. I nod, feeling really weak.

The battle looks mostly over anyway. Possibly the loss of their mage was the beginning of the end. I use my own scant magics to heal wounded Goblins. Soon Crom is following me around. Watching as I get my men back on their feet.

“You are a healer?” He finally asks.

I nod. “Of Goblins anyway. Doesn’t seem to work on others.”

“Hobgoblin.” He looks up at me with a strang

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LaMar and Leon (what Just Happened part 2)

After ‘Master’ left me chained there, in what you would have to call and I now realized was a dungeon, I started to panic. I had not wanted to and had been able to avoid dealing with thinking about what master had subjected me to, fucking my ass and not just making me suck on his huge cock, but swallow his cum and then thank him for using me that way. But now left alone, still chained to the floor, the reality was starting to sink in. How was I going to get out and what had happened to my friends...


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My dad sat there and watched

When I was 16 and almost 17 my father remarried and to a lovely and very buxom wife, much larger tits than mom has by far and he says that’s one of her many qualities too, she’s a great cook and loves to have fun of all kinds. Well I’m away for the summer when all this happens, I instruct in computer sciences at the local high school, seems I have a natural knack for it for some weird reason, I see code in my head or something like that and I’m always doing four or five things at once on...


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The Rules of Detention

18 year old Derek sat in the middle of a semi-full daytime classroom. He was tired of his bitch teacher assigning twenty pages of homework every night. She always acted like she was up on some high horse. He glanced at his classmates around him, who most were scrambling to get their homework completed before the teacher walked in. He hated that the homework was becoming a problem with his ability to play football. His coach told him that unless he got his grades up, he would soon find himself benched until they got up to a B average. He didn't...


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Farmer's Daughter - Part 1 & 2

Author's Note: This one is not a romance story, please look elsewhere if that is what you are seeking Part 1 - Caught At first, I couldn't believe my ears. As I walked around tending livestock and crops, I heard the soft moans of a female coming from the barn. Several bicycles were laying on the ground nearby. When I peeked inside through a crack in the wooden barn door, I also couldn't believe my eyes. There was my sweet little sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth, naked on all fours on the ground. She was surrounded by half a dozen teenage...


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Shacking Up

Shacking Up Holly turned onto the gravel road the led to her private lake and breathed a sigh of relief. Parking beside the big oak where she always did, she was just a few yards from the lake. Just above was her shack. She could have built a mansion here if she wanted to, but the shack that was here when she first acquired the property over twenty years ago. It was at first a place for fun and games with her first lover. Now it was her refuge from the corporate world and it was private, far off the main...


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Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 3, Part 2

Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 3, Part 2 By The Technician BDSM FFF/F D/s / Mild / Exhibitionism / Consensual Slavery / F/F / Snow / Cold / Humiliation / Electro-sex = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Four young college girls on a skiing vacation have to find other things to do when an excess ofnew snow traps them in their cabin. This is the fourth in this series and describes an interesting day of skiing on almost deserted slopes. It might make...


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Reunited at last

So I've been away from my girlfriend for a month now and it's been killing me we have had a very active sex life and my hand just isn't the same as her wonderful wet tight pussy, i'm finally on my way back to her and boy do I have a surprise for her. I pull into her apartment complex before she had planned on me arriving I send her a text say it will be another hour till I get there and I get pic message of her in a sexy green teddy I bought her that has a green...


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