My dad sat there and watched

My dad sat there and watched

When I was 16 and almost 17 my father remarried and to a lovely and very buxom wife, much larger tits than mom has by far and he says that’s one of her many qualities too, she’s a great cook and loves to have fun of all kinds.
Well I’m away for the summer when all this happens, I instruct in computer sciences at the local high school, seems I have a natural knack for it for some weird reason, I see code in my head or something like that and I’m always doing four or five things at once on them.
Well anyways so when I get back dad and Monica are there as expected, she’s as lovely as he says and her tits are even bigger than he says.
If I can I’ll describe what I see in her, she’s a brunette, stands maybe 5’6” or so, maybe 140 lbs and I believe most of that are tits.
Her tits, awe, I could look at those monsters all day and when she and dad are wrestling they bounce all over the place and jiggle as she’s laughing at one of his jokes or being tickled as they love to do to one another.
As we started living together it was obvious that I needed to see her tits bare at all cost?
I found one of her bras in the laundry basket, seems she knows all too well about teenage guys and has been very diligent in keeping her things in their room and not lying around for me to look at but this time was a bit different, she had laundry going and dad calls needing something he forgot and without thinking she grabs it and leaves leaving her laundry going and for me to look at.
When I picked it up it was huge, I looked it over very slowly never seeing one so huge.
I found the little size tag near the clasp and unfolding it I saw 42e, my jaw dropped and my cock got hard, I needed to jerk off but I could use her bra, that’s too obvious so I went to their room and finding her dresser I grabbed a pair of her panties from the back of the drawer and carefully putting the others back the way I found them I closed the drawer and went to my room to look over my prize that I was going to fill up quickly.
When I got inside I thought I’d closed my door all the way but I guess in my haste to jerk off I didn’t.
I stripped down and picking up the dainty panties I looked at them, they were very sheer and blue in color, perfect I thought and I could envision her wearing these around the house and nothing else and that made it easy to jerk off to and from that moment on she was my vision to jerk off too for the next week.
While I was putting the fourth load into the panties she came up the stairs and passing my door saw me, she must have stopped to see because when she finally came in asking what I was doing with her panties you pervert she sees my 7 ½” cock in my hand and stops her yelling and smiles saying damn Kevin, you’re somewhat bigger than your father and I thought he was hung, umm, now let’s see what we have here and she comes over to me and kneeling down in front of me she takes my cock and is looking it over carefully.
She sees her cum filled panties and looking up at me with a slight smile says you’ve been a bad boy using my panties to jerk off all at lovely cum into when you should have been putting it into my hot pussy, it’s so wet right now and needing a good fucking.
I said you’re joking right?
She smiled taking my shaft into her mouth and sucking me off into her mouth, she shows me my load then proceeds in swallowing it and licking her lips and the head of my shaft saying does this look like I’m joking?
I helped her up, I started taking off her clothes as she stood there, she says have you ever had sex before?
I said no, but I’m positive you can teach me what I need to do and know.
She says umm a young stud that wants to learn, I can do this and when she’s nude she starts in teaching me about how to touch a woman and how to lick and suck on a woman, finally after what seemed to be an eternity she lets be fuck her and fuck her I do.
I put five loads into her pussy, one more into her mouth and wanted her ass but she says that will be my graduation present ok?
I smiled saying ok, so, when can we do this again and she looks at my shaft, giggling saying I’m guessing right now but is there anything left in those balls of yours, I have taken seven loads so far you know?
I said let’s find out and I pushed her back onto the bed and with a squeal of glee she spreads her legs and I re-insert my cock into her and pound her for a good ten minutes doing her missionary and then doggy before letting go another load.
By this time I’m now drained for the time being, she’s got a river of cum flowing from her puss and she’s giggling like a school girl saying wait until your father sees us, he’ll go fucking nuts.
I looked at her, she says you don’t know do you, surely you do, he’s told me when we first started having sex, he hasn’t then, wow, ok, well your father loves watching me being fucked by other guys and then he dearly and truly loves licking their cum out of my cunt afterwards, I go yuck, gross, she giggles saying well maybe to you but it turns him on so much that he fucks me four times after that and then again licks his cum out of me sending me thru the roof.
It’s then that it hits me, I say so you’re telling me that we can fuck all we want and dad doesn’t care?
Is that what you’re saying to me, please say that’s it?
She giggles saying that’s exactly right, so, from now on whenever you want or I need your cock in me, which by what just happened and the amount to gave me is going to be lots of times it’s all good with your father and he will want to watch us and then he’ll lick me out and you can fill me back up, how good is that?
I nearly passed out with excitement and Monica says you ought to have been on our honeymoon, it was glorious.
I had at one time three guys fucking me in every hole and your father was over in a chair watching us and then he came over and after they left he licked almost every drop including the cum in my ass out of me, I came so hard I actually passed out from it.
I said damn and I smiled saying MOM, she giggled saying oh no you don’t mister, no mom bull shit for me, it’s Monica or slut even, I even sometimes like whore but never ever mom ok?
I laughed saying yes Monica and I drew that out and she giggled saying oh you.
I fucked her three more times that day and we stopped so I could refill my balls for later tonight when dad got home and he could join in.
She even showed me how to titty fuck her and that in itself was a thrill, it’s like a blow job but she uses her massive tits to hold my cock and when I blow, it goes into her mouth and some on her face, some in her hair but she doesn’t care, she loves the feeling of it and I must admit, so do I.
That evening when he got home we both her dressed as normal, but instead of being an uneasiness as we had had there was a more open feeling there.
Later that evening as bedtime came around Monica gave me a wink and that was my signal to go to my room, strip and wait for them, they’d be up shortly so that gave me time to shower and get ready.
It was the longest hour I’d ever waited in my short life, it seemed like they were going to have sex in the livingroom by what I heard but when I eventually heard them coming up the steps as quietly as they could I knew it was going to be soon.
They took their shower and I knew dad was fucking her in there, she said they both love doing it in there and so I still waited, soon the shower turned off and that was my signal to wait five more minutes and then come into the room nude and wait to see what was going to happen next.
She assured me that dad wouldn’t blow a gasket, he would probably look at us both, either smile or nod his head in approval and then we could fuck all night long if we decided too, he’d either watch for a time and then go to bed or he’d watch, lick and then go to your bed either way you’re sleeping with me tonight and fucking me whenever you want too is that understood?
I smiled saying completely.
When I opened the door there was Monica sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from the door, she was waiting for me, I opened the door and dad seeing me nude, looks and then I guess a light went off and he says ok, that’s fine by me, let’s do this and he gets up walking to a chair in their room and sitting down he opens his legs and starts slowly stroking his cock and then what he does next is mind boggling, he takes his finger and slide it into his asshole and is fingering it like he’s being fucked.
I looked at Monica, she’s wiggling her finger for me to come to her and I do.
She lets me get onto the bed and then she attacks my cock sucking me and licking me, she then mounts me and rides me until she cums then me over and over again, giving her four loads before she looks at dad smiling, he now gets up, wipes his finger off on a washcloth from the bathroom door and walks over to her, she’s lying on her back with her legs spread really wide and he comes up between them and starts licking my cum out of her pussy.
I’m now hard again and Monica is in heaven being eaten out she looks at me, sees me hard and says let me suck your cock and so I kneel before her and she starts licking me and sucking me until she gets her prize inside her mouth.
When she’s done I said it’s graduation day and she looks at me, smiles saying I do believe you’re right and she taps dad on his shoulder saying I’m turning over, wait a moment and she gets on her hands and knees allowing dad to lie under her and is now licking her pussy as I come up behind her, she hands me a jar of Vaseline saying use this and so I smear some on me and some in her asshole.
I insert my cock and start fucking her as dad is licking her cunt and she’s going nuts, she’s cumming so hard that dad is having trouble licking it all out as it floods into his mouth.
He’s so hard that he’s stroking his cock as he’s eating her out and as I cum into her ass he’s blowing a load all over my ass and legs.
We both groan with that orgasm, Monica is lying there panting hard as are we.
Dad is still going at her pussy and I’m going limp inside her ass.
I pull out and she’s smiling back at me, she turns back over and dad looks at her saying damn baby, that was hot, you’ve never cum that hard before, you must really like Kevin’s cock inside you?
She smiles caressing his face saying umm, it’s wonderful, my two men are going to make this a very happy place to live in, I feel that right now.
Dad says well feel this and he slide up between her legs and fucks her pussy as I’m heading for the bathroom to wash my cock and go to bed.
As I cum out of the bathroom dad is unloading into her, she sees me, frowns, I smiles mouthing it’s ok as I head back to my room to fall fast asleep knowing that this is going to be one hell of a marriage in this house.

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