The Island, Chapter 40

The Island, Chapter 40

Chapter 40

It was almost dinnertime when I got back to camp, and the cooks were hard at work with the fish caught by Do Hun’s class this morning. Whatever they were making, it was starting to smell good. I watched the cheerleaders chopping fruit for a moment, enjoying the play of their lithe young bodies under their skimpy clothing. My ogling was rewarded by the brief flash of my favorite cheerleader’s entire right tit, visible through the oversized armhole of her tank top, as she dumped some papaya into a bucket. God, was she beautiful. I watched, entranced, as the heavy orb, nicely tanned and tipped with its succulent fat nipple, swayed back and forth as she worked. I really needed to talk to her, and at least find out her name. Something always seemed to come up and prevent me from getting to know her, however. Sure enough, just as I made up my mind to walk over and strike up a conversation, circumstances proved me right once again.

“Dave! There you are,” Janie’s voice called to me. She strode up to my side and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Come sit with me and Patricia. See if you can help me cheer her up.”
Taking my arm, she pulled me toward her hut.

“So what was the whole argument with Horace about?” I asked, giving one more forlorn glance at the lovely teen goddess over my shoulder as I walked away from her.

“Oh, it’s stupid, but tragic, too. They really like each other, but she was trying to indicate to him she wanted a physical relationship, and things stalled. It turns out he has some issues, uh, ‘raising the flag’ if you know what I mean. He’s too embarrassed to even try something with her. Even though she told him she wouldn’t mind if it didn’t work out. I guess his pride is too much to swallow. She got really mad he wouldn’t even try and now they won't speak to each other.”

“That’s rough. I’m sure he’s horribly ashamed of the problem. After all, it totally undermines your masculinity.” I shuddered to think what my life would be like if I couldn’t get it up.

“But shouldn’t he give it a go? I mean what’s he got to lose?”

“His dignity,” I said. “And the last shred of hope that he could perform. At least right now he can imagine he might come through in a pinch. If he tries to make it with Patricia and can’t, he’s humiliated for real. Performance anxiety would set in and he’d never get over it.”

“I guess,” she said doubtfully. “It still seems a shame.”

“I think the only comparable situation for a woman would be finding out you can’t have children. It would seem like your total reason for being just got taken away. I know that’s not true in either case, but it sure must seem like it.”

“Hmmm,” she pondered, but didn’t reply.

By this time, we had arrived at the hut. I greeted Patricia, who did indeed seem a little morose, as Janie and I sat down. I tried to take her mind off her issues, and attempted to figure out from her accent where she was born. I guessed Massachusetts, but she shook her head, the ghost of a smile gracing her pretty face.

“I was born in Maine, and grew up there until I was 18. I had a great childhood. I was a passionate sailor, and actually won a couple of regattas locally. Finally I had had enough of our cold, foggy corner of the world, and decided to head out on my own after high school.”

“I got a job as crew on a sailing yacht for this rich guy who used to summer at Kennebunkport. I’m not bragging, but that was no mean feat for a girl in those days. But I was good, and good looking, so that helped. Those were the days,” she sighed.

“I’ve got news for you, lady” I said. “You’re still good looking.” And I meant it. I wasn’t sure how old she was, but given that her hair was grey, I figured she must be around 60. You wouldn’t know it from her face, however, since she had terrific bone structure, and had a robust, outdoorsy look to her, with tan skin, and just enough lines at the corners of her eyes to give her character. Her hair suited her; if she had colored it I think it would have looked fake, like she was trying to be something she wasn’t. It was wavy and fairly short. Her cut must have been well planned out, because even after almost three weeks on the island it still looked elegant.
Her body was amazing as well—thin, athletic, and muscular, with excellent muscle definition and no flab or jiggle to be seen. I hoped I would be in as good shape when I was her age.

My sincerity, no doubt accentuated by the quick once-over I had just given her, must have been obvious, for she smiled brilliantly and seemed to relax a little. Maybe she had harbored some niggling feeling that Horace had declined her advances because she wasn’t attractive enough. I could have assured her that was unlikely. Her icy grey eyes, now glinting with amusement, peered at me down her patrician nose, and I returned her smile.

“So where did you sail to?” asked Janie curiously.

“Oh, where didn’t we,” she said. “Let’s see. First we spent some time in the Caribbean. We wintered over on Mustique, and stayed for a couple of months in the spring until the owner could take another break from his business and return to enjoy a little island hopping. Then he had us sail to the Med, while he returned to the states for a few months. I got to experience Italy and Greece, and Cyprus, too. In between his visits, we didn’t have to do anything but take turns maintaining the yacht. So we had a lot of down time.

“I had a few flings with some of the crew, and a couple of swarthy, brooding local boys. It was a great time for a young woman with no attachments or cares. The next winter we had to have the boat in Fiji, so he could explore the South Pacific when the mood struck him. We were actually there for over a year, because he kept leaving and coming back. He really loved the place. I did, too. It’s magical. Have either of you ever been? Tahiti? Bora Bora? Moorea?”

“No,” I said.

Janie agreed. “It sounds wonderful, though,” she said wistfully.

“It was,” Patricia said, reminiscing. “So much so that when the yacht left after the season, I stayed behind. I got a job with a charter company, and sailed the islands for the next couple of years.”

“That sounds awesome!” said Janie. “I’m so jealous of how you followed your dreams like that.
I’ve only been out of the US once before this, and that was to Cancun.”

“You’re still young yet,” the older woman said with a smile. “And we’re on a pretty amazing adventure right now.”

“I guess you’re right,” said Janie, grabbing my elbow and holding it tightly to her. “I’ve told Dave that as stressful as this whole crazy journey has been, we’re not so bad off here. I’m almost glad it happened.”

“So when did you decide to become a flight attendant?” I asked.

“After a couple of years the charter company folded due to mismanagement. A friend of mine who was a pilot recruited me to provide cabin service for a small inter-island airline. It was all prop planes; some seaplanes, too. I did that for a year or so, then decided I missed the US. Some of my connections in the flying community got me hooked up with one of the major carriers back home, and I’ve been doing that ever since. I like it because I can choose my routes, and I get to see the world and meet new people.”

“Does it bother you not having roots anywhere?” Janie asked.

“Not really. I still occasionally visit my hometown. Since my parents passed away I actually own the house in Maine I grew up in. There’re still people there who knew me when I was a little girl. That’s enough roots for me.”

“You’re a pretty remarkable woman, Patricia,” I told her. “Always chasing the next frontier.”

“I don’t know about that, but I have been thinking about one frontier lately.”

“What’s that?”

“I want to try to build a sailing rig for the raft. We could eventually build a dugout sailing canoe, but that’s a lot of work. I figure we could rig some sails for the raft a lot easier and explore the area.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Janie enthused.

“I agree,” I told her. “I remember seeing a smudge on the horizon from the top of the mountain and thinking it might be another island. If we had a solid boat, I bet we could get there.”

“First things first,” she cautioned. “We need to practice how to make sails, and make them work on the raft. Once we get that down, maybe circumnavigate the island, then we can think about a real boat.”

“Agreed,” I said.

“How are we going to make sails?” Janie asked, a frown of concentration on her face.

“The way the Polynesians do,” Patricia answered. “Pandanus matting.”

“What’s that?” I asked, unfamiliar with the term.

“The palms that we used to thatch the huts,” she answered. “We can weave strips of the leaves into matting, and then stitch them together into sails. I know how to do it. I was in a traditional sailing club in the islands. We made our own boats from scratch and raced them from island to island.”

“That is so cool,” said Janie. “We can have a whole fleet!”

“One boat at a time, Admiral Scarlatti,” I laughed. “I have a feeling it takes a lot of work to build a boat from scratch.”

“It does,” Patricia agreed. “But we have a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands. You’d be surprised how fast it will go.”

“All right, it’s settled,” Janie said definitively. “We’ll start on some sails tomorrow, so we can get the raft ready for sailing as soon as possible.”

The cooks were apparently done with the fish, for we heard the dinner bell ring and rose to our feet. Patricia said her good evenings and headed to the mess hall with a renewed sense of purpose and a much better demeanor than an hour earlier.

“This is kind of exciting,” Janie said. “I’m looking forward to the whole boat project. I think I’ll talk to Dkembe about cancelling academic classes for a couple of days in favor of some hands-on work in tools, construction, sail-making, and boat building. We’ll get the whole community involved.”

“Sounds good. But I’ve been thinking, we also need to have a sex-ed class. With the way things are going around here we’re gonna have a bunch of pregnant teens if we don’t teach them some responsible behavior.” I steered her toward the food as she nodded agreement. “Now let’s eat. I’m hungry and I have a lot to tell you about from earlier.”

“If it’s about the contest on the nude beach,” she said with a grin, “I heard about it.”

“It’s partly that, but some other stuff, too. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Now I had her interest, and she pestered me to tell her about it while we walked to get our food, but I made her wait. Instead I insisted we sit with the Africans. We chatted about inconsequential matters while we polished off the fish soup and some of Onyeka’s flatbread.

I finally made the effort to learn the children’s names. Onyeka’s two were Kgalefa, the boy, and Boitumelo, the girl.

“The names mean ‘brave’ and ‘joy’ in English,” she informed me.

“That’s beautiful,” said Janie. “I wish we had more descriptive names in America. I couldn’t bring myself to name Jared anything too out there. By then I was out of the commune and I thought he might get teased if he were called ‘Moonchild’ or something like that.”

“My boy is Tau, ‘the lion,’” said Falani proudly. “And my daughter is Tapiwa, which means ‘gift’.”

I bent down to peer at the smiling toddler, peeking out from behind his mother. “Are you a lion, little man? Can you roar?”

He gave a fearsome little growl, setting the whole group to laughing. I gave him a high five.

“Nice! I think you’ll scare off any animals in the night with that.” I turned to the little girl, who had her thumb in her mouth. “And you certainly are a wonderful gift for your mother. I can see why she named you that.” The shy cutie hid her face in her mother’s skirt, but not before a big smile split her dark countenance.

We talked with them for a while longer as the evening wore on, then the two mothers got up, informing us they needed to prepare their yawning youngsters for bed. We wished them good night as they, Dkembe, and Adede headed back to their shelter. Janie got Dkembe to approve the changes in school curriculum for the next few days before he left.

Now that we were alone, I was able to fill Janie in on the events of earlier. We discussed the remarkable contest we had both missed, and compared it to the one we had witnessed at the field hockey camp. A chorus of girlish laughter and whoops of delight interrupted us, and we looked across the mess hall to the other group left there after our evening meal.

A gaggle of teen girls, consisting of members of the cheer squad, TKD team, and field hockey players, were deep into an animated discussion. It became apparent as they continued in their excited voices that they were also discussing the morning’s events.

Janie smirked at me. “That contest sure got our young friends over there juiced up. I bet if you walked into the middle of that group right now they’d attack you.”

That thought gave me quite a jolt! Under the influence of a brief vision of my naked body getting ravished by a pack of horny teen girls, my dormant dick finally began stirring after its afternoon siesta.

Janie must have sensed the direction of my thoughts, for she said, “Does that get you revved up? I can go over there and tell them I’m remanding you into their custody. I’d pay good money to watch them have a go at you.”

I was sweating a little bit by then. “Uh, maybe not right now. That might seem a little forward. I don’t want to freak them out and make them think I’m some kind of creeper.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. I’ve heard them talking about you. Most of them are jonesing for that big cock of yours. They’re not shrinking violets.”

“I’ll think about it. I wanted to finish telling you about my afternoon.” I then entertained her with the tale of the two horny stewardesses and the fun we had had in the clearing.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” she breathed. “Who new Jill had such a nasty streak?”

“I know,” I agreed. “She really enjoys a little pain with her pleasure. I surprised myself by getting into it as much as I did.”

“Eh, we all have a little aggression in us. Finding a healthy way to let it out is good for you.”
I then proceeded to narrate the events in the water after my session with Sharon and Jill, culminating in us watching Alison and John screwing their brains out on the beach.

“Shit, Dave,” she said. “I’d think you’d be ready for some teen pussy after all that.”

“Well, I did need a little recharging time, but I must say telling you about this sure has Mr. Happy happy again.” She giggled, reaching into my lap to confirm his status.

“If he’s happy, I’m happy,” she said in a throaty voice. I was just on the verge of forgetting the nearby teens, slipping into the deep pools of Janie’s eyes and envisioning an evening of fun to come, when a particularly loud cheer erupted from the girls.

We looked over to see what the commotion was, and saw that Tran had arrived, bearing a bundle of herbs for the food stores. I had heard she, Truk, Anjali, and Gabrielle had agreed to be the next cooks. She must have been picking some supplies familiar to her for our next meal.
“Here comes Tran, the champion!” I heard Hannah yell. The other girls took up the chorus, and the slight Vietnamese woman looked a little embarrassed, but pleased, at the reception she was getting. She and her daughter had been fairly quiet and unassuming the entire time we had spent on the island so far, and I think she was a little taken aback at suddenly being the object of attention. She smiled however, and appeared to make the most of her newfound popularity.

“Hello, ladies,” she said in her soft voice. “How are you tonight?”

“We’re awesome!” I heard Yasmine say. “But we’d be more awesome if you told us how to take care of boys like you can. We could get them to do anything for us if we had skills like yours.”

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn agreed. “What’s your secret? I heard you had Stu exploding in, like, one minute flat.”

“More like two minute. He not a little boy to be so easy,” the Asian woman replied with a smile, stowing her cooking supplies around the fire pit for the next day.

“Can you teach us how to do that?” I head a distinctly younger voice say. I glanced over to the crowd of girls, and did a double take when I saw Mackenzie amongst them, asking the question.

Janie must have been thinking along the same lines as me, for she murmured, “Well there’s one who wants to get an early start with the boys. I guess the little appetizer you shared with her whetted her appetite for more.”

I didn’t reply; I was transfixed with the idea of lovely young Mackenzie slowly stroking my rigid cock to ejaculation while staring at me with her cornflower-blue eyes. Oh, man, wouldn’t that be something! My mind edited the vision slightly, making her naked, and the thought of her ripening body nude and horny in front of me, pulled from the memory of the one time I had seen her unclothed, had Mr. Happy very happy, indeed.

“No boy to teach you with,” Tran said matter-of-factly, causing the girls to groan.

“We can find someone,” said Missy. “That’s not a problem.”

“I think I might have a candidate,” Janie called to them.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, feeling like I was about to be tossed into the lion’s den.

“Helping you get your head out of your ass,” she murmured. “You know you want it; you’re just too much of a wuss.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong there. I certainly had a mile-long hard-on at present.

“Hey, there’s Dave!” called out Toni. “You can use him.” I was a little surprised, and gratified she’d gotten over her fear of men so quickly. I guess she was feeling well-supported in the midst of this horny little sisterhood.

“Yeah, let’s use Dave!” Kaitlyn agreed with a smile.

“I don’t know if I want to be used, ladies,” I said with mock indignation. “I might volunteer my services, but don’t make me into an object, it hurts my feelings.”

Ashley and Lily blew simultaneous raspberries as the rest of the girls burst into laughter. “Oh, come on, seriously?” said Hannah with a smirk. “We know you pretty well by now. You’re terminally horny and we know you get off on younger girls.”

“Well, that’s a pretty concise description, Dave,” Janie said with a smile. “They seem to have gotten to know you well in the last three weeks.”

“Enough talking!” Kaitlyn yelled. “We want to see dick!”

The girls all began cheering, and even Janie joined in. I looked around the beach uneasily. We were right in the middle of camp, and I didn’t want to become a spectacle for the entire community. Fortunately, the pile of supplies next to the fire pit blocked off our activities from half of the campsites. Hopefully the assembled girls would shield me from the rest.

“Take it off!” whooped Lily.

“Yeah!” agreed Ashley. “Let’s go!”

I scowled at Janie. “I can’t believe you got me into this. Whatever she teaches you, I’m going to expect you to repeat on demand for the next week.”

She laughed prettily. “OK, Dave. Whatever you say. Just get your pants off.”

I looked at Tran, who was staring at me with an amused expression. “Are you OK with this?”

“This what I do all day back home. It less work since I not have to give massage first. This the easy part. You men—you so easy. I just rub, rub, rub and boom! Off you go. It take no time at all.”

“Rub, rub, rub, boom. If you say so.” I looked at the semicircle of horny girls in front of me, faces feral in the torchlight. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I muttered to myself, and pulled off my shorts.

“Woo hoo!” shouted Hannah, and her cry was echoed in several variations by the other girls. I must admit, I had an absolute monster of a boner by then, rock hard and jutting out into the night air like a predatory lizard. The night air was bracing on my naked dick, and I threw my shoulders back and stood tall. No point in being bashful, I thought. Might as well show some confidence.

Tran stood next to me, and addressed her students. “Men like to see naked lady. If you want to make him more horny, you take off clothes. But you can make him shoot without being naked, too.”

“First, you be real gentle.” Her small hand stroked my wang ever so slightly, the sensation raising goosebumps on my skin instantly. Her nimble fingers tickled the underside of my shaft, and circled my helmet delicately. I looked at the spectators, the girls raptly focused on my johnson. Dave, you are getting a professional handjob in front of a gaggle of teenage girls. And one 12-year-old! How surreal is this? How fucking hot is this? The knowledge of what was going on was almost as much of a turn on as the hand now wrapped around my dick.

“When you have him shaking, you get a little more harder with hand.”
The diminutive Vietnamese woman wasted no time in doing just that. Her hand gripped my dong more firmly, and she began jerking me more aggressively. Her wrist gave a little twist at the top of the arc of her motion, and the extra stimulation that provided proved to be mighty effective indeed.

“Don’t you need lotion or something?” Kaitlyn asked, her eyes wide in the firelight, pupils dilated into huge black pools. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked as if any moment she might pounce on my peter and devour it.

“Oil or lotion good if you wanna make it last,” Tran replied. “Then it very smooth and you can go slow, make him beg for ending. But tonight I just show you how to get him off fast.”

Her hand was a blur now, moving up and down my rigid manhood like a machine. Her index finger now began slipping across the sensitive glans intermittently, in an irregular rhythm that had my heart pounding in anticipation as I tried to predict the next sensuous stroke.

“Sometime you stop and play with tip; he like that.” She ceased her frantic jerking, much to my dismay, but soon I didn’t care. Her hand pulled my foreskin up as high as she could over my dickhead. “You do this and he get close to blowing.” She popped her finger into her mouth, wetting it, then slipped it between my foreskin and the glans, swirling it around and around, tickling the ultrasensitive tissues mercilessly.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned. Several of the girls snickered, but no one said anything. They were mesmerized by the action, and I could see Hannah and Ashley already rubbing their crotches. Lily was fondling her tiny tits, her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her shirt enticingly. The sight was so erotic, I felt my nuts tighten already. Oh, no you don’t, I told myself. Hold off, Dave. Be strong. Don’t shoot your load like a teenager. I gritted my teeth and vowed I wouldn’t make this easy for Tran. For some reason it was important to me that I outlasted Stu. I cast my mind back to the day in the clearing with Anjali, and heard her voice echoing in my head. Control your breathing, Master Connor. Slow your heart rate. In and out, like the waves gently breaking on the sand.

I took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. In-2-3-4, Out-2-3-4-5-6-7, Hold, Repeat. I practiced my meditative breathing, forcing my traitorous body to relax, calm down, and exist in the moment. I smiled as I opened my eyes, and locked onto Janie’s, who smiled back at me encouragingly. She was pinching her own nipple lightly, obviously just as turned on as the other girls. And me, for that matter. She blew me a kiss, and I winked at her. I was in control.

That lasted about 10 seconds. Tran went back to jerking me again, her hand flying up and down, still twisting as before. Then her other hand started in on my nuts. She was giving the girls a detailed blow-by-blow description of what she was doing, but I was lost in the sensation and couldn’t have repeated a thing she said if my life depended on it. I felt fluttering fingers on my scrotum, and my ass clenched reflexively. Her digits did a little shuffle across my sack, then pulled gently on my testicles. The next thing I knew she had them in a vise-grip and was on the verge of crushing them.

The sensation only lasted for a fraction of a second, and then she was lightly tickling them again. But she had totally blown my control, and my heart raced wildly. What the fuck was that? Would it happen again? Christ, that had hurt. What was going to happen next? Like an expert interrogator, she was breaking me down. I was again at her mercy.

“You a stubborn one,” she muttered good-naturedly. “But I make you come anyway. You see.”

Her hands were now performing an intricate dance across my genitals. First they were sliding along my shaft, then they were pinching my foreskin. Here a delicate caress of my balls, there a tight squeeze. I would expect a swirling digit on my dickhead, and get a fingertip in my asshole. Anticipating a sharp nail in my urethra, I would get instead a deep massage of my prostate.

Oh, Jesus God! This woman was an artist! I forgot the audience of juiced-up teens; I forgot Janie’s supportive presence; I forgot the beach full of people all around me. My existence shrank down to one dick, two balls, and ten fingers. My mind spun, my world tilted on its axis. I can’t take anymore! I cried out silently.

I opened my eyes, and found my gaze locked into Mackenzie’s deep blue eyes. Her cheeks were red, and a gleam of perspiration shone on her smooth forehead. The look on her face was intensely sexual, more than I could have imagined from one so young. As the pointed tip of her pink tongue slowly moistened her full lips, I finally lost it.

I bellowed and shook as ropes of jizz flew from my prick, jetting into the audience. Girls squealed and cheered as they were hit by warm gobs of semen, and Tran’s hand settled into a firm but gentle milking motion as she emptied me onto the sand for the viewing pleasure of the surrounding teens. I sagged against one of the support posts of the shelter, my knees weak. I watched numbly as the laughing girls wiped the pearly white blobs and strings of my eruption off of their legs, arms and clothing, some of them popping the offering into their mouths. I stared, hungrily, as Mackenzie tasted a small sample of my sperm, licking it off her upraised finger curiously. I’ve got a lot more where that came from, I told her silently. You can even drink it right from the source. The thought of her sucking the semen out of my fountaining penis almost got me hard again, but I wasn’t her age any more; I needed a little down-time before I could get it up again.

“That how you make a boy come,” Tran said matter-of-factly. The girls began clapping delightedly, and they began talking amongst themselves as they rose to their feet, already plotting to utilize their newfound expertise on several unsuspecting young victims the next day.

“Thank you, Tran,” Janie said to the Vietnamese woman, who was licking a few stray drops of my cum off the back of her hand. “Dave seems to be in no shape to express his gratitude, so I’ll do it for him.”

“It no problem,” the small woman said. “I like to jerk off men. Sometime women, too. It like him: he a doctor, he help people. This how I help people.”

“But who helps you?” Janie asked her solicitously. “Maybe I can give you a massage some time. Perhaps with your own happy ending?”

“I not mind that at all,” Tran said, a smile creasing her elfin face. “You come find me some evening.” She looked at me critically. “Bring him, too. I haven’t had round-eye cock in me in long time.”

Janie tittered and pulled me to our bed, picking up my shorts for me in the process. Rub, rub, rub, boom indeed, I thought to myself as she led me away.

To be continued....

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Mom's Special Christmas Present

Mom’s Special Christmas Present by rmdexter The following story is a complete work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Note that as opposed to most of my posted works, this is a stand-alone story, offered as a holiday thanks to all my loyal readers. Keep that in mind when reading—I hope you enjoy it. And please take the time to vote or leave a comment, the authors do appreciate it. “Jake, I can’t believe you went to all this trouble!” Tanya Nolan said as her son took his hands from her eyes. The...


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Seed of Horror: Chapter 9

Chapter Nine “So how did your parents take it?” Christi asked, speaking to Jason through their cell phones. He was sitting in a snowy parking lot in Portland, having just filled out his fifth job application. In front of him now was a McDonalds application. Damn, his parents had always told him to study hard and get into a good college so that he would never have to flip burgers. Thanks a lot, Black Stigmata. “I can’t really say, I went to bed as soon as I got home and left before anyone else got up. Actually, I just hid in...


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