My Life and Loves, Summer Term With Jesse, Part II

My Life and Loves, Summer Term With Jesse, Part II

That Friday, we felt asleep in each others arms, naked and exhausted from an afternoon and evening of love making. Jesse displayed an incredible wisdom of how to stimulate a man’s body. Anyway, she could sure turn me on, and on and on. I quit counting the number of orgasms she could bring me to. Each one was better than the one before it. I was trying, but I didn’t have a chance in keeping up with her.

When we awoke the next morning, we lay there in an embrace, just talking a little, snoozing a little and resting up for the next sexual onslaught. During those moments of total relaxation, I asked her where she had learned so much about what a guy dreamed of in a woman. Her reply shocked me.

“About eight years ago, when I was about fourteen, I had an experience with an older gentleman, who taught me the finer points of love making. All about what turns on a guy and what turns me on also. This gentleman was kind and gentle, a lot like you. He was patient with me and totally undemanding. He truly loved me, I knew that, and he loved making love to me, also,” she explained.

“This older gentleman, didn’t your parents suspect anything going on or anything. I mean, you were only fourteen, when did you have time to be alone with an older man?” I inquired.

“Well, my parents knew him very well. They trusted him explicitly. He was a wonderful man, really, and when he died two years ago, I cried my eyes out. Ben, he was my grand father,” she confessed to me.

I was in total disbelief. Her grand father! She had committed incest with her grand father and she cried at his funeral? “O Jesse, I’m so sorry,” I said, with my feelings towards this animal seething.

“Ben, I loved my grand father! He taught me so much about life, about sex, about loving another human being. Don’t you see, when my grand father passed away, he left me with all his knowledge about living. Everything he had learned in his entire life. I miss him so much, because I loved him for all he taught me. So don’t feel sorry for me, Ben, just be thankful for his education. After all, you are the recipient of some of that knowledge.”

I still couldn’t get my brain around the fact of what this wonderful beauty, that I’d made love with dozens of times in the past couple of days, was telling me. Yeah, I enjoyed all of what she had learned, but I just couldn’t accept the concept that her grand father had actually taught her how to make love. But, man, she was a good student.

“Well, I am thankful for you learning your lessons so well, but I just think that your teacher being related to you, that just kind of creeps me out a little, that’s all,” I said, making a disgusting face.

She rolled out of bed and started pulling on her clothes, not saying a word.

“Jesse, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to unset you like that. Come back to bed with me. We were having such a great time. I’ve got a big mouth, I am sorry,” I implored her.

“Ben, I’ve got to go home anyway. I got to freshen up, change clothes and do some studying. I’m not upset with you, just a little disappointed that’s all. Besides, it’s that time of the month any day now, so I should go on home and take care of those “female things”. I know you didn’t mean anything by the way you voiced your opinion, it’s just…disappointing,” she said pulling on her shorts and walking to the bathroom.

I jumped out of bed and was standing there naked, not knowing what to say, when she re-entered the room. She looked down at my shriveled member and said, “Besides, this thing needs a little rest,” reaching out and giving it a little squeeze.

“Ben, I’m tired, my hormones are kicking in and I need to get home. Don’t worry; I’ll be just as good as new in a couple days. I’ll see you on Monday in class, okay?” she asked, giving me a little kiss on the cheek.

“Jesse, I want a real kiss,” I said.

She smiled as she approached me. She put her arms around my neck and walked into my embrace. Tilting her head just a little, she gave me the warmest, sensual kiss, and then patted my butt.

“I had a great time last night, really. I like you a lot, Ben. I’ll see you Monday in class, okay?”

“Okay,” I said and walked her to the door. Giving her a last kiss on the lips, I stood back as she drove off towards her own place.

All the next day, I wondered how she was feeling. I wondered if I had offended her by my comment about her grand father, was she not feeling well or was it just her time of the month as she said. I guess I would find out Monday afternoon in Stats class.

I had four other classes besides Stats, but I kept Fridays open to do whatever. That meant that the rest of the time was taken up with class work. So as I rushed into the classroom Monday afternoon, I looked around for Jesse and I finally spotted her over in the corner, right next to the desk I normally sit in. I smiled at her as I walked up and sat down and she smiled at me sheepishly.

“Hey, how’re you doing?” she asked. Before I could answer, she added, “Ben, I sorry for leaving like I did Saturday. I get a little cranky about this time of the month. It usually last about a day then I’m back to my charming self,” she said, fluttering her eyes lashes at me. “Can you forgive me?”

“Forgive you for what, being human? No that’s just unforgivable,” I teased back.

She grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze just as the professor came into the room. She looked in my eyes and smiled, then mouthed the phrase, “I’m sorry.”

I winked at her reassuringly and turned my attention to the front.

After class let out and I was gathering my stuff, I had a thought. I had planned to make a pot of spaghetti tonight for dinner. I make it from scratch and always too much, so I asked, “Jesse, could I interest you in coming over tonight for some of my world famous spaghetti? I make it all myself, no Ragu for me. The sauce is authentic, the spaghetti is hand made, using only the best Semolina flour and I prepare a truly unbelievable salad with my own blend of herbs, spices and oils for dressing. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll even bake some Italian bread for the occasion. What do you think?”

“You can cook?” she asked.

“Well, yes. Just because I have something between my legs doesn’t automatically disqualify me from being able to cook. I’ll have you know, I’m an excellent cook. I even thought about going to culinary school out of high school, but decided I wanted a business degree instead.”

“Well, Sir Benjamin, how can I refuse an offer to partake in such a culinary delight? What time shall I arrive and can I bring anything? Wine?” she asked.

“If you have a favorite wine, you are more than welcome to bring it along about 6:30, but I have this wonderful, Italian Chianti that will blow your socks off,” I added.

“Well, I’ll see you about 6:30 then,” she said with a smile on her face. She whirled around and almost skipped out of the room. She looked over her shoulder once and smiled a big broad smile and then turned the corner and was gone.
Holy shit, what did I just get myself into? I have three hours to prepare an authentic Italian dinner. Yes I have everything I need, everything but time. I’ve got to run.

Pots, pans, flour and spices flew all over the place. I chopped the onions, pressed the garlic and ground the oregano into a powdery substance. I sliced the sausage and browned the hamburger to add to the sauce and pureed the tomatoes and then started that whole thing simmering to mix the flavors together. I cheated a little and used a bread maker for the bread and pasta, to save time, but I had to make the tiramisus from scratch. At 6:30, when she entered the apartment, I was pulling the bread out of the oven and placing it on the table. I had even managed to shower and clean up a smidge before I served the dinner.

We enjoyed the feast greatly and for a long time. We ate awhile and talked and then ate some more. By the time for the tiramisus, we were feeling fat and sassy. She helped me clear the table and clean and wash the dishes and then as I offered her some Desatrona on ice, we settled down in the living room on the sofa. We continued to chat for awhile over nothing earth shaking. Then we fell silent for a moment.

She broke the silence by saying, “Ben that was an outstanding meal. It took so much preparation, not to mention the knowledge of how to prepare it. That tiramisus was the best I’ve ever had and to think that you prepared it in less than four hours. My hat’s off to you. I could never do that, let alone wanting to.
Ben, thank you so much.”

“Well Jesse, you are entirely welcome, so much,” I said modestly.

“How can I ever thank you?” she asked, a little devilishly.

“O, I’ll think of something,” I answered in an equally devilish tone.

“Well, you know, mother nature knows no gratitude when it comes to her cycles, but, I just may know of a way to properly thank a chivalrous act such as I’ve received from you this evening,” running her hand down to my crotch, playfully.

I just smiled and said, “No remuneration is necessary, but if you insist, I worked awfully hard on this meal.”

With a smile, she proceeded to unbutton and unzip the front of my pants and then she instructed me to stand up in front of her. I asked if she would feel more comfortable retiring to my bedroom where we could have a little privacy.

She asked, “What’s the matter, you feeling a little shy?”

I said in return, “Well, not necessarily, however, since I can almost reach out and touch that window right behind the sofa and since the lights are on and anybody who happens to be walking by can look right in and see what we are doing, I just thought that maybe you’d feel a little bit more comfortable in my bedroom, that’s all.”

“Where’s the fun in that? Where’s your sense of adventure, Ben? Where’s the thrill of doing something totally nasty right under everyone’s nose?” she asked, with an excited tone in her voice. “Now stand up, if you’re not too chicken.”

I shook my head at the thought and then, I said, “What the hell,” and stood right up in front of her. She instantly said, “That’s it, Ben, live dangerously.” She proceeded to take down my pants and then remove my boxers down to my thighs. I stood nervously waiting as she examined my cock for a moment with her eyes and then opened her mouth and took it in.

It was limp when she started, but, in no time, she had it hard as a steel rod. On one extraction, she mumbled something about having an itch deep in her throat and having to scratch it with my cock. She was very good at giving head, there wasn’t a doubt, but to perform it front of a window was a little strange, but I was starting to get into it.

She was a master at licking and sucking on my cock, she was driving me wild. I was breathing hard, as she took it back into the depth of her mouth and then draw it almost totally out, leaving just the head to run her tongue over and around. As her right hand was massaging the shaft in a circular motion with every insertion, I was starting to get into the action. Suddenly, a person walked by the window.

It was my neighbor, I knew him well. As he walked by my window, he automatically glanced in to see what there was to see, but kept going. Then, he slowly retreated just a little and looked right in, not believing his eyes. As he confirmed what he thought he had seen the first time, then looked up to my eyes, he suddenly grinned and gave me a big “thumbs up”. He got a big grin on his face and proceeded on to his apartment.

I must have turned a brilliant shade of red, because when she came off of my cock for a second, all she asked was, “Someone you know?”

“Yeah, Troy my neighbor,” I answered.

Without missing a beat, she swallowed it back down her throat and drove me on towards an irruption of unbelievable dimensions. I started with a guttural growl from deep within my bowels and then I started to shake as I neared ejaculation. When I did shoot, she had taken it deep down her throat and I unloaded it there, directly into her esophagus and down to her stomach. I had never felt such a rush in my life. Getting my cock sucked in front of someone else and unloading my sperm deep into the throat of a woman, now that’s was two first for me.

After she had cleaned me up with her tongue, she pulled up my pants and had me set down beside her. She kissed me gently and said, “Well was that an appropriate thank you?”

“Jesse, yes it was. But I couldn’t believe the balls you showed, doing that in front of an exposed window like that. Didn’t it even scare you a little?” I asked in total disbelief.

“People would see you, not me,” she said matter-of-factly. “And besides, I get a thrill out of showing off like that.”

“You mean, you’ve done things like that before?” I incredulously asked.

“Well, yes. I’ve been known to be a little exhibitionist before. I think it’s a kick to do it in front of people in the most unusual places. Once, I did in front of a super market in broad daylight, in a park car. People would walk right by us and not even notice. My God, did I ever get my rocks off with that one,” she exclaimed, enthusiastically.

We finished our drinks as we continued to pass the evening away. About 12 midnight, she said that she had to go on back to her apartment and left. I was left alone once again with just the memories of this woman. What an amazing anomaly she was. I’d never met a woman like Jesse before. She was a real looker, had an amazing body, she was fun and funny, smart, and so very talented, and then there was this quirky side of her that just blows your mind.

She was an admitted exhibitionist and very proud of it. She was taught in the fine arts of love making by her grand father and very proud of it. She gave the best head in the world and was very proud of it. If knowing her was a rush, then what thrilling thing is going to happen next?

I saw her in class the next week and she was all smiles and laughs; her usual self. On Friday afternoon, she said told me that she had prepared a special thank you for my efforts the week before. I said that I already had a thank you and gave her a devilish smile. She told me this was something else and I was to be at her apartment at 3:30 that afternoon. I agreed and we separated.

At the designated hour, I pulled up in front of her apartment and went to the door. I saw a note attached to the outside addressed to me. It read: “Ben, come on in and follow the rose petals. J.”

I was suddenly intrigued as I opened the door and found a trail of rose petals leading to the back of the apartment. I followed them around the corner, down the hall way until they came to the doorway I knew led into the bathroom. I stopped there and listened. I faint sound of classical music: Mozart I think, was coming from the interior. I tried to hold my breath and listen but all I could hear was my heart beating rapidly. I knock gently at the door and entered into the warm room, bathed in a glow of candle light. There was a sweet aroma of incense burning and a soft sound of water rustling from the movement of someone’s body; I knew who that someone was.

“Hey,” I said in an introductory tone.

“Hey, yourself,” came the response.

I slowly walked over to the tub and found the source of the response with just her head sticking out of a tub of bubbles. Her hair was pinned up out of the way and I noticed two glasses of wine sitting on the floor next to the tub. Sitting down on the edge, I took the glasses and offered one to Jesse and sipped at the other.

“Here’s to favors repaid,” I said raising my glass in a toast.

We finished our wine and I set the glasses back down on the floor. I heard the splash of water and as I turned my eyes back to the tub, Jesse had stood up and she was looking directly at me. Her body was partially obscured by the bubbles that clung to parts of her torso, but what wasn’t blocked looked amazing. My mouth must have opened a little because I found myself suddenly whispering “Wow” out loud as I gazed on her silky wet body, glowing in the light from the candles.

The bubbles dripped down from the nipples and then flowed down to her crotch. What a perfect sight. As I was watching the flow, she asked me, almost in a whisper, “Would you like to shave me?”

My God did I hear her right? Did she want me to shave her? Did she mean her legs or her underarms or did she mean her pubic hair? O please let it be her pubic hair!

“There’s a razor right on the counter over there. I’ll just stand here while you shave me,” she said rather nervously.

Retrieving the razor in my shaking hand I approach her with just a little trepidation. As soon as I placed the razor on her abdomen, however, my hand steadied and as I made my first pass downward, it was as smooth as the bare skin I left behind. I made another pass with the blade and then another, removing the pubic hair from her lower abdomen. As I cleaned up the traces of those I had missed, she said, “Why don’t I get out so you can shave the rest of me?”

I sat in the bathroom in total shock and disbelief. As she stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel with one hand and me with the other, she led me down the hall into her bedroom. Spreading the towel out on the bed, she lay down and opened her legs to me.

“There’s some shaving foam on the night stand you might want to use,” she said, indicating with her hand. I put some foam gel on my hand and started rubbing it in to the remaining hair between her legs. I spread it over her lips, into her junction area with her legs and all over her pussy. She had raised her knees up as she spread out her legs as wide as she could. I was getting very excited as I rubbed in the foam, being careful, however, not to get any between her lips.

I then ran the razor very gently along the tender lips that guarded her inner treasure, removing the fine pubic hairs along with the foam that covered them, first one side and then the other. Exposing the soft fleshing skin that covered her vaginal area, reminding me of peeling off the petals from a delicate rose, full of sweetness and softness, until the your nose tells you that you’ve discovered her essence.

I was visually inspecting my work for stragglers when I suddenly stopped looking at the forest and started looking at the trees. My God, what an absolutely beautiful sight it was. Her lips were smooth and firm, perfectly covering the opening and the clitoris exactly as it was intended to do. There was no sagging of the lips caused from over use and the shape of them was extraordinary. They started to separate just a little as a wisp of her feminine smell reached my nose and my erection began to swell.

I was tempted to run my finger over my work to check for stubble of any kind, when she grasped her legs just under her knees. Pulling upon them, she raised her separated legs off of the bed and said to shave around her anus. I couldn’t believe my ears; she wanted me to shave down there also.

I looked carefully but found only some peach fuss running up her legs but I began to shave it off anyway. As I stroked the razor over her rectum, she let out a groan and a twitch at the sensation. I was worried that I would knick her from the movement, but, thankfully there was no blood. There was liquid, however, and it was dripping down from her other opening. Her fluid was running out of her not so tight lips and oozing down to her anus. The sight of all this was driving me crazy. I had to touch it.

I ran my finger up along her slit; starting at her vagina and ending up at her clitoris. My touch was light, not probing, but you would have thought that I was using barbed wire. She screamed out loud as she withdrew herself from my touch. But then, realizing it was just my finger, she resumed her position and opened her legs out wider than before.

Now I was rubbing in between her lips, down to the pink, wet part, the part that I loved. Her lips opened up to my finger as I slid it up and down her slit, stopping at her clit to rub and then back down to her opening. She was terribly turned on as I continued to seek out the most sensitive spots. She could take it no longer and sat up with avenges and tore at my pants. In a couple of seconds, she had my cock out of its hiding place and had it in her mouth and was sucking on it for all she was worth.

I felt the urge to go down on her, but as fast as she started she stopped. She commanded me to strip everything off. I willingly complied but then she told me to put on the garments that she had thrown in my direction. I looked at them and they comprised of cutoff sweat pants and a tee shirt. I looked into her eyes and they glassed over as if she was crazed with lust. It felt like my cock was ready to burst.

She threw on a short cotton dress over her naked, shaved body, not bothering to put on any underwear, and grabbed my hand and headed towards the door. I asked her, “Where are we going?”

“Out,” was all she would say.

We walked in a hurried pace hand in hand, towards the football field. Occasionally, I would drop my hand down to her butt and feel her softness under the dress. She would wiggle her butt a little and she would quicken the pace. As we arrived at the field, the varsity football team was practicing for the upcoming season and were all scattered around the field. We made our way up to the middle section of the grandstands; her pulling me along, and finally took a seat. We were neither too high up the grandstands nor too low to be obvious, but certainly close enough to be seen if anybody was interested.

“I’m known here on campus, Jesse. Do you really think we should do this?” I asked.

“That’s the reason it’s so exciting, you can be recognized and that makes it a risk. Can you just feel the rush?” she said with excitement.

“Holy shit!” I thought to myself but I couldn’t control my hand as it made its way to her breast and started to fondle it. She took a deep breath as her hand went down to the front of the sweat pants and pulled on the tie. Releasing it, she dove down into them with her hand and grabbed hold of my raging cock. I was grabbing her breast as she stood up, pulled up her skirt in the back and sat down on my lap, looking away. As she sat down, my erect cock slid right up her vagina and she continued downward until she was resting on my legs. I had impaled her to the hilt and she was loving it.

She didn’t rock up and down or back and forth. She wasn’t moving at all, but she was squeezing her vaginal muscles and causing them to tighten and loosen around my buried cock, milking it for all she was worth. I was losing my mind. Over and over she would tighten her muscles and I started feeling the natural response of my cock twitching in preparation to ejaculation.

“You’d better not cum, Ben, not yet,” she ordered through clinched teeth. “Not yet! I’m not ready, yet!” She squeezed her muscles one more time then she stood up and sat down beside my and gave me a complete reaming of the mouth.

I was just thinking, “My God, she’s going crazy,” when I noticed a commotion down on the field. Some of the players had noticed us and were standing there, pointing up at us and laughing. That was our cue to make a hasty departure, so we did. Stuffing my cock back in my pants, we made our escape down to the other end of the grandstands and away from the field as fast as we could.

We had run a hundred yards or so when Jesse spun around laughing and joking, saying, “Was that a rush? O Ben, can you feel the thrill of almost being caught? Don’t you love it?”

“What do you mean “almost” Jesse, we were caught! They saw us fucking right there at the football field!” I had a slight grin on my face as I recounted the experience and then I thought, “That was intense and exciting. My God, it was exciting!”

“Where do you want to go now,” I asked excitedly, throwing all inhibitions to the wind. I now knew why she did this exhibitionist thing. It was a complete and total turn on and I was getting into it.

“I don’t know. Where is there a picnic table or something we can sit at that’s not off the beaten path?” she asked with the thrill and enthusiasm of a child asking directions to a candy store.

I thought a second and then a light came on in my head. “I know the perfect spot! Come on,” I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her into a jog over to the student center.

We made it in a short time as we went around the building to the back where they had tables set up for students to congregate and have their lunch and study or socialize and stuff. I quickly found a picnic table over to the side but a couple sat at a regular table a few feet away. I hesitated a moment but Jesse pulled me onward and soon we were sitting, facing the other couple, both on the same side of the picnic table.

As I sat there watching them, they never even looked up from their conversation and Jesse began to scoot her butt back until it was hanging over the bench seat. She put her head down on her folded arms and whispered to me, “Put your finger up my ass.”

I did her one better by sliding my thumb up her rectum and my finger up her vagina. I never took my gaze off of the other couple but my hand was plunging in and out of her crotch holes and she began to squirm and vocalize her pleasure. I kept shushing her but the harder a plunged my fingers up inside of her, the louder her response was. Finally, the simulation was too much for her and a rather loud moan left her mouth and that caught the attention of the other couple.

I had to think fast, so I said, “Are you alright, Sweetheart? Maybe I need to get you home,” as I pulled my hand away from her ass and helped her crawl out from the table. I glanced at the couple and smiled and then I assisted Jesse out towards the front of the building and to our escape number two. We had done it again.

She was really, really turned on by the state. She was almost molesting me as walked to another place to continue our little game. She had more or less lost all control over her reasoning. All she wanted was to satisfy this terrible urging down between her legs and she didn’t care how or where or with whom, just as long as she got her itch scratched. I had to take her hands away from my crotch on more than one occasion when we were meeting another person on the sidewalk, so, although I wanted to continue our game, I decided I needed to get her back to the apartment and soon.

So I head in that direction with her begging me to take her right there on the sidewalk. Finally reaching her house, I opened the door and pulled her in. Her hands went directly to her hem of her dress and ripped it off of her body. The shaved crotch was soaking wet from her expelled juices and the look on her face made me start to wonder if this had been a good idea.

Peeling down my sweatpants, she planted her face on my crotch and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking on it with full emotions. She was jamming it down her throat with abandon as her lips were sucking it raw. Then she spit it out and growled at me to stick it in her ass. She whirled around and backed into my cock and ordered me to, “Shove it in me hard and deep!”

I was so excited all I could do was comply. I grabbed both hips, aimed it at her ass hole and jammed my hips forward. She let out a scream as I impaled her rectum up to my pubic hair. Then, pulling it out to the head, I rammed it back in again as far as it would go. I was ramming it in and out of her ass as fast and furious as I could. I started to spew my load into her bowls and she continued to demand more. As I was finishing my ejaculation into her ass, she pulled it out, spun around and took it deep within her mouth again.

I rolled with her and positioned myself down at her crotch, so we ended up with my face buried in between her wide spread limbs, she was straddling my head and with my cock jammed in her mouth with her pinned under my weight. My legs were straight out and I was pumping my cock into her as fast as I could. I could feel her throat contract with the gag reflex but she continued to swallow my cock down her throat as it rammed in and out. The sensation of the muscles contracting around my cock was unbelievable and it took no time before for it to get rock hard again.

She was begging me to ram my hand into her, somewhere it didn’t matter, so I invaded her vagina with one hand and her ass with the other. I was pushing as many fingers as I could get into the small space with both hands as I was reaming her holes out with abandonment. She screamed for more, deeper, harder, until she went stiff as a board and then, pulling on my hips, gulping and gagging, she found my rectum with her finger and rammed it home, dry.

I thought I was going to die. The pain was excruciating, but the pleasure was unbelievable. As I unloaded down her throat in spasm after spasm of sperm exploding from my cock, she arched her back; no small feat with me on top of her, and ignited her unworldly release by completely exploding in convulsion after convulsion as she tried to scream but could not with a throat full of cock.

Her orgasm lasted for minutes, jerking, shaking, humping and convulsing, all the while trying to scream at the top of her lungs. As she started coming down, I rolled off of her as she dislodged my cock from her throat. Sperm was running out of her mouth and nose as she coughed and sputtered. Catching her breath in between coughs, she rolled onto her side and put her arms between her legs and rocked back and forth. She finally went off into another place in her mind to rest and recuperate.

She must have slept for hours. I would wake up on occasion to check on her, but she didn’t join me in consciousness, she just rested. I awoke in the morning and looked over to her, but she was not there, but I heard the shower running so I knew that she was still alive. I walked slowly to the bathroom, sore from the night of wild sex, to relieve myself. I entered and spoke out loud, “Good morning, Jesse. How are you doing this morning?”

“I’m tired but fine,” is all she said. She sounded pretty tired and rather awkward. I finished my job and went back into the bedroom. I was dressed in my own clothing when she made her appearance wrapped in the towel. I got up to kiss her but she gave me a cheek instead of her mouth. O boy, that’s not a good sign.
“I’m going home to shower, shave and change clothes,” I commented. “I’ll come on back over if you want me to,” I offered.

She smiled at me with a little smile and said softly, “Yeah that would be a good idea. Maybe we can go out for breakfast or something.”

I told her I’d be back as soon as I got cleaned up and left for my own apartment. Arriving home, I showered, shaved and changed my clothes and then proceeded back to her place. As I pulled up, Jesse came out and slid in. We drove in silence to the local diner and we went in and seated ourselves, still in silence.

After ordering, I said to her, “Jesse, you haven’t said a word this morning about last night. Is everything alright?”

She thought for a moment as if trying to choose her words carefully. Then she said, “Ben, last night was unbelievable, it really was. But…” she paused, “I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

“O no,” I thought, “here it comes; she married or engaged to a pro wrestler or something.”

“I told you that I was a math teacher and that was right, I am. But what I didn’t mention was that I teach at Bishop Thomas’ Catholic School. I suppose to be a devout Catholic, here furthering my education to give it to the Church. I’m not supposed to act like a common whore getting her kicks,” she said in disgust.

I listened but didn’t say anything.

“You see, Ben,” she continued, “I give myself one month out of the year to, shall I say, “Let my hair down” and yesterday was the thirtieth day. Don’t you see, for one month, I live a fantasy, I live a lie; that’s not who I am. I have deceived you Ben; I’m not like that girl at all. I’m prim and proper, I wouldn’t say the “s” word at all and I certainly wouldn’t let you do the things I was begging you to do last night. Don’t you see Ben; I could never be that girl. She lives only in my fantasies. She’s not real.”

I sat there shocked, not knowing what to think, do or say. So after a brief moment, I did what I felt like doing, I laughed, not at Jesse, but at the circumstances. Somehow, I found it hysterical. I was laughing hard now and poor Jesse, just sat there blushing.

“I’m sorry Jesse, I’m not laughing at you or about what you said,” I was trying to regain my composure. “But can’t you see the humor in this whole thing? I mean, I was trying to think of a way to tell you that you were too much woman for me and then you tell me that that girl was a fantasy girl and she really doesn’t exist. Jesse, you are that fantasy girl in my mind, don’t you see? And you always will be. I love you for that but I can’t keep up with you.”

She thought for another minute then asked, “You mean, you want it to end, you don’t want to see me anymore?”

“Well, I wouldn’t have put it quite like that, but, Jesse, you’d have me in my grave inside of a week if we kept that up,” I said I almost a whisper.

Now it was her turn to laugh and did she ever. “Ben, I was thinking of a way to break it off with you because, let’s face it, now just isn’t the time for either of us to get involved. I’ve got my job to attend to and you, well you’ve got your entire life ahead of you. You don’t need a crazy girl to hold you back.”

“I do love you, Jesse,” I said, taking her hands in mine. “But I agree with you, one hundred percent.”

We ate our breakfast, kissed and hugged and went our separate ways. We saw each other in class for the remainder of the term, but never after that again. I sometimes wonder if she ever introduced that fantasy girl to someone special in her life and, if she did, I’d like to shake his hand for being a better man than I was.

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