The Rules of Detention

The Rules of Detention

18 year old Derek sat in the middle of a semi-full daytime classroom. He was tired of his bitch teacher assigning twenty pages of homework every night. She always acted like she was up on some high horse. He glanced at his classmates around him, who most were scrambling to get their homework completed before the teacher walked in. He hated that the homework was becoming a problem with his ability to play football. His coach told him that unless he got his grades up, he would soon find himself benched until they got up to a B average.

He didn't take his teacher seriously. This was her first year as a teacher, and she had no experience in a teaching setting. She wasn't too much older than the rest of his senior class. He wouldn't have doubted that she went straight to college after high school and went straight into teaching. He didn't like being bossed by a 25 year old who called herself a 'teacher'. He pulled out his phone and started playing games on it.

Miss Felicia Lorraine walked into her classroom, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and her purse in the other. She watched the scrambling students and cleared her throat loudly to indicate her presence. Some students looked happy with the final result of their homework. Others were pale faced. And then there was Derek, sitting in the middle of the room with not a care in the world. Her eyebrow raised when she saw the phone in his hand.

“Mr. Mason,” she said.

All the students eyes flew back to him. He didn't care enough to look up. His attention was elsewhere.

“Mister... Mason,” she said again with a stern tone.

Derek flopped the phone on his desk after failing a level of Angry Birds. He looked up at his young teacher who stood five foot three inches. She looked more like the girls in his school.“What do you want?” he asked, almost bothered at her annoying pestering.

After placing her items on her desk, Felicia walked to the middle desk of the classroom and held her hand out. “Phone, now,” she demanded.

Derek scoffed and looked away briefly. He looked down at his desk and pushed the phone towards her.

Felicia snatched the phone off the desk. “You can have this back-”

Derek waved his hands in front of her, interrupting her sentence. “Yeah, yeah. After class, I know,” he said.

She scoffed at his arrogance. “No. You can have it back after detention,” she said. She turned to head back up to the front of the classroom. Derek stood up from his seat.

“I have football practice after school,” he argued.

Felicia turned back to him and shook her head. “Then I guess I'll have to explain to your coach why his quarterback isn't showing up for practice”

“I'll get kicked off the team if I have detention again,” he said, almost angry that she wasn't listening to him.

“Then you should have thought about that before being a rebel,” she said. She opened her desk drawer and put the phone in it. She then turned to face the dry erase board.

“Fuckin' bitch,” he muttered, sulking into his seat.

“I heard that,” she repented. Derek looked up at the board, watching her down write math problems. Still facing the board, she added, “You can add two weeks to your detention time.”

Derek grabbed his bag off the floor and stood up from his seat, heading to the door.

Felicia didn't even turn her head towards him.“I didn't excuse you,” she said, almost not caring that he was leaving.

“Fuck you,” he said, forcing the door open, and slamming it shut. Derek headed down the hall towards the library. He didn't like the fact he would have to spend the next two weeks in detention with her. He knew she probably resented him for having to stay later at work. What could she do in an hour that wouldn't be a complete bore? Teacher's weren't allowed cell phone use in front of students, their computers have proxies in place so they can't get on social media sites, and she is too young to just sit still for an hour.

Derek walked into the library and sat down at a computer. He couldn't go back home without his phone, or go to practice without Felicia coming to look for him, so he had to stay behind in detention after class. If she wanted a fight for dominance, he was going to have to show her up. He was already scheming at a way to make her regret giving him detention.

Derek walked down the hall after the final bell rang. He looked at the classroom door and opened it, seeing Felicia stacking papers in order. She had a genuine look of surprise on her face. Derek shut the door behind him, stealthily locking it and slung his backpack over an empty seat.

“I must say, I am shocked that you actually showed up for detention this time. That little stunt you pulled earlier got you two more weeks onto your sentence” she said. She pulled his phone out the desk drawer. “Teachers aren't even allowed to have their phones out. What makes you think you're any better?” she asked, then set the phone on the corner of the desk.

Derek was taken back by her defensive attitude. “What makes you think that I think that I am better than you?” he asked, getting closer to the desk. He crossed his arms and did a quick check of Felicia. Although he disliked her, he couldn't say she wasn't hot. She had on a white button up shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. She had on small rectangle glasses, the arms of them hidden by her thick full hair laid long and wavy over her shoulders in front of her breasts down to her abdomen. Her tan skin was milky caramel. Her breasts looked full in her skin tight shirt.

He felt his mouth watering at her from just the quick glance. He walked around to the side of the desk, 'accidentally' knocking over her purse into the floor. “Oh, I apologize Miss Lorraine,” he said, almost sounding sincere.

Falling out her purse was her wallet, keys, change, and a tube of nude lipstick. She groaned at the annoyance of bending over to pick up her things. She turned towards the white erase board, where the tube of lipstick rolled to the wall holding it up. She bent over to grab the lipstick.

Derek watched her bend over. Her ass was luscious, and gave him such a hard on. The thoughts he had earlier of the humiliation he had in store for her was lining up perfectly. He cupped his hand and smacked her on her ass.

She jolted back up into her upright position. She turned to stare at Derek. She didn't know whether to be angry or upset at his actions. “Go sit down, right now!” she commanded, pointing to the seats in the classroom.

He got closer to her, knowing she was powerless against him. The anger in her eyes soon turned into fear. “Do you get turned on by being so dominant towards your students?” he asked, closing the gap in between him and her. Her back was against the dry erase board, and he leaned down to put his face close to hers. He brushed back her hair away from her ear, watching her feel revolted by the sheer feeling of it. He put his lips close to her ear. “Or is it that, you enjoy being dominated like a submissive little whore?” he asked. Her breathing stopped.

He pulled his hand up to the buttons on her shirt and pulled the shirt apart, revealing a laced brassier. “Why would a teacher wear such slutty lingerie if no one is going to see it?” he asked. She didn't answer. She felt powerless against the six foot three inches tall high school senior.

“Maybe it's that you were hoping this would happen!” he exclaimed, feeling his erection engorge the front of his jeans. He pulled his hands up to unhook her bra from the front, but she pulled her hand back and slapped him on the right side of his face.

Derek couldn't help but laugh. He grabbed her right wrist and held it above her head. She pulled back her left hand to slap him again, but caught her hand in the air as it was coming to him. He held both her small wrists in his left hand, and brought his right hand up to unlatch her bra.

After it unlatched, her perfectly tan tits bounced out of the brassier. He could feel the blood rushing in his dick. He grabbed her tit, feeling the supple softness in them. He pinched and delicately twisted the left nipple, watching it get hard. He could feel her struggling to be released from his grasp.

“Why don't you scream?” he asked, obviously curious. She shook her head, her hair flailing with her. Derek smiled, pinching her right nipple and leaning into her neck, slowly biting and sucking on it. He wanted her wet and dripping. She let out a squeal, trying to conceal the moan from the pleasure she was feeling. He pulled away from her and released her hands.

She stood there, her tits bouncing out of her shirt. She felt froze in place. She wanted to scream, but what would Derek do to her if she did?

Derek grabbed the phone off his desk and pulled up the camera app. He began filming Felicia, standing in front of him with her tits out. “Miss Felicia Lorraine, of Lincoln High School wants me to have sex with her.”

Felicia's eyes got wide as she heard him talk to the camera
“No, no!” she protested, covering up her breasts with the shirt that was unbuttoned.

“This is documented proof, in case no one believes me. She told me that unless I had sex with her, she would fail me and get me kicked off the football team,” he said, then shut off the camera.

Felicia felt tears swell up in her eyes. She wanted to scream but could find no courage. She worried about her job. Would she lose her job because one of her students was sexually assaulting her? She knew any allegation against a teacher meant career homicide, whether she was innocent or not. “Why are you doing this?” she asked, still holding her shirt closed with her hands.

Derek walked towards her and slapped her hands. “Did I say to cover up those tits?” he asked.

Tears streamed down her face. “What do you want!?” she screamed at him.

Derek grinned. “I want you to be my little slut,” he said. He unbuckled the belt around his waist and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled out his massive hard cock, taunting Felicia with it.

She looked amazed at the size of his cock. It wasn't just long, but thick and engorged. Her heart skipped as he started stroking his cock with his hand, then held the phone up as a video camera again. He walked over to Felicia and put his hand on her shoulder. He pushed her down into a kneeling position, which she tried to fight off.
“I was hoping you would fight back,” he chuckled, using both his hands to fight her to her knees. He grabbed a fistful of hair from the back of her head. “Open your mouth slut!” he commanded. She started to push him away by his hips.

“That's going to get annoying,” he said, then pulled his belt off his pants. He pushed her onto her stomach and straddled her back, feeling her squirm underneath her.

“Please stop!” she begged as he pulled her arms behind her back. He locked them both in the belt, tightening it so she couldn't push him away, and so he could make her feel like the helpless little cunt she was. He grabbed her by her forearm and pulled her back up into a kneeling position.

“Please Mr. Mason,” she begged, her face streaming with wide-eyed tears.

“You'll call me Master Mason when I'm giving you my glorious cock you whore. I have you on video with your tits out and a student in the room,” he said.

Felicia was feeling vulnerable, weak, and submissive at the same time. She felt she had no choice but to abide by his rules.

“Please, master,” she begged.

Derek yanked her by her hair, causing her to yell out. He shoved his cock through her parted lips until he hit the back of her throat.

“If you bite me, that video will be going viral within 24 hours. You don't want that do you?” he asked. The look on her face was enough for Derek to know she would comply.

Derek continued pumping his cock into her throat. Felicia felt every pump hit her tonsils, almost making her gag. He hadn't even put his whole cock in yet, and she hoped he wouldn't. He held the phone in his left hand, pointing it down at Felicia as he bobbed his cock in and out of her mouth. Her tits were bouncing with each thrust, making them jiggle. He felt the warm slippery walls of her cheeks glide along his cock, making him even harder. He pushed his cock in as far as it would go. She was gagging and trying to breathe. She was already drooling down her chin and neck, soon to soak her tits in a precum and saliva mix. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and watched her gasp for air as more saliva ran down to her tits.

“See? I'm not so bad. Out of the kindness of my heart, I let you have a quick breath. You should thank your master for it,” he said. Felicia turned her face away.

“Th-thank you master,” she mumbled.
“I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of my hand smacking your cheek,” he said. Felicia turned her face up to him, only to see his right hand smack her. She let out a stifled yelp, and turned her face back down. He grabbed the same part of her hair he had been holding onto and jerked her head back.

“If you don't thank your master properly, then master's little slut will be all over the news,” he taunted.

Felicia groaned with disgust, but realized she couldn't win. He was loving every minute of this. “Thank you master,” she said, saliva still dripping from the corners of her lips and chin.

“Now, beg your master to give you more of his glorious cock,” he said, acting as if this was his right of passage.

“Please master, give me your cock,” she said, almost monotone.

Derek clicked his tongue. “No, no, no,” he said blatantly. He pulled her hair back and down, making her face him. “I want... you to beg me,” he demanded in a stern and clean tone.

“Please?” she asked, using a sweet and kindly tone. “Please give me some more of your glorious cock” she asked, then added, “master?”

Derek liked how her behavior was changing. He was about to break her at any moment.

“That's more like it,” he said, shoving his cock back into her mouth. He held the phone higher to so show how much cock she could take. He kept his hand tangled in her hair, forcing his cock deeper with every forced pump into her mouth.

She started gagging as his dick started to venture further down her throat. She breathed harshly through her nose and felt his dick deep in her throat.

He could see the bulge of his dick sliding down her neck with each thrust. He felt his orgasm rising, and pulled his cock out.

“I don't believe you deserve my load just yet,” he said.

Felicia breathed deeply through her mouth, trying to compensate for the time she held her breath.

“I think you got my dick good and wet for this next part.”

Derek turned to the desk, and used his hands to shove most of the desk's contents into the floor. He grabbed Felicia by her arms and lifted her over her desk. He bent her over on her stomach, and placed the phone on it's side, held up by two books. and pulled down her skirt, revealing a black laced thong, which matched her bra. “You dirty little whore. Wearing a thong under a skirt? Just who were you planning on fucking today?” he asked. He pulled the thong down to her skirt just below her ass, spreading her tan cheeks until he saw her glistening moist pussy and tight little asshole. He took his index finger and slipped it into her pussy, while holding her down by her arms using his left hand.

Felicia blushed at the sight he was seeing. She never felt more embarrassed than how she felt at this moment.

Derek smacked her ass again, leaving a red hand print in it's wake. He loved seeing her perfect round ass ripple with the smack.
“I think you've earned my cock in that filthy little pussy,” he said. He leaned into her on the desk, sliding his cock into her pussy. The warmth surrounded his cock, giving them both a sensational pleasure. He started moving his hips, thrusting his large cock deep into her.

Felicia began to moan in pleasure and stopped fighting him off. She knew she shouldn't have been enjoying it, but she couldn't help it. She wanted him to keep going. He put both his hands on her hips and pulled her with every thrust, filling her pussy up with his cock.

Derek knew he was breaking her down into the filthy slut that she was. Her pussy felt so good riding him. He had this girl right where he wanted her. He pulled out of her and pulled her skirt and thong completely off before flipping her over on the desk. He grabbed his phone and started filming the area where he would slam his cock in her. He nestled himself in between her and put one of his arms under her leg to pull her to the edge of the desk. He started slamming his cock roughly in her pussy, hearing the desk scrape against the floor and the thudding sound of their bodies pulsate. He started going rougher and faster, hearing her squeals of pain and pleasure mix.

Felicia was about to explode. She could feel him hitting her g-spot again and again. It was getting her closer and closer to an orgasm.
She could feel the pressure rising in the pit of her stomach, and her legs started to tingle. She felt an wave of pleasure wash through her, and she moaned out with a pleasurable sound. Her legs tightened around his hips, constricting him into her.
After her orgasm, her legs finally rested, and she felt her body was exerted.

Derek noticed her body almost limp. “Tsk tsk tsk,” he said, putting the camera down. He pulled back out of her and grabbed her arm, yanking her off the desk. “Did you ask for permission to cum?” he asked, holding his hand at the base of her throat. He didn't squeeze, but felt she needed to be punished.

“N-no. I couldn't help it,” she muttered. Felicia felt she had done something wrong, but had no control over her body.

Derek shook his head. “You should have asked me before you came. I might have let you,” he said. He turned her and pushed her into the wall chest first. He put his hand on top of her head, still pushing her down and into the wall. She ended up in a supported position with her ass up in the air.

He started stroking his cock again, feeling her sweet juices lubricate him. “You had such a wet pussy. I wonder if it was wet enough for what I want to do,” he said, placing his cock on the entrance of her little asshole.

“Not there!” she yelled, jolting backwards. He stood up straight and pulled her head back by her hair. He leaned his head down to her ear again, “Do you dare challenge my authority?” he asked, his smirk flashing on the right side of his cheek.

“Let me ask you this, and answer me honestly,” he said, putting a little pressure on her asshole using the head of his cock. “Have you ever had anal?” he asked.

Felicia shook her head in a state of panic. “N-no, Master Mason,” she replied, trying to keep him in a good mood.

“You're about to experience it,” he said.

Felicia tensed up, wanting to squirm, but knew it would only hurt worse trying to fight him off. He pushed the tip of his dick slowly into her asshole.

“Damn, that's tight,” he commented, feeling her asshole surround the tip of his dick. He put his hand around her throat and pulled her into him.

“To make this easier on the both of us, try to relax,” he said, trying to fit more of his dick into her asshole. She did as he suggested, and his dick slid the rest of the way with ease.

She felt mortified at what he was doing with her. She had never had anal sex before and was very inexperience. It almost felt as though she was going to spit in two. He started slowly pumping his cock against the inner walls of her ass, feeling it swallow his cock.

“Oh my god, this feels amazing. Fuck!” he exclaimed, pumping into her asshole with more speed.

Felicia was groaning in pain, her eyes were squeezed shut and bit her lip. It was agonizing and demeaning to feel such an unnatural thing. She groaned loudly as his speed increased.

“Don't do it so hard,” she said.

Derek pulled her hair again and she squealed.
“Don't, tell, me, what, to, do!” he said, pumping harder and faster with each individual word.

He had never felt the pleasures of anal sex before. The walls of her ass just swallowed him up, and made him want to cum even more. But he didn't want to cum just yet, he wanted to enjoy the last bit of detention he had for the day.

He could feel Felicia tensing up again, and that made it harder not to cum inside her asshole. He had to pull out before he blew his load.

Derek quickly turned her around and pushed back into a kneeling position.
“Suck me clean,” he demanded.

Felicia almost gagged at the though, but knew it was almost over. She got close to him before he grabbed her hair again and forced his cock down her throat. She started gagging again as he started pumping into her mouth, harder and faster than he was with her ass. She felt like her throat was closing in.

Derek pumped away until he felt himself burst inside her mouth. He groaned as he slowed down with the thrusts into her, and felt his cock twitch with every squirt he unloaded in her.

The warm silky liquid filled her mouth, and she tried to breathe through her nose.

“Don't swallow,” he commanded, pushing the camera up to her face. “Open up for me,” he said.

Felicia felt disgusting. She was covered in saliva, her face was plastered with leaking cum and her own fluids. She opened her mouth, showing a sea of cum.

“Push all that out with your tongue and let it run down your body,” he said.

She did as she was told, and tilted her head down. She let the gooey cum flow from her lips and down her neck to cover her tits in cum.

Derek smirked and finished up the video on his phone. He put his cock back into his jeans and untied his belt from her arms. He looped his belt around his jeans and went to grab his bag off the empty desk. He glanced back at her, watching her sit in the floor covered in his cum and her saliva. Her hair was wet with it and she was almost drenched in the front.

“I'll see you in class tomorrow, Miss Lorraine,” he said, shaking his phone in his hand. “I'll be sure to let my coach know that I'm going to be doing study hall with you after class for the next four weeks,” he said, then walked out the door.

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