Mommy likes to watch

Mommy likes to watch

Mom loved to watch

I think Mom was is a little jealous of me and my brothers, when she could she would watch us fuck at the pool in the living room. She was a little overweight, but had huge tits not a bad ass. I knew Billy was getting some from Mom I’d hear him walk down the hall, then hear him going to moms room and then sneak out an hour or so later.

One summer day me and Bob were swimming in the pool it’s started out normal both of us had our swimming suits on. But then he swam up behind me and untied my bikini bottoms. My Bare ass exposed, the water flowing past my asshole and exposed pussy.

I loved skinny dipping, I drop my top and looked over and Bobby was naked as I was. He was sitting on the stairs with his cock in his hand. Without saying a word I swam over to him and put my mouth on the head of his cock. I laid there floating with my hands on his knees and my mouth sucking the head of his cock. He rubbed my back as my mouth as I when to work on his cock. He whispered to me that” mom is watching us again she was behind the sliding glass doors”. That got me more excited and I started sucking him and deep throating him more.

My face would go under the water, his dick all the way to the back of my throat and come back up for air. Bobby was rubbing my butt and spreading my ass cheeks, mom was getting a big show. Mom was fingering herself furiously behind the door. And I wanted cock bad ! So up on the stairs I went and straddled Bobby. Bobby slammed me down so hard on his cock I got dizzy. He began to suck so hard on biting my nipples. Shit what type of mood is he in? I started to scream and yell fuck me. My pussy was being slammed by his cock and the pool water splashing being forced up into me. He was fucking me so hard, like I was just a rag doll. I just went with it letting him fuck the living shit out of me. He wasn’t even looking at me he was looking at the side of the pool.

My brother turned me around and fucked me from behind. I looked up and there was my mother sitting in pool chair with half her bathing suit off her huge tits swinging out. Pinching one of her nipples and the other hand fingering her cunt. We stopped And Bobby whispered in my ear tell her to come in the pool. I looked at her right in the eye and said “mom do you want to come swimming “in a my little baby talk. My mom got up pulled off her suit and slipped into the water. Bob And myself watched as mom swam over to the shallow end of the pool and stood up. Those huge beautiful tits soaking wet and glistening. Bobby and I walk over and started to feel her body she kissed me then Bobby.

As he was getting a handjob from mom I was sucking on one of her beautiful tits. My hand slid between her legs I never felt a pussy before, other than my own. It was soft and warm she moaned as my hand felt her a little bit a hair trimmed neatly. I felt pussy lips as she spread her legs and she grabbed my hand and forced into her cunt hard! My fingers probed her clit and labia,she loved it my little hand feeling up my moms pussy as I sucked her huge tit. My own little pussy getting hotter than ever I started to fingering myself.

Mom bent over and started to give head to Bobby. All I could think I wanna to eat that pussy! I found myself looking at her big ass. I spread her legs and ass cheeks knelt down and put my face in her cunt and licked her like those movies showed.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face in. Mom stop giving Bobby head and said ,Hey that’s great honey eat mommy’s pussy. I went to work on my own mom clit. Bobby was fucking her face as she started to get off. Her legs started to shake as she grabbed my head harder and she squirted all over my face. Bobby was getting off all over Moms face. He slapped his cock on moms face. She liked being pushed around a little. We sat in the pool all naked no one talking much.

After a few minutes Bobby Without saying a word swam over to mom made her to bend over. She grabbed her asscheeks and he started to fuck her. I watched as mom submitted to this. He grabbed her boobs with force and started to roughly fuck her. She loved when he got more aggressive. He pulled her hair and slapped her on the ass. He told me to “we’re going to start using this whore”. I saw she was responding to this. she loved being called a whore and a slut and being pushed around, I got wet watching her being submissive to Bobby’s every command so I sat on the side of the pool and watched the show.

He pulled out of her pussy and started to work on her asshole! She grabbed her asscheeks and bent over more. He forced his cock up into her ass. She screamed “YOU ‘RE FUCKING MY ASSHOLE” her face was red. I think it was the first time she got it in the ass. Dry butt fuck, she was taking it hard Bobby was raping mother butthole. She kept standing there as Bobby ravaged her anal cavity. Slapping her asscheeks red, telling her to “take it and enjoy it YOU FUCKING CUNT!” He pushed her to me and told her to “eat her little girls cunt”.I spread my legs as my mother got between them and started licking my pussy. Her hands grab my butt cheeks as she’s began to eat me out. I told her she was “just as big of a whore as I was”.Bobby what is fucking her up the asshole and her face grimace with pain as he slapped her asscheeks and fuck the shit out of her butthole.

I Loved mom eating me out, I pulled her head closer. I humped her face with her tongue going in and out of my clitoris. “OH SHIT MOM I’m thinking to come”. I came like a wild woman screaming “eat me mommy eat my cunt mommy” I was pulling her hair and she started getting off again. Bobby filled her asshole with cum. And she was just eating my pussy and loving it. “SHOW ME YOUR A SLUT MOTHER” as I came all over her face.

We got out of the pool and laid in the pool chairs naked soaked and calm. A few minutes later Billy came home I heard him walk through the front door as he came out to the pool area he saw us laying there naked “yes what’s going on here”. Bobby smiles and said “we have a new member to the tree house club”. We started to laugh. Billy stripped and went into the pool.

He got out of the pool with a hard on and went straight to me. I started to suck him off. Mom just watched as I sucked him and he fingering my asshole. I grabbed him by his cock and walked him to see his mommy. Mom it’s your time suck your little boy off. He Straddles her face She grabbed his cock and sucked him. I got between her legs and eats her cunt. She gets wet so fucking wet. My face gets soaked and so does my pussy. I get up and tell billy “to go fuck your mother”. And I sit on moms face.

As she licks my clit and I pinch my nipples with one hand and finger my asshole with the other . I move pull my finger out of my asshole and tell mom lick my asshole. She fucks my asshole with her tongue.” Mommy you fucking whore EAT MY ASSHOLE”! And she did. She liked to be told what to do. I loved being the aggressor. I’m gonna use this a lot, I came over her face. Her tongue up my asshole and her fingers rubbing my clit.

I got off mom face and bill was still fucking my Mom hard.” You love being your children’s little fucktoy don’t you”.I whispered to her as she continued to get fucked by billy. She whimpered “fuck yea I do”.

“Mom get on top of billy now”! I ordered them. they both stopped and mom got on top of him . “Now ride him Mom”. They started fucking cowgirl. I walked over to Bobby and got to my knees sucked him hard. He fucked my face. I stopped him and took him by the hand and he knew what was next.

He got up behind mom as he got into position I grabbed my mothers face and said” now you wanna get both of your boys”. She grabbed her asscheeks and waited for Bobby’s cock in her asshole. Bobby put my suntan oil on his cock and her asshole. Bobby slid into her asshole with a pop he was balls deep. She was loving it.

Her face got red as my brothers start slamming her holes as hard as I possibly could. She was humping both cocks as hard as a little whore should. Bobby kept on going as deep into her asshole as possible, slapping her fat ass yelling mommy you’re such a good whore

I watched as mommy was getting my brothers cocks in her cunt and asshole. And I knew she would be there as my sex slave my own mother Our own sex whore. Billy was making out with mom. Tongues and tits flailing around!

When she came up for air I squatted over Billy’s face and started making out with my mom. I was grabbing her big tits and sucking on her lips. Billy pulled me down and had me sit right on his face as he started licking my ass hole I grabbed her nipples and began to squeeze them as hard as I possibly could while sucking down her tongue into my mouth. She began to shutter her ass even going faster as she began to orgasm.

She wrapped both arms around me and dropped her head on my shoulder has her whole body began to shake. Bobby and Billy both started coming all over and in her. They all stopped humping each other and started laughing .Mom said, “Is that what you guys do when I’m not home no wonder you guys don’t like you anymore you’re too busy fucking “!

Now she was one of us. No secrets no hiding she was a sub, we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and with her she was just as big of a slut and nymphomaniac then I was and this was just the start of mom‘s new adventure.

Please tell how you enjoyed my life story and I’ll write more

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