Raj and Sophia

Raj and Sophia

I am Raj once again here

One day I received a mail from someone named Sophia. In the mail, she said she had gone through my postings and that she enjoyed it a lot. She also asked me whether I will be interested in chatting with her. Initially I was a lil bit suspicious because of my experience in chat rooms where there are more men posing as women than real women. However, I replied to that mail and said I will be available online during the evenings.

I received a response to my reply after couple of days telling me that Sophia will be online that night by 10 pm. Though I had a doubt about the gender of this particular person, I decided to be online by 10. I logged into my email by around 9.30 and was going through mails and browsing few porn sites as usual and then I got this message pop up on my screen from Sophia. I was excited and responded to her.

We started of our chat and got introduced to each other. Sophia said she is 24 years of age, single but dating and that she is a student. Then I was really surprised to hear that she is from Mexico. I asked her how she came across Indian Sex Stories. She said that her roommate is an Indian girl and she used to go through ISS regularly. I was happy to hear that ISS has got foreign readers. I asked her how much she liked my posting for which she said she enjoyed them a lot and that she would like to hear more of my “sexperiances”.

I said I would be glad to tell her more but before I do that I want to see her on cam. I said this because I wanted to make sure that Sophia is indeed a woman and not a male jerk. But she rejected my request telling me that she is not comfortable showing off her face to a total stranger. I told her the reason why I wanted to see her for which she replied that she is indeed a woman and that I can trust her. I said this is what every other guy or you may read it as “GAY” used to say when ever I come across one which I do very often in chat rooms.

Then I told her that I don’t wanna see her face but just show me something that proves that you are indeed a woman. That moment she said she will show herself on cam tomorrow and that she will not disappoint me. This made me more suspicious and I told her that am not getting disappointed but suspicious. Then she told me that she really doesn’t know how to cover up her face and show me the rest of her body. Hearing this I literally Laughed Out Loud and said u don’t have to cover your face, you just need to focus the cam down below your face.

But she dint reply anything about this, instead she started of asking about my personal life, about my relationships with gals and whether I ever had sex. I said “Gloriya” & “Fatima” are my real life experiences. I asked her about herself and she said she started of having sex when she was 16 years old with a classmate of her and she is having regular sex with many lucky guys. She also said she love sex a lot and enjoys it a lot. Listening to all this has actually made my junior stand up inside my shorts and I was in fact rubbing him over the shorts.

At this moment she asked me whether she could see me over the cam. I was more than happy to hear that. But I asked her whether she would be happy to have a cam 2 cam session. She immediately agreed to it and told me that she would show me from neck down. I agreed to it coz that’s the part of a woman’s body that attracts me more than the face. I send an invitation for video chat which she accepted and I was eager to get a glimpse of Sophia.

This was more out of my curiosity to know whether it’s indeed a female or not rather than my sexual desire. However I saw a shadow which looked more like a female sitting on the other side when the cam was on but due to poor lighting in the room I couldn’t make out much. This disappointed me and I told Sophia about that. She then told me that its mid noon out there and there can’t me more light in her room than what is there at the moment.

Then she said we will leave the cam and continue chatting. I reluctantly agreed to it because there is no point in watching her without light. We continued our chat and then I asked her about her vital stats. She told me she was 34-28-34 which I had already guessed from the image on the cam. That moment I told her that I wish there was more light in her room for which she replied that yes I would have shown you my boobs. This excited me and I said I would love to see those lovely melons and I asked whether I shall try video chat once again.

She said no to it and continued asking me about my sexual desires. I said I love everything in sex. She asked me whether I use to watch porn for which I said of course I do. I asked her when was the last time she had sex and to my surprise she said she had it last night. By this time I was in fact holding my cock in my hand. She asked me whether I was getting a hard on now as if she was seeing my junior standing erect. I said I am having a real hard on. She said its easier to get laid in Mexico and people love to make love outdoors. I then asked her whether she enjoyed her previous night’s sex for which she said she dint coz it was a quickie. I felt sad for her.

She then asked me how I would start of a sexual session. I said I like to start of slow and steady and that I don’t like going directly into sex the first time I hook up with someone. Which she said she was also not comfortable with. She said she usually end up in bed only after couple of days of dating someone. Then she asked me what I love the most in sex. I said I love everything and that I love to play around with boobs a lot. Sophia asked me to continue as if she was enjoying my narration and told me she will treat me with a pic of her lovely boobs.

I said I wish to see it on cam rather than the pic. That moment she said she will try it once again. She invited me for a video chat and wow there she was in clear light with her beautiful figure. It was a gorgeous sight a real feast to my eyes. She was in a purple top and she was showing from neck down to her lap. Her beautiful cleavage was clearly visible and her boobs were moving up and down with each and every breath she takes. That was a lovely few. I told her how beautiful her curves were and that I love her melons. I then asked her whether she would love to touch herself. She said “may be” and I asked then why don’t u do it.

Sophia said she will do it if I could impress her. I told her my cock is rock hard at the moment and that I would love to hold your mouth watering boobs and squeeze them gently. This seemed to have excited her and she started touching her boobs. I told her that its my hand that’s moving on her. She reciprocated with a moan and I asked her to grab her boobs inside her bra. She did so and I loved it. She asked me whether I would love to jerk off now. I said I would love to do that but first I wish to see more of her. I told her I would love to see her sexy belly and to show me where exactly her belly button is.

She showed me the position over her top. I asked her whether she would love to be kissed on her tits. She said she love it when guys bite her tits. I said I would love to do that and I asked her whether she could take her boobs out. She slowly inserted her hand inside the dress and grabbed her lovely boob and slowly pulled it out of her bra and the dress. Oh man you guys should have seen it. That’s was a picture perfect boob. Nice and round with beautiful nipple. I asked her to pinch on the nipple and she did that. I was having a nice time looking at it and I was sure she was enjoying it very well.

I told her how much I wish to suckle on her mouth watering boobs. She then pulled down her top and revealed both her boobs and one was still covered in bra. She slowly removed the bra as well and there it was a pair of real hot boobs. That moment I really wish I was with Sophia. I could see her boobs and her lovely belly right now. And man it was so inviting. She has a nice lil belly button and I said I wish to kiss on her belly and play with my tongue inside her belly button all the while squeezing her boobs.

She was now running one hand over her belly and was grabbing her boobs with the other one. Then I said I was going to run my hand down below her belly and put it inside her panties. That moment she said finger me Alex and I said I was doing that and asked whether she would like to do a 69. She said she would love that and said she needs my cock in her mouth. I said it’s all your and that am now licking her sweet pussy. She said she love that and asked me to lick deep inside.

Then she asked me to fuck her. I said I will fuck her hard till she screams out my name. She called out my name and was playing all over with her boobs. Then she asked me to fuck her both with my dick and my fingers. I said I will do that for her. I then asked her whether I can see her sweet, lovely pussy. She said not so soon. I said okay to that and told her that I am now rubbing my rod against her pussy lips. She said she is getting wet down there and asked me to insert it. I said am slowly pushing it inside and I can feel her wetness on my dick. She then asked me to jerk off imagining fucking her.

I said I really want to cum hard on her. She kept on playing with her beautiful body and asked me to fuck her hard and jerk off in her mouth. I said I will do that and started jerking off imagining am doing to that lovely figure in the cam. I got the best ejaculation in a masturbation I ever had and I told her that. Then she said we could have had real thing if we had met. I said I would be more than happy to do that. She then asked me to clean up myself and that it was almost time for her to leave. She promised me to come back again and show me something more interesting the next time. I said I will be waiting for that.

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