I've changed the names, obviously. Other than that...

I was around nine years old when I found that standing in my bedroom with my pants around my ankles and repeating Linda Reed's (the really pretty blonde girl from Miss Jones' class) name to myself over and over had the curious effect of making my penis grow longer and get hard.

I had just turned ten when I figured out that if I said Linda's name to get my penis hard, and then rubbed its skin up and down, things "down there" started feeling really good. About five minutes after that, I learned that when saying Linda Reed's name over & over with your pants around your ankles, it's a good idea to have a kleenex box or a washcloth from the bathroom nearby.

And it was about 5 milliseconds after my little sister, Kait, standing in the doorway, said "Eewwww, gross! What are you DOING?!?" that I learned that it's important to lock your bedroom door if you're going to invoke the power of Linda Reed's name like that.

Kait stared at me as I held my dwindling penis in my hand, cum dripping onto the floor in front of my feet. I stood there in my room, caught quite literally with my pants down, with nowhere to go, not sure what to do. I couldn't run, as a.) my pants were tangled down around my ankles, b.) I was dripping all this weird white stuff all over the place, and c.) my sister was standing in the doorway, cutting off any chance of escape.

So I screamed.

"Get out of here, you little jerk!"

"What is that?" Kait screamed back at me. I dropped to the floor, trying to hide my penis, pull up my pants, and wipe up the mess I'd just made, all at the same time and all quite unsuccessfully.

"God, just get out of here!" I shrieked, "Leave me alone!" I finally managed to get my pants up, and lunged for the door. I pushed my sister out into the hallway and slammed the door shut in her face, then fell back against the door, panting. I didn't know what was going on, and I was scared.

Kait turned the doorknob and tried pushing the door open, but I dig in and pushed back. "Stay out!" I screamed. She pounded on the door for a few seconds, then stopped. I crawled back across the floor to where I'd spurted my cum, and tried to wipe it up with a pair of my socks. Then I just sat there, scared.

Mom & Dad weren't home from work yet, so that was good. But Kait saw what I'd done, so that was bad. I didn't really know what I'd just done, so that was kind of weird. But it felt really good, whatever it was, so that was good, I guess. As scared as I was, I wanted to try it again. But Kait was still out there, so I really couldn't...that was kind of bad. Sizing up the situation, I decided I had to go deal with Kait first. Had to make sure she didn't say anything about this to Mom & Dad when they got home.

I stood up and took a deep breath, then walked over to the door. "Kait!" I called, "Kait, come back here!" I opened the door, and saw Kait sitting in the hallway across from my door, crying.

My "little" sister was only a little less than a year younger than me. Growing up so close in age, we were always real close, and spent a lot of time playing together. We'd only just stopped taking baths together about a year before in fact, and we still did just about everything else together, so I guess when I screamed at her, it really hurt her feelings. She looked up when I opened the door and just looked at me, didn't say anything.

"Hey, I'm sorry I yelled at you. But you scared me. I thought you were down in the basement."

"No, I was up here," she said, sniffling. "What were you doing?"

"I was, I dunno." I didn't know what to call it. But at least she wasn't threatening to tell Mom & Dad. That was good.

"You were playing with your penis. I saw."

"Yeah, so why'd you ask if you knew?"

"I dunno. Why'd you do it?"

I sighed and turned around, going back into my room. "I don't know. It felt good, I guess." As soon as I'd said it, I felt my penis starting to twitch again, but I hadn't even been thinking about Linda Reed. That was weird.

"Do Mom & Dad know you do that?" There it was. I had to do something.

"No," I said, turning back to look Kait right in the eyes. "And they won't find out," I kind of growled, starting to make a fist, "get it?"

Kait rolled her eyes at my attempt to threaten her and said, "Okay, I get it." She stood up and walked past me into my room, knocking the "oomph" out of my threat as the bumped me, and went to sit on my bed. "So are you gonna do it again?" she asked.

"I don't know," I answered, starting to get frustrated with her for not leaving me alone. There was that twitching again, my penis was getting hard all on its own. Suddenly the start of an idea came half-way to me. She seemed kind of interested. Maybe if Kait was part of it, she wouldn't be able to tell Mom & Dad. I decided not to chase her out just yet. "I never did it before, but it felt good, so I dunno, I might," I mumbled as I went back into my room and sat on the other end of my bed.

"How'd you do it?" she asked.

"I dunno," I said, "I just kinda rubbed it & the stuff came out. I mean, you saw!"

"Yeah, but it didn't used to be so big."

There was my chance. "It's not all the time, just sometimes."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. I waited a minute, then added, "Do you wanna see?" This was it. She'd either say yes, and I could make her a part of this, or she'd run out & I'd be in even more trouble.

"You mean see it big?"

"It's not big right now, dummy. But I can make it big if you wanna see." More breath-holding.

"OK, lemme see."

I stood up and unzipped my pants again. I was really nervous by now, so it had shrunk back down to its normal little fingertip size. I pulled down my pants and showed her.

"OK, so how do you make it big?" she asked.

"You gotta promise not to laugh," I said. Kait nodded. "Linda Reed," I began. "Linda Reed, Linda Reed, Linda Reed, Linda Reed." Her name started having the intended effect. My penis started twitching, getting longer and sticking out more. Kait was looking at me kind of strange while I stood there saying Linda's name over and over, but she didn't say anything. "Linda Reed, Linda Reed, Linda Reed," I continued. Before long, I stood there in front of my sister, proudly showing her my little three-inch hard-on.

"Eeww, it's so big," she said. "Why does it do that?"

"I dunno," I said, "it just does."

"So can you make the stuff come out again?"

"I dunno. I can try. If you wanna see."

"OK," she said. This was working perfectly. She was going to see the whole thing, and be a part of it, and then she couldn't tell Mom & Dad.

I started rubbing my penis again like I did before. Kait watched, and after a few minutes I felt things happening down there again like the last time. I looked at Kait and said, "I think it's gonna happen." And sure enough, my penis started twitching again and a little dribble of cum spit out the end. I wiped it up with another sock, then pulled up my pants and sat down on the bed again.

"There. I dunno what it is, but now you saw. Just can't tell Mom & Dad, OK?"

"OK," she said.

Right about then we heard the garage door open as Mom & Dad came home. I jumped up and told Kait, "Don't say anything, remember!" Then I pushed her out the door and said, "I'll show you more the next time they go out if you want, but now just go in your own room."

"OK," she said.

I tossed my wipe-up socks in my hamper and lay down on my bed, wondering what would happen next.

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