Shacking Up

Shacking Up

Shacking Up

Holly turned onto the gravel road the led to her private lake and breathed a sigh of relief. Parking beside the big oak where she always did, she was just a few yards from the lake. Just above was her shack. She could have built a mansion here if she wanted to, but the shack that was here when she first acquired the property over twenty years ago. It was at first a place for fun and games with her first lover. Now it was her refuge from the corporate world and it was private, far off the main road. Unless one knew where it was, finding it would be an accident. She got her two duffel bags from the back of her pickup and headed for the shack. In a short time she had everything she needed for the weekend stored, put on her bikini and headed for the willow that sat beside the lake.
Holly placed her blanket on the ground under the oak, popped the top on a beer and placed the rest in her little whole she had dug out in the fresh creek that fed the lake to keep it cold. She leaned back against the oak, took a long hard drink, closed her eyes and began to remember. She had brought Michelle here on her 19th birthday. 19 years old, still a virgin, and desiring Michelle with every fiber of her being, she had brought her here, to this perfect of all places, to tell her the feelings she had for her friend. Holly’s face reddened as she remembered trying to get the words out as they stood in the lake in their Bikinis, and finally just taking Michelle’s face in her hands and kissing her. As Holly remembered every touch, every moment that they shared that day and others, her hands moved over her own body until she had reached a point of no return. Placing her hands inside her bikini bottoms, Holly fingered herself to a heavy orgasm, sweat pouring off of her. She needed a swim to cool off, stripped and slowly made her way into the lake.

Jessica’s bike began to sputter and she cursed the mechanic. He has assured her it was fixed and ready for a road trip and now the engine was dead as a doornail and she was in the middle of nowhere. She didn’t want to leave the bike beside the road, it was too easy to steel so she looked around for a place to hide it while she walked to the closest town, about 6 miles. Jessica would never take a ride unless it happened to be a lone female driving. Men disgusted her and they always made unwanted advances. About a quarter of a mile down, she saw the gravel road and decided that she could stash the bike somewhere down it until she could get a truck out to pick it up. She was about to give up on a good hiding place when she happened upon two sights that gave her hope. One was nice up growth of weeds to stash the bike; the other was the roof of what looked to be a house. If anyone was home at all, male or female, she needed help. Jessica stashed her bike out of site and began a much easier walk down the gravel road. In a few moments she saw two other sights, one of hope, the other of something much more. Just a few yards away from her Jessica saw a blue pickup, and just beyond that, standing ankle deep in a lake, was an auburn haired beauty, totally naked, dripping with water. Water was not the only thing dripping as Jessica’s body began to respond to the sight of the woman.

Holly was still enjoying the feel of the sun on her wet skin when a slight cough got her attention. Holly turned her head and saw the pretty young woman dressed in hip hugger jeans, leather boots and jacket, and a tight pullover shirt that showed a wonderful pair of breasts. Holly’s first thought was one of surprise and anger at someone being at her private place, her refuge. Her second though was that she was totally naked so she quickly ran to the willow and donned her bikini. She approached Jessica with a look that wasn’t so friendly, but as she got closer she could see that not only was the young woman beautiful, but also looked exhausted. Holly’s look softened as Jessica began to speak.
Jessica introduced herself with a hand stuck of for a friendly handshake. When her hand touched Holly’s her body began to tingle so she dropped it quickly and explained her situation. She had talked a mile a minute and the effort exhausted her more than pushing the bike.

Holly felt electricity move through her body when she took Jessica’s outstretched hand. She knew Jessica felt it too from the deep gaze that she gave her. Holly began to feel her womanhood get moist and her greatest desire at that moment was to take Jessica in her arms and kiss her, feel her warm body next to hers. Instead she simply let the woman speak her peace, and then offered her a rest and a beer while they decided what to do about the bike. They both sat down by the willow. Holly handed her new arrival a cold beer from the creek. Both women drank then over half gone in one drink and leaned against the tree. It was getting late and Holly asked Jessica if the bike was well hidden. When she told her it was, Holly said the best thing they could do would be to wait until morning, load the bike in her truck, and take it to town to get fixed. Holly explained that there was just the one bed but she could take the couch for the night. Jessica suggested that they share the bed.

Holly had not had a sexual relationship in several months and her desire for Jessica was growing past a point that was just wanting to one of have to have. Her mind going back through the years to Michelle and in that moment she reached forward and took Jessica’s face in her hands and kissed her, as she had her first lover so many years ago. Jessica melted into Holly’s arms, her mouth opened to accept her probing tongue. They kissed for a long time, deep, sensual, and hard. Jessica slipped Holly’s bikini top off and began to fondle her breasts, her fingers and palms moving over her hard nipples. Leaning Holly down to the blanket, she moved her hands over her nice curves and slipped her bottoms down and off. She moved her hands over Holly in soft gentle circles. When her hands reached her smooth shaven pussy, Jessica cupped it and let her middle finger move across her wet slit from ass to clit. As she began to move her fingers in gentle circles over her cit, she heard Holly moan and a grunt that came from deep within her. Moving her head between her legs, she began to gently lick and suck at Holly’s pussy until her legs began to quiver. Jessica stopped just short of giving Holly an orgasm, stood above her and undressed slowly. Jessica stood there above Holly, rubbing her hands on her own breasts and pussy, smearing her juices on herself, and then moving above Holly’s head, she lowered herself to her knees, giving Holly access to her wet pussy. Leaning forward and resting her breasts on Holly’s belly, she again began to lick at the woman’s swollen womanhood. Jessica was so hot from tasting and licking Holly that when Holly’s tongue first hit her own pussy she nearly lost her cum right then.
Holly stared at Jessica’s swollen wet pussy, for a moment forgetting the pleasure she was getting. With one long swipe she moved her tongue across Jessica’s slit from ass to clit. She was rewarded with a generous amount of fluid that convienently went into her mouth and down into her stomach. The warm juices created a hunger inside Holly that she had not felt in some time. Feeling her own self so close to orgasm, she spread open Jessica’s slit and slid her tongue deep inside and began to suck on her clit as she moved inside her.
Jessica was so close to cumming that she slid two fingers inside Holly and began to lick and suck on her clit. She heard Holly’s moans go to screams and felt her stomach muscles spasm as she began to cum. Jessica dove her tongue deep inside of Holly and sucked, drinking ever drop she could get.
To Holly, the world had stopped. She was both deaf and blind as her body began to convulse and her fluids rushed into Jessica’s sucking mouth. Wave after wave hit her until finally she could see enough to look at Jessica’s adam’s apples moving as she drank her. Whether by instinct or desire, she slid her index finger into Jessica’s ass and tongued her pussy hard and fast. When Jessica flung her head backwards and groaned, she dove in deep into both holes and awaited the flood that was to cum.
Jessica felt the finger in her ass and her mind lost all control of her body. Her knees could no longer support her and her pussy drove down hard on Holly’s tongue as her orgasm began. Jessica’s mind was a total blank. Blinding light flashed in her head as she began to cum. She squirted her first fluids past Holly’s head, then a second and a third wave of cum was being tongued and sucked out of her as if her own body had no control. Jessica lost count after the fourth orgasm and seemed to cum forever before her mind started to clear. She lay there on top of Holly for a few moments, licking what was left of the woman’s cum from her slit and feeling the same being done to her. When Jessica rolled over and moved up to kiss Holly, she saw the woman’s face and hair covered in her cum, fluids dripping from her chin. She kissed her hard, both women tasting their own orgasms for a long time, cleaning each other’s faces. It was near dark.

Both women shared a night in the shack that they would remember for a lifetime. When the sun finally awakened them around ten am the next morning, they were laying in a bed that was soaked in sweat and cum. Both women wanted more of each other but the bike still had to be dealt with, so after bathing in the lake and fingering and kissing each other to what Holly thought would be their last orgasm, they dressed and took the truck to get the bike. Jessica was smart enough to suggest they take a couple of planks for ramps to get the bike into the bed of the pickup. They drove to where Jessica had stashed her bike and kissed each other before getting out to load it.
Loading the bike was not easy, but with some effort and a lot of sweat the women managed to get it into the truck and headed for town. The service man said it would take at least a day to get the parts and another to fix the machine. Both women looked at each other and with a smile surprised the mechanic by saying to take his time. The drive back was hot even with the air on and both women were sweating a lot. Holly suggested another bath in the lake so both women stripped, but before Holly could take the short steps from the willow to the lake, Jessica grabbed her around her waits and hugged her sweaty body and began to kiss her neck. Her tongue made circles all over Holly’s back down to her ass cheeks. Gently Jessica moved Holly back to the blanket and placed her face down on it. Pulling Holly up by her stomach, she got her on her knees and with deliberate, wet licks, she greased up her asshole.
Holly felt Jessica’s tongue slide inside her ass an moaned load. She then felt tender fingers slide inside her pussy and in moments was bucking against Jessica’s face as the woman’s fingers and tongue began to bring her closer and closer to orgasm.
Jessica felt Holly ready to explode and quickly exchanged places with her fingers and tongue. Siding two fingers inside of Holly’s ass, she dove her tongue in deep inside her pussy and sucked.
Holly squealed loudly when Jessica’s fingers went deep in her ass and her tongue moved inside her pussy. She came in one hard rush that nearly drowned Jessica as she tried to drink her.
Jessica drank all she could catch, some of the cum covering her face like paint. She had never seen such a hard, white, creamy orgasm from any woman in her life and the taste was one of pure delight. Licking every drop she could and gaining even a few more mild rushes of fluids as she did, she moved up to kiss Holly and share in her reward.
Holly licked the white cream from Jessica’s face then roughly threw her backwards onto the blanket. Her mind was gone except for the desire to devour the woman beneath her. She licked and sucked Jessica from neck to toes, stopping each time up and down to suck on her clit. Positining herself between Jessica’s legs, she lifted her ass off the blanket and rolled the end of it up to prop it up in the air. On her belly, she lay on the ground and began to lick and suck at her rosy asshole. Sliding two fingers into her rectum she spread it open and began to lick, then finally to slide in deep, She moved around inside her keeping her ass cheeks spread with her hands.
Jessica had never been rimmed like that before in her life. Holly’s tongue was like a long hard dildo moving deep inside her and holding her open. Her moans became grunts and her grunts became screams as she begged for release. Finally Holly moved on had to Jessica’s pussy and began to rub hard, her palm moving fast from ass to clit. Jessica arched her ass upwards, Holly following with her tongue inside her. Jessica came with a force that pushed Holly’s hand away from her pussy. Holly watched with glee as cum shot over a foot into the air, her tongue still moving deep inside Jessica’s ass. Holly’s eyes sparkles as three more orgasms escape the woman and trickled down to her tongue. When Jessica finally collapsed, Holly cleaned her, causing white cream to ooze from Jessica’s pussy as she licked it clean. She crawled on top of Jessica and kissed her, then lay beside her, holding her in her arms as they feel asleep, naked under the willow.
Holly was not sure just how much she could show this young woman how she felt about her in the next two days, but she did know that she was falling in love again for the first time in several years. If at all possible, she was going to make Jessica love her too. It may not be possible, she knew almost nothing about her, but she was damn sure going to give it her best shot.

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