Together Again

Together Again

In my last chapter, Kim had returned home. I had been waiting for her return for six months. Kim had changed in many ways, one she had returned as that caring and loving Kim I had grew to love when we were mere kids growing up. The other change was in her appearance, she was still cute and sexy however, her weight had changed drastically she had gone from around 140 lbs to over 200 lbs.

Kim and I sat there on our bed talking; I had just filled her in on what had been going on since she was gone. I had told her how I had met Gina, DeRonda’s daughter, I also had told Kim about John and Gina being in love back when John was 17 years old. Kim had many question for me as we sat there and talked.

“Janet, is that why John lost interest in me back in High School?” Kim asked me as she wiped away more tears.

I told Kim I believed that may have been the case. I told Kim that should be something she should really ask John. I also told Kim that I could see why he had as Gina was a very beautiful and sensual girl back then and even now.

“John will not even want to see me and if he does why he would even care about me as he has you and Gina to play with,” “I am just fat and ugly now,” Kim, added as she started to cry even more.

Out of the blue we heard John as he said, “Kim you’re not ugly and you never have been,” “Sure you may have added a few pounds but having a baby does that to you.”

We both looked up to find John standing in the doorway of our bedroom. Kim grabbed at the bed sheets to cover her body. I just sat there looking at him from the bed.

“Janet, I asked you not to tell John I had a baby,” Kim said as she looked at me with disappointment on her face.

John replied, “Janet did not tell me Kim, I found out from my aunt.”

“DeRonda told you John,” “She promised me she would not tell you,” I replied with the same disappointment on my own face.

“She told me because she wanted to make sure the baby was not mine for if it had been…” John said as he suddenly stopped.

“What if it had been John?” I asked as Kim and I waiting for his answer.

“I would have done the right thing Janet, I would have married Kim,” John replied.

“You would have John,” Kim said with her head tilted toward John.

I lowered my head when I heard that for I did not think John would have married her even if it had been his baby. I was a little disappointed to have heard him say that, however knowing John as I do now, I know he would have done the honorable thing.

“Could you two do me a small favor?” John asked with a smile on his face.

“What is that John?” Kim and I asked him in unison.

“Would you two please get out of my bed and slip some clothes on and meet me in the living room,” “You guys are making my cock throb,” John said as he gave his hard throbbing cock a pull through his jogging pants.

Kim and I both looked to his cock. His cock was tenting out from his pants. We both smiled at each other as he turned and walked away. I slipped from the bed and I reached into John’s drawer where I pulled out to oversize football jerseys. I tossed one to Kim and slipped the other over me.

The jersey fit me loosely where as on Kim it showed those big milky tits of hers very nicely. Kim took a hold of my hand as we stood there in the bedroom. Kim gave me a quick kiss on my lips before she told me.

“Janet, I love you remember that no matter what happens,” Kim said as she removed her lips from mine.

“I love you too Kim,” I replied as we walked out of the bedroom.

We walked out into the living room. John was in the kitchen and he told us to take a sit on the sofa he would be with us in a second. Kim and I sat down on to the sofa holding hands. Kim head went down to her chest almost as soon as she sat down. I could feel her hand shaking as she gripped mine tightly in hers.

John walked in with two glasses of wine. He handed us both a glass as he told us we might need that. John turned and walked back to the kitchen. Kim and I looked at each other before we both took a big sip from our glasses. As John returned into the living room, Kim once again squeezed at my hand.

John walked over to us; he had three single roses in his hand and a glass of wine for himself. He handed Kim a red rose in full bloom and told her this one was for her, John handed me a red one that was just in the bud stage as he told me that one was for me. He told us the white rose was for him.

John stood before us as he said, “That single red rose that I just gave you both is a sign of a very deep love I have for you both.” “Back in Roman times, that single rose was the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love as you both are to me.” “The bright red color symbolize romantic and long-lasting love that I have enjoyed with you both.” as he smiled and his eyes sparkled at us both.

John took a rather deep breathe and he looked at Kim as he said, “Kim, the full in bloom rose I gave to you, delivers the message of I still love you,” he said as he smiled at her.

John turned to me and he placed his hand along the side of my face as he said, “Janet, that budding rose represent love for the first time or youthful love that is innocent and fresh as our love for each other has been,” before he gave me a quick little kiss upon my lips.

John held up the white rose in his hand as he said, “I hold the white rose which holds two meaning one is for saying I am sorry for something that happened in the past.” “The other is to symbolize everlasting love, honor and respect which I hold in my heart for you both,” as he looked between Kim and I.

John took his white rose and he held it out in front of us as he said, “Janet, touch your rose to mine,” which I did. John looked to Kim and said, “Kim, bring your rose to ours.”

Our roses were all together as one when John said, “The red and white rose together symbolizes unity which the three of us had at one time,” “I hope the three of us can revive that unity that we once had.”

John told Kim and me to hold the three roses together in our hand. Kim and I did as he asked. John picked up his glass of wine and he held it out toward us. John asked us to join him in a toast.

As our glasses touched John said, “To the life we love with those we love.”

The three of us downed our glasses of wine. Kim looked at me and I looked at her. I saw a lone tear streaming down her cheek as one rolled down mine. We gave each other a quick hug before turning to John.

“John, that was just about the most romantic and sweet words I have ever heard you speak,” I said as I smiled at him.

Kim turned to John and as she hung her head down she said, “John I am truly sorry for the hurt I caused you and Janet.” “I am looking forward to showing you that you can once again trust me not only as a lover but as a true friend.” “For I too want that unity that we all once had to return,” “I only hope the two of you can forgive me.”

Kim kept her head bowed toward the floor as she sat there beside me. John looked at me as I looked at him. John smiled at me as I smiled at him. We both took a finger and we placed it under Kim’s chin. We lifted her head back up from her chest.

“We forgive you Kim,” John and I both said to her in unison.

Kim smiled at us both as she replied, “Thanks you two.”

John took us by our hands and he pulled us up from the sofa. John wrapped those lovely big arms around us both. He pulled Kim and me tightly into his body as he hugged us. John held us in his arms for a very long time. He finally broke our hug as he stepped back from us.

John looked down at the tee shirt that he wore. There were two good size wet spots on his shirt. John looked at me then to Kim. John looked at the jersey Kim had on. Kim nipples were hard and pressing tightly against her shirt. Kim’s jersey had the same wet spots as John’s tee shirt.

“Is that what I think it is?” John asked unsure of him.

“It sure is and you should taste it,” I replied as I lifted the jersey over Kim’s head.

Kim hands and arms covered her body as I removed the jersey from her. You could see she was embarrassed to show John her body. I looked to John and I just rather gave him a look. John knew what I wanted him to do.

John took a hold of Kim’s hands and he pulled them down to her sides as he said, “You will always be lovely in my eyes no matter what Kim,” Never hide your body from me I love you for you,” as he wrapped those arms around her. He must have too because he was sporting a big boner in his jogging pants.

I stood there beside those two as I had done many times before. I watched them as they kissed. Their lips met and they kissed liked they had so many times before. There may not have been that same passion as there once was but it was still a caring and loving kiss. The only difference this time was that lone tear running down Kim’s cheek.

When John broke their kiss, I gently pushed Kim back down onto the sofa as I pulled my jersey over my head. I sat down beside her naked as she was. I placed my arm up over her shoulder as I looked to John.

“Strip for us John,” I said as I smiled at him then to Kim.

“Sure things girls,” John replied as he went to turn some music on.

John returned and he pushed the coffee table from the front of the sofa. As the music played in the background, John swayed to the music. He looked at Kim then to me as he slowly raised his tee shirt up over his stomach. Kim’s hand went to mine as we saw that well-defined six-pack abs.

Kim’s hand squeezed at mine as he raised his shirt higher. John removed his shirt and as he twirled it above his head, he flexed those lovely big Pecs of his. They bounced up and down to the music. I could feel my own pussy start to twitch as I watched him. I removed my hand from Kim’s as I placed it upon her thigh.

Kim placed her hand to my thigh as well as we watched John dancing before us. John placed his hand on top of his head and he flexed those lovely big arm muscles and his Pecs at the same time. My hand caressed up Kim’s thigh as hers did the same to mine. I felt Kim part her legs as my hand neared her pussy.

I dipped my hand between her opened legs as I parted my own legs for her hand. My fingers ran over her pussy, which was already dripping with her juices. I looked to Kim her eyes were glued on John as he danced in front of us. Kim slipped a finger up into my wet pussy as John turned his back to us.

Kim started to take her finger in and out of my pussy. Her touch caused my pussy to twitch even more. As John shook that cute butt at us, I too slipped a finger into Kim’s pussy. Kim’s pussy sucked at my finger as she turned to me. Kim’s lips met mine and we locked into a deep passionate kiss as our fingers ran in and out of our pussy.

We broke our kiss as John pulled down his pants showing that cute butt of his. I slipped two fingers up into Kim’s hot wet pussy as he started to bump his cute butt at us. My juices were flowing over Kim’s one finger as she placed her thumb onto my clit.

“Ahhh,” I moaned as Kim pressed against my clit with her thumb.

John danced his butt around as he turned that hot well-defined body back to facing us. He slipped his jogging pants off as he smiled at us. John was standing naked in front of us. He started to dance once more.

John’s hard throbbing cock was bouncing up and down as he moved his body to the music. My eyes followed each bounce of his cock. I looked to Kim whose eyes were on that hard throbbing cock of his. I felt Kim slip another finger into my burning box.

“God Janet, he is even more handsome than I remember,” “His muscles are so well defined and that lovely cock looks so inviting,” Kim cooed as I felt her legs open even further.

As Kim’s legs opened, I slipped a third finger into her hairless pussy. Kim moaned loudly as my fingers ran it and out of her pussy. Kim’s thumb was now stumping on my clit as she worked her fingers in and out of my pussy. I had a quick orgasm on her fingers as I watched her just staring at John.

“John, play with your cock for us,” I said to him as I shifted my position on the sofa.

Kim’s fingers and thumb left my pussy as I bend over to kiss on her nipples. My lips touched one then her other breasts, as I ran my tongue across her nipples. They hardened instantly as my tongue ran across them. I looked and saw that john was just standing there stroking on his cock.

He was watching me as I played with Kim’s huge milk filled tits. I placed my hand around one of those huge milk jugs of hers. I squeezed at it making her milk squirt from her tits. I took my tongue and I lapped at the milk as it squirted from her tit.

“John come closer,” I said looking toward him.

I squeezed and milked at Kim’s tit until her milk flowed from her nipple. I directed her milk spray to John’s cock. The milk landed on his cock and on his hanging balls. John rubbed it all into his cock as he watched the milk squirting from Kim’s tit. I curled my three fingers up further into Kim’s wet pussy. I was searching for her special spot.

“Janet, may I suck his cock?” Kim asked me in a pleading tone.

“John let Kim suck on your cock,” I said as I looked at Kim.

Kim smiled down at me as she replied, “Thank you Janet, it has been a long time that I had that lovely cock in my mouth,” Kim cooed as I started to suck at her tit.

Kim took her hand and she wrapped it around John’s throbbing cock. She pumped at it a few times before she wrapped her lips around it. Kim inhaled John’s cock deep into her mouth. She must have been practicing as I never seen her deep throat his cock like that before.

“OHhhh Dam girl suck me,” John moaned out as Kim took all of his cock into her mouth.

I saw Kim’s cheeks suck inward as she started to suck at his cock. John placed his hands to the back of Kim’s head. I was waiting for her to shake her head free of his hands as she always did before. Kim never liked John to pump her head on his cock as she sucked on it.

I smiled as I saw Kim just keep sucking as John worked her head up and down on his cock. Kim gave a jerk as my fingers in her pussy found her special spot. I curled them upward until they where rubbing against it. I sucked wildly at her tit as the milk overflowed my mouth and ran from it.

Kim breast milk ran from my mouth as I pulled it from her tit. I slipped my body down to the floor between those parted thighs as I kept rubbing at her spot with my fingers. I pulled my fingers from Kim’s wet pussy and I licked at them tasting those juices of her I had loved so much before.

“MMmmmm Kim you taste even better than before,” I moaned up to her from between her thighs.

Kim could not answer me, as her mouth was full of John’s cock. However, she did need to answer me as Kim just sunk down into the sofa working her pussy toward the edge. John pulled his cock from her mouth as she moved.

“I want to taste those tits,” John said as he jumped onto the sofa.

John got beside Kim and he sucked one of her tits into his mouth. I watched as he suckled on her tit. He may have been a little rough in doing so.

“Easy John, you don’t have to bite them to get your milk,” Kim said to him as she petted his head.

John was gentler as he nursed on her tits. I could see he sucking her milk into his mouth and I watched as his adam’s apple moved as her milk ran down his throat. Soon milk was flowing from his mouth trailing down the side of her tit.

I buried my face between Kim’s thighs. I licked wildly at her pussy lips then parted them with my tongue. My tongue buried itself deep into her pussy as she moaned softly. I looked up to see Kim’s hand on John’s cock pumping at it as he nursed on her tits. John was sucking at one then the other. I think he was trying to drain them both of their milk.

I licked around Kim’s pussy getting myself a taste of her before I looked up at Kim and I asked, “Do you want that cock in your pussy?”

“Yes very much but I can’t,” Kim replied with a sad look.

“Why can‘t you, Kim?” I asked as I added, “You can have his cock if you want.”

John and I both stopped what we were doing when we heard Kim say that. We looked at her as she told us the reason. Kim told us that could not start the pill again yet.

“I sure do not want to have another baby,” Kim replied as she looked at John then to me. Kim looked back to John and added, “But you can fuck me in my ass if you want too,” as she smiled at him.

John was up off that sofa in a heartbeat. He was standing at the edge of the sofa waiting for Kim to get on her hands and knees. John watched Kim as she moved then he looked down at me on the floor.

“Get under her Janet and eat her pussy out just like in my dream,” John said as he smiled,

“What dream, John?” Kim asked as I climbed underneath her.

“Never mind I will tell you later right now sit that lovely pussy on my face girl,” I replied as I flicked my tongue wildly in the air.

Kim lowered her big butt downward onto my face. I pulled her ass cheeks apart as I spat at her butt hole. John laughed and he told me that was OK he had gotten some lube. Kim lowered her pussy onto my face as I felt her hands parting my own thighs. Our tongues touched each others pussy at the same time.

I started to dig my tongue upward into Kim’s pussy as her tongue split my pussy lips. John’s hanging balls were rubbing against my forehead as he positioned his cock at Kim’s asshole. I stopped my tonguing of her pussy as John eased his cock ever so gently and easy up into her butt.

Good boy I thought at least he did not ram it up into her. John just held his cock motionless in Kim’s ass. I went back to licking at her pussy. Kim’s tongue was licking away at my pussy. Kim started to move that big butt of hers back and forth on John’s cock.

That gave John the signal to start fucking her butt as well. John eased his cock in and out of Kim’s asshole ever so gently and with ease. John fucked Kim’s ass at a steady pace with his cock slipping in and out of her ass. Kim placed her chin onto my clit and she started to rock it on there.

Ahhh Kim you are going to make me …,” I moaned out under her.

That was all I got out as my orgasm over came me. My pussy twitched then throb as my juices started to squirt from it. I squirt a nice stream of my pussy juices as I buried my tongue in and out of her pussy. I lapped at her pussy as John butt fucked her.

I was able to give John’s balls a quick lick of my tongue every now and then. Kim was matching each of his strokes of his cock up her ass by backing her butt up against it. I saw John’s balls tense up once then I heard Kim moan.

“OHhhh I can feel your cock throbbing in my ass John,” “Please cum in my ass,” Kim moaned out loudly as she drove her ass toward his cock.

“AHHhh shit yeah,” John, yelled out as he buried his cock fully up into her butt.

Kim just rocked her ass on his cock as I watched his balls move up and down as he pumped his cum deep into her ass. John and Kim moaned together as he filled her butt full. John pulled back as his cock slipped from her ass.

I reached up and I grabbed it with my hand I guided it into my mouth. I sucked at his cock fresh from Kim’s asshole. It tasted a little tangy but mostly like John’s cum that was on it. I kept sucking and licking at it as he pumped it in and out of my mouth.

Kim got off me and she sat at the end of the sofa. I got up and grabbed at John’s cock taking it back into my mouth. I sucked and licked at it as I cleaned his cock. I licked at my lips as I turned toward Kim.

Kim looked at me and she said, “Janet you are sick but I would not want you any other way,” as she moved toward me.

Kim took me into her arms and she kissed me deeply as I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Our tongue squirmed in each others mouth, as our kiss was long, deep and with passion. Kim broke our kiss but kept hugging me. Kim put her head to the side of mine. Kim looked back toward John who was behind us.

“Thank you John, I have missed that cock of yours,” Kim said. Then Kim whispered into my ear, “Thank you to Janet for sharing that wonderful man with me again, I promise to never try to steal want is yours again.”

I felt tears coming to my eyes as I hear Kim start to sob in my arms. They were happy ones for Kim was home where she belonged. John joined us on the couch as we made room between us.

John wiped both our tears as he said, “Girls let not have anymore crying, I can’t tell whether they are happy tears or sad tears,” as he looked at us both.

Kim and I both assured him that our tears were happy ones. John wrapped one of those large lovely arms of his around us both as he pulled us into the side of his body. My hand went to his chest as I rubbed his Pecs; Kim did the same until our hands met on his chest.

“That was just like old times,” “Welcome home Kim,” John said as he smiled at her.

Well that went good I thought as I sat there on the sofa with Kim and John. However, I was not sure about Kim just yet especially with that smile John had just gave her. For his eyes were sparkling when he had told Kim that. However, with John I can never really tell because if he is happy and enjoying himself his eyes sparkle. I was going to just take a wait and see attitude.

Kim told us she had to be going and that she would see us on Friday night. I followed Kim out to her car, I kissed her goodnight, and I told her I would be waiting for her to return Friday night. As I watched Kim get into her car, I noticed that her car was still full of boxes and her suitcases. I figured she had not been home yet.

Friday finally rolled around, I saw John off to his morning practice. I reminded him that Kim was coming over and he told me that he would be home later after practice, as he his aunt had called and asked him to stop over. I asked him about what. John told me that he did not know why. John no sooner had gone out the door than the phone rang it was his dad; he wanted to know if I could by chance come into work, as he needed a hand with paperwork. I told him I would come in and give him a hand.

I figured I had better call Kim and tell her that I would not be home until around three today. I called Kim’s home number and her brother answered the phone. I asked Bob if Kim was there. Bob told me no that Kim does not live here anymore and he hung up on me.

As I got ready to go into work, I wondered where Kim was staying at then if not at home. That troubled me most of the day at work. However, I busied myself then buried myself in paperwork and forgot all about it. I happened to remembered about seeing Kim’s car full of her stuff as I drove home.

I pulled into our apartment building to see Kim sitting in her car. I parked and Kim walked over to greet me. Kim gave me a hug and a quick kiss before we went inside. I noticed those boxes and stuff in her car as we walked away.

“Have a sit Kim I will get us something to drink,” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

I got us a couple cans of pop and some thing to snack on. I returned to the living room giving Kim her can of pop before sitting down beside her. I looked at Kim it looked like she had been up all night long. She had dark bags under her eyes.

“Kim, where have you been staying at?” I asked her.

Kim lowered her head and she replied, “In my car.”

“Why in your car?” I asked.

Kim told me that she did not want to stay with her mom. Especially in that, her brother Bob still lived there. Kim told me she just could not bring herself to stay there. Kim told me she just did not know what she was going to do.

“Well first off you can stay here with us,” I said to her with a smile.

“No, Janet I can’t do that,” Kim replied.

“Kim, Why can’t you?” I asked.

“Because you have your life with John and I would only be trouble for you two,” Kim replied as she hung her head.

“You are not trouble for us Kim,” I replied at least I hoped not. “Let me talk to John when he comes home and we all will talk it over,” I added.

“If you say so Janet,” Kim replied as she looked up at me. “Janet may I go take a shower?” Kim asked me.

I told her go right ahead, Kim went out and got some clean clothes and I showed her into the bedroom. Kim told me that I was such a good friend. I went back into the living room as Kim got in the shower. I was sitting there thinking when John came home.

“Janet, is that Kim’s car outside?” John asked me.

“Yes, why do you ask?” “She is in taking a shower,” I replied.

“Her car is complete full of stuff is she leaving again,” John asked as he stood beside me.

“No John,” I replied. Then I added, “Kim does not have a place to stay,” I replied as I hung my own head down.

John came over and he lifted my head with his finger as he said, “I suppose you want her to stay with us.”

“Only until she gets back on her feet John,” I replied as I gave him my puppy dog look.

John rubbed his hand over his forehead then down his face as he took a deep breathe and he said, “You sure about this Janet,” as he looked at me in wonder.

“Yes she will not cause any trouble I promise,” I replied as I got up and threw my arms around him.

I placed my lips to his and I gave him a deep passionate kiss. I felt his hands going to my butt as he returned my kiss. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as he slipped his into mine. His hand grabbed at my ass as we kissed deeply.
I heard the shower stop and I broke our kiss.

“John will you tell Kim it is OK for her to stay here I think she would feel better if it came from you,” I said to him.

John shook his head OK and he sat down onto the sofa. He pulled me onto his lap pulling me into him. He told me that he loved me and that he had missed me today. Kim came walking into the living room with a towel wrapped barely around her, which did not cover her big tits.

“Oh, sorry I did not know you were home John,” Kim said as she pulled the towel up more covering her tits somewhat.

“Get used to it Kim your staying with us and I will not take NO as your answer,” John said to her with a smile.

Kim ran over to us and she threw her arms around us both as that towel fell away from her body. Kim told us it would only be for a little while until she found work and got her own place. Kim’s tit was right in John’s face. John Just stared at her big milky tit for a while before he slipped it into his mouth. John suckled at it until milk started to flow from her tit.

John took his mouth off her tit as milk stream from it and he said, “Damn that is some good shit.”

We all had a laugh and Kim went in to get dressed. John told me he still had to go see what his aunt wanted with him. John went over to see his aunt while I went into the bedroom to talk to Kim.

“Thanks Janet I know you sweet talked John into letting me stay,” Kim said.

“I told him you would be no trouble,” I replied as I looked at her. “Your not going to be, are you Kim?” I asked her.

Kim told me no, as she crossed her heart. Kim told me she lost me once as a friend and was not going to again. Once again, I looked into her eyes and I knew she was telling me the truth. I gave her a deep kiss and a hug before I helped her bring her stuff into our apartment.

“I will sleep on the sofa,” Kim said as we brought her stuff in.

“You will be sleeping with us,” I replied. Kim gave me a funny look and I added, “That bed is big enough for four people to sleep in and besides that way I don’t have to get out of bed when I want you,” with my evil grin.

Kim and I sat around just talking for most of the day. I was beginning to worry about what was taking John so long at his aunts. When the phone rang I answered it, it was his aunt. DeRonda told me that she would like us to come join her for dinner tonight including Kim, as she wanted to meet her.

I told her that we would love too that is if it was OK with John. DeRonda told me that he was already there and he had told her to call us. I told DeRonda OK and she told me that John would be home to pick us up in about six pm. DeRonda told me to wear something sexy as there may be a party after dinner.

“We are going out for dinner,” I said to Kim as I hung up the phone.

I told her that John was picking us up later to go over for dinner with his aunt. Kim asked me why she was going along, I told her because DeRonda would like to meet you that was why. Kim just smiled as I told her lets go get dressed. I told her she was to dress sexy.

I had a brand new little red mini dress I was dieing to wear. I slipped it on over a push up bra, and matching garter belt and nylons with a pair of three-inch heels. I wore no panties under my dress as well. The mini dress barely covered my pussy.

I was to busy getting myself ready so I did not really see what Kim had on until we were ready. Kim had on a short black skirt that was down to about the middle of her thighs. Kim had chosen a black and white very low cut top. Her huge rack stuck up and over her top. She had on lace top thigh high nylons which you could see each time she took a step in her high heels.

Kim turned to me and she said, “Dam girl you look sexy as hell in your red mini,” as she smiled at me.

“John picked it out for me,” I replied as I showed her I had no panties on.

Kim reached up under her skirt pulling her panties off as she said, “If you aren’t wearing panties then I am not neither,” as she threw them onto the bed.

I told Kim that she looked sexy as well. I was not lying neither for she did still look very sexy with her added weight. I believe it was just those huge fucking tits of hers. In a way, her big boobs reminded me of DeRonda’s big fucking tits. My pussy started to twitch as I eyed her boobs.

There was a knock at the door as we walked into the living room. I went to the door and I was shocked when I opened it, there stood Angelo.

In his heavy Italian accent he said, “Miss Jeanette I am here to transport you and your girlfriend to paradise,” as he bowed down and then walked back outside.

I yelled to Kim, “Hey our ride is here.”

Kim came and we walked out the door as she asked, “Was that John?”

“No it’s our ride,” I replied as I ushered her outside to the waiting limo.

Angelo had the door open for us as we walked over to the limo. Kim asked me whose limo that was I told her that it belonged to Gina John’s cousin. Angelo usher us both into the back of the limo and he got in sitting in the side seat. Angelo tapped on the glass and the driver took off.

Angelo looked at Kim and then to me as he handed us each a long stem rose and said, “Questa rosa solo desideri che potrebbe essere bella come voi due,” “Sorry I meant to say this rose only wishes he was as lovely as you two,” as he smiled at us.

After Kim and I both finished blushing, I asked Angelo where John was that he did not pick us up. Angelo told me that Miss Gina had gone with John earlier in the day. I asked him where they went as I leaned forward.

“Miss Jeanette I do not kiss and tell you know that,” Angelo replied with an evil grin of his own.

I sat back into the seat as I felt Kim’s hand going into mine, she leaned over and she whispered into my ear, “Janet who is that man?”

“Oh forgive me, Kim this is Angelo, Angelo this is Kim,” I said as I introduced them to each other. “Angelo is head of security for Gina,” I added telling Kim.

Kim looked to Angelo then to me then back to Angelo who said, “It OK John told me you safe,” who smiled at her as he took her hand and gave it a kiss.

Kim cuddled up even closer to me as I knew she did not quite understand it all yet. I rather filled her in on everything again as we drove to DeRonda house. I parted my legs giving Angelo a good shot of my bald pussy. He just smiled at me. I started to think about that lovely fat cock he had tucked away in his pants. Had we not arrived I may have showed it to Kim.

The driver pulled us up to the door and Angelo got out and held the door open for us. Angelo leaned into me as I walked by and he whispered I will see much more of you later. I gave him a smile back. Kim asked me just what that was all about. I told her I would tell her all about it sometime. When we got to the door, DeRonda opened the door.

“My dear Janet so nice to see you again,” “And this lovely girl must me Kim,” “Janet has told me a lot about you only she never told me you were as lovely as you are,” DeRonda said as she hugged us both and planted a kiss on our cheeks.

The three of us stood outside talking when suddenly we all heard the roar of a race car engine or something. We all turned to see this speeding red corvette-barreling ass up the length of the driveway. The car came to a screeching halt beside the limo.

The driver revved the car up a few times before shutting it off. I watched as Gina jumped from the passenger side, while John jumped from the driver side. Gina ran over to him on his side of the corvette.

Gina yelled out in her broken English, “Your new car it go fast,” as she ran to him.

I stood there watching as Gina threw her arms around John and she started to kiss him passionately. I watched as John kissed her back with passion as well. I watched and I also wondered was that a cousinly kiss? I waited until they broke their long deep passionate kiss.

I went over to them and I said, “John, What does she mean YOUR NEW CAR?

Gina turned to me and she replied, “Janet I buy car for John for sex.”

I look at John as if I am about to tear his face off, John laughs a little then he said, “She means she brought me the car to look sexy Janet.”

“Yes, football hero’s all have sexy fast car now John does too,” “You like Janet it’s yours too, I fuck you both so it in your name,” Gina said as she wrapped her arms around me.

Gina rather caught me off guard when she kisses me passionately and deeply right there in front of everyone. Gina slipped her tongue into my mouth almost down my throat. I kissed her back as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Gina pulled me tighter into herself as we kiss.

“Dam girl you have no panties on,” John yells out.

I realize that when Gina pulled me forward she had pulled up the back of my dress. This had exposed my butt to everyone. The three of us stood there with our arms wrapped around each other standing by the new red corvette. Gina looks up to her mom and sees Kim standing next to her.

Gina looks to John as she said, “È che la cagna Kim, cugina molto grasso,” (Which means is that Kim bitch, very fat cousin)

DeRonda yelled out in her very heavy Italian accent, “GINA tenere la lingua prima di pagare con il culo,” (Which means Gina hold your tongue before you pay with your ass.”

Gina walked over to her mom as she replied, “Sorry mama, I was out of line.” She turned to Kim and she said, “My English not well but I am happy to meet you Kim and I am sorry if I offended you,” as she hung her head down low.

John walked over to Gina and he raised her head up as he grabs her ass he said, “Cugino culo sta andando a guardare bene tutti arrossire,” (Which means Cousin Ass is going to look good all blushing.)

DeRonda yells out, “Enough children the next one of you that speaks anything other than English will pay the price.

Gina and John both reply “Yes mama” and “Yes aunt DeRonda,” with their heads bowed down.

“Janet, be a dear and take Kim into the garden while I have a little talk to these two,” DeRonda said to me.

I took Kim by the hand as I walked her to the back garden. I saw there was a table with chairs sat up so I figured we were having our dinner in the back garden. I sat down with Kim beside me who had a bewildered look on her face. I patted her hand and I told her I know you have plenty of questions.

Kim looked at me and she asked, “John can speak Italian?” “Does it trouble you that Gina kisses him like that?” “How did Gina offend me?” “Why does DeRonda have such control over them?”

I told Kim yes John can speak Italian very good; I also told her Gina understands English very well just does not speak it well. I told Kim that it did not brother me Gina kissing him like that. However, that was a lie for it troubled me a lot plus the fact that she had brought him that car. For I could give John my love but I could never give him anything like that shiny new corvette.

I told Kim that both John and Gina had the up most respect for DeRonda as I did as well. I told Kim that I was sure she would have it in time as well. I also told Kim that I knew a little bit of Italian and that Gina had more or less called her a fat bitch.

Gina hung her head down at the table as she said, “I feel so ashamed of myself and so out of place here with you.”

“It’s just new to you Kim, you will fit in just give it a chance,” I replied as I lifted her head up.

“Janet, John’s aunt DeRonda, when she hugged me my pussy went crazy,” Kim said as she looked up at me.

I gave a little laugh as I replied, “She does have that same affect on me,” as I reached under the table and ran my hand up her thigh.

I ran my fingers over the inside of her thighs as she parted her legs. I brushed my fingers against her hairless pussy, which felt weird as I was used to her hairy pussy. I told Kim I liked her pussy hairy and she told me she would let it grow back. My fingers were just about to dip into her wet hole when DeRonda walked over to us.

DeRonda came over to the table and she took a seat next to Kim. DeRonda took Kim by the hand as she said, “I am sorry for that my dear, my daughter sometimes speaks before she thinks.” “You are very lovely and she does not know you well enough to be calling you a bitch,” “And to call you fat she was calling me fat as well.”

DeRonda was just being nice I believed, as she was nowhere near the size of Kim. However, it did bring a smile to Kim’s face as we sat there. We sat there and talked mostly it was Kim telling her about herself to DeRonda. In a few minutes, I saw John and Gina heading toward our table. They both were pushing carts with our dinner on it.

“Good here is our dinner,” “You may serve us Gina and John,” DeRonda said with a smile.

Gina and John both served us our meal with smiles on their faces and not a word came from their mouths. John did rather bump into me as he served me and he gave me an extra nice smile just to let me know everything was OK. They served us and they pushed the carts back into the house.

“Are Gina and John joining us, DeRonda?” I asked her from along side of her.

“They had their chose of my little black bag or to serve us my dear,” DeRonda replied with a smile.

“Black bag what is that?” Kim asked inquisitively.

“Oh you do not even want to find out Kim,” I replied giving a little laugh.

We finished our dinner and John and Gina joined us at the table. John sat down between Kim and me as Gina sat down on the other side of me. John told Kim how pleasing she looked and that her top really showed off her assets. I felt John’s hand climbing up my thigh as he talked. I suddenly felt Gina’s hand climbing up the other side of my thigh.

“Thank you John that was very nice of you to say,” Kim replied to him with a smile.

Kim looked around John and me to Gina and she said, “I am sorry if I got you into trouble Gina and you are right I have been a royal bitch to both John and Janet.” “I am trying not to be as I used to be, as I was not a very nice person back then,” as she lowered her head.

DeRonda immediately pushed Kim’s head up with her fingers, as she said, “Never lower your head in this crowd for the lot of them have done worst than you ever have,” with a pleasing smile on her face.

Gina looked at Kim and she said, “I got myself in trouble not you Kim, besides my cousin told me more about you in the kitchen so I am very sorry what I called you,” “My cousin also tells me you give goats milk.”

“GINA that’s baby milk,” John yelled out as he shook his head.

“Sorry, I chose wrong word again,” Gina, replied to John then she looked at Kim and she said, “I would very much enjoy your baby milk I think,” with a nice lovely smile.

“OK children that enough how about the three of you clean this up, while I give Kim the tour of the house in case she attends one of our parties,” DeRonda said.

“A Tour for me,” Kim replied.

“Yes my dear, I think I need to show you around to fill you in on the dos and the don’ts,” DeRonda said as she took Kim by the hand and led her into the house.

DeRonda no sooner got into the house than Gina looked to John and said, “You get me in trouble with mama one more time.”

John cut her off as he replied, “Hey you’re the one that called her fat not me,” “I kind of like the meat on her bones more cushion for the pushing,” with a smart look on his face.

Gina turned to me and she said, “Janet you need to dump my cousin and find your self good Italian man like I have,” Gina added, “My cousin he into big women that was why he went after mama,“ as she stuck her tongue out at John.

“Enough you two why must you two always act like you do,” I replied as I smacked them both behind their heads as I stood up.

I spun Gina around in her chair and I said, “Gina the next time you decide to buy John anything please ask me first.”

I turned and spun John around as I said, “That kiss you gave Gina in front of that damn new car looked more than just a kiss,” with a very pissed look on my face.

I looked at them both as I said, “If I find out you two are up to no good I swear…”

John stopped me and he said, “Calm down Janet it was only a kiss.”

Gina said, “Janet the car is in your name as I no trust John with it.”

“In my name,” I replied.

John reached into his pocket and he pulled out the paper work. He told me I still had to sign for it. I read the paperwork over and she was right, the car was in my name. I looked at them both as I told them I was sorry.

Gina replied, “It’s my cousin fault he gets us all in trouble all the damn time, he still little boy yet.”

“ME,” John yelled at Gina, “I did not buy the car and I did not piss mama off.”

Then the Italian started I believe Gina told him to go fuck himself and John told her that her pussy was big enough to drive that car up into. I sat back down just shaking my head as the two of them went back and forth at each other. I finally had enough.

I stood up and I told them both to “chiudere l'inferno up,” which meant to “Shut the hell up.”

I told them both that tonight they were going to pay for making me mad and that they had their chose either do as I say tonight or I was going to tell DeRonda on them. They both told me they would be nice as they started to clean the table up. The three of us cleaned the table off and I even made them do the dishes as I watched.

DeRonda and Kim returned to the kitchen to find me standing over them at the sink. DeRonda wanted to know just what was going on in the kitchen. I told her nothing at all I had it all under control.

“I see that you do my dear,” DeRonda replied with a smile as she gave me a long deep kiss on my lips. “Now you kids play nicely as I go get ready for tonight,” DeRonda added as she left the kitchen.

Kim went over to Gina who was washing dishes, she slipped in beside her, and she started to help her with washing the dishes. I heard Gina tell her thank you and she even gave Kim a hug. I walked over to John and I grabbed a towel as I helped him dry the dishes.

By the time, the dishes were finished Gina and Kim were laughing, hugging and kissing. Kim’s top was all wet both from the wash water. You could make out every detail on those big tits on hers. Gina told her to come with her she would find her some dry clothes. Gina and Kim went out of the kitchen hand in hand as if they were best friends.

John turned to me and as he took me into his arms he said, “You have worked your magic once more my dear,” as he kissed me deep.

I returned his kiss with some tongue action as I felt his hand going under my dress. I felt his hands caressing my butt as he pulled my ass cheeks apart. John broke our kiss and as he hugged me, he whispered into my ear.

“I love this cute little butt of yours, I think I will have it tonight,” he whispered followed my him licking at my ear.

I pushed him away and I replied, “You will have nothing unless I tell you that you can,” “Remember I am in charge tonight and both yours and Gina’s ass belong to me.”

“You’re serious aren’t you,” John replied.

I told him damn right I was. I told him I still did not like the way he had kissed Gina and that if I find out that he is liking Kim because she had gained her weight I would make his life a living hell.

“John, I just bet she could too,” Angelo said as he stood there in the kitchen.

I had not seen Angelo walk into the kitchen or I would not have been as harsh to John. However, John reassured me my fears were unjust. I heard DeRonda calling for John so I told him to go to her. That left Angelo and I in the kitchen.

“Miss Jeanette, John he is good boy and he does love you much,” “I warn you do not be too harsh with him or you may find that your love may empty from his heart,” Angelo said to me.

I thought for a second then I went to him and I put my arms around him as I said, “Thanks Angelo I will keep that in mind.”

I placed my lips to his and I kissed him deep. He returned my kiss as I felt his hands going to my butt. I felt him pulling me into his body; I felt that fat stubby cock of his through his pants as we kissed. His cock was pressing right against my pussy. I could not help myself I was beyond being horny, I needed a cock and I needed it right now.

I reached down and I rubbed at his fat throbbing cock as I said, “Fuck me Angelo, and please take me.”

Angelo took me over to the counter and he placed my hands onto it. He got behind me kneeling down as I felt him lifting up my mini dress. I felt his tongue running over my butt and between my butt cheeks. Angelo started to lick at my pussy from under and behind me as I hung onto the counter. His tongue lapped at my pussy making it all wet with my juices.

I started to pump my ass back into his face as he ate me. Angelo stood back up and I heard him unzip his pants. I felt his large hands going to my butt as I felt him rubbing that fat cock of his up and down between my butt cheeks. He would slip it down to my pussy every now and then.

I turned my head toward him as I said, “Stop teasing me and fuck me.”

Angelo responded by grabbing his cock and he pressed it down to my pussy. My pussy lips parted as I felt him slipping that cock up inside of me. That fat cock filled me full as he slipped it further into me. Angelo started to pump his cock in and out.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me,” I screamed as I backed my pussy onto his cock.

Angelo starts to pound my pussy hard with that fat cock of his. It was stretching at my pussy walls as he drove it in and out. My pussy just got wetter as he fucked me hard and deep with his cock. I was in my pleasure zone as my orgasm came over me. My pussy tightened around his fat cock and it throbbed as he pushed it deep into my hole.

Angelo grunted and moaned, “Going to cum,” as he buried his cock fully into me.

“YES fill my pussy Angelo,” I yelled out.

Feeling his cock swell and throbbing in my pussy as it spilled its load into me my pussy juices flowed from me. I felt my juices and his cum mixing in my pussy as my orgasm torn through my body. I could only shake as I held tightly to the counter top.

Angelo left his cock goes limp in me as I came back down to earth. His soft cock slipped from my pussy as a wet pussy fart followed by his cum and my juices poured from my hole. It ran down my thigh as it dripped to the floor. There between my opened legs was a puddle of his cum and my juices mixed.

Angelo reached for a towel and he bent over wiping our juices from the floor. He brought the towel up between my legs. However, I pushed his hand away. I took my own hand and I scooped some of our juices from my thigh and I brought it up to my mouth were I licked and sucked at it until I had cleaned it from my hand.

Angelo looked at me as he smiled and said, “That John he is very lucky man very lucky indeed,” as he zipped his pants and walked from the kitchen.

I leaned back against the counter thinking just how wonderful that had felt. I also wondered what everyone else was up too. I walked into the living room but no one was there. I walked by the study and I saw DeRonda and John in there. DeRonda was behind the desk as John stood over top of her pointing something out.

I heard John tell her, “That one looked very nice,” as I walked into the room. DeRonda seen me, she covered up what ever they were looking at with her arm.

I started to walk toward them when DeRonda told me to go check on Gina and Kim as they had been very quiet upstairs. I told her I would go check on them and I left them to what ever they were doing.

I walked up those long flights of stairs with juices still leaking from my pussy. It felt strange on reaching the top of the stairs and not seeing those two bodyguards of Gina by her door. I smiled, as I knew that Angelo had kept his word about loosing the security around her. I walked to her door and I stopped at it. I put my ear to the door and I heard moans coming from behind the door.

I knocked as I said, “Its Janet can I come in.”

I heard Gina moan out a low “YESSsss.”

I opened to the door to find the two of them locked in a sixty-nine. They were both completely naked. Gina was on top and she had her face digging at Kim’s pussy. Kim was under Gina and as I moved to get a closer look, I saw that she was tonguing her pussy as she ran a finger in and out of Gina’s asshole.

They both were moaning loudly and calling each others name as they went to town on each other. I moved by the bed and I slipped my hand under my own dress as I watched them. I slipped two fingers up into my wet cum filled pussy. I ran them in and out, as I watched Kim’s long tongue dwelling up into Gina’s pussy.

Kim was pulling Gina’s ass opened with both hands however she had a finger from one of hers hand snaking up into Gina’s butt hole. Gina was pumping her ass back onto Kim’s finger as well as grinding her pussy onto her face. I looked to Gina who was flicking her tongue across Kim’s swelled up clit.

Kim moaned loudly, “AHhhhhh Gina,” as she started to orgasm.

Kim shook under Gina as her pussy opened and it squirted its juices high into the air. Gina removed her tongue from Kim’s clit as she lapped at the juices that squirted from her. I slipped another finger up into my pussy as I dug at it with my fingers. My own pussy sucked at my fingers as I ran them in and out.

I watched Kim as she sucked at Gina’s hard clit from below. Kim pushed another finger deep into Gina’s butt as she sucked at her clit. Gina rocked on the fingers up her ass and onto Kim’s face.

“OOHHhhh, “Gina screamed out as her own orgasm took over.

Gina’s pussy trembled like as a forceful squirt came gushing out hitting Kim right in her face. Kim’s tongue lapped wildly at it as it splashed against her face. Gina’s juices were soaking Kim’s face. I felt my own orgasm come over me. I almost fell over onto the bed with them as my legs shook when I came.

I stood there with my eyes closed running my fingers in and out of my pussy bringing myself to an explosives wet orgasm. My own juices splashed from myself onto them both in the bed. I opened my eyes to see the two of them cuddled up beside each other staring at me.

I smiled at them both as I said, “I see you two have became friends.”

They both shook their heads yes before they gave each other a deep, passionate kiss. They broke their kiss and they made room between themselves as they invited me to join them on the bed. I climbed up between them as their hands went to my thighs. They both rubbed at my thighs as I wrapped my arms around them.

Kim asked, “Janet is that John’s cum all over your thigh?”

I smiled at her, as I replied, “No it belongs to Angelo.”

“You naughty girl,” Gina replied as they both cuddled up to me.

We all lay in bed talking for a while. We even took turn kissing each other. I told them both that I had hoped they would become friends. They both smiled at me as they replied, “We found out that we have some thing in common after all,” together in unison.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Our love for John,” they replied as they cuddled up to me.

“Oh and for you,” they added before laying their heads upon mine.

I closed my eyes as I lie there with them wondering and hoping that it was for me as well as for John. I hoped to myself that not all this had been a big mistake on my part. My mind drifted to what Angelo had told me earlier that my love might empty from his heart. The three of us drifted into a light but dark sleep. I dreamed in that short time that John was walking away from me. I kept calling him back but he just kept walking away, it felt as if I was falling when I woke up and sat straight up in bed.

That will end this long chapter. I hope you enjoyed it as always please let me know that you did. The next chapter Kim and I start college with John.

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