A reunion at the funeral: the final chapter

A reunion at the funeral: the final chapter

“Grandad killed her Freya… He killed Grandma” the words leave Ellis’s lips and float up to my ear, I don’t respond for a moment instead reaching out to take the book from him. I flick towards the last few pages and begin to read in my mind. Ellis paces back and forwards in the room at the same time, a steady rhythm of his feet hitting the wooden floorboards. A certain passage catches my attention within the diary “I haven’t been feeling well for a long while now. Thomas says its just the weather but I’m not sure, my body hasn’t felt quite right since he started cooking the meals. I always knew he was lousy in the kitchen of course but this is something different. I really do feel if I don’t do something, I wont see next year” the extract was dated only a month back, a few days before her tragic passing. All the while I read, I could hear Ellis walking, I look up to see him biting on one of his fingernails.

I reach out and take his hand into mine. The feel of the heat as I get close to him almost making me gasp. I had almost put to the back of my mind just how worked up I was. “ this doesn’t look good Ellis I know… but Grandma could have been wrong, besides she fell down the stairs you know that” I tell him not wanting to believe my grandfather, as cold as he may be, would kill his own wife. As I speak Ellis lets out an exasperated breath. “Freya… for once will you just fucking listen” he says keeping his voice quiet” he rips his hand away from mine before continuing “ he was poisoning her Freya, making her weak, frail. He was killing her slowly, maybe too slowly for his own liking. I don’t know if he pushed her himself, but he was fucking trying to kill her! In my own mind it didn’t make much sense, but there was some evidence. Some evidence that maybe my brother was right. Ellis turns his back to me, I hear him sob briefly before turning back wiping an arm across his cheek “ how could you fuck him Freya?” he finally says my heart beats a little faster now he corroborates everything my grandfather thought he knew. I let out a deep sigh, trying to think about how I could justify my actions. Just as I part my lips to speak, I hear a deep voice behind me begin and my brother’s eyes open widely. “she can’t get enough of me Ellis, having a big cock will do that” his voice booms full of confidence. I had no idea how long he had been listening, if had heard the accusations Ellis had thrown his way. His boots hitting the ground until he is stood beside me. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me close to him “you two are fucking sick” Ellis spits out only to be greeted with a deep laugh from our grandfather. He takes a step behind me and brings his hands around my front. Openly squeezing my breasts in front of my brother now, my nipples felt like they had been hard for hours at this point, so sensitive under his touch “ no need to be like this, we both know you’d love a feel of your sister, come on, she’s all yours feel away” just like that his hands were gone and he’d taken another step back. I turn my head and shake it, tears forming in my own eyes now “please don’t make him” I gasp out before turning back to face my brother. He looked uncomfortable, staring at the ground, his fade turning a light red. His eyes flicker up to my face briefly before he locks them onto my chest. My fucking stupid chest, no bra, hard nipples I would almost have been insulted if he didn’t look. His arms move forward, and he takes a step towards me. His touch is soft as he cups each of my breasts, feeling them and rolling them around in his palm. I feel a tear trickle from my left eye down my cheek. I stand there not making a sound as im groped by my own brother, not that he had any choice. “ that’s a good man Ellis” my grandfather says with more humour in his voice than I had heard in years. My humiliation was feeding him, igniting something deep within him.

My brother’s hands fall away after what feels like an eternity. In reality, only half a minute or so had passes since his hands had made contact with me over my t-shirt. Ellis looks at me with a look of guilt and shame, but one look down at his pants showed he had enjoyed what he had done on some level. I turn around to stand beside him now, both of us looking at our grandfather with wide fearful eyes. His clothes were gone his tanned leathery body on full show to me for the hundredth time, but this was Ellis’s first experience into debauchery and filth. His cock was once again engorged thick and heavy with blood pumping to it. “take your clothes off kids, its time for some fun” he grumbles out, his hand moving down to stroke up and down on the shaft. I flicker my eyes to the side and see Ellis isn’t moving. My breath catches in my throat, but I know we either submit and do as he asks or something awful was heading our way. I compose myself and put on the best act I can. “ would you please take of my shirt little brother?” I say making my eyes wide and pouting my lips slightly. I wouldn’t ever have called him this if I wasn’t playing up to the part, playing up to the incestuous relationship I knew my grandad was loving. Ellis stood there still frozen. I step closer to him and raise my hands over my head, making things as easy as I can for him “I’ve always wanted you too Ellis please”. I keep up the act, my grandfathers grinning face in the corner of my eye. With shaking hand Ellis reaches forward and grips the hem of my tight t shirt. I try and keep the smile on my face despite my embarrassment. I lose my vision briefly as the t shirt goes above my head and moments later I see my brothers amazed face as he comes face to face with my bare breasts. “ they’re beautiful Freya” he breathes out only to receive a sharp shrill laugh from the man forcing us to do this “ those tiny things aint shit compared to what’s under her shorts”. our grandfather teases. Before my own shorts get removed I reach for Ellis’s button up shirt and make quick work of the first few buttons, my hands quick and nimble as I go, each button revealing a little more of his young athletic body. He wasn’t as muscular as our grandad but he had nicely toned abs which I quickly realized I adored “ you have such a sexy body Ellis” I whisper to him trying to keep his confidence high.

With both of our shirts removed our grandfather did a slow methodical lap around us “ if you hit the gym you could be quite the stud” he says as he pokes his finger into my brothers chest” I fear a derogatory statement coming my way but it never comes. He simply walks back to his starting position, urging us to continue with his eyes.

“lets do the bottoms together ok?” I say looking directly into my brothers eyes. With a nod I have his confirmation and my hands work on my spandex like shorts. Peeling them down my legs revealing soaked black thong. By the time I look back at Ellis his hard cock is staring back at me, his pants and boxers pooled at his feet which he quickly steps from. “pathetic” my grandfather comments as we see it. id be lying if I said he was impressively sized. Ellis had what I would describe as one of the most average cocks around, just under 6 inches with a nice girth and a deep vein running through it. I was surprised to see he kept his pubic hair trimmed neatly around his cock and he had almost no hair around his again average balls. “ I think it’s a lovely cock grandad” I say as sweetly as I can. Wanting nothing more than to get through this with some kind of sibling relationship left. I get a scoff in response followed by hands pressing grabbing me under my arms from behind. I’m lifted and bent over the bed, my legs remaining on the floor my belly and breasts pressed to the mattress. “ you wont mind if Ellis uses it now then will you?” he asks with glee in his voice. I don’t hear anything from my brother, not a word, the only sound that floats to my ear is the scuttling of feet as someone lines up behind me. I look to the side, at an old painting hung up on the wall. I Imagine its my grandad that’s lining his cock up to my entrance, I was wet despite the situation as the cock burrows into me. No finesse or skill involved just a push in. my tears begin to flow quickly as I hear a soft moan, a youthful moan escapes the lips of the man who was penetrating me. My fingers curl into the bedsheets and grip the linen. Moments after the first thrust the moans of my brother get louder and louder and I feel his hot cum unloading into me. It could only have been a minute and he was out of me. A thud behind me alerts me followed by the feeling of my grandad lining up next. He rubs his hands along my sides as he presses to my hole, dripping my brothers load. “I’m not taking little dicks sloppy seconds” he groans out as he relocates the head of his cock to my arse. No one had fucked me their since grandad had a year ago and I was tight as he pushed his thick cock past my ring and into my bowels. I bury my head into the covers, tears racking my body. He reaches down and holds me by the back of neck, gripping me and pulling me up, my back bending as he pulls me up, controlling all of me as he fucks my most private place. “always been such a good whore Freya, you’ve got your brothers babies in you, maybe another girl for me” his words made me feel sick, along with the pain I was feeling faint. I look to the side and see Ellis scampering off into the hallway, a shameful look on his face as he leaves me to my ordeal.

His cock had me stretched to my limit as he simply thrust in and out, his hairy body sweaty against my back. there was no pleasure there for me as he took me like a wild animal, I darted my finger down and tried to rub myself only to feel him tug my arm back “ dumb bitch… you don’t deserve that” he grunts before throwing me forward onto the bed. I turn onto my back only to feel him grab my ankle and pull me towards him. I don’t fight or struggle as he lines back up with my quivering arse again. He throws my legs onto his shoulders and enters. The pain lessened now with my body growing used to the intrusion. He was staring at my breasts, down to my tummy and finally into my eyes. “ you’re my little girl Freya don’t ever forget it” he says before bringing his flat hand down across my left breast. I scream out in pain before another blow rains down, time after time his hands slap down against my breasts and tummy, the flesh going from white, to pink to blue in some places, all the while he is still fucking my poor arse raw. “take your punishment like a big girl” he pants out, a bead of sweat dripping down from his nose onto my face. I was sobbing wildly now. I always knew he was capable of this; this wasn’t even the worse pain id had to endure from him, but I felt dirty this time, I felt like it was my fault… in many ways it was.

Ellis pov

I was sitting just outside of the bedroom; I could hear everything. The old bed springs bouncing with each thrust, my grandad’s filthy words and my poor sisters screams of pain. This was wrong, it was all wrong. I didn’t want any of this to be this way. Thoughts whiz through my mind. It was all his fault, he’d turned Freya into a freak. I slowly get to my feet and see the back of my grandfather; Freya’s feet sit either side of his head as time after time he brings his hands down onto her slender body. I feel myself growing angry as I sneak my way down the stairs and into the living room. I grab the first heavy thing I see. A vase that looks to be pretty close to brand new. I sneak back up the stairs and hear my grandfather. “ ill raise this baby good and proper with you Freya”. My cheeks burn red and I push into the room, I don’t give him any time to react, I smash the vase over his head and watch as his body falls to the ground, his cock pulled from my sisters arse as she screams out. As the vase smashed against his head a fine grey dust sprayed out onto him now covering his naked body. “Freya… I had too, he was hurting you. My sister stares at me for a few moments before taking my hand and pulling me in for a hug, her naked body soft against my own, the embrace everything as we both break down in each other’s arms…

Freya’s Epilogue

We had dressed our grandfather back into the clothes he had been wearing. We carried the body to the edge of the staircase, I held him by the feet, Ellis had his shoulders in his arms. I nod my head to Ellis and we both drop him. He body tumbles down he stairs, stopping sprawled at the bottom. His body in a similar position to how my grandmothers had been found. My eyes find my brothers and I smile weakly towards him. His eyes dart away and he pushes past me. I let him go, he needed time I figured. It didn’t matter too much as I picked up my phone and dialled 999. “hello? Please I need an ambulance! My grandfathers fallen down the stairs!” I fake a cry and a panic to my voice as the woman on the receiving end tries to calm me down. I smirk to myself as I play along. Acting like the good little granddaughter.

Ellis Epilogue

It had been two weeks since the funeral. I didn’t mourn for the monster; I was a little beaten up. I was a murderer after all. I hadn’t really been able to look at Freya since what had happened. We had fucked, we had been forced too but I loved it, I loved her. I loved her more than a brother should love his sister. The water of the shower sprays down my back as I close my eyes and rest my head on the tile wall. Too many thoughts going through my mind. I was of course hard as a rock as I remember the feel of her, the sounds she had made, even her scent at the time. I don’t here the shower door behind me open. I only know she’s there when I feel her breasts on my back. her soft hands reaching around me to stroke me. I want to tell her to stop, tell her its wrong but it was helping her cope. That’s how I justified it to myself anyway.

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