Sandra's journey Chapter 2

Sandra's journey Chapter 2

Constantly abused Sandra had settled into a life of servitude. Her humiliation was complete when she was introduced to bestiality. But far from disgraced she found she enjoyed what she got from an animal she hadn’t gotten from any man – a long cock. Now “sold” she awaited her new Master.

Bundled into Paul car she was made aware that she now belonged to her. Sitting in the back seat with Tyson she patted her new “pet”. “You performed perfectly tonight missy” Paul said as he drove home “I think there is a goldmine between your legs”. They arrived at Paul’s home and went inside. “Hello honey. Look what I bought tonight” said Paul to his wife Audrey. The woman looked her up and down and smiled. “She looks good” she said “did Tyson enjoy himself?” Paul chuckled “oh yes honey, he gave her a good work out and the bitch loved it”. Paul took Tyson outside to his kennel and returned inside. “Have a shower” he said to Sandra “and get some sleep. You have a full day tomorrow”.

Sandra stood under the shower letting the water cascade over her. She was expecting Paul to use her like Ralf had many times before but she slipped into bed and fell immediately asleep. She was woken at 7am by Audrey who yelled “come on, out of bed. You have work to do”. Sandra wasn’t sure what she meant but had another shower. When she returned to the bedroom there was a maid’s uniform on the bed. Not over-thinking the situation she put on the uniform. “OK, you have to work for your meals” said Audrey who gave her a list of her duties. Her job was to clean the house from top to bottom and for this she would be feed and have a bed.

Sandra had her breakfast and set to work. The house was very clean anyway did she dusted and washed where necessary. In Paul’s study she looked out of the window and saw Tyson running around the yard. She felt her pussy twitch as she remembered last night and how good he felt mounted over her doing what came naturally. She sighed as she remembered how big he was. She had been ruined for any man who tried to better Tyson. She smiled. Maybe being a bitch was her reward. She certainly hoped that it won’t be a one-time only.

Audrey came into the study. “Well it seems you are doing a good job” she said “what are doing right now?” she asked. “Sorry Mistress. I was just watching Tyson” said Sandra. “Paul told me how much you seemed to enjoy him last night” replied Audrey “not you first time with a dog, I suspect”. Sandra coloured slightly “no Mistress” she said “and yes I enjoyed him very much”. “Well at least we have that in common” said Audrey “I have indulged on many occasions”. Sandra looked to Audrey and saw a wistful smile on her face. No wonder Tyson was well trained. He had been servicing Audrey for some time. “Come on girl” said Audrey suddenly “stop day-dreaming and get back to work”. Sandra apologised and began dusting Paul desk. Audrey left and Sandra smiled to herself. “I think I will be very happy here” she thought to herself.

Paul came home around noon. “You are home early” said Audrey “I was just about to make some lunch”. Paul sat in the lounge “How is our new addition getting on?” Paul asked. Sandra heard Audrey call her and came into the lounge. “Mmm the maid uniform. Very nice” said Paul “so Sandra, are you fitting in ok”. “Yes Master” Sandra replied. “Very good. I think your Mistress will want to go shopping this afternoon. Won’t you dear?” Audrey nodded. “Lunch is ready Paul. Sandra, you lunch is in the kitchen” said Audrey as she and Paul sat in the dining room. Sandra could hear them chatting and could not make out what they were saying. She did hear “Sandra” several times so obviously they were planning something,

After lunch Sandra cleared up and washed the dishes. “Put on your street clothes” said Audrey “we have shopping to do”. Instead of heading for a shopping centre Audrey parked outside an adult bookshop. Audrey has greeted by the woman, Margaret, behind the counter who obvious knew her. “Looking for anything special?” asked Margret. “Oh just looking around” replied Audrey. Sandra could tell the shop was very large with different sections. Sex toys in one area, porn tapes in another and costumes and things in another. Audrey headed straight for a clothing. “We need to get you some new clothes” she said, looking Sandra up and down. She began to *********** things of the racks.

“Oh yes, Tyson will love you in this” she said, picking a dog mask and laughing “he will think you are real bitch”. Sandra didn’t get a say on what Audrey picked out. As well as the mask, an obvious choice, there were a couple of sexy lingerie pieces and a sheer dress. “Oh you will lovely in this” Margaret said. “Oh those are not for me dear” replied Audrey “these are for my little friend”. Margaret chuckled “oh I see” she said “well I am sure she will look very sexy in those” Margaret said “but the dog mask? What is that all about?” Audrey smiled but didn’t answer. Margaret didn’t pursue the matter. She probably thought it better not to ask any more questions.

Back home Audrey told Sandra to finish cleaning and then she had any job that wasn’t on the list. “When you finish in the dining room come to the master bedroom” said Audrey. Sandra had some idea of what “the other job” so she finished cleaning and then went to the master bedroom. Audrey was laying naked and face down on the bed. “I want a massage” said Audrey. “Yes Mistress” replied Sandra. Using oil on the bedside table she began to rub Audrey’s shoulders and back. “Yes that feels nice” moaned Audrey as Sandra moved down and massaged Audrey’s buttocks. Then her thighs and lower legs. “You are doing fine” said Audrey “I think it is time for me to roll over”.

Audrey rolled over onto her back and Sandra looked in awe at her body. Firm breasts with erect nipples waiting to be fondled, kissed and sucked. A pussy already showing signs of moisture. “Don’t just look Sandra” Audrey said “get to work”. Sandra couldn’t help herself. Leaning over she kissed Audrey’s nipples one then the other. Audrey moaned softly. She didn’t seem to care that Sandra hadn’t continued the massage. Of course she forgot completely as Sandra worked her way down, licking as she went, until her head hovered over Audrey’s crotch. “Oh Mistress, you are so beautiful” Sandra whispered as she pushed her face between Audrey’s thighs. Teasing Audrey’s clit with her tongue Sandra had her moaning louder. “Yes honey. Oh I like that so much” Audrey moaned as she raised her knees up and spread wider. “So good. So good” Audrey muttered as her orgasm built.

Audrey cried out as her orgasm engulfed her. “God, oh God. That is so good” she wailed as Sandra continued her administrations. She came twice more be Audrey called a halt. “You really have had quite some schooling” Audrey said, her smile spread from ear to ear “I think we need some more fun after that. Why don’t you go outside and get Tyson”. Yes Mistress” enthused Sandra “I will be happy to. Rushed to the back door she led Tyson back to the bedroom. “Not here dear” said Audrey “we have a special place” and led Sandra and Tyson to the far end of the house. “We keep this area locked” explained Audrey “it is a large room we use for special occasions”. Audrey opened the door and they stepped inside. The floor was covered in thick shag pile carpet. There were couches and benches spread around the room. Whatever this room was used for certainly was for pleasure.

“Get undressed my dear” Said Audrey “I want to see you with Tyson. Put on a show for me”. Sandra undressed quickly and smiled at Tyson. He stood there looking at his two bitches. It was if he was thinking “which one first”. When Sandra laid over one of the benches his question was answered. He approached and gave Sandra a couple of cursory licks between her legs and then mounted her. He was so expert at this that his growing cock found the target almost immediately. As soon as he felt Sandra’s pussy tightening around his appendage he trust forward. Sandra squealed and then moaned as Tyson’s cock grew larger with each frantic thrust. “Yes Tyson” Audrey cried “fuck that bitch my good boy”.

Tyson didn’t need any encouragement as he worked vigorously. Then his knot started to swell and rub against Sandra’s clit. That is all it took to push her over the edge. She squealed again and then screamed as Tyson drove his huge knot into Sandra’s stretched pussy. Then he stopped moved. Sandra looked sideways to see Audrey sitting on another bench staring at her and Tyson and rubbing her clit. “When you have finished with Tyson” she muttered “I want you next”. It was almost 10 minutes before Tyson escaped Sandra’s tender trap. “Good boy Tyson” Audrey said spreading her legs “come to mummy my darling”.

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