I got cream-pied on a private island.

I got cream-pied on a private island.

As soon as we got onto shore, I knew it was the perfect place. The hot sun was beating down on us and my body was tense with anticipation. Finally, we were going to be alone out in the wilderness with nobody around and could enjoy each other thoroughly. My hunky date and his monster cock were going to be all mine.

A weekend away in the great outdoors was perfect for both of us. It allowed me to show off some skin and I was happy to put on one of my sexy bikinis. The sexual tension between us was too much to bear, so when he suggested we take out a kayak and find somewhere a bit more secluded it told me exactly what he was looking for. Somewhere private so we could spend some time without clothes on. Even though we weren’t wearing much, to begin with. I have never declined the offer to have sex in a public place it is always so exciting when a partner has the same kink of risky sex.

Climbing into the boat, he nestled his sexy body behind mine. I’d already been teasing my cock underneath my bikini in the kayak as he paddled. Opening up my life jacket, I pulled out one of my breasts and teased him with it while we moved towards a more secluded spot.

Once the boat was pulled up on shore we walked into the cool water, seeing that there was nobody around. He touched me tentatively at first, but once he kissed me and I felt his monster cock through his swim trunks I knew I wanted to taste him. Kissing him was so incredibly hot now that we were alone and didn’t have to worry about anyone interrupting our fun, and even if they did, I wouldn’t have minded.

It was so nice to feel so free and open. Now I could let my erection slide out of my bikini and into the open air, and he tugged down his shorts and did the same. Feeling his hardness touching my own was enough to make my balls tighten as we kissed and rubbed ourselves together. His dark-skinned body was so sexy, and his cock was thick and delicious, much bigger and girthier than mine.

Finally, I urged him to lie down on the towel we’d brought and slipped his massive dick into my mouth, sucking him slowly and enjoying getting him even longer and harder. He was so big it was almost unreal, and the fact my lips had to stretch to accommodate him just made me even hornier for him. Part of the thrill was the fact that somebody might come by at any moment and see me sucking his big dick. The thrill of possibly being caught just added to the energy we had.

Enjoying myself, I sucked him deep and made his cock wet with my saliva, coating him thoroughly so that when it came time to fit his massive meat in my ass it would maybe fit in as easily as a huge cock could. Getting onto his knees, I enjoyed it when he fucked my mouth, almost choking me by thrusting into my lips and throat. Both of us moaning gently, he urged me on and always showed me how skilled I was at getting him hard and ready.

He adjusted position and sat beside me, thrusting his nice big black dick into my eager lips from the side. The angle was perfect for me. I was eagerly anticipating him inside me though, so I moved him back on the blanket, his cock now sticking straight up. Thoroughly coating him with slick saliva, I knew exactly what I wanted next. To mount my sexy black stud and feel his cock fill my ass.

Climbing on top of him, I could feel that my cock was hard as well with the knowledge my ass was about to be filled with him. Thanks to my mouth, he was nicely lubed and when I put him against my tight hole and sat down slowly, his head slid into me and spread me wide right away. Rocking down on top of him I could feel his delicious dick flexing in my ass, filling me and making my cock sway.

I sat back on my haunches. He loved to watch me ride him and his eyes were transfixed by my sexy tits and my tight hole taking every inch of him. Once he was inside me completely, I could really start to ride him, enjoying the fact his whole length was perfectly positioned, fitting tightly in my ass.

Now that the action had started it was time to tease him a bit. I moved onto all fours and he easily entered my tight ass that was eager to feel him penetrate me. But this time it was up to me to control. I moved myself back and forth on his cock, fucking him even though he was behind me so that when he pushed forward, I pushed back and his whole length bottomed out with his balls slapping against mine. Now we could start to fuck harder, moaning into the air while my cock flexed from the force of his thrusts.

It was so hot to be getting fucked in the sun on a beach, feeling the breeze around me as my cock swayed and my sexy black man claimed my ass. He then stood me up and we found a nearby stump to use as a makeshift table. The woody smell and flat surface were something I could brace against while he opened my legs and began to fuck me again from behind. My breasts grazed the rough surface but thats all apart of the outdoor experience.

Sliding onto my back, he opened up my legs and spread me wide, entering me again so I could see his sexy muscles flexing. The sunlight shone down off his ebony skin while he fucked me. I could see the genuine desire in his eyes looking down at my body, and it just made me even hornier to see how much he was enjoying himself with my body.

On my back, I could finally grab my own precumming hard dick and start to stroke it. He knew I liked to cum with his cock filling my ass and once I got it nice and hard in my hand, I told him to take me from behind again on the blanket. This time fucking me hard so I could feel myself erupt.

I couldn’t resist needing to cum myself. Taking my cock in my hands I began to jerk it in a hard, steady rhythm in time with his cock filling my asshole. Because he was doing such a good job fucking me, I wanted to last so I edged myself right to almost cumming, then squeezed my balls and base to stop myself from letting go.

There was no way I was going to last long with the way he was fucking me so deep and hard. It never failed to send me over the edge and he never cheated me out of my pleasure. My cock finally spurted all over the blanket in a thick stream, my body shaking with the satisfaction of my orgasm.

But now, it was his turn. I knew exactly what he liked, and that was to watch me jerk him off and then see his cumshot spurting all over my naked tits. His cum was always so delicious. Lying him down on his back again, I took his throbbing dick in my hand and quickly started to slide both my hands up and down close to the head, knowing that it was sensitive and ready to explode. His cock was so big it took both hands to jerk him off. It pulsed in my hand, so full and thick and ready to give us both what we were craving.

When his moans and sighs got faster and higher pitched, I knew it was about to happen. Eagerly I pointed his cock at my breasts, wanting to feel his hot cream splatter across them and then drink down whatever was left. He didn’t disappoint me in the slightest, quickly telling me with one loud gasp that he was about to cum.

His dick flexed in my hand and then two spurts of his cum shot out quickly, coating my breasts and dripping down the curves of my body. Once he had unleashed his load, I slid my mouth over his spongy head again, enjoying the flavour of his sweaty cock and his cum that continued to dribble out as I drained him as much as possible. He snapped a couple of pictures of my breasts covered with his cum.

He'd even gotten a spurt in my mouth, and I eagerly swallowed what I could, hefting my breasts and licking some of his cream off so that the camera could see my lips coated with his delicious seed. It bubbled up between my lips and then I swallowed it down.

We curled up on the blanket satisfied and naked under the hot sun. Kissing him and feeling his sexy naked body against mine told me quickly that it wouldn’t be long before we were ready to go again. But first, maybe another swim.

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