Incestia --- [2]

Incestia --- [2]

Part 2

[the last of the bi theme for awhile]


Judge Ciro T. Nikolai was seated behind a huge desk as Avan Volka and his young nephew Caci entered the judge’s chamber. Nikolai was a gruff sort with hard eyes and a wrinkled and stern face. He motioned for Avan and the boy to be seated on the opposite side of his desk.

“Volka,” he began, “I have here a Grant of Immigration and since their father can’t answer for himself, your signature will suffice.”

The judge raised the four-page document and flipped to the last page. “Here. On the bottom. And date it too.”

Avan squirmed. “Your Honor, it will take me some time to read all of this, much less understand it.”

“Time!” Nikolai challenged. “I don’t have all day. If you want this family out of the danger it faces in Kassan, you’ll sign it and do it now!”


“Do you want those pretty nieces safe?”


“Then you should be willing to sign it now. You can read it later.”

Desperation led Avan to sign and date the document.

“Is...Is that it? Can we go?” he asked.

“No you can’t go!,” the judge retorted. “We still have some unfinished business.”

“Unfinished business? I mean, I already signed it so doesn’t that mean the family has already been admitted into Incestia?”

“Hell no!”

“But, why not?”

“Because I haven’t signed it.” The judge challenged Avan with a stare.

“So, will you sign it?” Avan asked.

“I might. But you see Volka, there’s a bit of a problem here.”

“Problem? I thought all of the forensic evidence and witnesses were enough for you to see that this is a family of incest and they are in danger.”

“Maybe they are a family of incest. But, maybe you all staged it. Maybe they weren’t a family of incest until their pa got himself in trouble and then you all arranged for him to screw his boy’s mouth. I could make an issue of that but for now, it’s neither here nor there to me.”

“Then, what---”

“Their father. He’s my problem. You see Volka, you’re asking me to let Yuri become a part of Incestia when he’s a criminal.”

“But, there hasn’t been a trial. And besides, even though touching young girls is a crime in Kassan, it isn’t a crime in Incestia.”

“It is if she wasn’t agreeable and as things stand now, there’s not been a verdict. So, you’re asking me to take a helluva leap to sign Yuri into Incestia when what he did there would also be a crime here.”

“But Your Honor, you know what will happen if the family isn’t allowed to immigrate now.”

“So, maybe I should grant immigration to everyone but Yuri.”

Avan panicked. If Yuri wasn’t permitted into Incestia, then his youngest daughter Cambria would never go!

“Your Honor, that wont work. Maybe I could sign something to be responsible for my brother. There has to be some way to get them all in.”

The judge looked at Avan for a few seconds. “Well, there might just be. But, why would I take such a risk? What’s in it for me?”

“Money? You want money? I’m sure I could raise---”

“No Volka.”

“Then, what?”

The judge smiled. “The boy, Volka. I want the boy.”

“You mean to keep?”

“No. To suck my dick!”


The judge stood and came to their side of the desk and stood next to Caci.

“Said yourself you thought he was a cocksucker long before he got with his dad.”

“You’re...You’re saying the only way you will sign the papers and let the family immigrate is---”

“Yeah. I fuck his mouth. Any boy who would lay with his father and swallow his jizz six times is pretty much a whore to begin with. The question is, how bad do you all want immigration.”

Avan was conflicted but after weighing the family’s situation, he turned to the boy and whispered.

Caci’s nature was one of peculiar passivity. He smiled slightly. Avan told him he didn’t have to but the boy slowly slipped to his knees.

“Ahhhh yeah!” Nikolai leered with triumph. He pulled off his robe to reveal street clothes. He unzipped his pants and brought out a full hard-on and said, “Suck it boy! This is how you get your sisters into Incestia boy. You suck my dick!”

Caci stared at the judge’s cock for several seconds, then moved his head forward, opened his mouth, and pushed his snug lips onto the appendage.

The judge groaned and his eyes closed eyes as his head tilted back. “Ahhhh yeah, boy. Nice and slow. Nice and slow.”

Caci knew how to suck. Maybe he’d only done it six times and only with his father, but without others suspecting, he had imagined it thousands of times with all sorts of men and his uncle Avan had also trained his mouth with a dildo. He held his soft mouth in one place and softly nursed on just the head of the judge’s erection.

Nikolai looked down. “Ahh, now that’s a cocksucker,” he swooned, then tapped the back of the boy’s head. Caci moved more onto the cock and with the assistance of the judge’s hands, he began sliding his mouth forward and back in slow-motion fellatio.

“Ahhh yeah, Volka. A boy like this is likely to give you just what you want. Suck it, boy!”

Avan resented the judge for how he talked and for making such a requirement even though the boy seemed to be okay with it. In time, his hands held the boy’s head in place while his hips pushed forward.

“Judge, can’t do that. You said he only had to suck---”

“Shut up, Volka. A blowjob is a blowjob and I want it deep, like his daddy did!”

Avan was helpless as he watched the judge slowly push his hard manhood deep into Caci’s throat and minutes later, Nikolai began fucking and nearly growling with lust. For five minutes and then ten, Judge Ciro T. Nikolai took advantage of his power and position and he fucked Caci’s mouth.

His passions grew and the pace of his fucking increased and then Avan watched like a defeated cuck as the judge buried his cock balls-deep and his body jerked and he reached an intense orgasm that sent spurt after spurt of rich, thick, Incestian seed into Caci’s depths.

It was over.

But, Avan’s humiliation wasn’t. He had been powerless. All he could do was watch Nikolai fuck his nephew’s mouth and pump jizz into him while Avan was resigned to let it happen.

Caci’s face was slightly flushed from the ordeal and it was apparent he was trying to cope with the thick Incestian sperm that had just been deposited in him. Yet, the boy seemed unharmed and, to some extent, unfazed. He had just been mouthfucked by a strange man in a strange land yet he showed no signs of it mattering.

The judge dressed himself and pulled his robe on. He sat behind his big desk and said, “You’ll bring the boy to me twice a week.”


“Just what I said, Volka! Bring him twice a week so I can fuck his mouth. It’s in the agreement you signed. See...right here. Twice a week.”

“But, if I would have known---”

“Not my fault you didn’t read it.”

“You wouldn’t let me read it! This can’t be legal!”

“Of course it’s legal. It’s legal because you agreed to it with your signature and anything people agree to is legal in Incestia. You had control of the pen, not me. Twice a week, Volka.”

“I can’t believe you would do this.”

The judge smiled. “For a gurly cocksucker, hell yes. Tell me you agree and I will finally sign this immigration document. If you don’t agree, then I don’t sign it and you can just take your chances with Yuri’s trial in Kassan. I’m sure you don’t want that for those pretty little nieces?”

There was nothing left for Avan but to agree.

The judge picked up a pen from his desk and signed the last page.

“You can pick up your copy when you leave court.”

Avan’s brow was tight as he considered his dilemma. Maybe there was one last hope.

“Your Honor,” he began, “who’s to say that once the family has a copy with your signature, that they have to bring the boy back? I mean, if you’ve already signed it, then why couldn’t the family just go off and enjoy their new life in Incestia and never come back here? I mean, it’s a done deal, isn’t it?”

The judge laughed. “Don’t be silly, Volka. This is a Form D. It’s only good for four weeks.”

“W...What? You’re only granting immigration for four weeks?”

“Probationary, Volka. I’m not going to sign the family in permanently given the situation.”

“You mean given your horniness for Caci’s mouth?”

“Heh-hey yeah. But that wouldn’t look very good, would it? So, I’m saying I need to see that Yuri behaves himself for four weeks, just like I had to make sure the boy is a good cocksucker. If he wasn’t, I would have pulled out a standard form and you would be on your way.”

“So, because you want to fuck Caci in the mouth, we’re only getting a temporary agreement.”

“No Volka. It would have been temporary either way, but since he’s as good a deep-throat cocksucker as I was told, we’re going with some special conditions. You’re desperate so why wouldn’t I?”

The judge dismissed them and commanded them and the others to be in the courtroom promptly at 11 a.m.

Avan led Caci and his nieces, Verity and Cambria, to a bench in the shade of a giant oak tree and explained the temporary grant of immigration.

Verity panicked, “But where will we go when the four weeks is up?”

“Don’t worry, Verity,” Avan replied. “It becomes permanent if your father behaves himself. But...” His head shook slowly.

“But? But what?”

“This is hard to say,” he replied. “There’s a special condition to all of this. Caci has to see the judge twice a week.”

“What’s so bad about that?” she asked.

“He...He wants your brother suck him off each time.”

“No!” Verity cried. “That’s not right!”

“I know, but we don’t have a choice. The judge...well...he likes your brother. Sexually I mean. And, he wouldn’t sign the papers any other way.”

“But, he can’t demand that! There must be someone we can tell who will stop this!”

“I don’t think---”

“I will,” Caci said softly.

The others looked at the boy with curiosity because it wasn’t like him to speak, much less to interrupt.

“You...You will what?” Avan asked.

“Suck his cock,” Caci replied.

“No Caci. You don’t have to,” Avan said. “We’ll find someone to stop this. Unless...Unless you want to.”

The boy nodded.

“You...You want to? You want to suck the judge’s cock?”

“I knew he was a cocksucker!” Cambria said. “He’s always liked being girly like us.”

Avan had never known any of them to talk in a demeaning manner like Cambria just had but he understood that she was probably still seething because Caci had been the one to engage in incest with their father instead of her. Avan had promised her it would happen and he would help her but that promise hadn’t seemed to quell her anger.

“Caci, are you sure?” he asked.

Again, the boy nodded.

The glazed and distant appearance of Caci’s eyes convinced Avan that the boy actually wanted to and that Caci was much more of a cocksucker than he had imagined.

With 11am approaching, they returned to the courthouse and were seated with Xia Zan, the Asian forensic witness. Court was called into session and Judge Nikolai began shuffling through papers. He whispered to the court recorder who responded with a smile.

“Now,” the judge began, “this court was concerned with a matter that cannot be resolved immediately. We will not go into specifics, but it will take four weeks for this court to establish that all members of the Volka family will conduct themselves in the manner deemed by this court.”

He turned his stare to the family members, then proceeded.

“I have met with Avan Volka and his nephew Caci to see for myself what kind of person Avan is and if Caci measures up to what has been said of him. I then explained my expectations and I can say that I am satisfied.” He smiled. “Heh-heh yes. Quite satisfied.”

The court recorder shielded her giggle.

Avan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The recorder knew? How could such things happen in a court of law?

Nikolai continued. “So, I have signed the temporary Grant of Immigrtion that will extend refugee status to the Volkas for four weeks. If Yuri Volka violates Incestian law or if Caci Volka does not come in twice a week for...for a status check, then the Grant will be terminated and the lot of them will be sent back to Kassan. If they do as they are told, I will sign a grant of citizenship papers thirty days from today. Mr. Volka, do you agree with these terms?”

Avan replied, “Y...Yes, Your Honor.”

“And Caci, do you understand what you are to do in the next four weeks? Answer yes or no. Don’t just nod your head.”


“And Caci, are you agreeable to what I expect of you?”

Even as the judge’s last syllable was be spoken, the boy said, “Yes.”

Of course he was agreeable! Were they kidding? He had waited years to be a cocksucker and now, instead of wondering when it would ever happen, a court of law was actually mandating that he do it. Twice a week! For an entire month! If this was how life was in Incestia, then he figured he would like his new country very much.

Judge Ciro T. Nikolai smiled. Ahhh, very good. Let it be recorded that Avan Volka has agreed to these terms and, especially, that Caci Volka has agreed also.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” the recorder said. “I have it recorded.”

The judge continued, “The Volkas are to stay in the immigrant housing for the next thirty days. Mr. Volka, you will find that housing three blocks north of the courthouse. Everything will be provided for the family while they are there. Are there any questions?”

Avan answered, “No, Your Honor.”

“Very well, this matter has been decided. You are dismissed and Miss Zan, so are you. Thank you for your forensics with the sperm evidence and for your expert testimony. You’re all free to go. It’s lunch time. This court is dismissed. We’ll reconvene for the next case at 1pm.”

The immigration housing was clean and comfortable although small and older. The girls moved into one bedroom while Yuri was led to the other. Caci would sleep on a fold-out sofa.

Verity was concerned that their father was not emerging from his months-long stupor but Avan assured her that the combination of finally having sex, albeit in his son’s mouth, plus a new elixir to replace passion berry in his alcohol would bring him back to normal before long.

Cambria said, “But, if sex is part of getting him back to normal, then I should sleep with him and have sex with him now.”

“No Cambria,” her uncle responded. “Your purity must be preserved. Besides, you don’t want to have sex with him when he has no idea what is going on.”

“I don’t care about that!” she protested.

“Yes you do, Cambria. Think about it. You lay with your father and he screws you without knowing what he’s doing and then when he comes to his senses, he will probably resent the whole thing. Just wait, Cambria. I want you to sleep with him but too but in the right situation and time.”

Cambria frowned but seemed to understand.

“Now girls, here is the new elixir. Mix it with his bottles of alcohol and give him a bottle today. Come tomorrow, he should start showing signs of coming around.”

Avan left for his home about a mile from the immigration center and he returned the next afternoon. His brother seemed only slightly more cognizant, but at least there had been progress.

Two days later, Yuri was noticeably better although still only halfway back to what he had been weeks before. The following day, he seemed almost like the brother Avan had grown up with and he felt the time had come to tell his brother all that had transpired.

“Yuri,” he began. “A lot has happened since you started drinking and hiding yourself in that dark bedroom in Kassan. We’re in Incestia now and if you behave, you and your kids will be able to stay here for good and you’ll never have to worry about that court case in Kassan and your kids will never be auctioned to the sex traders of Talamira. Do you understand so far?”

Yuri brushed his hand through his thick hair and nodded. “Yes. I think. It feels like I’ve been in a long dream.”

“I’m sure it does, but while you’ve been in that long dream, I’ve taken care of things for you. Yuri, it’s important for you keep in mind the most important thing and that is that you and your family are safe. We had to do some extraordinary things, but you’re safe. Please tell me that you will keep that foremost in your thoughts because I have a lot to tell you and some of it is strange and might not be easy to hear.”

[part 3 follows]

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