Tim, the Teenage Part XXIX

Tim, the Teenage Part XXIX

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Nine By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Counselors Part 6 - Will You Be My Slave Tonight? (mc, Mf, mf)

Friday morning and early afternoon seemed to pass in a flash, but then it slowed down to a drag during crafts as it neared the time our parents were due to arrive. Although we had fun at camp, things tended to become very predictable and... well, dull. The entire camp was restless, everyone knowing that there would be an even bigger wow than when the helicopter came unannounced. The worst of it was I was looking forward to it myself.

We almost failed to notice them when they did finally show up. We expected something noisy, flashy, or just plain big. When the five men and three women entered the camp on horseback, they nearly pulled up next to us before some cried, "They're here!" Two horse drawn wagon followed behind them, and all of the horses were pure black except the four white ones our parent's rode. They were all dressed in lightweight riding gear, and my mom's outfit was less conservative than her usual style.

Despite everyone being initially disappointed, the horses turned out to be quite a treat. Practically all the girls had a chance to ride them, and quite a few boys did to. And right before dinner, my mom amazed everyone by lassoing my dad from ten feet away while on she was on horse back. Joey's parents seemed at home playing cowboy, and surprised Joey when they told us of their younger days. They used to ride horses and camp out west in the wide open ranges. They even admitted that both their kids had been conceived somewhere near the Grand Canyon. Joey only blushed a little. The biggest treat was yet to come.

As the sun was setting, my parents had everyone go sit out in the big field in front of the camp's main entrance. After telling Smitzer and Jarvos to get their permission, they shielded the two head counselor's thoughts so I couldn't find out. The sky exploded in color as fireworks were launched from three different sites all around us. The show lasted nearly twenty minutes, with the regular compliment of colorful starbursts with a loud boom here and there. The finale was a loud and sparkling image of my mom's face that turned into mine. I wanted to run and hide from embarrassment, but Suzi remarked it was a rather sweet thing for my father to do, and nobody seemed to think there had been anything wrong with it.

After saying good night and goodbye to my mom, I made my way back to my cabin with my thoughts centered on how wrong I had been to worry about their visit. Lying down in my bunk, I reached out to say good night to any of my friends who were not already asleep. When I reached Penny's mind, I nearly shit in my pants.

I ran at top speed to the lake's beach, stopping in my tracks at the sight of Penny's ass fucking my pop's dick. "You bastard! How DARE you use my friend for your fuck toy!" I screamed at my father. "Don't talk to me like that! She's not your property. Damn it, Tim. Can't you see she's got a great ass? I don't understand why you haven't fucked it yourself." Knowing I wouldn’t get anywhere with Penny fucking her ass on his pole, I reached into her mind to figure out how much damage had been done.

I found his regular set of commands that made her his willing fuck toy whenever and for as long as he wanted her. It was the same set of commands he had used on Katie, hiding all trace of her sex slave existence until he triggered it back into being. Penny would continue living her own life without any memory about his uses of her body.

My own skill wasn't good enough to undo his expertly installed conditioning without making a mess of the rest of Penny's mind. And because the Penny I knew wouldn't be affected by his tampering, I decided it would be best just not to tamper with it. I shoved my face in his, opened an empathic connection with him, and said with a cold serious voice, "If you ever touch one of my friends again, I'll denounce you as my father and bust through that shield of yours to make you a sex hating, God loving monk. Good night, Father." My empathic connection had resulted in draining the color from his face. He had no doubt I had meant every word, and we both knew I could do what I had said.

I laid in my bunk for hours fighting my desire and lust. Despite that the very idea horrified me, I was also incredibly aroused by it at the same time. The image of her blissfully fucking and sucking me constantly popped into my head. I wanted her so badly, and she would never be any the wiser. But I would know, and that was my dilemma. When the sky began to brighten, I finally got up and went straight to Penny's cabin. My mind was made up to give it a shot.

I awoke Penny and we went out to the beach. I showed her the butt marks in the sand and told her everything. When she flat out said it didn't matter, I quickly checked to see if that had been part of my father's programming. It wasn't. Long before I came along, Penny had accepted that it was just how her life was meant to be. She had rebelled by forming the deep hatred of the male population. But I had ended her fight against her fate. Penny had known in her heart that her surrender meant she would again be the unwilling toy of uncaring males. But I wasn't satisfied with that.

"What if instead of giving in, you go out and get some revenge." "I've tried that." "You tried to get guys to rape you so you could beat the living shit out of them. But that just makes things worse. I'm thinking you could probably find some guys who would willingly become YOUR slaves. You have the looks, and with a little help from me, the twins, and Suzi, you could become a sex goddess, men begging you to use them like they had used you.

"You can't be serious." "I'm very serious. Picture this. You notice a guy watching you. For several days, you feel his eyes undressing you every time he sees you. Tell me that hasn't happened to you before." "It's happened lots of times." "You start to encourage him, bending over a lot, showing him a little more skin, flirting with him, teasing him by touching his crotch or ass, making it look accidental." "I already do that stuff." "But when he's ripe for picking, you offer to give him a blow job if he can prove he wants it bad enough. You give him one of those leather cock and ball harnesses that the twins brought and make him wear it for at least a day. After he does, you give him the blow job."

"That's revenge? Making them wear... leather? And you know I'm grossed out just thinking about putting one in my mouth." "I know, but I can change that if you let me. For what I have in mind, you would have to suck 'em. You see, I'll copy what the twins and Suzi know about sucking cock into you're head. Imagine he's wearing the harness the way you like, so you give him one of your addictive blow jobs. Every day or two, you check to see if he continues to wear the harness. After a week of checking him, teasing him, promising him you'll do it again soon, you finally do. "But just before he's about to cum, you stop and tell him he will have to beg for it. Make him say anything you want him to say, then tell him if he wants another blow job, he will have to start wearing a cock ring, or maybe a ball sling or something.

"MMMMmm, yeah..." "That's when you really start conditioning him to wear the leather garments you pick out for him. By the fourth blow job, you'll be randomly making him strip, making him wear something different, maybe even something uncomfortable for him." "I like the idea, but I want more than just control over his wardrobe." "I know. I promise you by the fifth or sixth blow job, he'll be willing to do whatever you say. The key is to give him the first two within a week of each other, then make them wait longer and longer between blow jobs. The sixth probably should be at least three weeks after the fifth. By then he'll be trying to please you any way he can, not just by wearing the stuff you want him too."

"How do you know this will work? I don't see you going around doing it." "No, I've never done it. But the twins do it all the time. They even did it to me and Joey. I'm hopelessly addicted to their blow jobs. Don't you dare tell this to Suzi, but Joey and I lied. Compared to the twin's, Suzi could be using her teeth instead of her tongue. Well, that's not really true. Suzi's blows are great, but nothing can come close to the twins. We're just lucky they don't have a selfish bone in their bodies. "But even if the twins had made us their toys, Joey and I would have eventually broken free because we're not the kind of guys who are happy with just sex. But there are lots of guys out there looking for just sex. That's who you want revenge against. And I can guarantee you could even get some of them to... suck the shit out of your ass."

We were lying on the beach next to each other, and Penny had started to worm her body a bit from her arousal. When I mentioned her all time dirtiest fetish, her hand sank into her shorts while her eyes got a distant look to them. "MMmmmmm, do it. Please do it. I want to make them pay. I'll do anything to have those bastards suck my ass out!" "Anything? That's what I've been fishing for. Penny, if you freely become my sex craving slave for one day, I'll give you your wish."

Penny snapped out of her daze, giving me a cold calculating look. "One day, and then never again?" she finally asked. "Well, my dad taught me never to say never, especially when negotiating a deal. But if you don't ask me for additional help afterwards, then yes. Never again." "And you won't change anything about me unless I give you permission to?" "That's the way I usually work it." "Yes or No." "Sorry. Yes." "And there are no strings attached. I can do whatever I want, with whoever I can get?"

"Well, a few strings. You can't permanently injure them or make them do something that would seriously endanger their health. Like you can't make them swallow your shit or have them fight someone unless it's in self defense. But other than that, you can use them anyway you want, punish them however you wish. "As far as who.... I can't promise anything there. If there's a friend of mine, or someone I think doesn't deserve your punishment, I might free them. But I really doubt that will happen. Only the dick heads would get trapped into becoming your slave."

"And why should I trust you'll keep your word?" That stung slightly, especially since she was already mine for the picking if I had simply wished too. So I made my position very clear. "Allow me to remind you of how easy it would be for me to not even bother with giving you anything," I said, pulling out my hard cock. "You see his dick? You want more than anything to suck my juices out. Feel how bad you want it? You hunger for it. You starve for it. You feel as if you'll die with out it. Now snap out of it, you're drooling. That's why you can trust me."

"You bastard! If you ever do that again, let me suck the damn thing! HHRRR. Fine. I'll be your Fucken sucken slave. Just do it already and let me get.. Oh!!" "Before I fuck your pretty white ass like my dad did last night, I think I'm going to try my first tit fuck and cum all over those big juicy breasts of yours. Now get those fucken clothes off." I straddled her chest, putting my dick between her plentiful mounds. Her tongue stretched out to lick my head, and I quickly began my fuck. Penny's breasts rolled with my strokes as my dick's head entered and re-entered her lips. When I came, I shot all over her breasts and chest, then I smeared it with my chest as laid down on top of her to enter her front door. I humped her madly as we tongue fucked each other's mouths, cumming fairly quickly in her hot pussy. I let her get on top of me when I fucked her ass, that taking quite a bit longer before I came.

While she cleaned her shit off my pecker in the lake with her hands, I made arrangements for Penny and me to have the entire day off. I took my slave to Suzi's tent to grab the open container of drink. I kicked the twins out of bed and their cabin, then spent half of the day fucking, restoring our energy by drinking conservative amounts of the drink. At noon I fucked her mouth and fed her lunch, not entirely filling her tummy with cum, but plenty to keep her satisfied. The bed had become soaked with the mixture of our juices, so when the drink ran out around two thirty, I decided my lust for Penny had gone. She gave me one last deep throated blow job as we showered, then we dressed before I kissed her.

The kiss broke my spell, and her passive tongue instantly jumped to life. Despite our bodies' exhaustion, I only objected a little when she insisted I immediately complete my half of the deal. Even though I had already copied the twins blow job skill into my head, I didn't have all that I needed. I spent nearly two hours sorting out the twins minds again, swearing I would never do it a third time. Their minds were extremely difficult to read information from, and I concluded that it was deliberate by design. Suzi's was a breeze in comparison, taking less than two minutes to complete. Penny allowed me to tone down her revulsion of sucking cock to where she was indifferent about it all together while I tied the 'strings' she had already agreed to.

After her preparation was finished, she wanted to test them out on some of the males in the camp. I strongly argued against that because I desperately wanted to go sack out in my bunk. She used her worst insults to get my compliance, then almost dragged me to find someone suitable for her trial run. I nodded off while Penny worked her teasing magic on Berry Lutzer. She later pulled him in my cabin and picked out a leather studded g-string for him to wear. I rolled over and went back to sleep as he scrambled to put on his new garment.

A half hour before dinner, Penny woke me up, asking if I wanted to watch. I managed to keep my eyes open for the first ten or so minutes while Penny began using the longest and most brainwashing method an unempathic person could do. When the dinner bell woke me, Penny was still at Berry's cock. His face was placid, body limp except for the occasional shutter or squirm. I grimaced remembering my own experience of when the twins had used that method on me. I had the audacity to claim they couldn't keep me from blowing my load after the first twenty minutes without using their empathic talents. Joy had held me senseless for at least forty minutes before my body couldn't take it anymore.

Unlike the ones the twins usually gave me, this one had been developed with the purpose of conditioning the male to anticipate greater states of arousal while patiently waiting for longer periods between their rewards. If I hadn't already been exposed to that kind of long term arousal, my bet with the twins would have backfired on me horribly. But the twins knew I was safe from being affected by this brainwashing, especially if they didn't follow up with further treatments.

Once Berry had reached the first stage, indicated by his relaxing and turning complete control of the pleasure over to her, Penny began working him up to a high state of arousal, then quickly brought him back down once determining he had reached it. Each time she repeated the climb, she took him back up at a slower pace, but rewarded him for his patience by either extending the time she kept him up there, or took him to an even higher state.

More than half of the knowledge I had implanted in Penny's mind dealt just with recognizing the many signs the male body displays to determine its level of arousal. I also installed a great deal of medical knowledge into Penny's head. A lot of that information dealt just with stimulus. But there was also a considerable amount of information just on the sexual organs themselves. The anatomy of the organs, maintaining them at peak sexual performance, treating them for various illnesses and dysfunctions, and even surgically augmentation or removal for both sexes. And with the psychological insight she had needed for maintaining her control later allowed her to become a shrink, specializing in the 'treatment' of over aggressive males.

The rest had been an assortment of different techniques, only three having mindwashing affects. I originally hadn't copied the mindwashing skills into my own head. I had understood the basic concepts behind them, and I had never intended to give anyone this capability. Eric had only gained the techniques of the safe type. After the tenth or so treatment, the anticipation of the next time would drive the conditioned male to continue being Penny's willing servant without requiring further blow jobs. And giving further treatments actually would do more damage than anything else. Penny wouldn't be able to stimulate the amount of pleasure the male's mind was anticipating by that time.

Berry finally reached his breaking point thirty-seven minutes after reaching the first stage. I lifted the sleeping Penny off the floor then laid her in my bunk. I waited while Berry struggled pulling his shorts over his new leather underwear, then let him lean on me while we walked to eat dinner. Penny and I couldn't have picked a better subject for her trial run. Berry was a self centered, ego driven jock who enjoyed seeking out fresh pussy. I was sure by Monday Berry would be looking out for a strong willed girl to commit and submit to. The guy probably never wore cloth underwear again.

We all had a great time Sunday. I had never realized how much fun the adults had running the carnival for us. Even though I got hit in the face ten times by pies, I complained very loudly when my time as a target was up. Dinner time triggered everyone's sinking feeling, knowing that it was our last night together. The twins became almost frantic by the sudden change in the camp's mood. They were ready to use physical force against me before I agreed to help them cheer everyone up.

I 'convinced' the other Jr. Counselors to have everyone hold hands. We ended up sitting in a large rough circle, the twins carefully making sure that they had the same number of people between them and myself. I realized very quickly they were going to use their empathic power somehow, and expected me to use mine in the same way when they did. After working out their positions, the twins took the hands of their neighbors, closed their eyes, and indicated to me to have everyone do the same. I had to make a few people comply, then closed my own.

A few moments later, there was a stream of gasps as the twins powered up their gift. Like a domino affect, each person gasped after the person next to them did. The energy the twins sent through the linked hands made its way towards me from both sides. When Johnny and Ted gasped on either side of me, the twin's familiar presence entered my hands and was followed by a gentle touch of 'home'. After several moments of experimentation, I managed to amplify and transmit the feeling out through my own hands as the twins had intended. After only a few minutes, the twins decided it was time to quit and started letting the sensation slowly fade away.

Instead of the explosion of questions I had expected when everyone opened their eyes, there was only the sound of people getting up with a few quiet conversations taking place. My boys were waiting for me to go back to the cabin with me to pack. Not feeling any different myself, I scanned the boys to see what had happened. The twins had combated the blues by reminding everyone of home. Everyone looked forward to going home, forgetting they may never see each other again.

We all met in the twin's cabin later that night feeling the sadness return. Penny only stayed a few minutes before joining Berry on the beach for some sex. I asked her permission to have that painting made of her, and everyone made plans to join us for the unavailing. Knowing that we would all get together again improved our moods, but only for a little while.

We made a toast and promised we all would return next year. The rest of us watched Scooter, Gina, Jerry, and Dana as they began to experience the drink's full effects for the first time before we split up into our groups. Joey and Mick each had a twin between their legs, while Eric, Suzi, and I had another threesome. After the drink's effects wore off, Eric's eyes teared up, quickly bringing out my own. The two of us held each other while we cried, with Suzi joining us soon after. Joey and Mick both shed a few tears, but never out right cried. Strangely enough, only the twins remained dry eyed. A defensive reflex blocked out the emotion around them.

Everyone left around midnight to sleep in their own beds. Eric had the hardest time that night and didn't want to sleep alone. He ended up in Suzi's bed even after I had said no. I won't go into the details about the following morning. Those ten minutes while everyone got on their busses was one of the saddest moments of my life. Suzi, Joey, and I all snuggled up to each other as the limo pulled away, immediately making room for the twins a moment later. We were asleep for most of the trip home.

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