In a recent story BARB, MAKING MY SEXUAL FANTASIES HAPPEN, I described how around the time I turned thirty-five I decided I would make my sexual dreams and fantasies happen. The first step was finding a new lover. By chance Zac came into my life, physically attractive, a little older than me, professional job, and as I quickly learnt, a thick eight-inch erection.

Over a period of time Zac introduced me to a wide range of sexual experiences. Mutual masturbation, fucking me while another woman watched, then lesbian sex with her while he watched. I did enjoy two women watching him fuck me before they both had me while he watched.

The first time Zac fucked me with another man watching was memorable. We both insisted he had to be well hung and masturbate for us while he watched us fucking. And we were both very comfortable with the thought of him licking me to orgasm or blowing my man, perhaps both, while the other one of us watched, enjoyed and perhaps masturbated.

“Would you like to come and visit me tomorrow afternoon Barb? It’s time we got to know each other better. I can organise a third person if you like?”

At two, I am full of anticipation when I arrive at her condo. Has Janine set up a three-way? Or is going to be tea and scones?

Janine tongue kisses me effusively as soon I enter her lavishly furnished condo. “This is my friend Taylor, the third person I organised for us. We are old and very intimate friends,” she tells me as I look over a tall, attractive, beautifully groomed person, dressed in a below the knee white, silk skirt and matching blouse. I can see her obviously naked nipples poking against the silk.

“Very intimate,” Taylor purrs as Janine tongue kisses her while I try to hide my disappointment that Janine has not organized a man for the third person.

“Janine told me you are horny and sex starved. Perhaps I can help? Better still perhaps we can both help?,” Taylor teases as both of them are kissing me.

I am enjoying the attention from two people and wondering where this might lead to as Janine removes Taylor’s blouse to show her good size, firm tits and licks and sucks both small nipples in turn.

“Now you Barb,” Taylor tells me as I readily comply and lick, then suck. “Have you ever had a tranny, cross-dresser,” she asks in an agitated voice as Janine lifts Taylor’s skirt and lets it rest on his huge, thick erection.

An instant turn on for me as I soak in his totally naked body while Janine removes the skirt. I am ogling a hung, thick man with tits for the first time in my life, who wants to have sex with me. And I do like his taut ass. I want it to happen, my libido is in overdrive. I want to fuck my first tranny. I really do.

Without saying a word Janine is standing behind me and kissing my neck as she undresses me. Taylor and I are looking closely at each other. The sexual tension is electric as Janine runs her fingertips over my naked, erect nipples.

Janine is tongue kissing me as she slides my skirt and thong off. I love flaunting my totally naked body for a hung tranny as he teases his roaring erection with a fingertip. Janine is teasing my cunt lips with a fingertip as we continue tongue kissing.

“I want to fuck you while Janine pleasures both of us,” Taylor whispers as I ogle his tits and his erection.

Two minutes later Taylor is flat on his back on the huge bed as I slide my cunt lips onto his gaping erection. Janine has her hands all over me as she tongue kisses me. She is alternating licking and sucking my nipples, then Taylor’s nipples.

“Use me, show me how horny you are,” Taylor whispers as I slide up and down his rock hard erection.

I love tongue kissing while having sex. An extra dimension when it is a sexy, naked woman kissing me with her tongue in my mouth as she watches me fucking her tranny lover.

I did manage three orgasms before Taylor.

“You were horny and sex starved when you arrived. Do you feel better now Barb?,” Janine asks as the three of us unwind in the large shower alcove.

“You are a very exciting woman Barb. I want my turn with you. Would you like to lick me to orgasm while I give Taylor a blow job? Or would you like Taylor to lick you while I give him a blow job?”

“I am still very horny, I want Taylor to lick me while I watch you give him a blow job.”

I am naked apart from my heels standing with my back against the wall. My favorite position for cunnilingus. My legs are wide apart. I have one foot on the floor and the other resting on a low stool. Taylor’s erection looks absolutely magnificent as Janine fondles it while licking his nipples.

At the very moment Taylor’s tongue makes contact with my engorged clit, Janine wraps her tongue and pursed lips around his erection. Both my exhibitionist and voyeuristic streaks are in play at the same time. I am watching another woman pleasuring the erection of a man I have just fucked while he is licking my cunt lips.

My body is arching forward to maximize my sexual pleasure as I put one leg over his shoulder. My new tranny lover really knows how to pleasure with his tongue as he has his hands on my ass. I love it when he digs his nails into my ass cheeks. Pleasure and pain. His tongue is magic as he slides it along my very wet cunt lips.

He is pressing the sides of my cunt lips with his thumb tips. The way he is licking me is exquisite.

I am watching Janine’s blow job technique and comparing to mine. She is very subtle and teasing as she sucks and slides more than half his erection then releases it.

“Is that an extra turn on for you Barb? Do you like watching me blowing the erection you fucked earlier?,” she asks as she restarts by licking and kissing his erection before she resumes sucking it.

“Yes I do, very much, a huge extra turn on,” I moan in response.

My hips are bucking as I orgasm, then again, and again. So good. I want to build up to really huge orgasm and squirt for two people.

Without me asking Taylor is expertly teasing a finger on my g-spot. I have never squirted while watching a tranny receiving a blow job. Even better the tranny is licking my cunt lips as his finger teases my g-spot.

“I want to orgasm and squirt for both of you, after Taylor cums. Make it happen for me.” I moan.

“Fuck yes, so good,” Taylor is moaning as Janine has his balls in one hand as she brings him off with a teasing hand job.

“Now, right now, watch me,” I moan as Taylor blows. “Watch me, watch me squirt, both of you,” as I have the most fantastic orgasm and squirt in huge streams.

“I am the sex starved one now, I am in need of sexual relief. Would you like to lick me while Taylor watches?,” Janine asks as the three of us unwind for the second time in the large shower alcove.

I really did enjoy showing my lesbian skills with my arms wrapped around Janine’s legs as she sat on a sofa. Even more exciting for me with Taylor sitting alongside and teasing his nipples as he watched.

After a few minutes I was very pleased with myself when Taylor commenced masturbating his third erection for the session.

Even more pleased with myself as Janine had multiple orgasms on my tongue as she moaned, Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

Just a few years ago at thirty-five I decided to ramp up my sex life. Now here I am in a three-way with a sexy woman my age and her tranny lover.

When I had Janine’s whole body trembling with sexual pleasure as she watched Taylor cum, I couldn’t help but run a finger along my cunt lips for a wonderful orgasm.

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