The Weekend (Part 2)

The Weekend (Part 2)

Second part of my first story. This is my first go at it, so forgive any errors or mishaps. This chapter things get interesting! If incest isn't your thing, don't read on.

Chapter 2: Misbehaving.

I made my way upstairs, my parents having just left. "Well, if I'm stuck here, I'll just have to get high." I thought to myself, grinning as I took two steps at a time. As I made it to the top of the stairs, Danielle was just coming out of her room. She was dressed to go out. I couldn't help myself from thinking "Damn." She wore a tight, tiny shirt that hugged her breasts, leaving her midriff exposed. Her shorts were, well. Short, to say the least. They fit her ass perfectly, it was almost like they were painted on her. I could see the strings of her bathing suit poking out the sides of her shorts, and it didn't take a second to guess where she thought she was going. The beach.

"Going somewhere?" I asked, stopping infront of her. "Yeah." she said, stepping to the right attempting to move past me. I blocked her path. "I'm going to the beach with my friends, okay?" She said, stepping to the side again, only for me to block her again.
"Sorry, I can't let you go Dani." I said, frowning. "No one comes, no one goes. We're pretty much on lockdown." She scoffed, stepping to the side groaning as I blocked her again. "Come on, they won't know if I leave." She said, leaning to one side, placing a hand on her hip.
"Thats true, but if they happen to call and you're not here to talk to them, then what?" I asked, and she stomped. "Ugh! Whatever, like they're going to call!" I rolled my eyes. "You think I want to be stuck here with you either? I have to cancel a date because you had to go and get grounded sneaking out to go suck Andy's dick."

She punched me in the arm. "Fuck you Jr!" She yelled, trying again to get past me and grunting in frustration when I wouldn't let her past. She was getting on my nerves, being such a brat about this. And she knew that I hated it when she called me Jr.
"Listen, if you leave, i'll have to call the rents. As much as I hate having to play the snitch, I'm not putting my ass on the line so you can go have a good time when I had to give up my plans. Yeah, it sucks. You know what i'm doing about it?" I said, walking past her into my room. "I'm smokin' some fuckin' weed. Do what you have to do, but know if you leave, it is what it is."

I closed my door, hearing her whine and groan for a minute, followed by the slamming of her door. Good, she wasn't going to be a problem anymore. I had a good ammount of weed, and internet access, and a house free of people I needed to act sober around. The weekend at least had some promise.

I took some time to roll myself a blunt, the cigar version of a joint, grabbing my headphones and Ipod, heading downstairs and out to our screenroom. No need to stink up the house again. I sat down in one of the chairs we had around the screen rooms table, looking out at our backyard. I sparked it, taking a few drags off of it, before putting on my headphones and listening to some marley like a proper stereotype should. I sat back, smoking, closing my eyes and vibing to the music. I was just starting to get a groove when I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I freaked out, dropping the blunt and turning around to find Danielle standing there. She had changed pants, from her leg reveling short shorts to sweatpants, signaling her move to stay at least. "Jesus." I said. "You scared the shit out of me." I said, taking off my headphones, bending over to pick up the blunt that was still burning on the floor.
"I said your name like, four times but you couldn't hear me. Plus your eyes were closed."

"Right, whatever." I said, taking a drag, blowing the smoke away from her. "Well, what?" I asked bluntly. (Haha, puns.) She bit her lip, looking at me with the same piercing blue eyes I had. "Well, actually.. I kinda wanted to know if I could.. You know." She said, gesturing to the smoking blunt. It caught me off guard, and I laughed. "What, you want to smoke?"
She smiled, continuing to bite her lip, nodding a bit. I laughed a bit, thinking it over. "Whats in it for me? You didn't put in on this, after all." I said, quirking a brow. "I don't know, i'll.. Cook for you, or something. Don't you get hungry smoking that stuff?"

She had a point. She didn't know I had pizza money, and that's 40 dollars I could possibly keep to myself. A little retribution for a ruined weekend. I smiled. "Deal." I held out the blunt, which she gingerly took from me. I watched, amused, as she brought it up to her lips. Those soft, plush, kissable.. Wait, what was I thinking? I shook my head, clearing my mind of these perverted thoughts as she choked on the smoke, coughing after taking a huge hit.
I laughed at her inexperience. "Slow down there, Snoop dogg." I teased, taking the blunt she had held out as she coughed up a storm. "You've never smoked, huh?" I asked, taking a drag, waiting for her reply. She calmed herself down, shaking her head. "No. This is my first time." She said, sitting the chair closest to mine. "Wow. Prepare to leave orbit, kid." I said, grinning, taking another drag and passing it back to her.

We smoked it down, and I could see she was really feeling it. "How is it?" I asked, grinning at her as she slowly looked around at her surroundings. "This is wonderful." She said, smiling at me. It was the biggest, dumbest, most genuine smile i'd seen from her in a while. I couldn't help but think to myself that, when she wasn't annoying me, she wasn't actually so bad to have around. I shook my head and laughed, which sparked her own fit of the giggles.
After our high asses sat and laughed about nothing for the next five minutes, we decided to head inside. "No wonder you smoke all the time, this is great." She said, flopping down on the couch as we made our way into the living room. I sat next to her, as she lay with her eyes closed. God, why did I have to find my sister so damn sexy? Just looking at her here was starting to have an effect on me. "This is just wow." She continued, sitting up. "Yeah, its pretty good shit. Its not always this good, you know."

I sighed, my sisters exposed skin making me think about how frustrating it was to have to cancel my date with Melissa. "What's up?" Danielle asked, quirking her head. "Well.." I started. "I had to cancel some plans with this girl, and I was pretty sure I was going to get lucky tonight. And it sucks, because well. You know." I said, looking over at her. She rolled her eyes. "Is that all you guys think about? Not, oh, its nice to go out with a girl I like? Just, oh, hey, I might get laid?" "Yeah, pretty much." We both laughed. "Such a perv." She said, shaking her head. "Oh, yeah, like you're a saint. Mrs. I-have-a-huge-black-dildo-in-my-drawer."

Her eyes shot open in surprise. "How do you know about that?" She asked shocked. I blinked, then burst into laughter. "I didn't know shit! You really have a big black dildo?" I asked astonished. I had checked my sister out before, but never really thought of her in too sexual a way. But the thought of my sister, legs spread, working a large black dildo into her wet sex crossed my mind at that very moment, having a quick and apparent reaction. She blushed furiously, stuttering in her response.
"N-No, I was just kidding!" She tried, hanging her head knowing how lame that sounded. "Okay, so, yeah, I have a dildo. So what!" I was supprised. "Where the hell did you get a dildo?" I asked, curious. "I got it from a friend, her boyfriend is 19 and bought her a few and she let me have one." I was shocked how open she was being about this. Must have been the 'fuck it' in her system, courtesy of that blunt.

"Oh." I said, simply. An awkward silence. I couldn't get the idea of my sister masturbating with a dildo out of my head. I looked at her, she was blushing, obviously embarrassed where the conversation had gone. My eyes looked over her form, her small frame, large breasts. Just like that, I knew I had to have her. I was going to fuck my sister this weekend.

"Anyways." She said, standing up. "I'm sleepy. I'm going to go take a nap." She said, making her way to the stairs, quickly climbing them. I watched her the whole while, until she was out of sight. "Wow." I said out loud, my sudden sexual thoughts overwhelming me. Did I really want this, or was I just pent up? Yeah, maybe I should just go jerk off, then I'll calm down. I made my ways to the stairs, quickly climbing them, my dick already solid. My sister was the only thing on my mind, and I knew it would only take me a few minutes thinking of her to finish. I was making my way to my room, and I heard Dani's TV. That was odd, she never slept with her TV on, as it kept her awake. I made my way closer, hearing what I thought was the TV at first.

" So good!-" My eyes flew open. That sounded like Danielle! I quickly pressed my ear to the door. Sure enough, I heard more clearly. I heard my sister panting, gasping. "Uhhh-." "FF-Fuck! Jay! Mmm! F-Fuck me..!" My jaw dropped. Not only was she masturbating, she was thinking about me while she was doing! I continued to listen. "..Mm!" I heard her suck in a shuddering breath, and what sounded like a loud whimper. I could only guess she was coming. I almost exploded in my pants, I had never been so hard in my life. Before I could stop myself, I stood, reaching for the door handle. It was unlocked. I just did it, I pushed the door open and let it gently hit the wall behind it. She had her eyes closed at the time, but the sound of the door hitting the wall caught her attention, shocking her, as she opened her eye's to see her big brother standing there. She was caught, her dildo stuffed deep inside of her spasming pussy.

"J-Jay!" She cried out, having forgot to lock her door in her hurry to get something stuffed inside of her. She had been on fire ever since they finished the blunt, for some reason she just wanted her pussy filled. That's why she had planned on going out to have sex on the beach with some older high-school boys she knew, but when her brother stopped her plans she was stuck. Their earlier conversation got her nice and wet, and she just had to do something about that. Never before had they themselves talked about sex, and she was having sexual thoughts about her brother for the first time. ..And she really liked it. It got her unbelievably hot, and her over-abundantly wet pussy was proof enough of that.

The two locked eye's, as she moved to take the dildo from her pussy. But just the action of her removing the dildo infront of Jay was enough to end her over the edge. "Oh- Ohshit!" She cried out. Her hips bucked, and she came, hard. So hard, in fact, that she squirted, having the most intense orgasm of her young life. "Jay- Ohmygod-!" She cried out, shaking with the force of her orgasm. She wanted to cover herself, to hide her pussy. She hadn't even taken off her panties, they had simply been moved to the side in her haste. I made my way closer to her, standing over her. She looked up at me, knowing she had been caught.

No words were exchanged as I reached down, unclasping the button on my jeans, and pulling down my zipper. She bit her lip, sitting up, her panties moving back into place as she did. She sat in her bra, panties, and long black socks in front of me. "J-Jay?" She asked, looking up at me as I stepped out of my jeans. I stopped for a moment, watching her. If she didn't want this, I would have to stop. But when she licked her lips, looking down at the large tent my cock was making through the material of my boxers, I knew she wanted this as much as I did.

My thoughts were confirmed as she reached up, grasping the waist of my underwear, slowly pulling them down, until they reached the base of my cock. She looked up at me, and I looked at her, and we locked eyes. She pulled my boxers all the way down, never breaking eye contact until my boxers hit the floor. She looked down, gasping as she saw my cock. It was a fair 7 inches long, and meaty. She bit her lip, running her hands up and down my thighs nervously. My cock was barely four inches from her face, pulsing and jumping in my excitement. It was leaking pre already, aching for her touch.
She reached behind her back, unclasping her bra, exposing her breasts to me. They were perfect, large D cups, but firm, with no sag to be seen, gravity be damned. They were capped with beautiful, small, light brown nipples. My cock throbbed, as she cupped her breasts, pinching at her own nipples, teasing me. "Dani." I urged her.

She nodded, gaze fixed on my cock. She got closer closing the gap between the tip and her face. She was about an inch away before she stopped, looking up at me with those piercing blue eyes. "Mm.. Nice and hard for your little sister?" She asked, speaking with a voice i've never heard her use before. It was seductive, and soft. My cock throbbed again. "Dani." I said huskily. She slowly wrapped both hands around my cock. Fuck.
One Stroke.
"Gah.." I gasped, the feeling was overwhelming. I closed my eyes, trying to get myself under control. Two strokes.
I felt it, it was too much. She was too much.
"Dani, fuck, i'm gonna-" I said, looking down at her. She had her eyes closed, tongue and tongue extended. Fucking A.
I lost it, my cock exploded, the first thick line splashing onto her cheek, and tongue.

"Fuck!" I grunted, cumming harder then I ever have in my life, moaning and groaning over and over as she milked my cock. Line after line of cum splattered against my little sisters face, I watched as her expression changed, she gasped, my cum continuing to splash against her face and and breasts, as she came herself. Being drenched in her brothers hot load was enough to send her over the edge as well, her pussy spasming in orgasm.

We both sat there for a moment, breathing heavily, before she let go of my cock. It bobbed in her face, still hard as iron. Then she really surprised me, leaning forward, taking hold of my cock again, stroking it twice before planting a kiss on the tip. "Uhh, fuck!" I gasped.
She smiled up at me, kissing it again softly. She began to plant soft kisses all over my cock, her tongue flicking out to tease me ever other kiss. "Ahh, Dani.." I moaned, as she held my cock straight up, like an ice cream cone, before giving it a nice, long and slow lick from the base to the tip. She did this twice more, before going down to kiss my sac softly, sucking one ball into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it gently, before doing the same to the other.
I was in heaven. My little-sister wasn't only willing to do this, she was doing it, with my hot cum already splattered all over her face. I wonder how many times I would come before this was over.

She planted another kiss on the tip of my cock, but this time the kiss became a soft slurp as she finally sucked me into her hot mouth. "Danielle-." I grunted, her head sinking on my cock. She worked the entire shaft down her throat in one, slow, wet, stroke. Her tounge slid along the bottom of my cock the entire way. "Fuck." She throated me. I felt like I was already going to come again, and I had literally just come not even five minutes ago.
She began to really suck me now, beginning to sloppily bob her head, her tounge sliding along the base of my cock, swirling around the sensitive head at the top of each upstroke. She sucked my cock out of her mouth with a soft 'pop'. She licked her lips, trails of saliva, cum, and pre-cum connecting her mouth and my cock. She looked up at me, kissing the underside of my cock, before sucking me back into her mouth, nosily and sloppily sucking and bobing again. I couldn't handle this much longer.

"Dani- I'm gonna come soon. You're gonna make me come." I said, warning her. She nodded, sucking my cock out of her mouth again. "Good. I want more. I want your cum." She kissed the tip again, god did I love when she did that, and she looked up at me. "Jay?"
"Mm-hm?" I questioned, quirking a brow.
She asked in a pleading voice. "Please, now? Cum for your naughty little sister."
That did it. I exploded again, the first blast surprising her, some hitting her cheek, some shooting over her shoulder. "Oh!" She gasped, licking along the base of my cock making me groan, continuing to pour cum. More cum splashed against her face, before she sucked my still cumming cock into her mouth, sucking me as I came for her. "Fuck, Danielle!"

It looks like she came again herself, her panties were soaked. She laid back on her bed, pulling her panties to the side once again. If my cock was starting to go soft, it got hard again, in a hurry. She slid her fingers up and down her moist lips, circling at her clit. Her hips jerked a bit, she was obviously sensitive. "Please, no more games. I need your cock, Jay."
She didn't need to tell me twice. I positioned myself over her, grabbing hold of her legs, pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. She bit her lip as I laid my cock on top of her pussy. "Don't tease meee." She begged, her hips rolling, trying to position herself properly to spear herself with my cock. I would keep her just out of reach, getting her nice and hot.
"Mmmm!" She whined, biting her lip. "P-Please?" She looked up at me with the puppy dog eyes, and I had to oblige. I mean, she did ask so nicely.

I rubbed my cock on her lips for a moment more, before backing up to line it with her hole. Slowly I started to push, I felt her pussy start to give. She bucked forward, again trying to push it through herself, but I backed up. She almost cried out in frustration, her pussy dripping in wetness. "Jay!" She cried. I decided to push in again. I felt her pussy start to give, the head of my cock starting to sink into her. "Oh-" She gasped.
She was tight. Really tight, it was like her pussy was fighting me. I had to force myself into her, even though she was not a virgin. I continued to push, she was inconceivably tight. About a fourth of my cock was in her now. She was gasping, constantly. I was grunting. I continued to sink into her, my fat cock filling her up completely. About half way at this point. She's now bucking her hips gently trying to stuff more of me inside of her. We were both breathing heavily. Three-fourths in, and i'm already sweating. This is the hottest fuck I've ever had and my dicks not even all the way inside of her yet.

She cried out as I forced the rest of myself into her tiny body. She wrapped her legs around my waist, trying to force me deeper if that was at all possible. She was gasping, scratching down my back. "C-coming. Ohmygod- Coming. I'm- I'm-" She gasped breathlessly, as I felt her pussy get even tighter around my cock. I don't think I would have been able to move at that moment, had I chose to. Her pussy was simply too tight around me as she came, like a clutching, wet, hot, velvet vice.
"It get's better, baby-sister." I whispered to her, pulling back.
"N-No!" She gasped, pulling me back in with her legs. "Don't pull it- D-don't take it out!" She pleaded. I smiled. "I'm not Dani. Just let me take care of you." I again pulled back, and she whimpered as I pulled out to about half way.. Before sinking back in. "F-fuck!" She cried out, as I began to slowly pump my little sister full of cock.

"Ohhh-" She cried out as I slowly fucked her. I kept a deliberate pace, slowly pulling my cock out of her tunnel, and slowly pushing it back into her hot depths. She was losing her mind.
"Again!" She cried, cumming on my cock for the second time. "Jay, again! Coming! I'm coming!" I felt her tiny pussy clutch me tightly again, but I never stopped pumping.
"Jay, its too much! God, your cock!" She cried. She didn't know a thing.
I began to pick up the pace, really begining to fuck her now. The sound of her wet pussy sucking in my cock, our skin slapping against eachother with each thrust. "Danielle, you're so tight!" I groaned. "Mm, you're so big!" She cried out, feeling my cock start to expand in her little pussy. I picked her up sliding her up and down my cock as I held her little frame in my arms, slamming into her petite hole again and again. "C-Coming." She said again, barely audible. "Dani, me too."

"Fill- Fill me. Shoot it inside." That's all I needed to hear as we both came, her pussy exploding again, drenching my already soaked cock again, as I unloaded deep inside of her searing cunt. I grunted, pumping hard, and she cried out as she felt my hot cum shoot deep inside of her, filling her completely. We continued to gasp, hump and clutch until we were both spent, breathing heavily, sweating.
This weekend has promise.

Alright, thats my first attempt at a story. Went on way longer then I thought, but. Yeah. Any feedback is good feedback, unless you're going to be all like 'Oh my god, that was awful, you're a terrible writer, just kill yourself', because frankly I would appreciate you keep things like that to yourself, you're likely to hurt my feelings. And that's just not nice.
Thanks for the read everyone! - Fizzly

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