The Team Mascot ch 9

The Team Mascot ch 9

The joyous repetition of day four was great. This morning it was Steve and Matt who woke me up. Steve was sucking my cock while Matt was working his finger into me from behind. Steve's cock was inches from my face so I stroked it before I took the head in my mouth. Our mutual sucking filled the room with sounds of sex.

Matt, lying on his side, parted my cheeks with his hand. His cock opened me for the first time of the day. The three of us rocked in unison as our joy filled the room.

Ben and Malcolm came in the room and took position. Malcolm got behind Steve and Ben got behind Matt. I was the linchpin. I didn't need to move every thrust of the other people on the bed caused something to move in me. I was lost in a sexual coma as we drove ourselves crazy with lust. Matt and I filled each other's mouth more or less simultaneously. Steve and Malcolm went off next. Malcolm in Steve and Steve in me. We all rested as we watched Ben twist his hips attacking Matt from different angles and directions. The difference in the sensations drove Matt to swear and shake as he exploded into Matt's ass. Matt went off again. I sucked the smaller load on my lips and flicked the tip of his twice spent cock.

All of us got dressed and went to our respective hunting spots for most of the day. Ben and I shared our accommodations as usual. But our third man was a slim Rastafarian named Jamal. We spent the morning split between sitting in the hunting chairs, eating the treats that had been packed for us, and screwing in various positions and combinations.

Ben had Jamal bent over the table first. I sucked Jamal before offering him my ass. He drilled me until Ben came over and fed me his cock. I drank his seed as Jamal filled me with his. Jamal sucked me off I sat in my hunting chair and Ben had me jacking him off. The three of us finished with a three way circle jerk before loading the vehicle and returned to the ranch.

Back at our bunkhouse Ben pulled me to the shower, telling me,"I want you to myself". I couldn't help but blush. I never thought another man wanting me could make me so excited. We lathered ourselves when both of us were finished covering our bodies with bubbles Ben moved behind me in our usual position. He started slowly pumping in and out until he reached around and grabbed my cock and asked,"You want to move to our bed?". With closed eyes I nodded my head. We quickly dried off and walked hand in hand to our room.

Ben let me climb onto the bed and lay on my back. Ben moved over me and filled my ass again. He moved down and kissed my neck as he thrust deeply. He wrapped his arms around me as he again claimed me as his. I moaned and pounded my fists on his back all these contrived to inflame his passions. Ben forced himself repeatedly into me until he filled my naked ass with his joy of fucking me.

Ben pulled out of me and lapped my seed of my body. By the time he had finished he was ready again. I rolled on my stomach and looked over my shoulder. Ben took the meaning and entered me again. This time it was more passionate, less animal fucking.

Ben kissed and bit my neck and shoulders as his hips moved up and down.. I kept moving my ass around so his cock gave me different sensations every time he entered me. Our mutual pleasure grew slowly deliberately as we used each other's body for our joy. I was near to passing out when ben added his next gift to the one he had already placed there."Ohhhhh," I moaned as my back tightened and my cock jerked under me.

We were in bed together when the rest of our friends came in all excited. Steve had shot the first man to shoot anything that didn't shoot cum back at him.

We dressed and walked down to the cooler where a large mountain goat hung. We all gave Steve praise for his kill. He looked at Ben and asked,"Usual bet?"

Ben smiled and spoke,"Sure. And what is your prize?"

I looked around confused,"What prize?"

Malcolm explained,"The first man to shoot a game animal gets to choose who he gets next. Man or woman. For twenty-four hours."

"Has any if you picked a woman?" I was seriously curious.

Malcolm looked me in the eyes and said,"All of us are married. But Ben of course. We get pussy all year. What we do vacation is more spice for the rest of the time."

"So. No," I can be a bit sarcastic at times.

We all laughed to dinner. Ben and Steve held back as we entered the hall. The kitchen staff were already offering food to all comers. The pudgy lady from the other night gave Malcolm an extra helping of dessert as well as an extra biscuit. They shared a quick glance then Malcolm nodded his head in conformation.

At dinner Ben told us,"Steve has brought me a request for his prize. He wants all of us to get matching tattoos. Our team logo so to speak"

We discussed options. It was funny that none of us questioned getting the tattoo. Just the particulars of the tattoo. After several suggestions we decided on a basketball with crossed daggers behind. The placement would be optional, but all of us would have it somewhere on his person.

Malcolm told us he would be back later and left the table. The rest of us returned to the bunkhouse and we settled in for an exceptionally quiet night. Board games, cards, dice all were employed to increase our comradery until someone suggested cutting the cards for clothes. Each man would pick a card and the low man would have to shed on article of clothing.

The cards were shulled, fanned out, and sat on the table. First round Ben lost his shirt. Second Steve lost his. Third round I lost mine. Round four and Malcolm bared his dark chest for all of us. I am always excited by those dark chocolate nipples. From the way Sean was acting he liked them as well. When Malcolm wasn't paying attention Sean bent over and tongued the rough surface then pulled back before his victim could swat him. Only Matt and I were still completely clothed. Next cut my shirt left me. I do mean lift me. Sean and Malcolm grabbed both sides of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Ben lost his shoes one after the other. Matt's shirt next. In rapid successive draws all the shoes left us. We were looking at each other when Ben announced,"the next cut the man loses everything."Since it was midnight and we all had ideas of sex before sleep, on one argued." I got the low card and my clothes were piled on the sofa. The next round Malcolm pulled the two of spades. Ben took charge again,"The first two naked take room one. The next two room two. The rest three."

Between Malcolm's smile and the weapon wagging from his groin I knew I was in trouble.

The next couple was Ben and Steve. They would occupy room two. The last room belonged to Matt and Sean. Since the rest of us were already naked they removed their accoutrements.

I had been absently minded massaging his big black balls since it was decided I was with Malcolm tonight. He was in his glory. Hard as stone his cock hung down due to its impressive weight.

Sean, our usual trouble maker asked a question,"You said Bill was yours only at night."

Ben confirmed the comment. The realization of his statement made my well filled bottom wink enough that a drip of the mix in me rolled down my bottom to come to rest against my scrotum. It felt like the movement of sweat down my forehead after a heavy exercise session. I shivered at the feeling.

"Tonight I suspend that rule." Ben pronounced.

"That's because after farmboy here," Sean thumbed at Steve,"You aren't going to have enough to screw ole Billy boy here." They all laughed but I was more concerned with Malcolm. His tongue was busy in my mouth. Malcolm then wrapped his long arm around me as we entered our bed chamber for the night.

This black god lifted me up and pinned me to the wall. I wrapped my legs around him as his scepter entered me completely. I could feel his body tense with each thrust. My arms around his neck helped our movements. His deep rich voice in my ear kept telling me how good I was. My cock kept tapping against his chest as he drove us both to satisfaction. I felt my black lover as he walked us over to the bed and lay down. My back touched the cool sheets as he shoved into my body again.

Our moans were echoed through the building as several men were enjoying each other.

Malcolm was working his hips faster and faster. My breath raced in and out of my chest as this black god kept pounding my body. I kissed and sucked his nipples as he smothered my body with his. Each nipple or lick was countered by a twitch of his cock. I yelled as his cock hit my prostate and ignited my orgasmic joy. My shaking body triggered my lover's orgasm and he filled me with his joy.

We lay there resting as we came down from our sexual ovation. I enjoyed our session, but I wanted more. I moved down his side until I was facing his soft cock. I crawled into place and took his chocolate monster into my mouth. I made love to his cock. Lapping it like a dog down one side. I kissed his ball sac and nudged his balls with my nose. Then liking them one at a time. Up the other side until my lips touched the underside of his bronze crown. I took a deep breath and drove my face on his cock until it was shoved into my throat and my nose was in the curly hair of his groin. I gulped several times letting my esophagus muscles work up and down his shaft. Malcolm groaned as his cock stiffened in my throat. Easing it back out, I repeated my manipulations. The third time through Malcolm pulled me on top of him. He easily swallowed my cock as we were locked in an eternal circle. Our muffled moans were a signal of how well each of us knew the others likes and dislikes. Malcolm covered my tonsils with his ejaculate. It pulled out of his mouth and scrambled down his body. I spread his knee and pushed inside. His baritone voice offered approval of my efforts,"Yes. fuck me." I was an animal. I forced my cock home again and again. I was quickly covered in a sheen of sweat. I used my cock with the speed of a sprinter. Emptying my semen into the man under me.

Straightening the sheets, we eased into sleep, waiting for another day.

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