Bleach: sister revised

Bleach: sister revised

This was edited by Nivek_88. All credit should go to him.

Hello. My name is Karin Kurosaki and I have problem.

Lately I have been having strange feelings for my twin sister, Yuzu. I don't know when it started, but since it did it won't go away. We are both 12 years old, about 4'10”, black hair, blue eyes, and a chest that is just starting to form. It scares me, because every time I look at her now my heart skips a beat and I get these strange feelings between my legs, I don't understand it. I've never felt this way before and I'm not sure what's going on. I wanna put it out of my head, but this is something I can't avoid, and to be honest I'm not even sure I want to.

It gets worse, not only am I constantly thinking Yuzu when I'm awake, but as soon as I close my eyes to sleep there she is again. Every night I go to sleep, I have dreams about her; sexy dreams, erotic dreams, dreams a girl should not be having about her sister. They all involve the same thing, us naked and doing naughty stuff, like me kissing her little boobies, her running her hands all over my body, and our tongues dancing together as we kiss each other passionately while grinding our bodies together and caressing each others soft, smooth booty between our small, nimble fingers. I always lose it when she trails kisses down my body, past my belly button and directly on to my little pussy, kissing it and licking it and sucking it into her mouth like its the best thing she's ever tasted. They all end the same way, with me shaking under her until a surge shoots through my little body and out my pussy, tiring me out and dropping me into a great night's sleep. I wake up the next day feeling hot and sweaty and my panties are always wet and sticky. Even though I know Yuzu had nothing to do with it, I can't help but feel guilty about it. I can't even look her in the face anymore without blushing. This has been happening every night for a while now, so I wasn't surprised when it happened last night, but this time it felt different, almost real, little did I know how real things were going to get.

I woke up this morning after another naughty dream where instead of her licking me, I am licking her between her legs! This has never happened before, me pleasuring her, so naturally I didn't know what to think of it. The thought of me licking her sent a chill through my body, and as crazy as it sounds it made me a little wet. I tried to force these thoughts out of my head, but they just kept coming back more vivid and more frequently. I realized now that I had a serious problem, but decided I'd try my best not to think about it and made my way to the bathroom and drowned my sorrows away under a nice hot shower, they always seem to help.

I put on my school uniform and washed my face and brushed my teeth after combing my hair, then make my way to the kitchen where I'm sure everyone else is. Walking through the hallway and to the kitchen I can already hear my 15 year old brother, Ichigo, and our dad fighting at 6:30 in the morning, this is going to be a very long day.

"Dammit dad! Why is it every fucking morning you come running into my room and attack me when I'm just waking up?!"

Dad has a shit-eating grin on his face. "It's all a part of training son! I have to know my boy is strong!”

"This isn't a dojo! It's a fucking house! Keep doing that and I'll need a damn hospital!”

"Hey now you watch your language in front of your sister!"

I rolled my eyes as I sat down at the table. "Like I care what you guys say anyway, it's too early in the morning for you guys to be acting stupid."

Dad gasps in horror and turns to a life size poster of our dead mother as tears run down his face. "Honey, our sweet little girl has turned on her father!”

“Oh god dad will you take that stupid poster down already? And stop with the fake tears!” I yelled.

I was about to keep on ranting and raving when I heard soft footsteps and saw the vision of an angel as my twin sister Yuzu walked into the kitchen, effectively silencing us with her angelic voice.

"Now all of you stop fighting this minute or no one gets breakfast and I mean it!"

Everyone obeys. Yuzu rules the kitchen. Without her none of us would eat. I've gotten so obsessed with her I can't even bring myself to look at her, instead I look down blushing, thinking of every dream I've had with her. Yuzu notices and looks at me with a worried expression.

"Karin, are you ok? Your face is all red."

"I-I'm fine, just feeling a little weird today that's all, nothing big!" I manage to stammer.

She looked at me as if she knew something was wrong, but didn't wanna push it, and perked up. “Ok, well as long as you're ok,” she said as she flashed that smile that makes you smile right back.

I wanted to just sit there and stare at her all day, but I knew that was a bad idea, and I didn't wanna make anyone suspicious, so I tore my gaze away from her and looked at anything else I could focus my attention on. Yuzu made breakfast for us and we ate quickly with the usual table talk, the whole time me stealing glances at her. Whenever she caught me she'd smile and go back to eating or talking to Ichigo or dad, who were now both calm as they exchanged conversation. I don't know how she does it, but Yuzu just has this way about her that calms everyone down, like she has a soothing effect on people. Maybe that's what is getting to me, making me see her as an object of desire, I hope I can figure it out soon because if I don't its gonna drive me crazy. We cleaned up our dishes and grabbed our bags as we headed out the door to school, yelling goodbye to dad and Ichigo as we left. Since we only lived about 5-10 minutes from school we always walked, and I managed to stay on my best behavior all the way there so no one would catch me eyeing my sister, it wasn't easy, but I pulled it off.

School was its usual boring boring self, classes were boring, lunch was boring, even the way guys were trying to talk to me seemed boring. The only time school was anything close to being good was when I ran into Yuzu in the hallway, the day instantly got better.

“H-Hey Yuzu, boring day huh?” I asked smiling trying to keep my eyes on hers.

“Yeah, pretty boring, I got so much work, I didn't really get to eat anything, and guys won't stop hitting on me, but at least we get to go home soon,” she perked up, like she always does.

“Yeah I'm with you, just two more classes and were outta here.”

We made our way through the hall to her locker so she could change her books for the next class. As we were leaving these two guys came up to us and tried to flirt with us, but neither of us were interested, me for reasons I'm sure were different than hers, but still not interested and let them down easy. We tried to walk past them but one of them grabbed Yuzu's arm and turned her around to face them, which neither of us liked too much.

“Hey! Let me go, you're hurting my arm!”

“Come on, we just wanted to talk, you don't have to be so prissy,” one of the guys said.

“Well I don't want to!” Yuzu said as she yanked her arm from the guys grip.

I gave them a “leave us alone or else” stare and we turned to walk away, but as soon as Yuzu walked past them one of the guys grabbed her skirt and lifted it up, exposing her pink panty clad booty for everyone to see. Yuzu gasped in embarrassment and pushed her skirt down as the guys laughed at her. I was red with anger. I dropped my books and hit the guy in the nose as hard as I could. He fell back into the locker, blood pouring out of his broken nose as he tried to cover it up. The other guy looked at me and I stared back and held my ground, then he helped the guy up and walked him to the bathroom all the while getting laughed at by everyone they passed. I picked up my books and looked at Yuzu, who was still in shock over what just happened.

“You ok?” I ask.

“Yeah I'm fine, those guys deserved it, they were jerks,” she said smiling at me.

We walked down the hall and separated to go to our classes with me watching her as she disappeared from view. It felt really good popping that guy in the nose, thats what he gets for putting his hands on my sister. I was glad I could stick up for her, but I had to admit the view of her tight little booty in her little pink panties made me wet, so wet I knew I would be playing with myself to that image later.

When school ended we met up and walked home as usual, with me having to make sure I didn't stare at her again. She thanked me again for defending her and I told her it was no big deal, it what sisters do, and she smiled at me, warming my heart as well as my panties the rest of the way home.

When we got home Yuzu dropped her stuff in our room and went to take a bath. Dad was busy on the computer so I decided not to bother him and went to the kitchen to get an apple. Just as I wondered where Ichigo was he came through the kitchen dressed in a black robe and carrying a huge sword. A few steps behind him was a short girl with black hair dressed the same as him. She saw me and winked as she followed Ichigo out to the back yard. Strange, I didn't know he was into cosplay.

I didn't have anything to do at that moment, so I figured I'd get started on the laundry. I knocked on the bathroom door to tell Yuzu I was coming in to get the hamper and she said it was ok to come in. I opened the door and went to grab the clothes hamper when I saw those same pink panties she'd been wearing today lying on top. Not only that, I look close and notice a big stain in the front. I couldn't control myself anymore. With all my will power gone I picked them up and quickly left the bathroom, telling Yuzu I wanted to gather more clothes. I close the bathroom door and look at pink underwear in my hands, they feel so soft and they're sticky all over the front. Curiosity gets the best of me. I look around making sure no one is there and sniff them. OH GOD! It smells so good! I figure if it smells this good then it must taste even better. I bring the wet spot to my mouth and lick it, and my tongue shivers from the incredible sweet and tangy taste as I lick that spot over and over again. By now I'm so consumed with lust I quickly run into our room, get on my bed and pull the blanket back, and pull down my skirt and soaked panties until they're completely off my legs.

I am lost in her scent as I breathe it in over and over and start rubbing myself silly. I probe myself with two fingers imagining that its Yuzu's fingers and not mine that's getting me hot. I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste my own juices, I taste good, but nowhere near as good as Yuzu tastes. I work my fingers inside me faster and faster until I cry out in passion as my fingers constantly graze over my sensitive slit. I hold Yuzu's wet panties to my face, licking them as I rub my pussy faster. My nipples are getting so hard I pull up my shirt and pinch them with my free hand while leaving her panties close to my nose. I feel my orgasm getting closer the more I rub my pussy and pinch my nipples, I know its only a matter of time. I feel the juice running down my legs as my breathing gets more labored while I furiously finger myself thinking of Yuzu while smelling her panties. The pressure gets to be too much for me when I lightly run my finger over my clit, making me arch my back as I start cumming. I cry out in a fit of passion as I squirt all over the lower part of my bed soaking it in my juices. I get so caught up in cumming I forgot where I was, and screamed out Yuzu's name so loud that I know everyone in the house had to have heard it, but like I said, I was caught in the moment. When I finally calmed down, I look at the huge spot on my bed and lay back dazed from the most intense orgasm I've ever had, but it was only short lived as I hear a knock at the door and I'm startled out of my trance.

"Karin? Karin are you ok?"

Shit! It's Yuzu! She must have heard me from the bathroom, I knew I was too loud! Thinking quickly I grab my blanket and pull it over me covering myself and hide her panties under my pillow just as she came in dripping wet with a towel around her. "Y-Yes?" I stutter still breathing heavy.

"Are you ok? Your face is flushed and your sweating. I think you have a fever, let me see."

"NO! I mean I'm fine Yuzu. Just fell asleep and had a bad dream, that's all."

"Are you sure? I can check really quick, I mean its no big deal."

"Yes I'm fine, don't worry. I guess that'll teach me to nap in the middle of the day," I laughed.

“Well ok, I'll just go get back in the tub then,” she smiled as she left and closed the door.

I breathed in a sigh of relief and threw my head back into my pillow, that was a close one. If I'm not more careful I could cause some real trouble for all of us, for something I'm not even sure why I'm doing. I get myself together and put on some “around the house” clothes as I go back to the bathroom to get the hamper to wash the clothes (for real this time) and go back to our room. I grab my uniform and her panties from under my pillow, smelling them one last time I put them in the hamper and head to the laundry room to wash the clothes. A bit of shame creeps through me as I go back into the kitchen passing Ichigo and his friend again who smiles at me as she passes me. I slump on the couch not really watching tv, but blankly looking in the screen as I'm lost in thought on how I could be so caught up in all this, for which I couldn't come up with an answer. Later I sat through dinner as normal as I could, but I'm sure everyone could sense something was wrong with me, but since Ichigo was busy talking to dad and dad was talking to Yuzu it just kind of passed by, to my delight.

With dinner over we sat around the tv while our brother disappeared with that girl again. We sat for a while watching tv show after tv show until we all decided to call it a night. I said goodnight to everyone and left so I could get in bed so I wouldn't have to face Yuzu and get this day behind me, but it turns out this day is far from over.

I woke up at around two in the morning after having yet another one of those dreams about Yuzu, and had the soiled panties to prove it. I finally came to terms on what I've been fantasizing about, and berated myself for my dirty thoughts.

"She's my sister, my twin sister, not to mention a girl! Why am I thinking about a girl so much? I'm not a l-lesbian. Why is this happening?” I think to myself. I sigh in defeat and try to go back to sleep. I close my eyes and start drifting off, leaving my mind a confusing jumble of thoughts. I'm awakened out of my sleep again when suddenly I hear my sister making strange moaning sounds in her sleep.

"Karin, oh yes Karin!"

I sat upright when I heard her moan my name. She isn't, is she? About me? My mind thinks back to her panties and the wet spot on them, and some of my guilt washes away, but I'm still concerned.

“Maybe I should check on her,” I say to myself. “She might be having a nightmare.”

I tip-toe over to her and as my eyes adjust to the dark I see her rubbing her little pussy between the sheets! "Karin, yes right there! Oh that feels so good," she moans.

I can't believe it! She wants me too! If she wanted me like I found out I wanted her then there shouldn't be anything in the way to stop it should there? All the guilt from earlier had left me at that moment, I didn't care anymore that I had feelings for a girl, let alone my sister, all I knew was that we wanted each other and the only thing stopping that from happening was us. No longer scared of my feelings I pull the sheet off of her, startling her awake.

"Karin! What are you... I mean how long have you..."

I look down at her nearly naked body. Her shirt is pulled up over her small breasts and her hand is still inside her panties, and before she can say anything else I kiss her deeply. At first she is startled and just lets me kiss her, but after a while she slowly gives in kissing me back with as much passion as I kiss her with. I ease my tongue in her mouth twirling it around hers as we explore each others mouth for the first time. This is no dream, this is really happening! I finally have the girl I've been fantasizing about all this time, and I plan to take full advantage of it. I pull her shirt over her head and quickly take off my clothes as I climb on top of her and suck on her budding breasts.

“Oh Karin that feels soooo good! Suck my little titties!”

“Anything for you, Yuzu.”

I moaned into her nipple as she arched her back pushing her chest into me. I switched to the other and gave it the same attention I gave the first one until she pulled me back up to her and kissed me again. While we were kissing she started rubbing her pussy against mine, wrapping her arms around me as she ground her lower half into mine as we humped each other. She broke the kiss and moaned into my neck and kissed it as we rubbed, ground, humped, and smashed our pussies together like we were really having sex with each other, and in our minds, we were. We kissed and humped away as we felt an orgasm approaching, running our hands over each others bodies and touching whatever body part we could. I knew we were close when we both moved faster on each other smashing our pussies together so hard we could hear the squishing sounds echo through the room, and a split second later our bodies stiffened up as we ran short of breath as both of our orgasms arrived. We didn't say a word as she locked her arms around my neck and mine around her back as we both jerked around on the other as a mini orgasm passed through our bodies. Our nipples rubbed against each other just like our pussies as we kept kissing and holding on to each other until we calm down. We looked into each others eyes and kissed, but I didn't wanna stop there, the spot on her panties tasted wonderful, but I want the real thing.

“I wanna taste you,” I whispered looking into her eyes.

“I wanna taste you too,” she whispered back.

I got up and turned around so that I was looking at her pussy and she was looking at mine. I admired it for a second, looking at how perfect it was glistening in the dark with her juices waiting for me to lick it all up. I snapped out of it when I felt her warm tongue touch my pussy for the first time and drag across my lips, I shuddered in excitement.

“Oooooooh god Yuzu! That's so good! Its my turn now!”

I wasted no more time and lowered my head to her clean little pussy and licked across her lips just as I felt her do to me, licking up her juice as it came out of her.

“Yes Karin lick my little pussy! Eat me, oh please eat my pussy please!”

It turned me on so much hearing her talk dirty since she almost never swears, but yet it sounded so natural. I spread her lips apart with both hands and licked the inside of her pussy clean, running my tongue over everything that it was able to reach. I have never tasted anything so good, I didn't let a single drop of her juice get away from me as I sucked her lips into my mouth. She was really licking me good too as she stuck her tongue up my pussy, making me shudder at the penetration as I moaned into her. I decided to try that on her and shoved my tongue in her pussy as far as I could get it, making her moan into me just as I did.

“Oh Karin, I love your tongue in me, make me cum please, and I promise I'll make you cum!”

I didn't argue and licked her faster as my hands kneaded her small butt cheeks. I was gonna make her cum just for the benefit of knowing I was the one that did it, and I knew she would gush some more of her amazing tasting juice out, which I couldn't wait to lick up. I reached up with one hand and pulled back the hood that covered her clit and licked it. The second I made contact with it she jumped and pushed her pussy in my face, and I knew that's how I would make her cum. I flicked at it as she kept pushing her pussy into my face feeding it to me, and then she did the same thing to me and licked my clit, making me push my pussy down on her face. It turned into a race to see who could make the other cum first as I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran it over my tongue at the same time while moaning from what she was doing to my clit. I felt her grab both my butt cheeks and push them down towards her as she sucked my clit, pulling on it and flicking at it. I was almost there but I didn't want to cum until she did, so I took it a step further and clamped down on her clit with my teeth and moved it back and forth between them. They way she moved around under me and pulled on my clit I knew I couldn't hold off cumming anymore, and I knew she was about to.

“I”m gonna cum Karin, I'm gonna cum!”

“Me too Yuzu me too. Keep doing that, we'll come together!”

We both rode each others faces until finally we came hard by squirting all over each others faces, which I wasted no time licking up, I was happy she was a squirter like me. I felt her licking me up like I was doing her and she seemed to enjoy it as much as I was. Even though I was extremely sensitive, I was willing to put up with it until I licked up all of her delicious juice I could, and when I finally did, I turned around and lay down next to her in her small bed as we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed, both of us tasting our own juices on the others mouth.

“Wow!” Yuzu said breaking the kiss.

“I know. That was amazing. I've never come so hard in my life!”

“Me either,” she said as she cuddled up with me. “I love you Karin.”

“I love you too Yuzu,” I said as I cuddled right back with her.

As we lay there reliving the thoughts in our head and holding each other I notice for the first time since this whole thing started that we are being watched by a teenage looking girl with black hair. As I look closer I can see that its the same girl I saw running off with my brother. She is standing there pinching her nipples and rubbing her soaked pussy with her eyes closed in her own world, probably not aware that she's the one being watched now. What the hell is she doing here? I didn't know, but that is a story for another time.

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