Teacher - 06 Day 1 – End of the First day and New Beginnings

Teacher - 06 Day 1 – End of the First day and New Beginnings

Laura went to the courtyard where Adam had been studying and told him that it was time to go home. He asked her how her day had gone, and she explained the highlights and low points of the day. On the way home she called Allen to let him know they were on their way. He was also on the way from his work. He suggested that they meet at the H-Store so that Laura could get another top and anything else she might want for the next five days. She met him as he pulled up in the parking lot.

“Hey beautiful. I love what you have done with your wardrobe!” Allen joked as he greeted her.

The three of them walked into the store together.

The inside was brightly lit and had wide open spaces with displays of all types imaginable. There were color codes on many of the racks indicating how some of the items could be applied.

Laura was surprised to see how many other sentenced individuals were in the store. She was even more surprised to see several individuals in various restraints with signs posted about what was allowed to be done to those individuals.

Laura said to one of the sales members, “I did not realize there were people serving a sentence in places like this.”

“Yes, It is part of the plea bargain agreements for some of them. If they volunteer to be upgraded for a set number of hours each week to be used as live subjects in an H-Store, they will have time removed from their original sentence. The minimum initial sentence is Six months to qualify for the upgrade program.”

As Adam walked around, he saw a man that was bent over in a pillory. The sign said: “Straight male any hole available for anyone.” There was a woman on a bench in front of him and she was having him eat her pussy while a man was behind the man fucking him in the ass. “Jim how is that ass back there, dear husband.” “Well not as good as yours but it is still fun. How is this guy doing on your pussy dear wifie poo?” “Well not a good as you can do, but I do like how every time you ram into his ass you are pushing his face into my pussy. He is doing an adequate job of getting all your spunk out of my hole. As soon as I cum I’m going to see how he does on my ass. Maybe you can hold off on coming in his ass and do it in my ass, that way he has a nicer treat.” “That sounds like a plan. That would be cum number two tonight and I think I will still be able to get it back up one more time to cum in his ass while he eats your ass.” “I so love date nights!” “I agree, these trips to the H-Store for samples sure has spiced up our love life.” “I love you, my dearest Husband!” Adam walked away shaking his head. There was a lot going on there!

As he walked on, he spotted a very attractive blonde that was on an X-frame that appeared to be able to swivel at the hip level. She was currently in the standing position. She looks like she was in her early twenties. The sign said: “Straight female, available for Blow Jobs, Vaginal and anal fucking. Minimal pain.”

He walked up to her and said, “Wow, you are really available for all those things? What did you do?”

“I wrote a bunch of bad checks. I wasn’t caught until I had a large debt to pay back. Since I am unable to do so, I was sentenced to a year of Yellow. If I volunteer for serving here as a Yellow and Blue, I can cut my time to only six months. I am not fond of doing those things but if you want to, I cannot say no.”

“Wow, that is hot. You are very beautiful I bet a lot of guys are using you all the time.”

“Actually no. I think they are intimidated by my looks.”

“That is too bad. May I ask you a question?”

“You just did.”

“I mean, How old are you?”

“I don’t have to answer that, because that is personal information, but you seem like a nice guy, and I’m bored, so I will answer it. I just turned 19. How old are you?

“I’m almost two years younger. Wow, you got in enough trouble at your age to be Yellow for a year?”

“Yah, I made some really dumb mistakes, I don’t really want to talk about my personal life.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude to you. I know when you are serving a sentence it is all about being on display and all physically. The public can ask about the crime and that is all. What do you want to talk about?”

“You are really asking me what I want to talk about? That is funny. OK, do you enjoy looking at me? Your pants are saying that you are. My name is Summer, by the way.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude again; I can’t control that.” He pointed to his pants. “Yes, I like looking at you very much. There were a few nude girls at school today too, but I did not get too close to them. There really hasn’t been many at school so far, but my mom is a teacher at the High School I go to, and she left her class unsupervised and got sentenced to Green for six days, starting today. Some of the nude ones at school got in trouble in her class while she was out. That is my Mom over there. That is my dad next to her.”

“Wow so this is new to you then.”

“Yah, I saw my first pussy up close last night, and it was my Mom. It was embarrassing for both of us. But I am getting used to seeing her like that now.”

“What do you think of me?”

“I think you are the prettiest naked girl I have ever seen, even if you had clothes on you would I would like to look at you, but nude ... wow. You have long blond hair, your tits are nice and full, you have a flat stomach, and you have a pretty blonde bush on your pussy.”

“Well thank you. You are very nice and polite. I like that. Last week there were some guys about your age in here and they were anything but polite. They just wanted to feel me up and fuck me. They did not even talk to me, they only talked to each other. You are different, however. Here I am. All laid out and you haven’t even tried to touch me. I would almost think that you were Gay, but your pants say otherwise. You aren’t gay, are you?

“No, I have never been attracted to guys. I have some friends that are, and that is cool for them, but I only like girls.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I’m kind of shy around girls.”

She laughed. “OK so you are shy around girls, but you are able to talk to me ok when I am on full nude display. That is funny.”

“Well, I guess it is because you are kind of safe. I don’t know you and it is not like you are going to do anything mean to me.”

“You seem to be a nice guy. Why would anyone be mean to you? I am sure any girl would be lucky to go out with you.”

“I don’t know. I guess I just don’t know what to do with a girl.”

“Well in case you did not realize it, I am available right now. I could give you pointers. Why not get familiar with me? As you can see, I have all the parts. I have tits that have nipples. I have a pussy, and I have all the other parts too. Have a feel.”

Adam put a hand on the tit closest to him. It was warm and soft. It was not like anything he had ever felt before. As his hand brushed across her nipple it felt rubbery. He reached for her other tit with his other hand and started feeling how they moved under his hands as he gently massaged them. She let out a soft moan as he played with her nipples. “Do you like that?”

“Yes, I love to have my nipples played with. Not all women are as sensitive as I am, but I love what you are doing. Don’t be afraid to pinch them. I like that.”

Adam pinched and pulled on the nipples and then lowered his lips to one and licked it then gently bit down. She made a hissing sound and moaned when he did that, so he did the same with the other one. He let his hands roam to her sides as he felt her ribs and then followed the ribs on her side back to her chest. As he continued to play with her tits, he got a little rougher. She seemed to like that. He was sure that if he got too rough, she would let him know. Soon her entire body was shuddering. He had made her have a small orgasm just by playing with her tits. He did not know that was possible.

“Wow. Are you sure you’ve never done that before? That was great! You were reading all my signals and you did just the right things. If you can do that with my tits, I wander what you could do with my pussy. Please feel free to find out. I’m not going anywhere.”

Adam looked around and saw his dad waving at him to come over. “Sorry, but my dad is calling me.”

“OK, I guess. If you have a chance come back and see me. I like you.”

“Thanks, I like you too. I hope everything turns out OK for you.” Then he walked away.

Adam wandered back to his parents and Laura and Allen were looking at different tops that Laura could use for the remaining days. A new shipment had come in.

“Laura, I think this dark blue one would work for you. Why don’t you try it on?”

“OK, where are the changing rooms?” Laura asked one of the store workers that was walking past.

“There are no changing rooms. You can just strip here and try it on. Almost anything is allowed in this store with a sentenced person.” The salesman standing near them said.

“You heard the man, Laura. Let me help you take that small top off.”


“No but’s dear. Take it off now.” He helped her strip. She was standing completely naked as Adam walked up. “Here Adam, why don’t you help your mother put this top on? I want to look for a couple of others for her. I want it to just come to a point just under her breasts. You have my permission to help her adjust it to make sure it fits.” What the hell was that Laura thought?

“Do you want me to help from the front or the back?” Adam asked.

“Back, I guess.” Laura said. She did not want Adam staring at her breasts so close.

Adam stepped behind his mother. He inspected the garment and saw that it was the same material as the white one this morning but this one was much larger and, in her size, and in dark blue, a color she liked. It did not appear to have a front or back as it would stretch as needed in any direction. He held it over her head so that she could reach up with her arms into the arm holes. He helped her slide it down and over her head. He then reached around and helped pull the front down over her breasts and in the process getting a good feel of each. Adam was enjoying this. He had never felt breasts before tonight, and he took his time trying to adjust the material so that it came to just a couple inches under her breasts. He cupped both, from behind, and gently squeezed and felt how warm and soft they were. They felt very similar, but subtly different than the girl he had been talking to. Before she could complain, he let go of her front and pulled the material down to smooth it on the back. Then he walked around to the front to see how it fit.

It was the same stretchy material as the one she wore to school today but unlike that one it was not stretched to the limit, so it was not transparent. It did, however, conform to every surface. The old one, because it was stretched to the limit, flattened her breasts, this did not. It merely conformed to her like a second skin. It hid nothing but showed nothing too. The effect of Adam playing with her breasts had caused her nipples to become erect. They could clearly be seen in the contour of the fabric. Adam liked it. “Hey Dad, I think this looks good on her, what do you think?”

“Yes, I like it, what do you think Laura?”

“It is better than the old one but not much. True, it is not transparent like the old one, but it is so thin, and it fits so snugly that I think I can even see goosebumps though it.”

“Yah, but it is better than the old one. We will take it. Adam, help your mother take it off and take it up the counter with this Red one, for them to hold. Then come back I have a couple more I would like your opinion on.”

“OK Dad.” Adam just reached over and grabbed the bottom of the top and lifted it over her breasts. It would not come off because her arms were down but now Adam was standing right in front of her with his palms resting on the tops of the tits. “Come on Mom. Lift your arms so I can get this off you.”

Laura had little choice but to lift her arms. Allen came back with several more tops. “Here, let’s try this one.” He held a dark blue satin top out for her to try. When she had it on, it only came to the top of her tits. “Allen, what are you thinking. This is way too short. It is only a collar.”

“OK, I just wanted to see how far it came down. It is too short by a bit. Here try this one. It is two inches longer.” The next one only came down to the middle of the top of her tits and the nipple. “Nope, still too small.” The next one only came down to the tip of her nipples. Every time she breathed; her nipples would alternate from being covered to not being covered. “Still too small.” Allen helped her take the top off and put the next one on. This one came a couple inches past her nipples and showed plenty of under boob. There was no elastic at the hem, it just hung off the end of her tits. “This one has real potential!”

“Allen, it is way too short. If I lean over even a little, my tits will be exposed. I can’t wear this. It is worse than the top I wore this morning.”

“OK, you’re right. We will go with one that is two inches longer. That will be plenty long.” Allen helped her change tops. The new top was two inches longer and did hang below the bottom of her tits, but a slight breeze would be enough to cause the front to flare up, exposing her tits. Even with no breeze, anyone’s eyes below nipple level would be able to look up under her top and see the bottom side of her tits. “Perfect. What do you think Adam?”

“Mom, it looks great on you. It is not like the one you had this morning. It covers much more. The way it swishes when you move really sets off your tits. It almost distracts from your exposed pussy. I think we should get it Dad.”

“My thoughts too. Here, take this purple one and find a Green one the same size over on that counter. I want to wander around with your mother. As soon as you have delivered the items to the front counter, then come find me.”

As Laura and Allen walked around, they came to a technology counter. “Laura, why don’t you look around a bit, I have some questions about how my spouse band works in conjunction to your band.”

Laura walked around and saw the beautiful blonde on the movable frame. She saw the man in the pillory.

Then there was another middle-aged woman with her arms and legs tied to the four legs of a sawhorse. Her ass and pussy had obviously been used a few times based on the remnants leaking out of them. Her mouth was currently being used by a young man, only a couple of years older than Adam. He was sitting on a stool and letting her do all the work, as her head moved up and down on his cock. “Come on mom, I know you can do better than that. I know you don’t like the taste of your ass on my cock, but if you clean it off all nice like, maybe I will go back and dip into your pussy again so that you can taste that instead of your ass. Dad, do you have any suggestions as to how we can motivate her.”

“Suzie, why don’t you use this crop on your mother’s ass. You know how she hates that.” Suzie was evidently the young man’s younger sister. Suzie was wearing a small crop top and jogging shorts.

“Yah sis, the sooner mom gets me off, the sooner you can take my place.”

Laura was appalled and fascinated by the scene that was playing out in front of her.

Suzie took the crop from her father, walked behind her mother, and took a full arm swing and hit her mother with the crop across her ass cheeks. Her mother’s yelp was muffled by her son’s cock in her mouth.

“How was that, Jake?”

“That’s it, Suzie! Do that again. It feels great when Mom yelps like that around my cock.” Suzie started repeating the actions with the crop. She slowly increased the speed as she saw that her brother was getting close. Soon he grabbed their mother’s head and pulled it down hard onto his cock as he came down her throat. “Thanks Suzie. You’re a great sister to help like that.”

“Kids let’s give your mother a moment to catch her breath. Then, you can have your turn, Suzie.”

“John, please make them stop abusing me like this.”

“Mary, we have been over this. When you shoplifted, you set a bad example for our children. They are very upset with you so per the plea bargain to reduce your Yellow sentence from a full year of complete nudity to three months, they get to punish you however they want. This is what they chose. I am only here to monitor and help as needed. Just be thankful that you get to serve your shortened enhanced sentence in an H-Store. The kids could just as easily have chosen to put you out in our front yard to do what they are doing to you in front of our neighbors. It is only because they are shy about being nude themselves that they picked here. After all, it is only two days a week. The rest of the week you are only a Yellow. The only punishment then is that you can’t wear clothes. Anywhere else you get to discipline them as you see fit during that time if they do anything wrong. If it is not revenge discipline that is.”

“But they are doing things to me that a son or daughter should not do their mother. I hate this.”

“And that is why you are where you are. OK Suzie, your mother has had enough of a break, your turn.” Suzie pulled down her running shorts to reveal her pussy. It was shiny with her moisture. She was clearly excited about having her mother eat her out. Her pussy had only a light sprinkling of dark hair around the top. Her lips were completely bare.

“Do you want me to do the same when Mom goes down on you?”

Before Suzie could answer, Mary cut in, “No Suzie, I will do my best to make it nice for you. Please Jake, Don’t use the crop on me anymore. Your sister made it so that I will have trouble sitting for at least a day, you don’t need to make it worse. John, please tell Jake not to use the crop on me. I will do whatever they want.”

“OK Jake, I think your mother has had enough of the Crop on her ass. Have a look in the bag and see if there is anything else in there that you can use. Your mom’s yelping seemed to help you get off. You want to find something that will be similar for your sister. Suzie any ideas for what you want?”

“Well, when I was spanking her with the crop, I noticed that her tits were hanging and jiggling and I kind of wanted to use the crop on them too, but the padded sawhorse she is laying on is between her tits was in the way. Maybe you can find something that you can use on her tits.”

“Great idea sis. Oh, I think I found it. I don’t want to show you though. I want it as a surprise to mom. Hold her mouth to your pussy sis.” Suzie did not see anything in Jakes hand as he crawled under their mother. She could not figure out what he had until she saw it. Then she started to giggle. Jake had found a rubber band and had stretched it between his index finger and thumb. With his other hand he grabbed the side away from him and pulled back. He then lined up with the bottom side of her tit and let loose. They could not have asked for a better result. The unexpected sting on the underside of her tit caused her to jerk forward and let out a yelp that would have been loud had Suzie not been holding her mouth to her pussy.

“That felt good Jake. Keep doing that!” and that is what he did. Mary had at least C cup breasts that offered plenty of surface for him to play with. Every time he snapped the rubber band, ripples would flow out from the impact point like when a rock is thrown into a pond. The rubber band was having a greater impact on her performance than the crop had been. Small yelps could be heard every time Jake snapped the band. At one point he snapped up directly onto her nipples. This caused her to try to throw up her head, but Suzie held her mouth firmly to her pussy. Soon Suzie’s hips started to rock, and she threw her head back in a silent howl.

“Thanks Jake, she really must have hated that because she was howling up a storm into my pussy. God, it felt good the way she yelled into my pussy. I’ll have to do that next time she is giving you a blow job.” Suzie pulled away from her mother’s face. “Thanks mom. That was fun. How was it for you.”

“I hated it. My poor tits are so sore. It was even worse than the crop.”

“Hay dad, do you want to fuck her before we release her? I know you can do it at home in private, but if we want to really humiliate her it would be better to fuck her here where other people can see her.”

“Please John, Don’t do anything more to me. It is humiliating enough that when we come here the kids can do whatever they want with me. You don’t need to add to it.”

“Mary, Jake has made a valid suggestion. We fuck at home in private and we both like it. Here, out in the open, you don’t like it because it is humiliating to be tied up and have no control, so it will fit into your punishment if I fuck you here. This is the kids time, and if they think it would further your punishment by having me fuck you here in the store, who am I to go against their will.” John stepped behind Mary, dropped his pants, and started fucking her from behind. Every so often he would spank her ass as he was fucking her.

“John, Please stop that. My ass is already so sore!”

“Mom, Dad can do whatever he wants to do while he is fucking you. I don’t want you talking back to Dad, so I am just going to have to fill your mouth.” He stepped up to his mother and shoved is cock into her mouth. Soon he and his dad had coordinated so that they were both jamming into her at the same time. Mary did not seem to like it much based on the noises she was making and how her hands were opening and closing. But as John pointed out, she did not have an option.

Suzie had picked up the rubber band and started crawling under her legs. “You be careful there Suzie. I don’t want you missing and hitting my cock or balls now!” John said when he saw what she had and where she was headed.

“Don’t worry Dad. I will be very careful where I aim.” Soon Mary was jerking her entire body as the men jammed into her. After several minutes, both men went rigid as they came in their respective holes. When they started softening, they pulled out. John walked around and had Mary clean is cock off. As she was doing so, John said, “OK kids, our time is up for today so get dressed and help me release your mother. You were harder on her than usual, so we are going to need to help her walk out to the car. At least we don’t have to try to help her get her dressed. She seems kind of out of it and would not be much help.”

Soon the family finished unstrapping their mother and packing up their toys. Jake and John slung an arm of Mary’s around their shoulders as they helped her stumble nude out the front door.

Laura was happy she was not in that family!


“Hay dad, where is mom?”

“She is off wandering. I’ve been learning that as a spouse, I can upgrade your mother to a higher sentence by using a spouse band. In fact, anyone can get a band and with the permission of another banded person you can set it to controller and servant. Since your mother is already sentenced, my band is auto set to controller. There is a time limit of 30 minutes for any upgrade. I just got one for you too. You will not have any connections unless you meet someone willing to give you that control or you choose to be a servant. Or you screw up and get a sentence of your own that is. There is also something about a hierarchy for households. I am not sure what that is all about, but it only works if everyone in the house has a band. Maybe you can do some homework on the hierarchy thing tonight.

Times have changed Adam. In my day nudity was taboo and sex was dangerous. Now Nudity is used as a form of humiliation punishment in place of incarceration and STD’s and unwanted pregnancies are a thing of the past. A part of me envies you for your freedom.”

Adam wandered back to Summer and said, “My dad got me a band. It is blank now, but I have a band. That is so wild.”

“Congratulations. We all have a band. Mine is just stuck in yellow mode, and while I am here blue. Whoppty do.”

“Sorry about that. I just never expected my dad to do something like that. He was learning about the bands from the tech guy and thought I might as well have one too. He said it might be useful some time.”

“Well, you still don’t need it with me. If I remember correctly you were going to explore the rest of my body, hint, hint. I kind of want to see how well you do a little lower. You impressed the hell out of me just by playing with my tits.”

“You don’t mind?”

She laughed, “Are you for real? Like I have any say in how I am treated. I broke the law, and this is how I pay it back. I don’t like it, but according to current laws, this is the way I do it.”

“I’m sorry, I just don’t want to step over the line. I mean, you seem really nice, and I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“Fuck that. There is no taking advantage, I am being punished by being offered as a fuck toy so I might as well try to enjoy it. As long as you don’t hurt me too much, you can do whatever you want to me. If I have to spell it out I will. Please play with my pussy! You got me all hot and bothered playing with my tits earlier now I need you to play with my pussy and ass. Are you intentionally being mean to me by just talking? More action, less talk! Please!”

“I’ve never touched a pussy before.”

“OK, see that controller over there? Tilt me back so that I am laying down and you can get a better view.” Adam did as she suggested. He adjusted the height so that he could kneel and have her pussy was at face level. Great, now get down there and start exploring. I’ll make a deal with you, if I don’t like it, I will let you know. Now start playing, Please!”

Adam knelt between her outstretched legs and looked and her pussy. She was tan all over due to her Yellow sentence and she had dark blond pussy hair that was neatly trimmed leaving her lips exposed. Her inner lips extended out a little and were glistening with moisture. They were smaller than his mother’s but unlike her these were not hidden in hair. At this close range he could smell her mild musky smell that seemed to draw him in. Before he realized it, he had taken a lick with his tongue up the center of the moist lips. Adam had heard of Ambrosia, the food of the Gods, this must be what it tastes like he thought. He dove in with his tongue as deep as he could to get more of the sweet taste.

Then he pulled back to look closer at the pussy on display before him. Adam had seen pictures of pussies before and knew the basics, but pictures and the real thing were two different things. At the top of her lips was a small bump. That must be her clit he thought. To test this, he ran his fingers across the bump and then gently squeezed it between thumb and index. He started playing with it, pinching, and twisting the nub as he had with her nipples. This caused Summer to moan and rock her hips up as far as her bindings allowed. She exclaimed with an “OH MY GOD, YES!” as he did this. Soon she was jerking, and more pussy juice started flowing from between her lips.

Adam leaned in and placed his lips over her pussy and allowed his tongue to lap up as much juice as he could. When he had his fill, he pulled back and started nibbling with his teeth on the now visibly thicker inner lips. They had a rubbery feel that was mesmerizing. He had heard stories about how much fun it was to go down on a pussy, but they all pale in comparison to the real thing. Adam knew he was always going to enjoy eating pussy. He then probed back into her hot hole with his tongue and was rewarded with more pussy juice. Soon her hips were bucking again with a second and possibly a third orgasm. When she collapsed, he pulled back and looked at her. She was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and breathing hard. When her breathing became a little more regular, she looked at him and said, “I need you in me NOW. Please fuck me. I need to feel someone inside of me.”

Adam pulled his pants down and pulled out his six-inch cock and rubbed it up and down her very wet pussy lips. His dad had told him to have fun, and now he was about to stick his cock into the pussy of one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. He wanted to savor this feeling. He placed the head between the two wet lips and pushed the tip in. It felt as if he was putting it in a furnace. He slowly moved his hips forward causing his cock to slowly be swallowed by the hot pussy he had so recently been licking. Soon he was balls deep and he stopped. He just held it there because it felt so good. Summer let out a low moan. Once he had the feeling burned into his brain, he started moving in and out. As he was doing this, he reached forward and again started playing with her tits. He kneaded them then pinched her nipples. His hips had a mind of their own as he started sliding in and out of her hot gripping pussy. He wanted to saver the feeling, so he slowed down to prevent himself from cuming too soon. Once he was had settled down, he started pumping in and out of her pussy again. He did this several times because he wanted to remember everything. Each time he slowed down he was at a higher level of excitement.

After a while, his brain reached overload. He was almost on autopilot. He ran his hands up and down her sides and felt each rib. When he finally slid his hands to the breasts, he pinched her nipples. Then he felt a shudder run through her entire body. She had spasms in her pussy that massaged his cock. He had never felt anything like it. The sensations were too much, and he slammed into her with full force and pumped his cum deep in her pussy. It took a few moments for reality to come back to him. He was laying across her body with his hands still on her tits. Once he caught his breath, he stood up. Soon his softening cock slipped out with a slurping sound.

Summer was still trying to catch her breath. Once she did, she said, “What the FUCK did you do to me? I, I, I’ve never felt anything like that. How many girls have you done that too?”

“What do you mean? I just had sex with you. I liked it. I liked it a lot. This was the first time I have ever done this. I just had sex with you.” He said, his brain was still not fully reengaged.

“No, you did not just have sex. That was far too much for just sex. I lost count for how many times I fucking came. You did not just have sex with me. You fucking took me to me to somewhere I have never been. How the fuck did you do that?”

“I don’t know. I just was having fun. I wanted to burn the memory of my first time fucking into my brain, and I just slowed down a few times to make it last longer. That is all.”

“What you just did is burned into my memory. I want to try something. How fast can you get hard again?”

“I’m still partly hard.”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass. I bet you would be fucking amazing. Please fuck me in the ass. Get all wet from my pussy and then jam the cock of yours into my ass. When you are fucking my ass, I want you to play with my body however you want. I’m not fucking going anywhere, so you can do whatever you want to me.”

Her dirty talk had gotten Adam hard again. He did as she suggested and first put his hard cack into her still oozing pussy and got it all wet. He was tempted to just fuck her pussy again it felt so good, but he was curious to see what the difference was. When he pulled out, he used one hand and a aligned his cock with her puckered asshole. He had to push harder than he did on her pussy to get it to start to go in. Once it did, they both froze for a moment. If it was possible, it felt hotter in her ass than in her pussy. It was definitely tighter. Once he got used to the feeling, he started pushing in. He used one hand to play with her clit as he did so. She moaned loudly and said to keep going. Soon his cock was in all the way. He used his hands to lightly feel her inner thighs. They were so soft and smooth. He ran his hands from her knees to her crotch as he started pumping in and out of her ass.

Her hips started rocking to match his rhythm. He let his hands wander up her groin to her sides. He began gently moving his hands from the base of her ribs on her sides down and across her groin to the outer sides of her pussy. He let his fingers gently touch the outer hair that was above her pussy as they passed. He pressed harder and felt each muscle bulge and hollow of her groin area. Half his mind was concentrating on the fact that his cock was in this beautiful girl’s ass, and the other half was fascinated by all the different textures and skin contour of her lower abdomen. At first glance it appears that a woman is smooth across her abdomen to her legs, but there is much more to feel just under the skin.

After a while, the part of his mind that was concentrating on her ass started to take a larger picture. As his cock was feeling the sensations in her ass, his hands started to focus on her pussy, running his fingers across her pussy lips and felt how wet they were. When his fingers finally ran across her clit, she let out a loud shout and her whole body shook. Her ass started clenching and relaxing as wave after wave of orgasm took control of her body. It was too much for Adam and soon he was cuming deep in her ass.

Adam was feeling drained. He had cum twice in less than fifteen minutes. The blond was the first to speak.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Are you sure you have never had sex before now?”

“Yes, I am sure. Did I do OK?

“You did more than OK. That was fucking awesome. I have never cum with a cock up my ass. Since I have been sentenced, I have learned to tolerate it, but I have never liked a cock in my ass until now. I just had a feeling it would be good with you. Your cock is above average size, but not too big. I have been fucked by cocks smaller and larger. Those have either been too small to really do much for me, or too big where I was uncomfortable, and I did not enjoy the fucking. You sir, are just the right size.”


After Adam walked away from him, Allen went to look for Laura. He found her near a padded sawhorse that was being cleaned by the store cleaning crew. He took her hand and watched with her. Each of the crew was either topless or bottomless. Evidently Yellows were not the only ones that reduced their time at the H-Store. Once they were done, Allen asked if the stand was available. He was told that it was.

Allen said, “Laura, I know that you are a Green, but look what I can do.” He pressed a couple of buttons on his band and suddenly her band had turned Blue.

“Why did my band turn Blue?” She looked at Allen and saw him smile. “Allen, what are you doing? What is going on?”

“Laura, you know this has always been a fantasy of mine. To have sex with you with others watching. Now is our opportunity and we can’t get into trouble.”

“No, please no. it is bad enough to be bottomless and almost topless, don’t make me have sex with you in public. Adam is somewhere around, he could see.”

“Don’t worry about Adam. He is across the store looking at things. Now behave and lay down on this padded sawhorse.”

“Allen, please.”

“Nope, not another word or I will have to start spanking you for every word you say. Do you understand? If so nod.”

Laura nodded. Allen turned to one of the cleaning people and said, “Do you know how to properly adjust this piece of equipment and how to strap someone in?”

“Of course, that is part of the reason we are here, to help demonstrate how this equipment is to be used.”

Soon Laura found her wrists and ankles strapped to the legs of the sawhorse. Her knees and elbows were bent, allowing her to have some wiggle room. She thought that was it. But then the attendant showed Allen a remote control. Soon the center cross member started raising and most of the slack in her arms and legs was gone. Next, she felt the legs of the sawhorse spreading out. This caused any remaining slack to be taken up.

“Allen, please stop. I can’t move. I don’t like this. Please let me lose right now. Please.”

“Wow, that is a fancy sawhorse. Now Laura, I am just seeing how it works. Done worry, I am not going to do anything to hurt you. I know you are vulnerable, but you have to trust me, I will not do anything to hurt you. I saw a little bit of what happened to the lady that was on this thing before you, but I am not going to do anything like that to you. Just relax I am just experimenting with the equipment.” Then to the attendant, “Tell me more about this thing.”

“This is the SH128 model. Top of the line. The store has everything from the basic fixed position sawhorses to this model. This one also has retractable motorized wheels. You can drive your, um, subject around to show her off if you want to.” The attendant pushed a few buttons and suddenly the sawhorse lifted and moved around like a motorized car. Laura made a small squeak of surprise when the sawhorse started to move.

“Allen, Please, what are you doing?”

“Laura, I am just playing a little. Don’t worry. Like I said, I will make sure no harm comes to you. I just want to see how it works. The mechanics are amazing. You say I can I drive it around the store?”

“Of course, try it out.”

With his free hand he idly played with her widespread pussy as he drove the sawhorse around. Laura told him to stop but was soon moaning despite herself. About halfway around the store, he noticed a blonde girl that was on an X frame laying on her back. This gave Allen an idea that would allow him to fulfill a long-time fantasy of his. He directed the sawhorse to between the girl’s widespread legs.

“Allen, What are you doing?”

“You know how I am always telling you how much I love the taste of pussy? I want you to find out for yourself.”

“No, you wouldn’t?”

Allen leaned down and lick her wet pussy and ran his lips across her lower lips. He then went to her face and kissed her with her juices on his lips and tongue. “Laura, you know how much I love eating your pussy. I have always wanted you to experience the same pleasure. Now is my opportunity to do so. Please enjoy yourself.” He moved the sawhorse forward, retracted the wheels, then lowered the center platform until her face was almost in contact with the pussy of the blonde bound in front of her. “Enjoy.” He said aloud. Neither Laura nor Summer knew who he said it to.

Laura looked at the pussy that was inches from her face. She could clearly see that it had been recently fucked. She wandered who the bastard was that had fucked a girl bound like this. As Laura took a tentative lick of the pussy in front of her, she felt Allen behind her playing with her pussy with his fingers. Soon his fingers were replaced with the familiar feeling of his cock rubbing up and down her sopping lips. She moaned when he finally thrust into her. His hard thrust pushed her face into the Summer’s pussy and with the realization that she was not going to get out of this, started licking the poor girl’s pussy in earnest.

Summer closed her eyes and enjoyed having her cummy pussy eaten out by a reluctant woman as her husband fucked her. She opened her eyes when she heard Adam say, “Hey Dad, why is Mom on that sawhorse and why is Mom eating pussy?”

“Hey Adam. I have always wanted to fuck your mom as she ate pussy and when I learned that this sawhorse had motorized retractable wheels that I could drive around like a toy car. I drove her over here and decided to live out my fantasy. Why don’t you see if this girl would be willing to give you a blow job?”

“Okayyy, I’ll see.”

“Are those your parents?” Summer whispered.


“Do they know what your mother is eating out of my …”

“Shhh...” Adam cut her off. “Just let it be.”

“That is so fucking twisted, … and hot. I need you to fuck my face. You’ve had every other hole.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I don’t want to give you a blow job, I want you to just fuck my face. You are not huge, I can handle you as deep as you want, just tilt my head back and fuck me hard in the face. I want you to fuck my mouth hard, I want you to take me in all of my holes and make them your fuck holes. Can you do that for me, please? Do it NOW!”

Summer smiled up at him, opened her mouth and tilted her head back. Adam pushed his pants down exposing his 6-inch cock and pushed it in. Summer moaned as he entered her mouth. Summer was incredibly turned on knowing that Adam’s mother was eating his cum out of her pussy as he fucked her face. She was producing copious amounts of pussy juice thinking about how kinky it was. The fact that Adam was fucking her face alone was a turn on, after what he had done to her earlier.

Adam enjoyed fucking Summer’s face. It was different than her other holes. She would periodically hum as he thrust in and out. She would lick his cock with her tongue as he moved it in and out. There were many more sensations in her mouth. Each of her holes were wonderful. Adam enjoyed them all. Adam reached down and started playing with her tits and nipples. He knew what she liked and tried to repeat what he had done to her earlier. She arched her back as much as her restraints allowed in appreciation to his touch.

Yesterday he had never seen a pussy up close in real life, only in pictures. Then he got to see his mother naked, up close last night as he masturbated onto her. This morning he saw her again and actually touched her as he rubbed cum from the end of his cock onto her. Then at school he saw several girls with exposed pussies. And then finally at the H-Store he got to fuck a pussy, ass, and now mouth. It had been an incredible twenty-four hours.

As he fucked Summer’s face, he watched his mother eat her pussy and knew that he had recently cum in that pussy. Summer was an incredible girl. Sure, she was a couple of years older than him, but she was beautiful, funny, and nice to him. Never in his wildest dreams would he have ever thought of even getting to know someone like her, let alone fuck her. Yet here he was fucking her mouth, after he had fucked her pussy and ass. Summers body started to quiver with a massive orgasm from all the sensations she was feeling. Her throat started quivering as did the rest of her body. It was too much for Adam as he came in her for the third time.

Summer tasted Adam’s cum in her mouth as she came. That made her orgasm last longer and feel even more satisfying if that was possible. She was no virgin, especially since her Yellow, or part time Blue, sentence, but Adam had somehow pushed every button she had, even ones she had no idea she had. He was inexperienced, he was younger than her, his cock was only a little over average in size, but somehow, he had gotten under her skin. Everyone she knew, everyone she had fucked had just used her. She knew she was pretty, and people treated her different than others because of that, but Adam treated her like a person. He was so cute.

Laura was lost in her own world. She had always wanted to experiment with a woman, but never had the courage. She and Allen use to talk dirty about doing what she was currently doing but then Adam came along, sexual experimentation got sidelined. Even most sex got sidelined. When Adam was small, she felt odd about having sex if he could call for them. As he got older, it just got worse. Allen was calling the shots and all she had to do was go along for the ride. Seeing Adam masturbate onto her last night and this morning had been a turn on if she was honest with herself. Allen masturbating her in front of the neighbors had been a turn on. Standing in front of her students had been a turn on. Now being fucked in public while eating a pussy was an incredible turn on. It all came together when the pussy she was eating started squirting. She had heard of pussies doing that, but she thought she would see it up close or even taste it! It was too much, and she started cuming. As she came, she felt Allen cum in her.

After Laura came, and Allen had relieved himself deep in her pussy, he backed the sawhorse up and drove it back to the sawhorse display area. With the help of the assistants Laura was released and they helped Laura and Allen get cleaned up.

Once they were on their own, Allen and Laura both agreed that they wanted a sawhorse for home. The motorized version was top of the line and too expensive but there were various less expensive ones available. They looked at all the available models and the pros and cons of each. Eventually they found one that they liked.

Adam found himself alone again with Summer. Her body was limp, but she was breathing slowly. Adam tilted the frame, so she was once again in an upright position. A few moments later her head rolled around, and she came too, again. She saw Adam standing in front of her smiling. “Hay Summer, how are you doing?”

“I am fucking fine. Having your mother eat your cum out of my pussy while your dad fucked her, and you were fucking my face was fucking incredible. I don’t think I have ever cum so hard.”

As Allen was getting Laura released. And Adam and Summer were alone. Summer said, “H298D3-1110.”

“What is that?”

“It’s my band number. With that you can use an app on your device to find me, and even control me.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I have never had so many orgasms in such a short time. I am bound on this X and cannot give you the proper attention you deserve. I want you to look me up when I am out of the H-Store so that we can have some quality time. Also, if I am bound to someone’s band I do not have to come to this store. I guess being a naked servant is considered the equivalent of being a public toy. You get to have me as your personal sex toy for at least the next 5 ½ months. That is how much time I have left of my reduced sentence. As the controller of my band, you even have the ability to extend my sentence for some additional time. I don’t know how much but I don’t really care. From what I have just experienced from you the original full length of my sentence with you would be worth it!”

“But why me? I’m not anything special. Hell, I just had my first sex with you, and I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time. I can’t be that great of lover.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. Most guys come in here for a quick fuck or suck and are only interested in getting their own rocks off. You, you some fucking way, stimulated me in ways that even I did not know possible. I want a repeat. Hell, I want a whole bunch of repeats if you will have me.”

Adam’s mind was reeling. Here was one of the hottest girls he had ever seen, wanting to have sex with him whenever he wanted. “Please enter H298D3-1110 into your band.”

“I don’t know how. I just got the thing.”

“Take it over to the tech station and have them enter it. Please H298D3-1110.”

Adam walked over to the Tech station to have the tech help him with his band.

When they were done talking Adam walked back to Summer. He pressed a couple of buttons on his band and taped the screen a couple of times and suddenly both bands vibrated at the same time. Summer smiled at Adam. “Why did you give me your number? As a Sentenced I now have control over your band. I can’t reduce your sentence, but I can temporarily increase it to another level. I know any setting I give you will only last thirty minutes and then you will reset to your normal level. But still, that is a lot of control you have turned over to me. We’ve just met. You don’t know me. I could be a real jerk. I could be a nasty SOB. I don’t know, I could be any number of nasty things.”

“Adam, I know you well enough to know that you are none of those things. You have only been nice to me. You have asked for permission to do things for me. I am bound and legally available for anyone to use sexually any way they want, and yet you asked for permission. I even had to suggest things to you. I know you are not a bad person. You have done things to me that I did not know possible and the only way that you could have done those things is by paying attention to my needs. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, has ever done that for me. Look, I know I am pretty. People have treated me as if I were on a pedestal to be admired, or as a toy to be used. You have not done either to me. You treated me like a person. I want to get to know you better if that is OK with you, that is if you are willing to get to know me. I know it is a risk giving you my code, but if you have my link, you can find me wherever I am. If I am not working, or legally obliged to be some place I am bound to be your servant. That is, if you want to be with someone with a Yellow sentence that is.”

“Summer, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever known. I am only a sophomore in high school. I really don’t understand why you would ever want to spend time with me, but I would love to see you again.”

“I would like that. If you link your phone or computer to your band and you can find me wherever I am. In addition to the bands allowing us to locate each other, we can send simple alpha-numeric texts that will appear on the band. Any other communication will have to be on more traditional devices such as phones.”

“I don’t want to go now, but I see my parents calling me. I look forward to talking to you soon.”

“Thank you for a wonderful time. My time in the H-Store is usually either boring or uncomfortable and exhausting, you made it fun. Thank your Mom for me.”

“I will.” Adam waved at her as he walked over to where his parents were waiting for him.

“Adam, We are going to be headed home soon. Is there anything you want to get while we are here?”

“Yes, maybe. I let me look for a few minutes. OK? What are you getting?”

“We are getting the tops you saw your mother modeled for us and a few other tops. I have also ordered a few other items to be delivered.” Laura looked at Allen when he said this, but he shook his head, indicating he was not going to say what else. “You have your band, Adam.” Adam raised his hand. It flashed through a series of colors.

“Why did it just flash though all those colors?” Laura asked.

“That is the Dominant mode. Mine does the same thing if I flick my wrist, because I am linked to your band Laura. Who are you linked to Adam? I only gave you that thing less than half an hour ago. Someone must give you their secret personal code to link it. Why would someone give you, their code? Who would give you, their code?”

“It was Summer.”

“Who is this ‘Summer’ person? How do you know her? Does she go to your school? Laura, do you know any Summer at your school that has a band?”

“No. I know of a couple of Summers at the school, but as far as I know they do not have any sentence on them, They run in a different crowd than Adam. I don’t think any of them even know Adam.”

“No Mom, Dad, she is not from school. She is the blonde girl over there on the X-frame.”

“WHAT!” both Allen and Laura said together.

“While you and Mom were doing your things, I was talking to Summer. We seemed to really get along. It was her idea to give me her code.”

“You just talked, and she decided to give you her personal code?” Laura said.

“We did a little more than just talk. But we did talk, quite a bit really. She seems nice and She wants to get to know me better. She really wants to get to know you two better too. That is if you will let me let her, that is.”

“OK, Laura, please go over to the bench over by the door. I want to talk to Adam for a moment and then this Summer girl. Adam, when we are done talking, you will have 5 minutes to get whatever you think you will need to take care of this Summer girl while I talk to her, and then we are going home.”

Laura did not like being sent to the bench but had little choice if she wanted to keep Allen from getting upset and making her do things she would rather not do. So, she sat down as Allen talked to Adam for a few minutes and then he walked over to Summer and talked to her. Adam collected a few things from several places around the store and when Allen came back the two of them talked some more. They walked over to the counter and Allen paid for whatever Adam had ***********ed. She had no idea what it was because by the time they came over to her, the items were in a plain brown paper bag.

On the way home everyone was in their own world and not inclined to talk.

At home they made dinner, watched a short sitcom on TV and then did their normal weekday evening routines. The only abnormal thing was that Laura was bottomless.

When Adam was done with his homework, he started his research on how the controller bands worked. There were set rules for contractor and contractee as he learned he and Summer were now called. Evidently, there was a period of pending or proving time that they would have to be in. During that time Adam had to ‘prove’ he could be responsible for Summer’s discipline.

Adam’s next topic of research was to investigate what household hierarchies were and how they worked in this new world. That program held some very, very, interesting possibilities. He wondered how a hierarchy would work in his household of three. Knowing his parents his Dad would probably be 1, his Mother 2, and he would have the lowest authority in the house at number 3. While interesting, a house hierarchy, in their house, would change nothing.

Adam’s last project of the night was to set up an account on his computer where he could register his band with the H-Department. Once that was set up, it was easy to use the program to see where Summer currently was. She had been released from the H-Store and was now in her home. He sent a message on his band to Her’s. He quickly received a reply from Summer. Once they had each other’s numbers, Adam called her. Because they already knew about their sexual compatibility and were kind of sexed out by the day’s activities, they talked about other, very mundane, things, like music they linked and their favorite shows and so on. They laughed and agreed it was unsurprising that they had similar tastes.

Since it was still a school night, and he did not want to get yelled at for being up too late, Adam suggested that they meet the next day after school. Summer quickly agreed.

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