In The Wake of a Nympho 2

In The Wake of a Nympho 2

In The Wake of a Nymphomaniac
Part 3

By John Morrison

“Welcome to Sonic, can I take your order?” I asked into the microphone. The speaker crackled a little bit.
“Yeah, I want a milkshake,” a quiet famine voice said.
“What size?” I asked.
“Large,” she replied.
“Is that it?” I asked.
“Yeah,” She said. Two minutes later I walked outside with her milkshake.
“Two thirty-eight,” I said. I looked at the girl now. She looked like she might have just graduated. She had straight brown hair with blonde highlights. She handed me a five dollar bill.
“Keep the change,” She said.
“Thanks,” I said, turning around.
“Wait,” She said. I stopped and walked back. “This isn’t what I ordered.” She said.
“Vanilla milkshake?” I asked.
“I wanted a little more,” She said in a sexy voice. I was puzzled.
Her left hand slowly ran across the zipper of my jeans. “ummmm,” I was shocked.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Whip it out,” she said. I looked around. Only one other person was working, a friend of mine, and he was on the drivethru. It was pretty late and there weren’t any other cars on this side. “What? Do you have a tiny dick?” She said, playing with me.
“Well, if you make it a challenge,” I said, unzipping my pants. She reached out and grabbed me by the cock, pulling me against the window of her red car. I couldn’t see anything, my stomach pressed against the top of her car. My cock sticking through a car window, I was getting a blowjob. Her soft warm lips engulfed my hard seven inch cock. Her lips stroked the shaft of my cock, her tongue playing with the head. Then I felt her cold hand at the opening of her mouth, stroking me. I leaned back sort of, still leaning against the car. “So, uhh, what’s your name?” I asked. She kept sucking. A moment later her mouth came off, her hand still jerking me off.
“Yours,” She said, her mouth instantly returning to my cock. She sucked harder and faster now. A car pulled into the stall a few down from us, I desperately hoped they wouldn’t see. Her wet mouth pleasured me. My cock was getting covered in saliva. I could hear her giving me a wet blowjob. Her delicate hands stroked me quick and fast, her mouth doing the rest.
“I’m getting close,” I said. Her mouth came off my cock, her hand stroking me really fast. I came, not seeing it happen. I stepped back when she released her grip. I leaned down and saw her with her face covered in my jizz. “Thank you,” I said.
“No, thank you,” She said. She handed me a piece of paper. “Anytime,” She said, starting her car. I quickly put my cock away as she backed up then drove off. I looked down and saw a phone number. I glanced back up, seeing her red brake lights. I looked dumbfounded back down at the note. It didn’t say a name, just a number. I looked back up at the car, then walked back inside to take their order, a smile covering my face.
“What?” Aaron asked when I got back inside.
“Nothing,” My smile betrayed me.
“I can’t believe that just happened,” I said, staring out the window.
“Come on. What?”
“Just a little Blow job that’s all…”

June 15th

In The Wake of a Nymphomaniac
Part 4

By John Morrison

A brown UPS truck pulled up in front of the building. The driver shut down the engine, and reached back for a package. He checked the address on the package. He walked towards the small house, clad in brown, an electronic tracker in his hand, package under his arm. He came up to the small house, up to the blue door, and pressed the door bell. A moment later the door opened. A cute brunette opened the door. She could easily have been anywhere from seventeen to twenty-five. Her brown hair hung past her shoulders, just long enough to perform the sexy hair swing. She had jean short shorts that exposed almost all of her legs, and a black t-shirt that was two sizes too small. “Package for,” the delivery man looked down, “Sarah Carter?”
“Yeah that’s me,” She said, reaching for the pen he was holding to her.
“Sign here,” He said, pointing to the spot on the tracking device. Sarah signed, and took the opportunity to check out the delivery man. He was probably in his early twenties, a nice looking guy. As was common with her, she wondered just how big he was. He reached for the electronic pen, but she held it tighter.
“Are you, uhh, busy?” She asked.
“What do you mean?” He responded without thinking.
“Could you spare, say, I don’t know, ten minutes.” She said strongly, stepping closer to him. He could smell her, that wonderfully sweet smell of a young woman. His mouth opened as if he were going to say something but couldn’t think of anything. “Do I really have to spell it out for you?” She asked, getting a bit of an attitude. “Come on”
She yanked on his hand, bringing him inside. She almost slammed the door shut behind him, dropping her own package in the shuffle. She was very deliberate, and very controlled, as if she had done this a hundred times. “How old are you?” He asked.
“How old do you want me to be?”
“Old Enough,” She walked up and pushed him down onto the couch. Then she hopped on top of him, her knees on either side of his thighs. The inside of her thighs pressed against the sides of his. She leaned in close and over him, her breasts right in his face. He finally joined the party, putting his hands up around her, pulling her to him. She sat down on his thighs, now looking into his eyes, and seeing lust in him. “What do you want to do to me?”
“I could think of a few things,” He said.
“Do whatever you want…I’m up for it”
Bryan the UPS man grabbed both her arms, and held them up high over her head. The firm grasp somewhat surprised her, but didn’t worry her. His hands then quickly came down to the bottom of her shirt, and yanked upwards over her still outstretched arms. The shirt off, he dropped it beside him. She had no bra on. Her large b-cup breasts hung like baseballs. Her nipples were dark and pointed right at his eyes. She looked down at him like she was a disobedient school girl being punished. Bryan had guessed that Sarah Carter, just a name on his route, was into being bossed around. He based this on her last statement. He wasn’t himself overly interested in it, but he figured this is what she wanted. “Suck my balls, bitch,” He actually felt kind of guilty after he said it. But it didn’t matter. Quickly Sarah dropped off the couch, yanking his brown shorts down with her. She grabbed his boxers and yanked them down to his ankles. She was opening up a big can of worms so to speak. It seems that the nondescript delivery man was packing. She stopped, surprised to see the size of his monster.
“That’s fucking huge,” She said matter-of-factly. She sat there looking at it a second. “I’m not kidding around, or playing with you, that is fucking huge.” She said simply.
“Start sucking,” He said, confidence boosted higher now. Sarah leaned forward, her pink lips opening wide to engulf the large head of his twelve inch long, very thick cock. Sarah had seen her share, that is for sure, but this still caught her off guard. Her lips were moist with anticipation. The cock almost filled her lips to their capacity, but she managed to get them around his wide cock. She came back up, gasping. She looked up at him, smiling wide and laughing with glee at her new toy. She pushed her tongue against his balls, juggling them back and forth, then slowly drawing a line with the tip of her tongue up his shaft to the tip. She pushed her mouth down as far as she could on his cock, getting maybe halfway down, before she recoiled in a gasp.
“Any new orders, sir?” She said in a sexy voice.
“How’s this. Go fuck yourself,” He said.
“Yes sir,” she saluted him. She quickly stood up, unzipping her jean shorts and pulling them along with her panties down all at once. Her skin was soft and light. He noticed how lovely her figure was, just as she jumped in his lap. Face to face, she sat on him, his cock pinned between them, sticking straight up. She pulled his shirt off. Her arms around his neck, she raised her self up a ways, and he grabbed his foot long cock and held it to her gleaming slit. As soon as the head slightly opened her she let her weight drop, all twelve inches penetrating her all at once. She stopped at the bottom. A painful expression coming over her. “You’re going to have to give me a minute,” She said, starting to laugh. The pulsating cock insider her seemed to be splitting her in half.
“It takes a little getting used to,” He offered. She gave him a funny look. “Or so I am told,” He clarified. His hands came up to grope her tits now, pinching her nipples. He leaned forward, kissing on the side of her neck. “You want to try anal now?” He asked. That made her laugh, and with the laughing she lightly bounced up and down. She felt some pleasure in that, so she decided to continue. She carefully lifted herself back up, and slowly dipped herself down, over and over. She quickened the pace slowly, her tits beginning to jiggle then bounce and finally her tits seemed to be juggled in the air in front of him as she fucked him and herself hard and fast. Her moans of pleasure far exceeded his, getting higher and higher in pitch. She grinded her hips against his, their bodies whacking together on every fucking stroke. She finally got up to fucking the entire length up and down quickly.
“I’m getting kind of tired,” She said, herself out of breath. He wrapped his arms around her, and stood up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. He stood and did a quick 180, pushing her down on the couch, leaning over her. The sweat made them both glisten with pleasure. Her underneath him, he fucked her into the couch, absolutely unmercifully pounding her. “Oh, Fuck me, Fuck me,” she repeated loudly. She orgasmed heavily, her pussy squeezing down on mr. twelve inches. Her juices flowed liberally from between her legs, as he continued to pound her through her cries of pleasure. “Oh my god” She screamed, laying back exhausted, the pounding still going. Her body rocked back into the couch rhythmically, her mind barely inside of the room. The next thing she knew, she was being pelted with jism from the excited twelve inch cock inches in front of her face, manly grunts piercing her ears. Bryan stood up over her, covered in sweat, his monster hanging happily. He put on his clothes, and stood over the euphoric woman. She had a goofy smile on her face, staring into the ceiling, her chest heaving up and down. He left without saying a word, back to the truck, and back to work. He hoped no one noticed the big brown truck that was parked there for ten minutes, or however long that had taken.

June 19th

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