Woman for Arranged Marriage

Woman for Arranged Marriage

Albina is an attractive dark haired woman from Russia, she is 20 years old seeking an American husband. I brought to Miami from Russia. She is looking down at the top of the stairs, hoping that this is all some dream she can wake up from. I walk a step closer, and she trembles. I hold her hand tight and start to lead her towards the room. She gently tugs on my arm as I pull her towards the room; she didn't want to go. I stop in the middle of the hallway looking at her. She can not meet my eyes. She can feel their intensity boring into her. How could she accept an invitation from such an intimidating man? Her fear is turning to anger. She is not going to do this. " I won't." she said softly, surprised at the sound of her own voice. I walk closer and she hears my heavy breathing.

" You are here to do as I demand.You cannot return to Russia." I said simply; strong and straight-forward. She looked away, and starts to turn around. I hold her hand tighter gently pulling her towards me. For me, "gentle" wasn't so with her small petite body, as she stumbles over into my chest. She gasps backing away quickly. She is about to run but I grab her waist pulling her back to me. " No!" she yelps as I pull her into the room. I didn't put that much effort, as she tugs pulling away with all her might. My strength is overwhelming, and she feels a bead of sweat run down her neck as she fruitlessly struggles against my arms.
Once we were in the room, I close the door facing her. She looks at me now, fear shadowing her face. " Please. No." She pleads softly, shaking her head.

I did not say anything, walking forward placing my hands on her waist. I hungrily gazed upon her, for the first time, neck, breasts, and waist. My hands slid up and down her back as I feel the lace that holds her dress together. She can't handle this; she pushes her hands against my shoulders with all her might. I'm taken aback by this move at first, then I get a strong hold of her before she runs away again. " Get away from me!" she yells as I grab her from the back. She tries to pry my hands away from her waist. I just hold her closer, fully wrapping my arms around her. I nestle my face into her neck, kissing it and smelling her hair. " Stop it! I won't!" she attempts to yell, but the feel of my lips on her bare skin sends shivers down her spine. She can't control it or understand what is going on - the heat is overwhelming. I continue to kiss her neck and she feels tingling all over her body. She just can't understand what that is! "St-" she attempts to say over and over, but can't finish as I continue to kiss her. I mercifully let her go and she bolts for the door again. It is no use, she is pulled back in. I face her, with a hungry look in my eye. I'm looking at her up and down. " I said, I won't do this!" she cries, tears starting to sting with her anger.

I step closer as she backs up into the cabinet next to the bed. She is trapped. I get extremely close looking down at her. It is too hot, she thought, it is just too hot! Beads of sweat continue to trickle down her body. "Albina, I am free and have the right to enjoy you at my will. My beautiful-Albina." I said, nuzzling her neck again " I own you." I said. She struggles against me again, but feels her arms go weak as I stick my tongue out licking her shoulder. What is this feeling? Why has she gone weak? " I am not yours !" she cries, ignoring the logic of her own exclamation. " You are" I replied simply, starting to suck her neck. Her legs start to shake as she feels herself suddenly become moist between her legs. " St-st-" she can not finish; her voice fell silent. It is just so hot. My arms find their way to the back of her dress and to the zipper that bound it together. As I continue to nuzzle her neck, I unzip her dress. " Stop it, stop it," she whispers, desperately trying to make her quavering voice heard. She is tingling all over; her body seems overtaken by emotion. I unzip her dress pulling it down. That only leaves her bra and panties.

" No!" she cries. Having me see her so exposed made her blush a deep crimson. She wraps her arms around her breasts, hoping it will make her feel more secure from my gaze. I oogle her body, head to toe. I gaze at her shoulders, and her firm breasts, filling the bra, as if they are trying to burst out. Her hourglass shape makes her waist small compared to her curvy hips that turn into nice thighs. Her skin is smooth and a slight darker shade, unlike most other girls in the Russian town. She is perfect to me. I want and will enjoy savoring every part of her. She is breathing heavily; nervous and afraid. I look deep into her dark eyes, my eyes black with intensity. I have a sharp, square jaw that looks like it is clenched, as if holding in my desire. I kneel down lifting her into my arms, placing her on the large bed. She quavers in my arms. As soon as she is on the bed, she looks around desperately for an escape. As she starts to crawl over to the other side to leap off, I grab her wrists bringing her to me. " I want you and I will have you." I said softly.

She yelps as I kiss her hands I'm holding strongly by the wrists. I let go taking off my shirt. She looks away; I'm huge. She didn't know if she can handle it. She looks at me again, as I place my shirt on the bedside table. I have more muscles than she thought, my wide chest and my shoulders broad. I lean over to her on the bed, still standing up. I reach down to her panties pulling them off suddenly. " Gah!" she gasps, pulling her legs together and backing away. Her bra is next. I look down at her joining her on the bed, towering over her. " Ah! Stop!" she cries, trying to push me away. I'm laying on top her; she is afraid she can't breath. It's too hot! she thought. I tug at her bra, fully exposing her breasts. I stop after that; she supposes I like it on her. I continue to gaze upon her, slowly caressing her thighs then up to her waist. Her body is tingling at my touch. My rough fingers touching her softly and gently.

" No," she moans, feeling more and more wet between her thighs, which she keeps together. She tries squirming away as I place my lips on her navel, she feels weak again. She can't take it anymore! I continue to move my lips down her navel, traveling down her body. She screams for me to stop. I open my mouth licking. " Gah!" she cries, pleasure ripping through her body. What is this feeling? she thought. Suddenly grabbing her thighs, I pull her legs open, exposing her dripping slit. She screams and gasps.
" Don't, stop! Don't look at it!" She struggles, I keep a strong hold on her thighs. " Albina," I moan, ecstatic from her arousal. With a hungry look I sweep down ravishing her. She pulls, squirms and screams as I lick her parting lips, swollen and wet with arousal. I make my way into her slit as far as I can go, tasting her and smelling her scent. She gasps and screams. " No!" she cries, exploding with pleasure. Her body is extremely hot and pulsating all over. She squirms, but her body feels weak to my tongue. I'm controlling her in every way. She shuts her mouth to stop her cries of pleasure; she will not reward me. She muffles any moans through her closed lips, as the pleasure continues to build and build. She can not take it anymore, and screams out. " Uhhnnnhhh. N-n-noo" she tries to say, but I move MY tongue in and out of her, licking her clitoris as I came out. What is this? Why is he doing this? She arches her back involuntarily; her whole body is reacting to me, at my whim. She can not help but moan; it just feels so...so...she didn't know!

" Please stop it!" she gasps out. " It's dirty! Stop it!" She feels herself building and building...and then, suddenly, her body bursts into an intense orgasm. She screams at the new sensation as I lick and suck her roughly. I lift myself from her looking up at her sweating, heaving body. She looks down at me, as the corner of my mouth lifts up into a small sneer. She swallows hard, overwhelmed by her body's reaction to me. She is exhausted. " Are we done?" she manages to say through heaving breaths. The other corner of my mouth lifts into a grin. She has never seen me smile before. " Albina," I said with a little laugh, and put my head back down. I continued for ten minutes, Albina squirming and riling as she orgasms one after another. She begs for me to stop, I wouldn't. The heat is taking over and she doesn't know if she can take it. I finally stop and crawl on top her again. My mouth is glistening with her juice. I lick it off my lips looking down at her. She met my eyes with fear and vulnerability.

" What-what are you going to do to me now?" She stutters, fear clouding her voice. I soften my expression leaning down to kiss her jaw and neck. I raise up off her again starting to remove my trousers. She gasps at the sight of me; I'm huge in all areas!
" Oh my God." she cries immediately backing into the headboard of the bed, wrapping any extraneous sheets around her body. " No, you're too big. No! It won't fit!" she cries in horror, shaking her head. " Yes it will," I said calmly. " You're wet enough, now." I lean over examining her, wrapped barely in the white sheets. She is beautiful, and I will have her. I grab her ankles, which are tight to her body, as I pull her towards me. " No! You're too big! You're a..a monster!" I smile, knowing I aroused her. I grab her thighs forcing them open. I press my tip to her lips feeling my way around them. She moans and gasps, begging me to stop. The tingling sensation left her breathless. With a sudden thrust I push myself inside of her. She screams.

" Gahh! Uhh, uhh" she gasps. " It hurts! It hurts!" I thrust deeper at her words, making her scream more. " No!! You're too big! You're too deep! Your tearing me in half!" Her back arches, as she feels all of me inside her. I start thrusting in and out of her slowly, going deeper with each thrust. Her eyes wide as I push myself all the way in. " Ahh!" she moans. " It hurts!" She can't believe something so big is inside of her. She is stretched. She feels she will tear any moment. She is very wet, as I slide in and out of her. I continue to thrust slowly and deep. She is breathless to say anything, unable to tell what is pain and what is pleasure. Her orgasm is building up, slowly. Suddenly, I grab her thighs tight starting to thrust in and out of her faster and rougher. She screams with pain. I'm strong and rough as she is being lifted off the bed with every thrust.

" John!" she screams my name. This arouses me more, as I slammed into like a pile driver. Suddenly, she screams, reaching her orgasm. It surges through her body; the most euphoric feeling she has ever experienced. I had not reached my orgasm yet and continue to thrust, grunting. " You're so so tight," I grunted. " You're beautiful." She gasps with each thrust, her breasts bouncing. I watch her body shaking and bucking with each thrust, becoming more and more aroused. " I'm almost there," I groan and finally orgasms, leaning in deeper and spewing my semen into her. She feels me filling her to the brim and moans at the sensation. I'm releasing for long time, filling her up more, until it seeps out of her. I keep myself inside of her until I went limp sliding out of her. I look into her eyes, tired and satisfied. I lean on her. She feels she is suffocating, I made sure not to lean all my weight on her. We stayed this way for a few minutes, panting and heaving and sweating. I finally got up and sat up, leaning against the bedpost. As Albina lay there, catching her breath, I lift her up placing her on my lap, laying both legs on ether side of me. She holds onto my shoulders to steady herself. I looked at her lovingly, an expression she never thought she would see.
" Albina, your beautiful. Rest, I will be back in a while."

Albina immediately looks away blushing. She is not angry now; I have won her over and pleasured her. " Albina," I beckoned, leaning my head over to get a better look. She timidly looks up at me. " I will take care of you," I said softly. " I will make sure to get you everything you need. You will stay with me. Your future husband will need to find another woman. I will pay him the fee he was charged to bring you here." I'm trying to win her over with kindness. " What do you know of my needs?" she answers sharply. Surprising herself, she looks back down. " I know you had to leave Russia. The only way you could leave was to enter into an arranged marriage agreement." I said slowly, my fingers now groping her breasts and nipples. She swallows, trying hard to maintain her hatred for me. She would not meet my eyes. " What? Do you find me..unnattractive?" " No! "she said a little too quick, blushing. " You're attractive," she mutters under her breath. " What?" I ask with a smile, knowing full well what she said. " You're..you're very..." "Hmm?"

" You're attractive. Wealthy and Powerful." She finishes reluctantly, quickly meeting my eyes before looking down again. I grin " But you're...you're too big for me!" I lean in kissing her neck, " You will learn to adjust to my size." I said into her long dark hair. Her hands find their way to my chest, feeling how strong I am. Whatever it is, she will never be able to tell, my lips made her go crazy. " You're beautiful. You will meet Natalia my lover from Russia. She will help you to accept my sexual demands." I moaned, kissing down to her breasts. I suck her breasts then kiss them. She tries to pull away, my hands are firmly on her back. She tries not to moan, muffling it through her closed lips. A cry escapes as I gently bite her hard nipple. " Mnnuhh" she moans as I continue to suck on breast. She lets her arms down from my shoulders and they accidently brush cock. She immediately pulls away. I stop kissing her looking up with a smile. " It's fine," I said. " You can touch it." " No," she mutters. But she has a burning curiosity of my monster cock that brought her so much pleasure. She peeks down then back at me. I nod to show it is fine. She gently touches it as I sigh. They are both sensitive to the touch. She wraps her fingers around it, testing its size. She gasps, wondering how this monstrosity was inside of her. I close my eyes, getting more aroused at her touch. Her hot breath on my cheeks feels amazing. My cock grew harder in her hands and she gasps again.

" Wh-" She starts to ask but I interrupt pulling her underneath me. This is the beginning of a long night. Albina loosely holds my hand, nervous of what is to happen next. Nervous and angry again. How did she allow herself be forced into an arranged marriage deal? Why did this wealthy business tycoon rescue her from the deal? She looks around the room seeing the luxuriant surroundings. At the age of 35, she was not ready for this! She had heard of women willing to give themselves away to non Russian men, desiring a man's touch. She is a quiet, independent woman and a professional model and singer that did not have sexual cravings. She wanted the simplicity of her life in Russia. She feels small, insignificant, and overwhelmed in my presence. She can not help but feel intimidated. She never imagined herself with someone so wealthy and powerful. I'm solely devoted to my business empire, despite the amount of women who fawn over me.

She walks away, I look at her. She is taken aback - I seem so indifferent and aloof that eye contact surprises her. I keep looking, intensely. She didn't know what to do - why am I looking at her for so long? She immediately looks down blushing. Walking away, still feeling my eyes following her. " No more. Please. Please just let me go." She begs. I said, " You're not going anywhere," as my hand left her nipple sliding down her side. I grab her hair as my hand made its way under the short baby doll dress. She tries to clamp her legs close but I wedge one of my legs in between them, forcing her open again. My hand reaching her bare pussy. I rub my four fingers together over her lips. Albina feels her wetness making my hand slick. "Oh, little girl," I whisper. I said, " You are bad. You are a dirty, dirty little doll." My fingers sliding easily into her wet dilating opening. I lift my fingers, showing her her wetness, right up in front of her eyes. " What's this, little girl?" I whisper. " Tell me, doll? What is it?"

She trembles and can't say anything. I rub my wet fingers all over her mouth. " Taste it," I growl. Albina clamps her lips together trying to turn away but I tighten my grip on her hair. " No," She said. I pull harder. " Open," I said. "Open." She knew she had no choice. She is terrified, so she did as I commanded. She opens her mouth sliding her tongue across her teeth as I stick my fingers into her mouth. " Taste it," I said. She runs her tongue underneath the length of my finger. " Oh, yeah. That's a good little girl. Suck it." She sucks on my fingers until I pull them out of her mouth. My hand went right back to her frightened and excited wetness. I buried two fingers between her labia, then drew them out and begin circling her clit. She feels weak in the knees. She feels faint. She totally lost control of herself? I lift her dress up to her neck, leaving her body exposed.

I increase the pace, plunging my fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She hears the sloppiness. It sounds as if liquid is splashing out of her pussy. Albina feels an orgasm rushing over her. I place my mouth to her ear, " Say fuck me again," I said. " Say, 'I want you to fuck me rough and hard again." It is all she can stand. Her body starts shaking. She thought she might fall down. Frantically, she begs, " Please, fuck me rough and hard." Her body begins to convulse as she starts squirting everywhere. Her pussy spasms so hard that it pushes my fingers out. I focused on rubbing her clit as she shot stream after stream onto the floor. " Oh yes, little girl. Let it all out. That's a good girl." I had to hold her up to keep her from collapsing on the floor as she feels waves of heat and chills. She is completely limp. I'm not willing to give her a break, I finish pulling her dress off, picking her up, carrying her to the bed, where I push her over the edge of the bed. She is facing the wall.

" Put your hands on the bed and stay facing the wall," I commanded. She obliged. I spit on my hand begin to explore her asshole, rubbing its rim. I rest a finger on the threshold of both her ass and pussy holes commanding her to " fuck my hand." " Please no."
" Shut up, look at the wall, and fuck my hand. Don't you dare look back at me." She stares at the wall and starts to cry as her tender pussy and ass pushes back against my hand. As my fingers fill her asshole, she feels humiliated. She feels another orgasm welling up inside her as her hips begin to buck into my hand. Albina feels so ashamed of herself, but she can't help what her body is doing. I sense the tension in her body and begin plunging my fingers into her. She can't help but utter muffled screams as her body gyrats to another squirting orgasm. " Keep coming for me. That's a good girl, Albina."

As the last few convulsions shook her body, I pull her up, turning her around. She could have died of humiliation right then. I pusH a chair in front of her and commanded her to lean over the back and rest her hands on the seat. I grab her hair pulling her head up. Albina feels the pressure of my rock hard cock against her pussy. I slowly slide all the way inside her. An involuntary grunt from her as she begins to cry. I pull slowly out, savoring every inch of movement. She hears a wet sucking sound as my cock leaves her pussy. " Oh, yes. This is sweet pussy. You were born to be fucked, Albina." My cock easily slips back into her waiting cunt. " I'm not making you do anything. You are the one doing it. You do it all. Now, I want you do beg me to fuck you harder." She whimpers, " please don't do this to me." My thrusts got harder and harder. " Now, ask me to fuck you harder. Say it! Say it!"
" Please fuck me harder, mister. Please fuck me harder." I fucked her harder and harder. She thought she might collapse. My pace slows and then I said, " Okay, now beg me to fuck your ass."

" Oh god please no," She begs. I reach up grabbing her hair jerking her head back. " Say it!" As tears run down her face, she said it. " Please fuck my virgin asshole." I pull out and she feels the pressure of a finger or a thumb at the rim of her asshole. " Open it up," I commanded. She has gotten pretty good as controlling the constriction and loosening of her anus. Opening it takes a strange combination of pushing and relaxing. She concentrated and opened it up for me. " Oh, yes. Look at that release and open." I spit into her open hole pushing my cock in, filling her. She nearly fainted. I didn't take it easy, roughly thrusts into her and she groans " Oh god. Oh god. Oh god!" She feels like a rag doll. She can't believe how loud the slapping sound is. Albina starts coming a fourth time. I continue to slam her convulsing asshole as her pussy starts squirting again. I groaned as I explode sending streams of cum into her tight ass.

Albina collapsed on the bed, I rolled her over onto her back, spreading her legs apart crawling between them. Albina slams onto my cock, forcing it as far inside her as she could get it. She contracted her sphincter as tight as she could, trying to rip my cock off with her ass. " Oh god baby," I said, as I rolled my eyes back in my head. Albina feels in control now, for the first time since she has been with me. When my body starts to convulse, so did hers. She feels the waves of pleasure washing over her again.
" You're making me come!" I scream. " You're making me come!" She starts coming too, her pussy twitching and fluid beginning to leak. She feels my convulsing cock inside her ass and streams of come shooting into her ass and she lost it. She leans back, squirting my torso with her juices. She squirted with force. She wants to hurt me for what I had done to her. All at once she gave out collapsing on top of me.

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