Jen's Life - Chapter two_(1)

Jen's Life - Chapter two_(1)

Jen’s Life – Part Two

It’s Wednesday night – and my father always takes my mum out for the evening. She always looked lovely, nice clothes and hair and makeup immaculate when she went out. When she was going out on a Wednesday night – she would come downstairs already to go out with her coat on.

I saw her getting ready a few times, once has stuck in my head. She was sitting on her chair in her bedroom and brushing her hair – and she turned as she saw my reflection in the mirror. She got up and told me to go downstairs as she didn’t want me to get into trouble. She was wearing a REALLY short skirt, and a mesh top that her nipples poked through – I was shocked that she looked that way.

I am a 36C now at 45 – and she was a 36DD. Her titties dropped down – not saggy – but tear drop – but everything was on show through the mesh top.

She got her coat on and went downstairs. My Uncle and Grandpa looked after me when they went out.

My father insisted on my evening routine staying the same, so it was dinner, bathtime, TV and then bed.

My Grandpa used to come into the bathroom and wash me – spending AGES washing my puffy tiny titties.

After a while he told me to stand up so he could wash my cunny. He again spend ages washing me back and forth between my folds. I was getting cold – shivering – and he told me to get back into the water to warm up. Then he told me to kneel up so he could clean me inside as well as outside.

He lathered up his hand and then pushed a finger inside me, and wriggled it about. I loved how that made me feel… all tingly.

He would slowly push his finger inside and out – and it felt so good… nothing like how my Uncle would wash me with his finger – he used to go fast – like they did with Mum. I liked it nice and slow so I could get the tingly feeling.

When I got out, my Grandpa wrapped me in a towel and sat me down on his lap.

He liked my titties – spending ages tugging and twisting my nipples, making sure they were dry. Then I had to twist round that that I was facing forwards – and I could feel his cock between my bottom cheeks. He used to move it without using his hands – and I would giggle as it twitched.

One of Grandpas hands were always on my titties, still pulling and twisting my nipples… I would cry out when it was too rough, and he would moan when I did that… His other hand was on or in my cunny, either fingering me or playing with my clit. I never knew what my clit was until I was a bit older, and my uncle bit it, and my mum helped soothe it with a warm bath, and a flannel on it for the evening. She got the mirror out and explained to my where my clit was, and my cunny, although she knew that my cunny was always open for Grandpa and Uncle.

I saw my mum and my father come home a few times on a Wednesday night – she looked awful – her hair and make up were a mess, and she was absolutely covered in gunk – gunk which I later found out was spunk. Her mesh top was ripped to pieces and just hung off her shoulders, baring her titties, and she was covered in bite marks.

She walked past me without even looking at me, a resigned look on her face, and went into her bedroom. I went back to bed hoping that now my parents were back no one would come into my bedroom, but no… both Grandpa and Uncle came upstairs a few minutes later to give me a kiss goodnight. My uncle always started at my titties – kissing them goodnight – he would suck them hard, so hard I would try to move away on the bed, but could never manage it. Then he would kiss me on the cheek and tell me he would see me tomorrow.

My grandpa would start kissing me between my legs on my cunny. I liked when Grandpa did this to me as it made my belly all tingly. Then he would kiss his way up, again like my Uncle, kissing my titties, but he would bite my nipple not suck, and it wasn’t a painful bite, just a nip I suppose. He would whisper goodnight to me, and tell me how he looked forwards to seeing me after school tomorrow.

I had to get home after school straight away, never being allowed to go to the shops like some of my friends did. I had to go next door every day as my parents never got home from work until 5pm.

Grandpa had a routine that I had to follow. I would open the door and walk in, and put my school bag down, my coat on the peg, and then take my knickers off and put them on top of my bag.

Only then was I allowed to walk into the lounge where he would be waiting for me. More often than not, he would be stroking his peepee, and his trousers were down. He would tell me to hurry up and sit on the floor. I knew what this meant, he had told me ages ago… I had to kneel down beside him and hold his peepee in my hands, going up and down for a few times, until he told me to stop, and then I had to put it in my mouth so he could “get off”. That always puzzled me as he wasn’t getting off the chair at all. He was staying there, as his peepee was in my mouth. I started off only being able to take his head in, but recently I have been able to take a little bit more, and my Grandpa is SO happy with me. I like it when Grandpa is happy with me as he usually kisses my cunny afterwards, and I love the tingly feeling I get.

Once he had cum in my mouth he would tell me to swallow it, I had always swallowed it by then anyway, as I would swallow it as soon as it started to come out, if I didn’t, then some would leak out of my mouth, and I would get punished. I never liked being spanked, so I tried my hardest to be a good girl. Grandpa likes good girls.

If I am a really good girl then Grandpa will lick and kiss me on my cunny for ages and ages. I love this, especially if he keeps licking me and also puts his finger inside my cunny. He goes slow and it makes me tingle even harder, and I am not allowed to get up until he says so. Mum always comes in first to get me, and Grandpa is usually still playing with my cunny. She has to stand there and wait until Grandpa is ready. Sometimes he tells mum to get onto her knees, and she sucks his peepee too, as he is still on my cunny.

We usually get home just as my father and uncle arrive home. My mum would cook for us all, and my Uncle and Grandpa would come around for dinner usually at 6pm. I am very good at helping mum cook the dinner, as usually when my father arrives home, she has to go and help him upstairs for a bit. I usually hear the gagging noise coming from their bedroom, but sometimes it’s the fucking noise, or sometimes it’s the spanking noise. There is always some sort of noise. When my uncle gets round – he will always check that I haven’t put my knickers back on after being at Grandpas. He will push his finger inside me really quickly every day to check that I am still ready for his good girl. I usually just stand there in the kitchen, making sure the dinner doesn’t burn as his finger is going fast inside me. I wish he would go slowly like Grandpa does, then I get the tingly feeling. But he never does.

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