IT WAS a normal sunday afternoon. My parents were in their post-lunch nap, and I was doing my home work for the next day. I was studying 9th standard, running 14 years of age. I was to finish a drawing in my physics note book, and as usual, my drawing pencil was missing. Cursing, I searched my school bag, and then my book shelf but there was no pencil anywhere. Finally, I decided to search my brother's bookshelf (he would kill me, if I ever touched his area). But necessity made me do that, and in my haste, some of his books fell down. Cursing again, I took them from the floor, and was rearranging them in the shelf, when I saw a neatly folded paper lying on the floor. I thought that it must have fallen from his book. I was about to replace it in any one of his books, when something in it caught my eyes.

Actually, the paper contained 4 pages, teared off from the middle of a book. The quality of the paper was superb and printing was excellent. A white coloured girl, not more than 15 years old, was lying on a bed, purely naked, her legs outstretched displaying her lolly pop in full view. She had her eyes closed, as if in bliss, and a sense of ecstacy was there all over her face. So far not bad. But what struck me like lightning was the lad, of about 20 years old, kneeling between her open thighs, his penis (I never imagined that a penis could be so long, big and steady) half buried into her lolly pop.

The photograph was taken from top angle, and I could see the bulging nerves of his penis so vividly, as if it was real.. Further, the colour contrast was striking. She was white in colour as I said earlier, even her lolly pop was only slightly pink (like mine), but the boy's penis was brownish and gleaming like a well oiled iron rod. The other pages too contained similar pictures, of the same persons, in different positions, but his penis was always buried into her like a permanent fitting.

I could not take my eyes off the photographs. I was not sure whether I was shocked or fascinated by them. Only the previous year, I attained puberty. And it seemed that my outlook had been changing since then, and everything that looked ordinary previously, now seemed fascinating. The boy in the neighbour's house, I never noticed him previously, but now he was attractive (to my eyes) and whenever he spoke to me, I was experiencing that strange tingling feeling inside. Even when going to and coming back from the bus-stop, I found many eyes watching me, and comments were passed on my person or so I imagined about my bulging breasts, which my Uniform shirts were unable to hold.

After standing there & looking at the pictures, for some time, I hid the paper in a secret place in my school bag. As for the home work, it was never completed.

I was totally uneasy all the evening and when I went to bed, I could not sleep well. Next morning, I wanted to see the pictures once again, and I took the photos, hidden under my blouse to the bathroom. Every time I looked at them, they seemed to be new and interesting. Then I stood before the mirror, looked at my blemishless nude body. My lolly pop was smal and a centre line punctuated the it, making the two lips very attractive. I have not cared much for them so far, but now they meant very special to me

Then i took out a fountain pen from my blouse and probed the lower lips with its tip. Instantly, I felt a thrilling sensation swelling up inside me, slowly spreading to other parts. The tip of my pen traversed through the crack in my lower lips, found a pit somewhere in the middle, and when it settled firmly there, I began to press it inside. It went in sliding, and I was happy with my bold venture. But before I could celebrate, the pen encountered some resistance inside, and when I pressed the pen further, there was a sudden pain inside, almost unbearable. I was frightened, and removed my pen instantly. The pain receded slowly, but that was that. I could not continue my research for fear of doing something complicated.

A week passed by, and I was getting restlesss. Oneday, when I was returning from my school, our bus stopped for a signal. I looked outside, and noticed a group of dogs running behind a bitch. They stopped near the bus, and imediately, one dog mounted on that bitch from behind. In that fleeting moment, something like a red hot iron-rod, came out of the male dog, and like a spear, charged into a opening of the waiting bitch. The she-dog made a pleasant moaning sound, and before I could see what had happened, the signal cleared, and our bus started to move.

Though I did not see what had happened thereafter, the scene of red-hot rod penetrating into the bitch, was unforgettable. And this incident again brought back the usual tingling feeling in MY LOLLIPOP and a very strong longing to have something into my lollipop, as I saw in the picture, began to grow stronger in me. Though my conscience warned me that my thinking was on the wrong and filthy side, I could not control it.

Totally immersed in such thinking, I reached home, and I was greeted by my brother, who had also come on leave for Christmas. Mom was yet to come home, and dad would be always late. So we both greeted each other and talked over our usual silly matters. Then I went to my room to change my dress.

I had removed all the buttons of my blouse, and was about to remove it, when my brother entered the room, holding something in his hand. I turned, and seeing two beautiful gold ear rings in his hand, I ran towards him, my shirt still open. I took the rings in my hand, smiling sweetly, and hugged him lightly, and kissed on his cheeks. He was flustered. I was really happy that he had brought such beautiful Christmas gift.

Then I asked him to wait, and took a gift box from my shelf, and handed it over him, all the while the front portion of my shirt wide open, revealing my budding breasts. Even while he stretched his hand to receive the gift, his eyes were looking through the opening of my shirt, viewing my cleavage. The gift was a Titan watch, I bought as my Christmas gift for him. He liked it very much, and as I did to him, kissed me on my cheeks, lightly hugging me. Exactly at that time, door bell rang, and it was my mom.

Though the evening passed on pleasantly, with the whole family eating and chatting , I could not sleep that night, as the eyes of my brother staring at my breasts was coming back to my mind, repeatedly. I could still feel his warm body enveloping me, while kissing, and his male fragrance was very nice and irresistible. I slowly rubbed the lips of my lolli pop with my right hand, and it was soothing. The desire rose within me like fire and I decided to try it with my pen, once again. I slowly inserted the pen in my lower hole, and it went sliding in like an icecream into me. I felt hot everywhere, and the sensual feeling I got from the walls of my hole, when the pen travelled through it, was excellent. Again, the pen encountered a resistance, but this time, I decided to probe further. I pushed the pen down a little bit forcefully, and I felt something getting torn inside. Immediately, I felt the searing pain inside my hole, and I hastily withdrew the pen. It took some time for the pain to subside, and by that time, I lost my interest,.

Finally I fell into a fitful sleep in the wee hours. But again I was disturbed by a dream. In the dream, I was lying on my back on a soft bed, I didn't kow where. I was looking on all sides, for a clue, when the front door opened, and a boy of 17 years old entered. What caught my attention was not his face, but his penis, which was, like a fork-lifter, standing erect and pointing towards me, very brownish, and rocksteady. He knelt between my thighs, and before I could react, he bent forward, placed the tip of his penis on my lolly pop, and started pushing it down into me.

I woke up with a start and found myself sweating freely. I was shocked. Not because of the dream. I was actually sorry that it ended so quickly, for I wanted to know what would have happened, if the dream continued. But, it was the face of that lad, that worried me. Before the dream ended, I had a glance, for a split of a second, of his face. And it was the face of Joe. You do not know Joe, do you? Joe was my own loving brother.

On the next day, being holiday, I woke up late, very late, after my parents had gone to office. Then I bathed, and while I was changing my dress, I called him to assist me with the hooks of my slip. He came into my room, and seeing me half naked, he hesitated. But I called him again, and he reluctantly came in, and tried his hand with the hook. Immediately I gave a painful cry (as if hurt by the hook), and turned to face him, angrily. I could see his eyes feasting on me like a hungry tiger, and he could not take his eyes off me. I slowly turned back again, asking him in a sexy voice (I didn't know how I managed such a tone) to be careful, with my hooks.

After dressing, we both had our morning tiffin, and he went out to meet his friends. When he returned, he brought with him a DVD of a latest horror movie - of the evil-dead type. So after lunch, we played the DVD. As the movie started playing, I moved very close to him, as the horror is not my line of movies. His put his right hand around me, as if reassuring me, his fingers resting just above my right breast. I took his left hand and placed it on my thigh, just above the knee. When horror scene was playing, he would hold me tight, his fingers pressing my breast. I never knew how he did it, but his fingers were magical on my breast which give me so much pleasure. Added to this, his left hand was playing mischief between my thighs, taking me to a whole new world. I never watched the movie, as my attention of totally on his hands play.

Finally, the movie ended, and we came to our senses. I got up to make tea for both of us. In the kitchen, I was watching the water boiling in the kettle, when he came in silently, and without warning, hugged me tightly from behind. His hands were rough on my breast, but it seemed I wanted that bear hug. I bent down and kissed his hands. His hips forced me forward, so that my scrotch was pressed against the kitchen slab. I didn't know what he would have done, if not the door bell rang. He went to answer and it was his friends group. Immediately, I ran to my room, changed into something decent, and prepared tea to all. But, my whole body was on fire, as if my brother's embrace had ignited something into me.

Next day was Christmas eve, I woke up with a head ache and was mostly lying down in my room. Around 11.00 AM, I wanted to go to bathroom, and I called him in a feeble voice. He immediately came into my room, wrapped in towel, as he was getting ready for bath. I asked him to help me to bathroom. He then raised me from the bed, and I walked to the bathroom leaning over him heavily. At the door, he let me free, and I pretended to be weak and fell down in a heap. I feigned as if could not stand on my own..

He hesitated for a moment, and then lifting me up, took me into the bathroom. He made me sit on the commode, and standing before me, holding me in his hands. I asked him to close his eyes, as if shy. With a smile in his lips, he closed his eyes. Then I peed. I watched myself, a jet of golden yelllow liquid, springing out of the crack of my lower lips, and pouring into the commode like a fountain. Even for me it was fascinating. Suddenly, I felt his grip on my hand hardening, and I guessed that he was also furtively looking at me. When finished, I washed and asked him raise me up.

He then took me in his hands, like a child, carried me to my bed. When he laid me down on the bed, we missed the balance, and we both of us fell on the bed - he on me. I didn't let him go, and held him on me in tight embrace. I was very cold, I told him, and asked him to hold me tightly. It seemed reasonable, and he willingly obliged, hugging me tightly, lying on me.

Every action has its reaction, isn't it? For a moment he remained idle, and suddenly, with a grunt, his grip hardened, and he became very brutal.. His chest was pressed against mine with such ferocity, I was breathless. It seemed that I needed that bear hug, as the pressure was giving me unbridled pleasure.

I felt something hurting my lower abdomen. I let my hands glide down to explore the source. By that time, his towel came out of his hip, and my hands felt his rock-steady penis which was raging like a caged animal. I was happy and very surprised that my brother's penis was so big and long. It was 3 times the size of my pen, and very strong. I felt a liquid oozing out of his penis, and I wondered whether he was peeing on me. But it seemed like a lubricant and very silky. I held the penis for a few seconds in my hand, enjoying the size and strength of it, before guiding it to the crack between my lower lips.

I was surprised to find that I was also leaking out some sort of liquid from my lower lips. As it was slippery his penis could not find the entrance immediately. I guided him tentatively, and suddenly he was at the entrance of my holy hole. Immediately he pushed. My God! I held my breath. How wonderful it was! His sweet rod gliding into me steadily. The feeling I encountered could not be written here, and I find no words enough to explain them fully. I felt stars in my mind. My entire body felt thrilled and an ecstatic feeling passed through my every nerve.

He groaned as his rod made its way tightly into me and I responded by giving out moans. It looked that he would be going into me for ever. (I did not get any pain then, as my hymen was already breached with my pen during my second attempt, which I did not know then). His entire length was inside me, and I felt myself completely pegged down. I could see myself in the picture, my pussy being punctured by a steady and long round penis. I felt satisfaction and peace fill my mind.

I thought that was all, and was ready to get up. At that moment, he also began to withdraw his penis from me, leaving a vacuum inside, but in the same vein, he charged into me, with a little more force, and his penis went like a needle in a banana, rubbing the side walls, and reaching the end of my pussy hole. I felt a sudden jolt within me, followed by a sexual thrill ebbing inside. Before I could recover, he made another charge, then another, and was jabbing his penis inside me repeatedly.

Now I was losing myself in the excellent sensation creeping into me, and I was totally out of my self control. I felt my lower lips taking control of me, and his jabs, now harder than a sledge hammer, was giving me immeausrable pleasure. I felt something brewing into me, like a strom, sweeping my mind off to new and wonderful sexy world, and I found myself moaning very loudly at each of his thrust.

Then like a bolt from blue, I felt something blown into me, like a tsunami, and I felt wave after wave ecstacy welling out of my sweet pussy, then passing all through my cells like wild fire. It was stars everywhere and I was floating in a new sensation I could feel something spurting out of my pussy and I body was arched upwards like a bow, to meet his ever growing thrusts. I did not know at that time that I was in an orgasm. Suddenly his thrusts increased to lightning speed, with unimaginable force, and jets of hot liquid spurt into my little girls, giving me more enjoyment . He continued to pump for a few moments, grunting all the way, and then slumped on me.

I felt emptied, my entire energy gone. We rested like that for well over 10 minutes. He then recovered, and tried to get off me.. He hesitated and asked me, with a concern in his voice,

"How are you? How is your head ache?"

"Okay, fine, thank you, doctor". I smiled sweetly on him. "You have such nice syringe, and your injection has such a wonder ful medicine, my fever and headache are gone. "

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