Seize the Day-4 Dress up

Seize the Day-4 Dress up

Seize the Day part 4

I wake in the morning a little sore but feeling a little better about the situation. It still haunts me. It just seems wrong, but it feels so right. You are already gone as I crawl out of bed. I find you in the kitchen working on breakfast. You say, “Good morning and thanks for last night. I suspect you enjoyed it as much as I did.” You hand me a cup of tea, “It's an herbal energy drink. Tell me if you like the taste.”

After breakfast you say there are some things in the spare room you want me to try. You get that evil look in your eyes again but it fades quickly. I make my way into the spare room and my eyes widen at the sight. There on the convertible couch is a school girl outfit. Skirt, blouse with matching emblems, guarder belt, stockings, G-string panties, high heels and to top it all off a red wig.

I grab the hanger with the skirt and blouse and rush back into the living room, “What's this? You don't want me to wear this do you? I'd look like a girl. I'm not a girl.” My indignation apparent. You just look at me patiently for a moment. “Its my fantasy. I'm not saying you're a girl. But, you have to admit under the circumstances... what have you got to lose?” I'm still fuming looking at him.

“Calm down. You don't have to wear it outside.” I take a deep breath and look at the clothes again. I can hear my voice again, ““Please be my fuck buddy. Whatever you want, just don't tell my wife. I beg you.” Looking back at you I can see you have that recorded too, of course. “Just try it on. There's a mirror in there.”

I feel my heart pounding as I resign myself to the situation. Fine I'll try it on, it might be fun after all. After putting it all on I look at myself in the mirror. My heart is still pounding and the clothes or something is causing me to stir. I really look like a girl. My hairy legs are covered and you can barely make out my adam's apple through the red hair.

I lift the skirt and see my boner sticking out the side of the panties. Then I turn and bend over, the short skirt lifting to expose my bare ass with only the G-string riding up the middle. It's really turning me on for some reason. I put on the heels and waddle out in to the living room. I strike a pose.

You light up. Your eyes show it. This is what you were hoping for. It gives me chills and I feel my hard dick pounding with my heartbeat. I turn to the side and bend over purposefully exposing my stocking straps, guarder, panties and bare ass. What is coming over me? I almost feel empowered in some way. I never imaged that cross dressing would be so exciting. Maybe the herbs are working.

“Did you see the little white box on the table?” you ask. I hadn't noticed it and feeling as excited as a little girl I rush back in to find a small white nondescript box. Opening it there is a small egg looking object with a looped string attached to it. I carry it back out with me, a questioning look on my face. You sign for me to come closer.

“Turn around and bend over a little.” Then you take a finger and wet my hole. I just about shoot through the roof, my body jumping at the touch. You push in a little and ask, “You like that? The tea I gave you this morning was potent stuff. An aphrodisiac.” My knees go soft and I feel like rubbing imaginary breasts. My chest heaving I bend down and rest my hands on my knees letting you finger my ass willingly.

Then you take the egg shaped thing and squeeze it in. I squirm as it passes my sphincter and squeeze my cheeks drawing it up inside my ass. Now it feels comfortable enough. I stand up and arch me back letting it settle in place. Then I feel something. I start shaking. But it's not me. Then it stops and I turn around to look at you holding a small remote control in your hands. You look at me smiling and push one of the buttons.

The egg in my ass starts buzzing in intervals. My legs buckle and I'm kneeling down in front of you. “I want you to suck my cock. Would you like that little girl?” My voice raised two octaves, “Yes, sir.” You start to loosen your waistband and smile, “Yes what, you little slut?” The vibrating egg is taking away all my reasoning, “I want to suck your cock sir, please.”

Your pants are down around your ankles as you stand waiting. I hardly wait for a response as I suck your half hard cock into my mouth. I reach back with both hands and pull my cheeks apart, arching and twitching as I push your cock deeper into my throat. I cough but keep going. I can't stop myself. I feel your hand on the back of my head holding me still. Your cock is getting harder and longer as it fills with blood pushing its way down my throat.

You let me go and I furiously suck and bob on your meat. I look up and see you smiling with that devilish look on your face but I don't care. Is it the herbs, the vibrating egg, both? I am acting crazy like the catholic school girl gone bad. I want your cock and you want to give it to me. “I thought you might enjoy this. You just need a little incentive.” you say and turn off the egg.

As the buzzing stops I slow and collapse down onto my shoes. I start to regain my senses as you sit down, your raging hard on sticking up between your legs. “Come lay up here with me and put your head in my lap. Your my little girl and daddy knows what you want. I have your favorite pacifier.” You say pointing to your dick.

I wobble up to my feet and fall onto the couch on my belly. My head aligned with your stiff dick as I start to lick and suck the head into my mouth. My knees are bent with my feet in the air, legs crossed like so many pictures you see of girls looking cute or sexy. My skirt barely covering my ass you rest your hand on my cheeks. You rub lightly as I slowly swallow your cock.

You push another button on the remote and the buzzing starts again. I arch and pull off your wet dick. “Oh Yes!” I cry and drop down to suck your cock back into my mouth. My tongue exploring every part of it as it slides around. You snap the g-strap against my hole a couple times. Then rub your hand under the strap. Rubbing my crack is driving me crazy and I show it by going wild on your pole.

Your hips start thrusting up to the rhythm of your rubbing. I shift my head and push further down your shaft. I feel the vibrating egg driving my insides wild and I'm half way down you cock when I suddenly have an epiphany. You've helping me with my fantasy and now I'm helping you. You've always wanted a dirty school girl to pleasure you. I get an idea.

I pull my legs up under me exposing my ass. “Daddy, the principal sent me home early from school today, with a note.” I say between sucks. You groan and sound a little groggy, “Note? What?” “I threw it away.” You are wondering what I'm talking about, “What note? What did it say?” “It said I was a dirt girl because they found me in the bushes playing with boys.” I say and wiggle my ass. Then I slide my mouth deep down your shaft.

Now I've peaked your interest and you spread your legs and lean toward my throat giving me more access. “What were you doing in the bushes with those boys?” you ask scolding. “Tommy wanted to fuck me in the ass..” I say and you thrust your dick, “and another boy made me suck his cock.” You groan and thrust again. You wet two fingers and start poking and prodding my asshole. “He made you suck his cock?” you ask thrusting. “Daddy, you know that's the way I like it.” I respond pulling up to the tip of your slick dick and tease it with my tongue.

“You are a dirty girl.” you say grabbing my hair, or the wig and pushing me back down your dick. I moan and wiggle my ass again. You push and pull my hair as you fuck in and out of my mouth. Your fingers now part way in my ass touching the egg vibrator. I can feel it moving around inside me and the sound of the buzzing changing tone.

You let go of my head and I pull up, “Am I a dirty girl because I want to suck your massive cock daddy?” You groan loudly and shove my head down then thrust your fingers deep in shoving the vibrating egg deeper as well. “Yes baby. You're my dirty girl aren't you?” Your cock is deep, just into my throat. I moan around its thrusts. “You should tell me when you want it so I can help you. You don't need those immature little dick boys.” you say thrusting your fingers and your hips.

You let me up. “I was thinking about your big cock the whole time. I'm sorry daddy. Are you going to punish me?” I say and put your dick back in my mouth. You resume pushing and thrusting, breathing heavy. Your dick suddenly gets bigger and stiffer. I can taste your salty juices starting to flow. “Oh yeah, I'm cumming baby. Swallow it all now.” you say thrusting and jerking.

Your orgasm is huge and lasts longer than previously. I swallow everything I can, some of it leaking out of my mouth. I gag a little as you thrust harder finishing your orgasm. I keep sucking and licking all your juices into my mouth until you are dry but not soft. It must be the herbs. You remain stiff even tho you had a huge orgasm. You must have squirted all your cum.

Your fingers are still buried in my ass as you begin to relax. “Did I do good daddy? Are you mad at me for being sent home? Are you going to scold me? Punish me?” I say and push back against your fingers. I lay my head in your lap next to your still stiff prick. I start rocking back and forth, the egg still buzzing me into a mild frenzy. You slowly come back from the huge orgasm. You tighten your grip against my ass and wiggle your fingers inside moving the egg around.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good. Do you want to fuck me there? Your cock is still so hard. Does it hurt?” I question with a girlish high pitched voice. I put my hand on your dick and squeeze it. “See daddy?” You flinch slightly each time I squeeze. I wait for your response, patiently rocking my ass back and forth. The egg driving my ass crazy.

After a few more minutes of rest you start rubbing your cock against my hair and face. I resist. You put your hand on my head and gently brush my hair. I wait patiently. You become more forceful with your fingers and I groan. I turn my head to lick your shaft. You slowly pull my head against it mashing my lips and teeth onto your meat. I open my mouth letting it slip in. You thrust a couple times popping it in and out.

“Please daddy. Don't make me beg. The boys little dicks didn't get me off at all. I need your big cock.” Now you are groaning and grinding your hand into my ass. Your hips are thrusting stronger again as you push me back onto your still stiff meat. I suck down all the way and hold it there rolling my tongue around the best I can before pulling off. “OK, I'll beg. Please fuck me in the ass with your big hard cock daddy!” I say and slide all the way down again, repeating a couple of times.

I feel you pull your fingers out along with the egg still vibrating. Then you put your fingers back in my ass pushing in and spanking me at the same time. “Oh yes!” I cry. You continue spanking and finger fucking me, “You are my dirty girl. You need to be punished.” “I'm sorry daddy. Don't be mad.” You keep spanking and force me back on to your dick. The salty flavor is back as the tip oozes with juices. I suck you in all the way again and gag a little for effect. This makes you jerk and I keep sucking.

Soon you are at full force again and I'm being driven wild between your fingers and your dick. I start to drift off completely taken by my erotic ecstasy. My body automatically writhing and churning, my mind completely blank. “Now little girl, I'm going to show you what it feels like to be fucked in the ass by a real cock.” The statement raises my temperature and I can remember every time you stuffed your dick into my ass. I shake and pull off your cock. “OH DADDY!”

I jump off the couch excited, acting out the dirty little school girl. I grab your hand and pull you from the couch as well, “Come with me. I've got a nasty idea.” I make sure to also grab your cell phone and pull you into the spare room. In front of the mirror, I bend over exposing my asshole to you and your hard dick. Then I point at the mirror and hand you the cell phone. You get that evil look on your face again.

“Suck me first.” you say getting the camera on the phone ready. I kneel down and start sucking as you start snapping shots. “Now stand up and bend over at the waist to keep sucking me.” you instruct and take some photos of that posture. You keep changing positions and each time you take a couple snaps. Until finally you are fucking me in the ass and the phone drops to the floor as you grab my hips and pound your cock in deeper. The head begins to swell and surge. Hot and ready to explode all the way up inside of me.

I'm lost and found all at the same time. Trapped and yet free. My body tingling and burning. Drool hanging from my open mouth. I look in the mirror and see the one thing you've fantasized about since we were young, my best friend fucking a red headed, naughty school girl in uniform. Matching blouse and short skirt, G-string panties, guarder belt, stockings and high heels. Your fantasy realized, my fantasy utilized. I feel my body orgasm just as you start squirting and thrusting. The last picture burned into my brain is seeing your face and mine in the mirror as we both reach orgasm.

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