Never Look Back_(2)

Never Look Back_(2)


"I heard someone moved into the mansion," Little Jeremy said with a matter of fact tone. His adolescent voice was strong with confidence and his chest held high as he spoke.

"Liar," Porter snapped back instantly. That was impossible, everyone knew that house was haunted.

The two were 7 years old at the time, and their imaginations were constantly working up stories. A lot of their stories centered on the mysterious mansion that lay on the top of the mountainy terrain that surrounded their Colorado town. The two were convinced it was haunted, so the prospect that someone inhabited it was incomprehensible.

"No," Jeremy shook his head vivaciously, "It's true Porter, I swear."

Porter, who was a handsome young boy with brown hair spiked up in the front, furrowed his eyebrows, "Well, prove it."

"How?" Jeremy asked.

"We'll go see for ourselves," Porter bravely announced.

"You're crazy."

"Baby," Porter smirked.

Jeremy's young pride was now at stake, "Fine, we'll go right now if you're so great."

"Fine," Porter got up and began to walk in the direction of the mansion.

The two both secretly felt uneasy as they made their way to the path.

It was early in the morning before school, their town was relatively small, so the school was in walking distance. But as the two trekked further into the wilderness uncertainty began to grasp both of their hearts.

"Porter," Jeremy got his attention as they crunched on fallen leaves, "Maybe we should head back... We'll be late for class."

"No, we gotta solve this," Porter responded, he pretended he was a detective as he picked up the pace.

Nonadmittedly, Jeremy did not know for sure if there was anyone moved in, and was getting uneasy as they progressed. To be fair, the setting was unnerving. The trees towered over the boys and barely any morning sunlight was able to break through the leaves.

"We're almost there come on," Porter began to jog, and Jeremy followed right behind him.

Porter was much too filled with adrenaline to hear the noises up ahead. The noises were subtle, just ruffling of leaves and what not, but they were noticeable to Jeremy, who was on edge. He stopped dead in his tracks.

Porter continued for a few seconds before noticing his friend had trailed off. "What's wrong?" He turned to look at Jeremy.

"I think..." Jeremy said, his voice shaking with nervousness.

"Huh?" Porter looked confused.

Just then the leaves where Jeremy had previously heard the noises began to physically ruffle. He gasped, Porter was surprised at the look of immense fear in his face. Porter began to ask what was wrong, but as he did so Jeremy turned and took off running.

"Where are you going?!" Porter immediately yelled after Jeremy, who was sprinting as fast as he could in the other direction.

"Chicken!" Porter yelled, now aggravated. He was still determined to make it to the mansion. Porter was odd like that, he lacked the fear that most would possess when it came to adventures and travels. He turned to continue.

That's when he noticed the leaves rustling.

"Hello?" he began to feel an inordinate amount of fear creep into his heart, he felt himself take a step backwards.

He swallowed as the force, whatever it was, began to come closer and closer. For some odd reason, despite being scared to death, he didn't run. Porter felt the strange urge to stay where he was, and face the monster. He put on a brave face and got in a fighting stance. In actuality, the 7 year old looked quite ridiculous, standing alone in the forest gearing up to fight. But in his mind however, Porter was a great warrior who was about to take on a truly evil force.

The seconds seemed prolonged, he felt every heartbeat that pounded mercilessly against his chest and experienced every bead of sweat that dripped down his body.
He held his breath as something began to climb out of the bush.

Out of the bush came a girl. She was no older than him and just a bit shorter. This mysterious girl stumbled out with a few grunts of aggravated displeasure. She looked up to see Porter, the two locked eyes and he eased up. She smiled.

Just as Porter eased up, he began to get tense once he made eye contact. She was the prettiest girl he has ever laid eyes upon.

"Oh," The girl yipped, "Hi there." She had jet black hair that was pulled back in a ponytail, and was wearing a beautiful red dress, that was beginning to get dirty from the nature she was trekking through.

He swallowed, then tried to greet her, but it only came out as a inaudible whisper. Her eyes. They were bright blue and he couldn't look away.

She made an adorable grin as she patiently waited for him to collect himself and respond. "Who are you?" Porter asked.

"I'm Alice," she smiled.

"I'm Porter," after he said this the two stared at each other for a few seconds. Porter didn't seem completely convinced she was a normal girl, and not some kind of monster.

"My family and I just moved in up there," she pointed into the trees.

"The haunted mansion?!" he said in disbelief, surprised that Jeremy wasn't lying.

"Well it doesn't seem haunted to me," Alice grabbed her dress and looked down at the ground with a smile.

Porter, not wanting to scare the pretty new girl too much, shut up about the topic. "Do you go to Jefferson?" She asked nervously.

"Yeah of course, there's only one school," he responded.

"Can you show me how to get there... I'm lost," she admitted.

"That's okay, it's scary out here anyway. Follow me!" He turned and the two walked together down the path.

"I was lost, not scared," she corrected as they walked to the heart of the town.

"Yeah right," he laughed, "You should meet my friend Jeremy. He thought you were a monster and ran!"

"Left you all alone?"


"I wouldn't do that. Friends gotta stick with each other no matter how scary the monster."

Years pass

It wasn't long after they met when Porter began noticing the bruises. They were small at first, just some bumps and discoloration on her arms. But as the years went by they got worse and worse. Rarely did she get bruised on visible places, but every so often she met up with him in the morning with a black eye or red marks on her neck. Porter never asked. He was so young at first and didn't understand, but he did notice. He remembered one instance when she brought him up to her house, they were about 9 at the time, and for some reason, Alice refused to go swimming with him. After a few hours of bothering her, she finally agreed, in which case Porter found out why she was so hesitant.

When she came out in her swimsuit the poor young girl had lashes and bruises all up her back and on her ribs. Porter remembered looking at her up and down, and then willing himself not to act abnormal. She noticed however, and turned red with embarrassment before continuing on with their swimming.

It wasn't long after that when he became mature enough to understand.

Porter and Alice would be together almost everyday of their lives since meeting in the woods, but he never would meet her father. Alice never would mention him, and Porter would never ask. He knew that he was an important executive of some successful bank, and manages all of them in Denver, which was just a few miles away. That's why they were so rich. But he was never home it seemed, only at nights, and when he was home, Alice would never invite him over.

Porter slowly realized that her dad must be beating her. He was still young, the idea sprung into his head at 10, and slowly it became more and more clear to him.

One day, when the two were about 14, Alice showed up to Porter's house at 2 o'clock in the morning. She did this frequently, never explaining why... Because Porter knew. But this time was different however... He had never seen her face so beaten. Her face was swollen, and her nose was bloodied.

"Jesus Christ," he said quietly but with alarm, "Come here." He grabbed her arm and waist as she walked into his living room.

"I'm fine," she kept repeating, dazed and not in the right state of mind, "I just fell."

Porter sat her down on the couch and retrieved a bag of ice with haste. He sat next to her and began pressing the ice to her face. They sat in silence for a while, she stared down at the floor boards while he ran his hand up and down her back. The silence was intense, seemingly making their ears ring as they stewed in emotion.

Suddenly, the wall of silence was broken by Alice breaking down. Tears flew from her eyes and she collapsed into Porter's chest, where he embraced her with a strong grasp.

"Fuck that bastard," Porter kept repeating as he held her tightly, he had tears of his own streaming down his face. Alice would never say the words, "He beats me," but from that point forward it was understood that both of them knew and he was always there for her.

After what seemed like hours of crying, Alice fell asleep in his arms. He remembered vividly kissing her on the head, and whispering "I love you," to his sleeping best friend. Nothing romantic ever happened between them, but the two loved each other and there wasn't a time where they weren't there for each other, and that was no secret.

She convinced him not to tell authorities. Which in hindsight was foolish and selfish of Porter, but he was a kid and didn't know any better.

For the longest time it seemed Porter always supported Alice and her hard life. But one day when he was 15, that all changed. It was a memory that haunted his dreams for years to come.

His mother and father called him down to the living room where they both sat hand in hand. He remembered his stomach sinking, and busily trying to figure out what might have been wrong. But after a long talk about how much they loved him, he got his answer.

The whole situation seemed to be a divorce scenario, but Porter knew his parents were happily married. It was in fact not a divorce. His mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Never smoked a cigarette in her life.
Lung cancer.

He hated everything for a while, but loved his mom to the very end. When she died, he had such an emptiness in his heart. Alice did everything she could to fill that emptiness, and helped with his depression every day. His father was the most effected however.

The year after his mother died, him and his father were there for each other. But their relationship was never right. It never recovered from the wound that was left by cancer.

2 years after she was diagnosed and 1 year after she died. Things slowly began getting back to normal.

Their situation refused to get better however.

One weekend in the winter, Alice went missing. Not missing exactly, but she didn't show up to Porter's house at all and didn't answer his texts. This obviously wasn't that big of a deal for it was only 3 days, but he did find it strange. Usually she at least checked in with him.

On Monday she wasn't at school. Once at his house he began to get worried. Porter was just gearing up to trek up to her house when she appeared at his door. And he was horrified at what he saw.

Alice wasn't physically hurt. But she wasn't Alice. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were wide open as if she just looked into the eyes of a ghost. Mascara was smeared all the way down her face, and her body was as stiff as a board.

She walked by him without speaking to him, "Alice, what's wrong?!" He asked alarmed.

She ignored him and sat on his couch.

He crouched in front of her, "What the fuck happened, Al?" he asked, looking directly into her beautiful blue eyes, which were glassy and unresponsive, "What the fuck did he do to you?" He murmured to himself.

Once she didn't respond he began to lift up her shirt, searching for injuries. Other than the normal bruises, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Alice you're scaring me," he stated.

She spoke, in a hurt voice that he had never heard from her before, "My mother left."

"Left where?"

"She's gone... She left my dad," she muttered.

Her mother was never that bad of a person. She was beaten just as much as her daughter and was in the same boat, but she never would stand up for her daughter, which made her a bad mother in Porter's mind. "Well that's good, you can live with her now," Porter said with a hopeful voice, he was hurt by the idea he wouldn't see her anymore, but hopeful that she would escape that monster of a man.

"No Porter you don't understand," Alice struggled to talk, "She's gone, she left in the middle of the night... She left me."

He sighed, "I'm so sorry Alice," he hugged her.

As Alice fit her head over his muscular shoulder, she contemplated telling him anymore. She wanted to so badly, but she also knew it would cause issues.

"My dad..." She impulsively spit out.

He pulled away from her, "Your dad what?" Now worried on how her father reacted.

She stared into his eyes, his deep brown eyes. He desperately tried to read hers as she sniffled.

"Your dad what Alice, did he hurt you?" Porter softly demanded.


"What did he do then?"

"He did things to me," she suddenly began crying and collapsed into his chest.

"Dear god," he said as realization rushed into his head.

He pulled away and got to his feet, she stood up after him as he began to walk away from her. "What are you doing?" She asked weakly.

"Calling the police," he said blatantly as he picked up the phone.

"No," she tried to snatch the phone from him, which he deflected.

"Alice," he looked at her in disbelief, "What's wrong with you?"


Porter now felt terrible, he should have chosen his words more carefully.

"This is for you Alice," he said, "you can't let him do that to you."

"It was only once!" She pleaded, "It was only once because my mom left. If it ever happens again you can call the police I'll tell you right away. He'll kill me you can't call." She began sobbing again.

He thought long and hard. "I'm calling," he muttered and began to dial in the numbers.

Alice then did something that shocked Porter. She grabbed her hair tightly in both of her hands, dropped down to her knees, and screamed as loud as she could. The shrieks were so wretched and awful that Porter had no choice but to put the phone down and comfort her.

"Look... Look," he frantically repeated, "no phone I won't call."

She stopped screaming and went to the fetal position, where Porter held her. Horrified and confused, Porter swallowed, "I won't call. But you tell me if he ever does that again. And that's the last straw."

It was so stupid of Porter to do, so careless and childish. But he didn't know what else to do. All he knew was he loved Alice and wanted her to be happy, and hated the man that did this to her.

When Porter was 17... His father committed suicide. Porter found him hanging, and he would never fully recover from that mental image. He blamed himself for not being good enough. If he was a better son, his dad would have never done it. That's what he thought.

The following two months were the strangest of the two's life. Alice was still being raped... But she never told Porter. And Porter was physically unable to put to words how he felt about his father. So Alice would come over and the two would sit in silence. Both not knowing what to say or how to say it... But at the same time, they needed to be with one another.

One day the two were sitting in Porter's empty living room (he had moved in with his uncle who only lived a few blocks away). Suddenly, Alice looked up, and had a burst of happiness in her heart. She couldn't explain it... But it was there. It took her off guard, she hadn't been happy in a long time, she decided to ride the feeling.

"Remember when we pranked Jeremy?" Alice smiled, Jeremy had moved 2 years prior.

"Which time?" Porter now found himself smiling.

"The doll one."

"Oh right... Man he was so jumpy."

"He screamed so loud," she laughed.

"And ran so fast," he added.

"We should have gotten him at least once in the forest before he moved," she sat up on the couch.

"We would have never gotten him in there," Porter reminded her.

She was silent for a while, "That's where we met, ya know."

"Trust me... I know," his heart was filled with warmth.

"Liar... You forgot," she accused.

"No," he retorted with a grin.

"Prove it," she had an adorable smirk on her face.

"Well me and Jeremy went monster hunting at the abandon spooky mansion before school," he began.

"WRONG! Jeremy wasn't with you!"

"Yes he was... He just ran away when he heard you coming."

"No way... Really?" She let out a loud laugh.

"Yeah, are you really surprised? He bolted once you were within 10 feet," Porter leaned in, "But obviously me being the brave hero I am... I was prepared to fight the monster."

"Oh and how'd that work out for you Prince Charming?"

"Well, you came stumbling out of the bushes and I thought 'Damn that's one cute monster'," they laughed.

Her smile turned to a frown, "What if you ran with Jeremy... And I talked to some different kids on the first day?"

He smiled confidently, "I feel like we would find a way to each other."

"We make a pretty nice duo, don't we?" Alice said.

"Yeah we do."

"What are we gonna do when we go to college?" Alice was now sad again.

"Well... I was thinking now we could go to the same college," Porter admitted.

"Really?" She looked up at him.

"Of course," he said with a smile, "We're the duo."

"Thank you for sticking with me Porter."

"Same with you, Al."

Alice was deep in thought, but was still able to mutter with a smile, "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"

Porter began to talk, but she wasn't listening. She was thinking about something much more important.

"Porter," she interrupted him.


"My dad never stopped."


It took a while to register, but when it did, Porter began fuming with rage. Not at Alice of course, but at her scumbag of a father.

"That son of a bitch," Porter stood up, "He's gonna rot in a cell."

"No he's not," she said with a monotone voice.

"Alice I don't have time for that... We had a deal," he said with authority.

"No you don't understand," she was grinning now, she sported a face of hope.

"What don't I understand?" He was getting impatient, convinced she was just going to defend her dad again.

"I'm not going to college," she was full on smiling now.

Porter was now generally concerned for her mental health, "Alice, it's okay now I know this must be..."

"No no no," she stood up, "You're not either."


"Run away with me," they were staring into each other's eyes now.

"Alice, that's insane," he shook his head.

"Why?" She let out a half hearted laugh, "What's keeping us here, Porter?"

He couldn't answer.

"See, we could do it! Just take off and never look back," she was giddy with excitement now.

Porter began to feel her same feeling, but squashed it immediately, "Alice. I know our lives have been hard. But... We can't just do that. That's not how society works."

"Fuck society," She said, Porter had to fight a smile himself, "Just go off the map, travel the country. The WORLD maybe!"

"Money," he shook his head.

She looked into his eyes, Porter saw a seriousness in her eyes that he didn't expect, "I'll rob my dad. Take every fucking penny he has. That fuck deserves it."

Porter was alright with this, actually got excited with the prospect, "Could you?"

She nodded her head, "I can get millions of dollars, Porter. One of his cars, too."


"He passes out drunk for days at a time sometimes... I'll get him drunk and withdrawal every cent he has."

Porter smiled, but once again... Wiped it from his face, "We can't just do that... What happens when we want to stop... We can't just be on the road forever."

"I know. I haven't thought that far ahead... But I know I want this."

"Alice, stop talking crazy please. It sounds amazing, but it's just not possible. Wrong generation for that. You need insurance, life support, a college degree..."

"I'm leaving either way, Porter." She interrupted him.

He was silent, letting what she said sink in. Porter slowly looked up into her blue eyes... The ones he had fallen in love with.

As Porter tossed his bag full of his closest possessions into the back seat of a 2015 Ford Mustang, he noticed how many other bags were back there.

"Holy shit, Al," he said with a laugh, "How many bags do you need."

"Not mine," she was behind the wheel, "Look in them."

He did as she suggested, and his eyes widened in shock once he saw what was inside them. "Oh my god," he muttered. In the bags were more money than Porter has ever imagined.

"Yeah," she said with a shaky voice, "We... Have millions of dollars in the back seat."

After she said that, both of them broke into uneasy laughter.

"Are we really gonna do this?" Porter asked. It was 4 in the morning and the sun was not yet up, but the air was crisp and birds sang.

"Yeah," she nodded uneasily, "We are."

"Let's go," he said and she started the car.

The purr of the sports car sent shivers down their spines. The two teenagers looked at each other, and began to peel out onto the road.

Just as they did so however, the gate to Alice's property opened.

Alice slammed on the brakes, even though they were only going a couple of miles an hour, they jolted forward. She quickly shut off the car.

"Get down!" She said and they both ducked down.

Alice's father stumbled out of the gate. He was drunk and a slob. He wasn't that bad looking, but he had the face of the scumbag. Porter, who was just seeing him for the first time, stared at him with hate from the dark car.

Her father kept mumbling the same thing, "Where is that fucking bitch."

Porter heard Alice murmuring next to him, "He's gonna see the car he's gonna see the car."

Porter knew she was right. So he impulsively got out of the car.

She tried to stop him but it was too late, he had already committed.

He walked towards her father at a brisk pace, who saw him coming from 10 feet away.

"What do you want?" He yelled at Porter as he approached.

Porter smiled a friendly smile and stuck out his hand, "Hi. Mr. Delmont. Right?"

Alice's father stiffened up upon hearing his name in the formal form, he must have assumed that Porter was some kind of business partner. "Yes. That is correct."

As he extended his arm to shake Porter's hand, Porter, as quick as a cobra, swung up and punched him directly in the jaw.

Alice's father fell backwards, he fell on his ass with a grunt. He looked up at Porter just in time to see the second swing coming.

Porter mercilessly beat the man, "THIS... IS... FOR... WHAT... YOU... DID... TO... HER... ASSHOLE!" He yelled with each punch.

Porter stood up and looked down at Alice's father. He was bloodied and unconscious. Porter swallowed his anger, "It's tougher when it's not a little girl, huh?"

He turned to walk back to the car, but wasn't able to. Porter turned back around and continued to kick the unconscious man. Porter would have killed him if it wasn't for the fact that Alice was watching.

Once Porter was done, he simply said, "Fuck you." And ran back to the car.

Without saying anything, Alice took off. The two sped out of the town at speeds way over the speed limit. The car ride was silent, nothing but the loud sound of the engine was audible.

Once their town was out of sight, Alice slammed on the breaks. The car halted on the side of an almost abandoned road in the middle of the mountainy terrain. She turned to look at him.

"Listen Alice I..." Porter began, but stopped talking when he saw Alice's face.

She was staring at him was crazed eyes. She was breathing heavily, and maybe crazed wasn't the right word, her eyes were more... hungry.

"Alice?" He asked confused. Without responding, she pounced on him.

Alice grabbed his face and the two of them both experienced their first kiss. An explosion of emotion erupted in their chests. Alice pulled back and looked into his eyes, Porter was now breathing heavily as well.

Alice wasn't done, she began to kiss him harder. As she did so she stripped Porter of his jacket. Which Porter wiggled out of and wrapped his arms around her. Alice then scurried over to his side of the car, she swung her leg around so she was straddling his waist. Porter leaned himself back in the chair, adjusting the seat so he was almost laying.

Alice pulled away and leaned back, for a few seconds she observed his toned body. She was new to consensual sex, but this wasn't awkward like it should have been, everything felt so right. She ran her hands up and down his abs before getting in between his knees. She gasped when she pulled out his cock, she was incredibly impressed. Porter had never had someone touch his dick before, and was blown away by the feeling. Her soft fingers felt amazing, then her mouth felt even better.

She didn't really know how to give a blowjob, but she was in such a moment of ecstasy she didn't think about it at all before diving in. He seemed to be enjoying it, soon moans were escaping his lips and he began to writhe in pleasure. Alice got the hang of it quickly, she was going at a nice steady rhythm when she felt Porter pull her hair back and help her. It was a truly incredible feeling.

After a while of this, Alice pulled away and took off her sweatshirt, then she struggled to take off of her pants. Leaving her in nothing but a tank top. She instinctively rubbed her pussy a few times before climbing on top of Porter.

As Alice directed his cock inside her Porter spoke, "Whoa Al are you sure you wanna do this?"

She ignored him however, and slid down all the way on the cock. This was not the first time she was penetrated thanks to her father. But this was so much different then those times. Alice quivered on top of him as they both regained their composure. Porter wrapped his hands around her waist and helped her bounce.

The feeling was nothing like anything either of them have ever felt. Both of them moaned with pleasure as they picked up the pace.

After a while of intense fucking, Alice felt Porter's strong arms wrap around her. He grunted.

"You're going to cum aren't you?" She asked panting. They went faster.

"Yeah," he responded.

"Wait for me," she could barely get the words out.

Porter tried to wait, but only lasted for a few seconds longer. That's all she needed however. Both of the teenagers came at the same time. Alice came on Porter's cock as he emptied his load inside of her. For a few seconds, the two were speechless. They held tight to each other as they recovered from an experience of a lifetime.

She kissed him, "I love you, Alice." He said.

She pulled back, "You're the first person to ever say that."

As he thought for a response to that, Alice rolled over to the driver's seat and started the car.

"I love you too, Porter," she smiled and put the car into drive.

That is where their story begins...

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