So, guys this is the second chapter..

Juan Estaria pulled Lieutenant Johnson to the side, as Christine Miller continued canvassing the area searching for more witnesses to the spontaneous orgy that occurred in the ice rink at the local shopping mall. Estaria interrupted Johnson's lecherous gaze as he watched Miller slowly waddle from person to person.

"Lieutenant, I know there is a lot of Miller, enough for the both of us, but I prefer my women skinny," he whispered.

"Damn Juan, you don't know what you are missing, there is nothing like sinking your hands, or mouth or cock for that matter, into that soft rolling flesh."

"Ah but, Lieutenant, I much prefer the more athletic woman."

"You mean like Margret?"

"Oh yes," Estaria replied, "very much like Margret. Do you think..."

"Hmm, we do need some more help on this case and I can't think of anyone who has any better insight into our situation. Why don't you go talk to her? I'll clear it back at headquarters once I get all the personal information from her."

"Thanks Lieutenant, I'll go talk to her now," he said, walking briskly back to the security control room.

Rather than barge in the back entrance directly into the control room, Estaria went into the main entrance and walked the small maze of corridors back to the window looking into the control room. Peeking through the tinted glass, he saw Margret, in a chair, leaning back as she ran her hands over her nipples. Her legs draped over the Chief of Detective's shoulders as he vigorously lapped her pussy, running his tongue from her wet opening up and over her clit. Margret was responding with a rhythmic thrusting of her hips, pushing her cunt hard onto the Chief's face.

Estaria watched Margret arch her back and move her hands to her lovers head, pulling him onto her. She moaned loudly, so loudly that Estaria thought he could feel the vibrations in the glass. She wrapped her legs tight around the Chief and leaned forward, collapsing over him.

In a few moments, the Chief arose, face glistening in Margret's come and said, "There you are, now will you let me fuck you in the ass?"

"Oh yes, after a performance like that, you can fuck me wherever you want. Here, just let me lube you up a bit," she said, ducking into the restroom and returning with a tube of lubricant. The Chief leaned back, as Margret applied the lubricant, stroking him with her hands as she coated his aching member. "There you go, greased up and ready to go."

Margret then bent over the console, resting both arms on the cold metal plating as she moved her legs apart and arched her back slightly. Estaria watched as the Chief, his cock glistening in the faint light, moved closer to her perky little ass. Feeling his own cock rise at the site of Margret, her ass swaying wantonly, Estaria reached down and began squeezing himself through his pants.

The Chief reached his left hand to her hips while his right hand positioned his cock on her tiny anus. Holding himself firmly, he leaned toward her as, ever so slowly, she opened to him. Releasing his cock and grasping her hips with both hands, the Chief slowly pulled her back onto him, pausing as he met the resistance of her sphincter for a moment and then pushing deeper into her. Stopping as he made the full depth, he slowly backed out and then repeated his slow entry process.

After a few more slow penetrations, the Chief increased his pace with each thrust, until he was diving into her so quickly and with such force that her breasts would jiggle wildly as he rammed her to the hilt. Margret reached a hand down and massaged her clit while he continued plowing into her, his balls slapping against her wet cunt.

Estaria watched as suddenly Margret's eyes closed in ecstasy as she came. He saw the muscles in her ass clench around the Chief's cock as he continued his motion. Just as Margret seemed to recover from her climax, the Chief suddenly moaned and pushed himself deep into her tight opening, injecting his hot cum deep in her ass.

Seeing the two had finished, Estaria quietly snuck back to the front of the security office to give the Chief and Margret time to get dressed. After several minutes he called out, "Chief, Margret!"

"Back here in the control room," Margret called to him.

Estaria quickly walked back arriving just as the Chief slipped out of the restroom, looking only a little disheveled. "Ah, Detective... uh,"

"Estaria sir," he replied.

"Detective Estaria, I've watched the tape, but I think I will need to see it again. Can you arrange to get me a copy for further study?"

"Certainly sir," Estaria said, shrugging his shoulders towards Margret.

Margret nodded, "I'll get a copy made right away."

"Thank you," the Chief replied, "Detective, where is the Lieutenant?"

"He is back at the rink with Detective Miller sir."

"Okay, you finish up here."

Estaria smiled and nodded as the Chief brusquely slipped out through the back door. Estaria walked to the door and peeked out until the Chief was well down the corridor.

"Margret, how would you like to get into some real law enforcement?"

"You mean the police?"

"Yes Ma'am, looks like I need a partner for this investigation, one that knows the ins and outs of this particular case," he replied.

"Yes, I've wanted to be on the force, I just couldn't pass the test."

"Well, you've passed the test now. The Lieutenant will work everything out, you'll just need to get him some personal information, but otherwise, you are an official detective now."

"Oh thank you Juan," she said, embracing him and showering his face with kissed.

"Okay, okay, now we have an important case to take care of now. Go ahead and make those copies of the video."

"Two copies?"

"One for the Chief, one for the Lieutenant and ah... better make one for you and I, never can tell when we will need to take a peek at it."

"Okay, three copies it is," she replied, sitting down at the control console.

Estaria watched as she worked the controls, adjusting his growing erection. This case just seemed to get better and better.

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