Ex Daughter Grown Up, Part 7, In Love -With Whom

Ex Daughter Grown Up, Part 7, In Love -With Whom

Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 7 - In Love: With Whom?
(Introduction: if you have read parts 1-6, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o. step-daughter from a previous marriage has arranged for her ‘daddy’ to be taken care of by others during her school semesters back in her adopted Australia, where she lives with her mother, the ex-wife. I had to go to my northern office again for business, had more sex, more love there, but I didn’t know then my ex-Vietnamese wife, Ha, mother of Yen, was on her way to Vietnam, and she stirred me, my heart, like no other woman ever had when we met again …)

After watching my ex-wife walk out of the hotel restaurant; my beautiful ex-wife, the clinging dress moulded to her new slimmer body, I ate a little, drank my caf?nd had another, then returned to my room to pack my bag and wait for my car. I checked out, paying my bill, and seeing Linh yet again; then my mobile rang, and Ha said “I will see you in Ho Chi Minh, Anh…chung em” I couldn’t talk; her use of the words for ‘husband of her’ left me crying, and I couldn’t do anything but sob into the phone before disconnecting the call. What was I to do now? I asked myself. I had never stopped loving her, but now I loved her daughter.
I got in the car and flew home.
Back in my own car at the airport, it was late lunch-time, so I stopped firstly at home, dropped off my bags and, although Mrs. Phung wasn’t there, it was apparent she had been; and also Ping, as I noticed her washing out drying on the rack in the courtyard. I headed off to the office, greeted all the staff, and asked for a caf?hile I waited for the boss to return from a late lunch of his own. I checked messages, emails, papers, and generally tidied up matters, and it was almost the finish of the day before a rather disheveled boss, and our receptionist I noticed, arrived back together. Hmm, interesting I thought. He and I had a half-hour summation of the matters up north, and he was satisfied as we all called it a day, and I went home to unpack and relax.

I sat with a beer after finishing my tasks, and called Yen. “Your mother is here – well, not here, but in Hanoi; she stayed in the room next to mine in the same hotel, and we had breakfast together. Why didn’t you tell me she was coming Yen – it was quite a surprise!” “Oh, Daddy, I wanted to know what would happen when you saw her; but I didn’t expect you would meet in the same hotel! How was it?” “Well, rather difficult; but I must say: she looks so much slimmer than last time I saw her 3 years ago!” “Yes, she is beautiful right? I know how you felt about her, Steve, and I don’t expect you – not you, because I do know you – to be able to ignore her or forget her. I trust you and I love you, whatever happens, ok? How is Ping, have you seen her?” ”Yen, I only got back a few hours ago, and no I haven’t seen her, but I should call her – her washing is here and it is dry!” “Does she have sexy underwear on display for you, Daddy? I bet she does!” “Yen, why do you do this to me – set me up, try your hardest to tempt me, put me in every situation where I am powerless, or so twisted around your little finger, and those you have selected…I really get confused, Yen!” “Oh, Steve, you are doing fine; all the girls tell me so. I love you - I am just taking care of you. Bye”
She was gone, off the phone and leaving me none the wiser at all. Five minutes later Ping phoned “I’ll pick you up for dinner in thirty minutes, ok Anh? Yen just asked me to make sure you ate some food.” She hung up on me, and I just rolled my eyes – at myself – and gave up: how could I compete against such pre-destined moves stacked against me. I showered and put on casual clothes, thinking we would go around the corner close by.
Ping arrived, parked her bike inside the courtyard, and asked if I was ready; I closed up, and we did just walk down the road, but to another restaurant. It was nice, outside as I liked, and very country atmosphere – as I like also. “Good choice” I said to Ping as we were seated. She smiled “Tinh told me you like ‘country-style’, so I hope this is good. She also agreed with me how cute it is when you roll your eyes – just like you are doing now!” Indeed I had, “Ping, don’t I have any secrets or confidences at all?” “Well…no, Anh, we are all connected. Let’s order.” The waitress hovering appeared to be almost a sister of Ha, from the restaurant in Hanoi – but surely not - my eyes see relatives or associations in everybody these days, I told myself. She brought my beer and water for Ping, and took down the dishes Ping ordered.
Ping said “Yen tells me you met her mother in Hanoi; what’s she like, Anh?” “I could tell you what she was like when we met and when we were married, Ping; but what’s she like now: I don’t know, except that in the 3 years since I last saw her, she has certainly slimmed down and is, yes, very beautiful: again. She also appears quite wealthy” I added with a slight smile, thinking she had done perhaps better than me from our marriage in terms of monetary riches – but I don’t regret a moment of my past life, nor do I begrudge Ha her striving for a better life for herself and Yen.
We ate when the food arrived, but I wasn’t really hungry; “Are you ok, Anh?” Ping asked with some concern. I nodded and put a spoonful of rice into my mouth as an answer. I sat back after picking up my beer “It’s not easy meeting an ex-wife - and you are so young, Ping, you couldn’t know such feelings; memories of being together come easily when it was someone you have loved, and I did love her, very much. And now there is Yen, grown up, and I love her differently to the daughter she was in our past.
And there is you, Ping; and I love you, but in another way; ‘Love’ has different expressions, Ping, and it doesn’t make one way less important than another. Understand?” “What about your wife in Thailand, Anh; do you love her?” “Yes, Ping, but in another way also: now she is more like a friend I share a house and bed with; but it is a love of comfort.” I paused “You must think I am a bad man if I can love so many at the same time, in so many different ways. But, I promise you, Ping: my love is never meant to hurt any woman.” “No, Anh, you can’t hurt me or Yen or others; you are a nice man, and you are – this is a new word I learned today: unique.”
I laughed and touched glasses with her as she smiled at her new word usage. “Can I sleep with you tonight, Anh; I don’t want you to be alone, and I think I can give you comfort.” I looked at young, sweet Ping, beautiful and sexy and sweet, and chosen by Yen to be my main caretaker; she was adorable, and even though I feared her emotions would become more troubled, she was mature beyond her age of 20, and I accepted she meant what she said. “Yes, Ping, if you want – and you can fold up all your washed clothes also!” She laughed and we smiled at the break in seriousness.
But I had one more serious matter; “Ping, has Yen told you she will be here in another month or so for holidays?” “Yes, Anh, I know, and don’t worry – Yen and I have everything planned and taken care of.” Yet again, what could I do but begin to roll my eyes, stop when I saw Ping beginning to laugh, and just resign myself to whatever fate was coming.
We went home soon after. It was still early, so while Ping folded her clothes and placed them in a bag, I waited, and then watched, BBC News, helping Ping with her English as she joined me to watch. When the sport came on, she said she would shower and go to bed; I responded so would I soon, and I closed up and tuned off and showered downstairs at the end of the news. I climbed the stairs and found Ping in bed, naked as always, and I cuddled her as we settled. She asked “Do you have sex with your wife in Thailand, Anh?” “Rarely these days, Ping, – but I also don’t talk about other women on those matters.” I kissed her cheeks and her lips, encircled her breast in my hand, and held her close to me; she lifted a leg across and rested her knee atop my groin. My cock jumped, and Ping said “Do you like having sex with me, Anh?” “No, em, I like making love with you: yes, I do. Go to sleep, Ping.”
My cock was alive and jumping in the morning when I woke, but I pulled it away from Ping and rolled over, reaching back to pull her to spoon me and dragging her arm across my chest to hold it to my face. I kissed her fingers and she reacted by holding me tight, moulded to my body from behind, smooth and small and her breasts poking into my back: of course, my prick was jumping! The alarm went, and I reached out to press the button, dragging Ping with me, then settling and cuddling her arm yet again for an extra minute. “It is time for school, young lady; and time for work for ‘old men like me’.” She yawned and then giggled, as she squeezed my body in her arms, her breasts rubbing around my back, and her nipples hardened and poking; I jumped out of bed, but at the sight of my flapping cock, Ping stared and said “Sure you are ready to get ‘up’ Anh?” “Ping, your English is getting very good, but your manners are going the other way: you should show ‘respect’ to an ‘old uncle’ like me.” “Yes, ‘uncle’, but some parts of you don’t look so ‘old’ to me.” I didn’t even throw on my shorts, just headed downstairs to shower, calling over my shoulder that, as she was last out of bed, she had to make it!
Fuelled with caffeine, Ping loaded her washing and bag on her bike, just as Long arrived to pick me up. She had time as he concentrated on parking, to lean up and kiss me, and I had time to reach down and twist both nipples through her shirt and bra, hardening them as she moaned; “You don’t seem so old either, em! Have a nice day.” “Oh, you’re a tease, Anh; how can I go on the street like this?” She pointed at her protruding nipples, as I laughed and opened the gate for her to ride the bike through, locked it and left for my office.
Days passed in normality: work, phoned my wife in Thailand – all well there, no need to worry; phoned Yen irregularly, but the last aspect of normality seemed to be that Ping virtually lived with me – we went to dinner every night, she slept with me every night, we made love spontaneously in whatever room we were, interrupting whatever we might have been doing otherwise, and it was always fresh and exciting, yet at times she was wistful afterwards and seemed to want to say something more…but she held back whatever it was, and I didn’t push, slightly afraid. I mentioned it to Yen, that I was afraid of Ping’s emotions, but she only ever told me not to worry ‘she and Ping were in constant contact, and had it all worked out’.
What the hell did that mean, I asked myself, and why wouldn’t a young woman like Yen be jealous of Ping, and the others, sleeping with me? She was becoming more enigmatic daily it seemed.
A week after I had returned from Hanoi, Ha called me, announcing she was back in HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City), and perhaps we could have dinner tonight, ok? I agreed, and gave her the address of the restaurant where Phung worked, and I immediately called both Kim and sms’d Ping and invited them to meet there also, and also telling Kim to invite Ha’s mum; there was no doubt I was scared of my ex-wife, of my emotions around her, of how she just had to nod and I would immediately respond and do whatever she wanted – protection lie in having others with us, not just two of us, and Kim was an older aunt, and her mother was her mother, so they would get a measure of respect, and Ping might show her I was not alone in life: even if what I wanted was to be with her as we had been when married. But that was living in the past, and the past vanishes in a blink, replaced by the reality of the present and, perhaps, a foretaste of the future. I had to get over her.

I was a wreck the rest of the day at work, worrying, and sms’d Yen to let her know; she was in class, but afterwards responded “Steve, you’ll be fine, stop worrying.” Here am I, a middle-aged man, being told by an 18y.o (well, 18 in Vietnamese years, 17 otherwise) to stop worrying; I was emotionally an open person, always had been, and perhaps those emotions had been what steered me in and out of four marriages and perhaps also interrupted my career too early. Somehow, I had survived, but I felt things deeply, both love and sadness and all in between, and I was fortunate Buddha helped me to not also feel hate; but I never did.
I took a deep breath, reassured my secretary I wasn’t sick, and managed to read and make notes on several papers from my in-tray, while smiling and asking her for one more caf?lease. I got to an early finish time, and asked Long to drop me at the restaurant on his way home; there I would be alone, and Phung was surprised at my appearance, so I went to freshen up and brush my hair while she brought me a beer, and I used it to steady myself. Perhaps a visit to a Temple would have been a better idea, sit with the Buddha for a few minutes to restore some inner calm, but too late now, and I had already moved to my second bottle when this good idea came to my mind. I whacked myself on the leg, not understanding what was at the root of my nervousness, or not willing to address it perhaps.
Thankfully, Ping arrived first, though Phung, with few customers this early, had been hovering and making light conversation to distract my obvious discomfort about something; I had told her who was coming to dinner, and then she said “Oh…” and perhaps she understood without need to say more. She and Ping kissed on both cheeks, and I looked at how beautiful and sexily Ping had dressed: ready to fight, I wondered, as I stood to seat her next to me – a bigger table tonight when I had told Phung there should be 5 of us, plus herself when on a break. Ping had on a black, thin silky blouse, black bra straps seductively visible on the back, but ruffled over her breasts without detracting from them, and a pair of white, hot pants, with high-heeled sandals added to accentuate her legs all the way from ankles up to her thighs.

She had light make-up, but a bright red lip gloss which threw such a contrast that I wished I had my camera there at that instant. I framed her in my hands and told her how beautiful she looked, to which Phung added her agreement, and she leaned in to me to touch cheeks before sitting. Phung suggested a colourful cocktail for Ping, and brought it back with a plate of nibbles, as Ping and I toasted, and Phung who took a tiny sip of the cocktail. As we sat, waiting, Ping said she had to go away tomorrow for a one-week hands-on course at a resort as part of her studies, and she said she worried about me, about who would take care of me. I smiled at her, said “Ping, I am not a baby – really! I can take care of myself; I will look exactly the same when you come back, promise.” She put her hand on my thigh, and I placed my own on top and squeezed, but looking at her own legs I said, “Gosh, maybe we should go home now: you are so hot, Ping!” She moved her hand to my groin for a moment, felt the growth, and said “Well, maybe I am ‘hot’ if I can do that to you, Anh; thank you.” She smiled and put her hand back on my thigh, telling me about the resort she was going to, midway up the coast, nice area which I loved to visit in past years – with Ha and Yen several times.
Ha and Mae arrived together, Kim a moment afterwards, and I watched as they walked in to join us. Mae was dressed casually in jeans and a white top, showing her ample boobs, but not outrageously so; Kim was her usual flamboyantly-dressed self: the new style I had been told, a short, almost maternity-style black cotton dress which billowed at the bottom around her thighs; in Thailand, shorts would be worn underneath, but in Kim’s case I was almost sure she wouldn’t bother – she would like the men and women whose eyes trailed her, including mine, to wonder: what is under there? As for her breasts: they were magnificent, and natural, and I fleetingly recalled when I had kissed and swallowed them a few months ago.
Ha appeared dressed for the proverbial kill; I was in no doubt it was a designer-label dress; a clinging, red one, similar to the material whose name I forget – silky, but slightly thicker – and of a style of the grey dress she had on at breakfast the week before. It was glued to her every curve, almost poured on, but it had a low-cut bodice to reveal the ample cleavage available to the eye. It was a simple dress, but so sexual in its attraction – perhaps the hallmark of great designers: simplicity, but saying everything with one look:
‘Do you desire what’s in here?’ She was not short anyway, but the high-heels added a model’s stature to her, coupled with her make-up and coiffed long hair flowing down, god she was beautiful! I stood, as did Ping, greeting Mae first, cheek kisses for Kim, and then I turned to Ha; she placed a hand on my shoulder, long, blood-red nails snaking out to clasp me, as she pulled me close to kiss my cheeks. I stepped back and introduced Ping as a friend of Yen’s; Ha was polite, but looked at Ping for several, long moments. She smiled and sat, next to me on the side, Kim and Mae opposite as Phung began asking what they would like to drink. I was sweating, I could feel it.
Ha had only flown in earlier that day, and had hardly any time with her mother yet, so there was plenty of talk to soak up the minutes as Phung delivered the ordered dishes, and more drinks. I had little to contribute and remained mostly silent, as did Ping, but Kim also looked at the people more than opened her mouth – I noticed, because normally she is so voluble and a talk a minute at our dinners. Her eyes met mine, and she smiled, and I knew she felt both my pain from the past, and my confusion at the present. I nodded to her, acknowledging her perspicacity without words. I was grateful to her. Ping held my hand at odd times, and I also was comforted by this; god, I was useless, I told myself. I jumped when Ha turned to me and asked “How is your job going, Anh?”
“Ah, actually, it’s really good, em; I enjoy it, travel, new projects popping up – hopefully – and while it may not be the same salary as before, it’s enough for me and to take care of those I need to. Yes, I am doing ok, thanks. What about you, Ha?” “Yes, Anh, I am fine, and so is Yen” Quietly she added “You did help me get started, but I have done well since; I can perhaps help you one day, if you need…anything from me.” She reached to hold my hand, and for a moment I felt the old tingle and I held her, but then I withdrew, smiling at her “No Ha, the King in Thailand says: ‘enough is sufficient’, and that’s how I feel these days, and I am satisfied.”
I breathed, a sigh of relief, and I felt better – somehow the feelings were less, and my turmoil was also, and as I picked up my glass to toast us all at that table, Ping gently squeezed my leg, and Kim looked at me with a ‘well done’ expression. Mae, when I turned to clink her glass, was teary-eyed, and I knew she was regretting that which had happened years before: her own reticence to grab me, her daughter’s money hunger, and her daughter’s subsequent desertion; I said “It’s nice to have a family of friends together, Mae, isn’t it; once upon a time family, now friends; let’s eat – Ping, I thought you told Yen you would feed me!” I broke the seriousness, and Ping served some food into my bowl – a job Ha had done for me for many years of our marriage.
The conversation became frivolous, suitable for a fun dinner; and then I found Mae talking to Ping, asking about her studies; naturally she told her tomorrow she would be going away for a course for the next week, so she needed to go home soon and prepare as the bus left early the next morning. I hadn’t known this, and I pricked up and looked at Ping; “Sorry, Anh, but I told Yen there will be others to take care of you; don’t worry.” (Why does everyone tell me ‘don’t worry’, I asked myself in exasperation – I am not a baby!!) I said, very calmly “Ping, have a good time and study well, but be careful swimming there – the sand goes down steeply very fast, ok?” She smiled and patted my arm, “I can swim Anh, but thank you. Do you mind if I go home early?” Mae jumped in to say “I will see he gets home, Ping, so don’t you worry.”
Ping stood, and then leaned to kiss both my cheeks, slowly; I wished her well, and she made a respectful good-bye to all the others, all older than herself. I watched her tantalizing bottom and legs walk away from the table; she turned and caught me, and smiled as if to say ‘remember me, Anh’.
Ha turned towards me – god, her body looked wonderful – and asked “Is she your girlfriend, Anh?” Before I could even answer, Kim said “Ha, Ping is a friend of Yen’s, and Yen asked her to make sure Anh Steve ate and was ok; besides, she has cousins or friends of cousins in every office Anh Steve works, so he is always taken care of – and under surveillance!” She laughed at her own joke, and I blushed and said “I can’t go anywhere without finding a relative or friend of a relative, or someone Yen has certified! It’s just impossible.” Ha looked at me, rather steely-eyed, “So, it is true: you and your daughter have formed a bond?” I swallowed, answered “Ha-oi, Yen and I were always close; you remember you often were away? We became closer, and did everything together. Now she is a young woman, wise beyond her years it seems sometimes, and she thinks I am too skinny: she told me she would make sure I ate, and Ping is her main tool, but also your Mae and Kim do their bit to make sure I come out and force-feed me if needed. I loved Yen when she was 3y.o. and I love her now at 17/18y.o.”
“Ok, Anh, I understand; now I have a meeting; Mae I will be home later, and I will telephone you Anh tomorrow.” Kim offered her motorbike, but Ha said she had no need – a taxi would be fine. She stood, as did I, but this time as she rubbed both cheeks, she clearly decided not to worry about lip gloss, and she turned her face to meet mine and press hard against my lips, grinding them open for her tongue; I was embarrassed: one doesn’t do such in Vietnam, and I struggled to separate! “Ha-oi, we can’t do that here!” “Of course we can, Anh: I have an Australian passport, as have you; we can do whatever we want. What do you want, Anh – I know what I want” and she pressed her body against mine, leaving me in no doubt. I broke away “Ha, I loved you so much, all the time we were together – from that first, expensive crab dinner when I had to borrow money from you for the bill – remember that! From those early days until way, way after, I loved you, but what can I think now – except confused, Ha. Have a good meeting, talk to you soon.”
I kissed her on the cheek, even as she opened her wallet and handed me far more than enough to cover the bill: “I invited you” was all she said.
I watched her sway down the path so sexily, and then she turned her head and caught me, a knowing smile on her face. I am lost.
I thought this, and then asked Phung, who had been standing there, for one more beer. Mae and Kim said they had eaten enough, but Kim looked at Phung and said “Well, maybe I will have the ‘special’ dessert” and she, Phung and I laughed at the memory of last time Phung served Kim and I, the night Kim took Phung for her own and they became a couple. I gave Ha’s money to Kim and she said she would fix the bill later – ‘good tip to Phung’, I said, as Mae offered to take me home when my beer was empty. “One more, Mae, please” and I ordered, and lit a cigarette when Mae agreed. Kim’s foot – well, surely it wasn’t Mae’s I thought – probed my chair and up to my groin; Kim loves to take chances, and to be sensational. She found me hard, whistled and said “So, ok if Mae takes you home, Anh? Will you be ok, taken care of ok; sister, you look after him ok!” She was a devilish tease, and she reveled in playing the role!
Mae answered very seriously “I will get Steve home and he will be safe and sound, em, don’t you worry.”
I rolled my eyes, as I stood, and Kim crushed me to her body, as she kissed me; never shy, Aunty Kim! I was blushing bright red when I felt Mae’s hand gently pulling me away. Kim laughed, but gently as she said “Oh, Anh, you are such a treasure! Have a nice night, see you soon” and she moved to grasp me again, but I literally hid behind Mae, trying not to be any more embarrassed than I was! Mae shepherded me out, but I did at least turn my head behind Mae’s shoulder and poke my tongue out at Kim! She laughed, and I looked to say ‘bye to Phung, heading to Mae’s motorbike; “Oh, Mae, you have a new bike!” I said as I bumped into her when she abruptly stopped in front of me. “Yes, Ha sent me the money and I bought it 2 days ago before she arrived.” It was one of the newer models, big and powerful compared to the local norm, and I waited at the end of the parking area while Mae rode it out. I slipped on beside her, and immediately slipped down the sloping seat to push against her; “Sorry Mae, slippery” I apologized; “Yes, I am” she said, opening the throttle and taking off, my arms grabbing her waist to hold on. She slowed momentarily, to lean back and turn her head into my face “Hold on, Steve; Ha would kill me if I lost you, and certainly Yen would also.” We weaved through the traffic, heavy as always on a Friday night, and Mae laughed as I clambered off in front of my house. She accepted the offer of some water, and rode her bike in as I opened the gate wide, and unlocked the front door as I glanced back; she appeared to be contemplating, then she turned to the gate and put the padlock on: she had decided to stay it appeared. She turned and looked directly at me, “Ha took you before; this time she will have to climb a higher fence and fight me for you, Steve; I am not talking against Yen, or Ping, but I won’t let Ha just twist you and string you along and confuse you; I will protect you against my own daughter, as I know you are too sweet to do it yourself.” I almost cried, she was so right and I was already twisted and confused, as she took my hand and led me inside, sitting me on the couch while she got her own water and a beer from the fridge for me. As I thanked her, I said “Mae, you know I loved her, and I did everything to keep her, to keep us together as a family. I have never been as shattered as when she denied me seeing or talking with Yen, but still I never felt, and I don’t feel, anything bad towards her. But yes, she twists my thoughts into so much confusion – without even doing anything! So thank you, Mae.” She leaned over and kissed me, sweetly and ever so gently, “I told Ping I would look after you tonight.”
She kissed me again, more deeply, and pulled me against her breasts; I wilted again, wondering if I wasn’t as enmeshed in all these women’s emotion-pulling strings as in Ha’s…
Mae pulled away, and I reached for my beer, turning on the TV as it was still early and not yet ready for sleep. We sat there on the couch, but Mae soon grew bored with the English-language BBC News, and left me to watch it. She asked if she could shower, and I agreed, realizing she had never actually slept here, nor knew the bathroom upstairs. I directed her and said she would find everything she needed in the bathroom; “Everything?” she smiled questioningly. I nodded. I finished my beer, and the News finished, and I locked up downstairs and went up; the shower was still running, and I closed the door of the bedroom, turned on the a/c to ‘powerful’ and looked inside the bathroom:
Mae was just standing there, waiting for me I guessed, and I stripped off my clothes in the doorway, within her sight, and entered. She was still a big size, but it looked so ‘suitable’ on her, and as I stepped up behind her, it was easy to hold her hips, pull her back against my waving cock, then cup her breasts – breasts so large I couldn’t cup them, could only try to, and I kneaded them in as much of my hands as I could fit; god, she had such lovely skin, not only her breasts but her back and buttocks and legs, and everywhere I was touching against her; smooth and enticing, and I was enticed to kiss her back and shoulders and her neck; chew on her earlobe, and then swap to the other side, nibble there, and move down her shoulder blades, down to her waist; she had a little fat to fasten my mouth around, my hands fastened above on her nipples – her breasts too big, so big, cannot hold them all within my hands! But my mouth could move, and it did, shower water streaming over my head as my mouth found a place for my tongue to slide out and paste itself: right up her slit, and I did.
I was down on my knees within a second, and my tongue slurped widely up and down as Mae said “Oh yes; oh yes…” and then squeaked as I twisted my tongue and pushed hard into her vagina, pushing her against the tiled wall of the bathroom; pressed myself in and out, the wall as a backdrop to hold her still as I probed hard with my tongue, and she came very quickly with a shove against my tongue, which I held stiff and hard until she shoved again – and I fell backwards onto the floor!
Mae joined me on the floor, and we kissed as her weight lay fully on top of me, breasts crushed against my chest as I encircled her back with my hands, rubbing all over as the water cascaded down on us. I moved my hands to her buttocks, the water making it a rough massage as I delved down into her crack and played with her rosebud between my fingers. She kissed my neck hard, feeling aroused I understood, and I reached up one hand to turn the water to just a light sprinkle falling on us as we moved and writhed. I rolled her off me, stood over her while I got some soap and washed myself quickly; she reached for my cock when the soap fell down there and massaged me even harder, sliding her hands along it’s length and back again, while I finished other parts of my body.

I leaned down to help her up, suggesting we dry and get into bed. She stepped out first while I washed my legs and feet, and cleaned my teeth while she dried herself on my towel, seductively pulling it between her thighs.
The towel was dry enough for me, so I strode into the bedroom, leaving the light on to see better where Mae was under the quilt but leaving her breasts exposed outside. I lay down and opened my mouth wide, trying to swallow one tit, but not even covering half before my mouth was full; I used my tongue on her nipple, already hard but even now growing firmer as I licked it and sucked it between my lips, slobbering all over her breast. I moved to her neck and ears – my fetish areas – and nibbled and sucked and bit lightly as my hands uncovered her and stroked and darted over all parts of her body as I exposed it and moved my own body around to be sideways to her. She moaned, and I kissed her mouth, and she placed her hands on my back and pulled me closer to her, but I moved and began licking and kissing sideways down her body, relishing the different way to taste each part of her: it felt like a new breast this way, licking under the huge mound where it spread from her chest down her sides, and I pushed it up with my tongue and my mouth, then laid across her to grab her other nipple in my teeth and gently pull it, stretch it as far as it could go, while Mae pushed it towards me by arching her back.
I moved back and down, slathering her body with saliva dripping from my mouth and tongue as I covered each new area of smooth skin, until I reached her slit and slurped a hard tongue across her from side to side and back. She was nearly hairless, but I was able to grasp a few wisps in my teeth and pull, just enough to stimulate her into a squeak, before changing from a bite to a suck on her hair and lips, probing with my tongue to find her clit waiting, begging for a mouth. I gripped it in my lips and twisted myself straighter down her body so my tongue was now going more vertically on her slit. Mae reached for my cock and wanted to pull it up towards her mouth, but I resisted, burying my mouth down her slit and probing my nose at her perineum and under her, dragging her attention back to her own body feelings and her groans and attention were re-directed to herself, her hands just idly stroking my rod of a prick laying against her left breast.
I felt Mae lift her buttocks to help me, and I burrowed my face further under her, breathing hard but wanting to go from her front slit to her back slit, and I coated the bed under us with saliva as I tongued everywhere. She reacted by rolling and I immediately, lifted myself over and was now laid down along her back, my prick pressed hard against her, while my mouth delved hard into her crack and I found her rosebud with my tongue. She squealed even as she opened her legs wide, and I buried my hands under her front side, up at her breasts where I pulled on her nipples, and then pushed them down to not only lift her pelvis up, opening her rear to my mouth, but to pry her pussy lips open and jab two thumbs inside her. Mae screamed this time, then covered her mouth and quieted as I continued to probe both sides. She pushed her arse up at my mouth, and so I kissed and slurped down her thighs and legs, even as my pre-cum oozing prick slithered down her back to the crevice of her buttocks and she gasped as I passed over her opening. I bit her ankles and turned around, laying a trail of juice back up her thighs, and at her pulsing hole, I again put my hands under her pelvis and raised her higher.
Then, I brought my cock to her gaping vagina and pushed the tip from opening to end, in one slow, strong movement; Mae bucked and pushed at me, and I withdrew equally slowly, and then – right then – I buried myself hard, slamming my own pelvic bones hard against her buttocks, trying to come out through her mouth, and she released into the pillow a wail of high intensity and her body pumped and pumped up against my buried prick as she climaxed, and it seemed to go on and on without me even moving, just staying there, pulsing but not cumming. When she began to subside, I withdrew to plaintive cries, but then moved my cock to her pumping rosebud and I used her juices on my prick to lace her with wetness, as I placed my tip at her entrance. She was totally relaxed, and my prick was so stiff it pushed in easily as she opened herself and, though I was slow and careful, she made only groans of contentment, not pain, and I kept feeding myself into her, allowing her pelvis to ease down to the bed so I wouldn’t be able to go too hard, but I was soon buried and now I pumped in and out, slow, repetitions of slow, a full thrust, repeating the same, keeping her on the edge as I eased one hand back under her upper body to stroke a breast and nipple and my other hand to fondle and play with her tit, while I kept my upper body raised and allowed my prick to play inside her rectum for minutes, until I felt it pulsing and ready.
I pulled out slowly, then reached under and guided it into her pussy, her pussy waiting it seemed for that final few moments of sliding in and out until we both hit the ceiling of passion together, and then our juices met in the middle of her tunnel and they must have had the force of two opposing waves as I certainly felt my body shudder, and Mae’s under me jumped equally. I continued to pump inside her for some moments, and she could do nothing it seemed but groan and lay there trembling in diminishing shivers, and then I relaxed my body down to lay fully along her, kissing her back and neck softly and tenderly, as we both sighed and came down floating from a very long way up in the Clouds it seemed.
Eventually, I rolled my wet cock and body to Mae’s side, and she rolled to face me; she was crying, and I licked her face. I hoped they were not sad tears, and I didn’t think they were – only emotions releasing, but she clung to me fiercely, and buried my face into the crook of her neck as she crushed my body to hers, and sobbed quietly for some minutes. When she brushed her hand on my cheek, I moved my head away to focus on her; she was smiling.
“Never have I had a man do all of that. Never have I had a man give me all of that. Never have I had a man make me feel like a woman like that. I am a Woman from my hair to my toes at this moment: thank you, Steve.” I kissed her lightly, not speaking – deciding anything I said would sound trite, but happy if Mae was happy, so I squeezed her back, hoping that would tell her what words might not.
The bed was wet from sweat and cum; we slept.
When I woke, daylight behind the curtains, and a glance at the clock told me it was five minutes before my alarm would go; I rolled over, but Mae had again slipped silently away – she didn’t seem to like saying farewells after sex, but I understood she had mixed emotions. When the alarm buzzed, I pushed the button and showered and dressed casually for work – Saturday so only a half-day and a weekend to myself: wow, it had been quite a while since there was no Ping around every day, and I was quite bemused at the idea of time to myself.
I offered a quiet thought to send to Mae: ‘I love you but in another way’ and I left for work when Long drove up.
I phoned Yen in the car; “Yen, I need you; I am getting too ‘long-song’ here without you. That’s it: go back to class – oh, it’s Saturday! Ok, then study hard!” That’s all I said, but I needed to say it – tell her I was confused here.
Then I phoned Mae; her phone was off, yet I wasn’t surprised: I had never known in my years of marriage to her daughter how emotionally complicated she was. Yet, I had seen a new side of her, and found her warm and passionate – exceedingly so – and I could only hope the happiness she felt, I was sure, during and after our sex, our love-making, over-rode her feelings which drove her to run away so fast, so that the good outweighed any bad.
Ping would normally be in class at this time, Saturday notwithstanding, so I text her just to say ‘Hello Ping’.

Work passed swiftly, mostly by reading the weekly reports from the other offices; though the reports were usually glowing about their activities, sometimes I detected ‘something’ underlying the words, and it was on these I often acted on instinct and made a visit soon after.
It was Liem’s office manager’s report which took my attention today, and I made a note to phone him on Monday…just something about his report disturbed me. I made a mental note to call Liem first; maybe she would help me understand without in any way betraying confidences. I asked my boss if he had heard anything from that office’s manager, Duc; but he hadn’t, and asked if I had a concern about something. “Not sure at the moment” I answered. He said “Well, I trust you to handle ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ might be, ok”.
Back at my desk, thinking of Liem led me to realize I had yet to pick up the photos of my weekend’s shoot of Kim, Phung, Trinh and Ping a few weeks back; I had forgotten when I had to fly north and, surprisingly, the girls hadn’t asked me about them – why not, I wondered?
When it was time to close the office, I asked Long to drive to the film shop, found the manager, and he grinned at me, while handing me a large bag of ten developed films – and the negatives. He said “Miss Ping said you would remember one day!” I looked rather blankly at him, and he continued “Miss Ping came the day after you left the last lot with me, and asked for one set to take and show the other girls. I knew her from being with you, and seeing her in the photos, so I agreed. So here is the master set, and she has the copies, ok Mr. Steve?” I accepted, understanding now the girls had already seen them – well, Ping at least – so I paid and left for home, still rather confused, though guessing they wouldn’t want to talk about them, let alone show them around, when we had last met for dinner and Ha was there, and also perhaps Mae’s presence. Ok, that made sense.
I arrived home, told Long I wouldn’t need him for the weekend, and grabbed a beer, stripping my work clothes off and substituting a loose pair of house shorts and no shirt. No sport I wanted on TV until this evening, so I opened the photo folders one-by-one, then began again when I had them in order. God, my cock jumped in my pants!
And my phone rang; “Hello?” I answered “Hi, Steve, it’s Trinh, what are you doing?” “Actually, Trinh, I am looking at photos of you!” “Oh, Ping told me you didn’t have them yet! Can I come over and see them, please?” After the briefest of thoughts that Ping still thought she had to battle Trinh for my affection, and maybe had kept her copy of the photos to herself, I couldn’t refuse “Sure, Trinh, I am just relaxing at home. Come over.”
As Trinh pulled up outside on her bike, my mobile rang again: it was Ha; “Hi, Anh, what are you doing?” Oh, I am lost, I thought – and as per usual, I couldn’t lie. “Oh, hi Ha – how are you? Actually, Trinh has just arrived to see me.” “Oh, so I can come over too, yes?” What could I do…but Trinh just then took my mobile from my hand and spoke “Hello, em, I didn’t even know you were here until this morning when Kim told me – I knew you had gone to Hanoi and thought you were still doing business there; I would love to see you before you go home again.” She paused, listening, then “I am just here to pick up Anh Steve, take him to lunch out in the countryside.” Another pause “Yes, I told him it would be hot, but he likes the countryside he told me; you want to come?”
“Oh, ok, yes, too hot – I know, but I promised him we would go. Yes, I’ll tell him, and we’ll phone you when we are back –‘bye Ha”. She hung up, handing the phone back to me.
I was dazed “Where are we going Trinh?” “Inside” she said, “I just told Ha that stuff to keep her away! She said she will call you later.”
‘I am dead’ was my unspoken thought, if Ha finds out, so I let Trinh park in the courtyard and motioned her inside: I needed a beer, but now I had a chance to look at Trinh: she was tall naturally, but with a short jeans skirt on, her long legs seemed unnaturally longer, and when my eyes lifted, her mostly unbuttoned red blouse, exposing a white tube top over large, firm breasts – she can’t have a bra on, I thought, as I could see nipples protruding from either side when she walked past me – and, well: her face was just beautiful in any situation. She brushed closely past me, pausing to look closely at me, no doubt seeing the flush on my face, and equally no doubt feeling the growth in my shorts as she leaned against me; “Chao, Anh” she smiled, entering the front room.
“Want me to get us a beer?” she cooed, turning to look at me over her shoulder. “Yes, please, em – need cooling down, thanks.” I sat on the sofa, and Trinh joined me, a glass for her beer, and a cooler already encasing my can. She picked up the first folder of photos – and soon began moaning. I did notice when she was looking at a photo of Ping she was more subdued, but truly there were ten folders of erotica and they aroused me even looking upside-down or sideways from next to Trinh!
When she came to the final lot, taken when the 4 girls seemed totally in love and in lust with each other under the trees and at the fishing hut, she slumped against me, and said “You did this to us, did this to me, Anh” and she reached across and clamped her mouth on mine, certainly not a lesbian now, Trinh ate my mouth and tongue as if I was again taking her virginity as a male lover, rather than the females she had previously enjoyed. So much for time alone, I shrugged to myself and kissed her back. I broke apart for a moment, “Did you see yourself in the photos, Trinh? Do I take them as well as your studio-photographer friend?”
“Oh, yes, Anh, you do; he never made me wet when I looked at the results of his work – but yours has!” She reached for my hand and slid it under her skirt, to place it against her very wet panties; at the same time she leaned and kissed me and I raised my other hand to grope her breasts under her top. A knock on the door interrupted us; oh, hell has arrived: Ha was outside the door!
Trinh and I broke apart as Ha strode into the room. “Guess there is enough heat here so you didn’t need to go to the countryside, right? Aunty,” she addressed Trinh, “I need to talk with my ex-husband – do you mind if I borrow him for a few minutes?” Trinh couldn’t speak any more than me, as Ha reached for my hand – my cock pushing out my shorts as she pulled me upright and led me upstairs wordlessly. In my bedroom, she pushed me back on the bed, and within a minute she was naked and had stripped me the same! If Ha in Hanoi had raped me, then this Ha, here and now, raped me brutally; on top of me, thrusting her cunt against my rigid prick again and again, cumming for herself but with no thought of me: she didn’t care what happened to me, but she wanted – and she got - her own satisfaction it seemed.
When she collapsed on top of me, I decided to assert my own manliness, and I whipped her over and began.
I pounded inside her, and she grabbed my bum cheeks, just as she used to do when we were married, and squeezed them in her hands, pulling me into her more on every thrust. Nothing had changed, I thought – she had always been an enthusiastic lover when we were married - as she also bit my neck and I wrestled my hands between us and grabbed her boobs and nipples and pulled and stretched them all as I slowed and changed to a more love-making rhythm, deep and shallow, and deeper, as far as I could until she climaxed again, slowly withdrawing when she had settled down and let go of my neck between her teeth. “You didn’t cum – I want you to cum for me, Anh” she sobbed between gasps. “No, Ha, I keep that for another now.” “For whom: Trinh, or Ping, my mother – or maybe Yen?”
“Ha, a gentleman never talks about such matters with another lady; and I still always try to be a gentleman. Anyway, did you get what you wanted from me?” “Not yet, Anh, not yet all I want: I want you to love me again, just like you used to. I made a mistake, and I apologize; I will apologize every day of my life to you, if that’s what you want…” I leaned in and covered her mouth with mine, shutting off further words, and trying to stop myself from crying at the same time. But some tears ran from my eyes, down my cheeks and onto Ha’s also. She leaned back “You do feel it the same, don’t you Chung em?”
I rolled away and lay on my back, one arm under her neck and cuddling her breast gently. “Ha, you left me, you took Yen from me, you fought me to get a divorce, and then you took two years to pay me my small share of all I had given you. Then you forged papers from me and got yourself and Yen settled in Australia. Yet, through all that, I loved you and wanted us back together as a family; yes, I still love you, but not as before, Ha, I can’t do that now. I guess I love you as an ex-husband loves an ex-wife.” I wrapped her in my arms, kissed her forehead and more tears came from me. But not from Ha; she had always been strong – her early years had strengthened her, taught her to go for what she wanted until she got it – and emotions sometimes got in the way of avarice and needs of pure monetary concern.

She wanted me back now like a lost possession suddenly re-found but in danger of being given to another, or others; I knew all this about Ha, perhaps better than she did herself, and I had long ago accepted it, and I still did. But I was at least a little stronger now myself, and knew it was time to step apart from her; so I gently disengaged, went to my bathroom for a shower, and put on a new, stronger, pair of shorts. Ha was still lying in the bed, exposed, watching me; I leaned down, smiled and kissed her gently, and left the room.
I was a little surprised to find Trinh still downstairs, curled on the sofa, dozing, but she woke as I stood over her. “Are you ok, Anh – what did Ha do to you?” I sat beside her for a moment, unsure what to say “She wants me to be hers again, like a dog which has been lost, but I hope I convinced her it cannot be that way again. We all change, and as much as going back might seem a good idea, it cannot be: we all must move forward. Love changes too, but it was, and always remains, Love.” Very sweetly, Trinh patted my hand; “You’re a nice man, Anh, too nice sometimes; I hope no more women do to you what Ha has done, even if she is my niece”.
I smiled and rose to get another beer for both of us, but Trinh declined for the moment, so I sat in the chair and watched Trinh’s legs as she straightened them along the sofa and closed her eyes, as I just contemplated Life at this moment.
Five minutes later, Ha appeared down the stairs, and I ran to the kitchen to get her some water. She had showered and, while subdued, she had a smile on her so-beautiful face; she drained the glass, then announced she was going home, kissing Trinh on the cheeks, and turning to me “Can we have dinner again soon, Anh, catch up some more before I go back to Melbourne?” “Of course we can Ha; next week for starters, and many more after that.” I kissed her cheeks, but she again turned her face to mine and lingered her mouth against mine, “’…many more…’ yes, I like that idea. ‘Bye my husband” and she trailed her tongue across my lips as she twirled away, repeating her ‘byes to Trinh, and only then I realized I hadn’t even heard her bike, her mother’s motorbike, ride up earlier. Now she rode it away.
“Are you ok, Anh?” Trinh asked quietly; “Fine, Trinh, but ready for an afternoon sleep soon. And you?” “Good idea, your place or mine?” she smiled.
“Well, since we are already here: what about here?” It was good to purge, even if only for a short time, serious thoughts and memories, and be in a more jocular mood for a while with Trinh. I locked up as Trinh preceded me up the stairs, undoing the buttons of her blouse and stripping it off as she went, then nonchalantly dropping it over her shoulder to land at my feet. “Do you have a slave pick up after you in your home?” I asked as I bent down for her blouse. She laughed, then paused while she crossed her hands over her chest and pulled her tube top off up over her head, dropping it behind her also; she had no bra to remove I knew already. At the top step she stopped, and as she reached behind and slowly unzipped her skirt, I was right there and I reached my hands around her back to cup her breasts, her soft, big breasts with nipples already stiff and begging. Her skirt fell down on my feet, then her panties on my head as I bent over, now with an armful of her clothes, and she padded off into the bathroom, while I folded her clothes and laid them on a chair, stripping off my only clothes – my shorts – and sliding under the quilt.

I was falling into sleep when Trinh’s body spooned itself back against mine, and I automatically wrapped an arm across her to cup a breast – my preferred sleeping position – and lightly kissed her shoulder, “Good afternoon” I whispered and snuggled closer to sleep. Trinh settled against my body, pulling my arm tight against her and my hand tighter against her breast, and we both drifted off to sleep.
I normally wake from an afternoon nap after one hour, give or take five minutes; a clock in my brain seemed programmed to tell me this was enough – at least when I slept alone it worked. Today, when I looked at the clock beside my bed on opening my eyes, I was surprised to find it about two hours after we had come upstairs. Trinh was breathing softly beside me, and was still well asleep, as I found we were laying flat on our backs with our hands holding each other’s tightly between our bodies. I was in that half-woken state, not quite ready to give up a nice sleeping state, but I rolled to my side facing Trinh, and gently cupped the breast nearest to me, no intention of waking her, just feeling comfortable with her here.
She didn’t stir, and after perhaps five minutes I knew I wasn’t going to sleep further, so I withdrew my hands and quietly slipped sideways and out of bed. I picked up my shorts and crept downstairs to wash my face and clean my teeth there, then made a coffee and turned the TV on with low volume to watch the BBC. An hour later, I heard movement above, the toilet flush, and the water pump continuing: equal to telling me Trinh was washing or showering again. Then she appeared downstairs, wrapped in Yen’s sarong; “Is it ok if I borrow this, Anh, just until I shower and wash my hair soon?” “As I stared at her body, vaguely covered but hardly hidden behind the sarong, I answered of course, Yen wouldn’t mind. “Can I also borrow a toothbrush, Anh?” so I gave her a new one from the cupboard in the kitchen, and she used the downstairs bathroom. She came out smiling, “That was a most wonderful sleep! I must have been tired; did you sleep well, Anh?” “After making love with you twice, Trinh, I sure did sleep well!” She gaped at me “Really? I didn’t…I don’t believe you…you’re joking aren’t you, Anh?” I just smiled enigmatically but didn’t respond further, turned to watch the TV. “I would have known if you did, I would have woken; you didn’t! – But if you had, I hope it was nice for you, Anh; my dream of you was also really nice.”
“No Trinh, I didn’t do anything; you slept for about three hours, and I slept for two. I did nothing more than cuddle your breasts, and we both slept well, and I felt well, really nice, you know what I mean Trinh?” “Yes, I know, Anh; it was, and again you are the only man who could make me feel that nice”. She moved to me and leant down for a light kiss on my lips, and then she went into the kitchen and poured herself some orange juice, joining me on the sofa and holding my hand. Trinh picked up the photos again, just as her mobile rang, and when she answered I knew it was Kim. I understood from hearing Trinh’s side of the conversation, and when Trinh looked at me, I nodded: we were going for dinner with Kim.
Time for a beer, as Trinh said “Thank you for folding my clothes, Anh, that was sweet of you; I’ll just go and put them on, go home and get ready for dinner.” “Where are we going, Trinh, did Kim say?” Before she could open her mouth, her phone rang, and it was Kim again; when she said ‘bye she turned to me and said “Trinh wanted us to have dinner at her house, but now she says Phung can’t get the night off work, so she asked if ok we go to Phung’s restaurant – she said you always seem to enjoy it there, and hoped you would again tonight, ok Anh?”
“Fine, Trinh, I have always found enjoyment with beautiful women, wherever it is!” I smiled at her, as she went up the stairs, throwing the sarong over her shoulder to me. I folded it up, finished my beer as I stood outside with a cigarette, and Trinh came out to go home, starting her bike and getting on – her short skirt riding high on her thighs, but local girls know how to avoid ‘peeping toms’ by bending their knees in closely together. “I’ll pick you up in about an hour and a half, ok, Anh – enough time for you to get ready?” “Very funny, em – is it enough time for you is more likely. Bye.”
I had washed my hair, shaved and showered and was sitting in a pair of shorts within twenty minutes, a sigh escaping as I turned on BBC news for my first alone time of the weekend I had thought would be all alone. My mobile rang, “Hi Liem” I answered “I was going to call you Monday. What’s up, are you ok – your mother ok?” “Chao, Anh, yes, we are all fine, thanks. Anh…” she hesitated, “Liem is something wrong in the office?” “Yes, Anh, I think so and I could only think of you to talk to about it.”
“You did right, Liem; in fact, that’s why I was going to phone you Monday – something about Anh Duc’s weekly report I read this morning disturbed me, and I thought you might give me an idea before I talked to him, so go ahead Liem, I am listening.” “Yes, Anh Steve, Anh Duc has been acting strangely the past week or so, we all noticed it: he was hardly in the office and when he was he was always on his mobile, he was angry with all the staff, his secretary was in tears half the week after he was very rude with her, and yesterday and today he just didn’t turn up and nobody could reach him. Even his driver didn’t know where he was, there is nobody at his house, and he took his car himself Thursday night, and it’s gone. Anh Steve, this morning when I checked our bank balances, there was a lot of money withdrawn yesterday – by Anh Duc.” “Liem, he can’t withdraw without a second signature, those are our rules.” ‘Yes, Anh Steve, and when I advised Chi Tinh, our chief accountant, she checked the Bank and they had given Anh Duc the cash because he had an authority letter he signed in front of them – but he must have forged Chi Tinh’s signature first; that’s how it seems he got the Bank to agree.
What can I do, Anh Steve?” “Nothing just now, Liem, don’t worry; I will talk to the Boss here, and I will fly up tomorrow, and go and see the Bank Monday with Chi Tinh, then decide if we call in the police. How much did he take Liem?” “About $35,000, Anh, sorry; ok, I will phone Chi Tinh and tell her, and if you can advise ETA I will have a car pick you up. “Bye Anh Steve.”
What a mess! I thought, as I phoned my manager and appraised him, after first getting a disconnected message when I tried Duc’s mobile. My boss agreed I should go up, then contact him Monday and advise him if he needed fly up also – he was, after all, not only the Boss but also Vietnamese: there was only a certain amount I, as a foreigner, could do. He would phone his secretary to book a flight and she would let me know later. We left it at that, both sorry the weekend had taken a decidedly negative turn. I made some notes as to the steps I thought needed to be taken, the questions to be asked, and then put my pen down.
I went for a beer: time to put aside matters I could do nothing about for now, and compartmentalize them to drag out tomorrow; now I could watch BBC News and get ready for dinner.
I did, and I did; deciding, unusually for me, I would wear jeans and a nice, ironed, collared shirt from Thailand. When Trinh came soon after, she whistled “Wow, I haven’t seen you dressed up so nicely casually – only your business clothes, or shorts! You are a handsome man, Anh Steve.” “Sometimes, em, I do wear nice clothes – really; but, I mostly wear what’s comfortable: I don’t care for ‘hi-so’ fashion, and don’t pretend to be what I am not. You, however, always look stunning – as you do now, and my turn to say ‘wow!’”
Trinh was dressed in a mid-thigh length floral, cotton skirt which flared as she walked, accentuating the long, slim legs below, and a loose cotton top – loose, but which allowed the points of her breasts to push the material out and give a big hint as to what was also there: large breasts. But it was vaguely hidden by a blazer, and a watcher had to more imagine the underneath while waiting for peeks when the sides slipped open. It was seductive, and I was no less susceptible than any other person, male or female. I felt seduced. “How many minutes ago did you dress, Trinh?” “I don’t know, about 20-30 I guess – why?”
“Because, in 21 or 31 minutes I could have you undressed and naked, and we could just stay at home! You look absolutely edible, starter/main course and dessert all in one. Wait till Kim and Phung see you – I am lost against such competition.” She twirled around, her skirt flaring wide – did she have panties on I wondered – and faced me, bowing; “Thank you sir, you are so romantic with a lady! But, if what you say turns out to be true, maybe you need fight for me – can you do that, Anh Steve?” “I could fight Phung – she’s smaller than me, but then I would need to fight Kim; but I can’t do that: she’s your aunty, Trinh, and my ex-aunty, and we must show respect. I guess I will have to give you to them if they insist – unless you choose for yourself; are you ready to go?” I locked the house behind me and jumped on the bike behind Trinh, and we rode off. I held my hands against her thighs, keeping her skirt from blowing up and also allowing me to caress her through the material. “Is this your way of fighting perhaps, Anh Steve – trying to make me feel wet and wanting even before dinner?” “Me? – I am just holding your skirt down, Trinh, so I don’t have a thousand others to fight off also!” She laughed, throwing her hair back into my face as she sped on.
“What do you feel, Anh?” Trinh asked as she braked sharply for a red light, and I slid on the seat to press my groin against her. “I feel you have no panties on, Trinh, that’s what I feel” as my hands had been sliding up her thighs, I had realized there was nothing underneath; “Trinh, we are in Vietnam – you can’t do things like this, really! In fact, you can’t do this anywhere!” “Why, Anh; Kim said this is how Yen says you like to go to dinner!” I rolled my eyes, and just made sure I he

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LaMar and Leon (what Just Happened part 2)

After ‘Master’ left me chained there, in what you would have to call and I now realized was a dungeon, I started to panic. I had not wanted to and had been able to avoid dealing with thinking about what master had subjected me to, fucking my ass and not just making me suck on his huge cock, but swallow his cum and then thank him for using me that way. But now left alone, still chained to the floor, the reality was starting to sink in. How was I going to get out and what had happened to my friends...


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Incestia --- [2]

Part 2 [the last of the bi theme for awhile] _____________________________ Judge Ciro T. Nikolai was seated behind a huge desk as Avan Volka and his young nephew Caci entered the judge’s chamber. Nikolai was a gruff sort with hard eyes and a wrinkled and stern face. He motioned for Avan and the boy to be seated on the opposite side of his desk. “Volka,” he began, “I have here a Grant of Immigration and since their father can’t answer for himself, your signature will suffice.” The judge raised the four-page document and flipped to the last page. “Here. On the...


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My dad sat there and watched

When I was 16 and almost 17 my father remarried and to a lovely and very buxom wife, much larger tits than mom has by far and he says that’s one of her many qualities too, she’s a great cook and loves to have fun of all kinds. Well I’m away for the summer when all this happens, I instruct in computer sciences at the local high school, seems I have a natural knack for it for some weird reason, I see code in my head or something like that and I’m always doing four or five things at once on...


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The Rules of Detention

18 year old Derek sat in the middle of a semi-full daytime classroom. He was tired of his bitch teacher assigning twenty pages of homework every night. She always acted like she was up on some high horse. He glanced at his classmates around him, who most were scrambling to get their homework completed before the teacher walked in. He hated that the homework was becoming a problem with his ability to play football. His coach told him that unless he got his grades up, he would soon find himself benched until they got up to a B average. He didn't...


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Farmer's Daughter - Part 1 & 2

Author's Note: This one is not a romance story, please look elsewhere if that is what you are seeking Part 1 - Caught At first, I couldn't believe my ears. As I walked around tending livestock and crops, I heard the soft moans of a female coming from the barn. Several bicycles were laying on the ground nearby. When I peeked inside through a crack in the wooden barn door, I also couldn't believe my eyes. There was my sweet little sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth, naked on all fours on the ground. She was surrounded by half a dozen teenage...


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Shacking Up

Shacking Up Holly turned onto the gravel road the led to her private lake and breathed a sigh of relief. Parking beside the big oak where she always did, she was just a few yards from the lake. Just above was her shack. She could have built a mansion here if she wanted to, but the shack that was here when she first acquired the property over twenty years ago. It was at first a place for fun and games with her first lover. Now it was her refuge from the corporate world and it was private, far off the main...


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Fucking Julie

My girlfriend’s sister came to visit, escaping the East Coast and an overbearing, domineering boyfriend by putting 3,000 miles between them. Lynn’s sister was younger by a couple of years and she would tell me stories about their adventures together when in high school and Julie's wildness. The family called her “nudie Julie” because she would strip her clothing to sunbathe or go skinny dipping at the drop of a hat. I was looking forward to her visit, to say the least. Lynn and I had met in college when I was going out with one of her roomies. She lived...


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