Farmer's Daughter - Part 1 & 2

Farmer's Daughter - Part 1 & 2

Author's Note: This one is not a romance story, please look elsewhere if that is what you are seeking

Part 1 - Caught

At first, I couldn't believe my ears. As I walked around tending livestock and crops, I heard the soft moans of a female coming from the barn. Several bicycles were laying on the ground nearby. When I peeked inside through a crack in the wooden barn door, I also couldn't believe my eyes. There was my sweet little sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth, naked on all fours on the ground. She was surrounded by half a dozen teenage boys jacking their little dicks, and one kid was fucking her from behind! My daughter was being fucked like a slut right in front of my eyes! Rage crept over me. Getting fucked in my barn, on my farm! The farm where I broke my back working from dawn till dusk in order to put food in this slut's belly and clothes on her back after her mother left me!

My blood was boiling, yet I stood frozen in my tracks, too blinded by rage to think clearly. The minutes ticked by. One after another, the boys stepped up and took her from behind. Each one spermed in her cunt. With each disgusting load of cream pumped into her womb, my anger grew exponentially. My fists were balled up at my sides. She was sucking the cocks of the ones who weren't fucking her, blowing their dicks back to life so she could keep taking them up in her dripping whore-hole! I had no clue she was sexually active. And yet there she was, looking so, so... ripe. I could see her engorged pussy gash, her lips so pink and swollen from all the cocks penetrating her. The dangling folds of succulent cunt flesh were pushed in and out with each rhythmic thrust. It was utterly hypnotic. Though her cunt mound looked nearly hairless, I caught glimpses of what appeared to be a tiny patch of blond pubic hair right over her slit.

I realized my dick was twitching in spite of myself. It was growing harder at the sight of her moist cunt flesh, her supple asscheeks, her tiny puckered asshole, her hips... From my vantage point I had a great view of her pussy but not such a great view of her tits, though I could hear them slapping against her chest. It seemed nearly overnight she'd gone from flat-chested to a nice C cup! Every so often I'd catch a glimpse of her tits swinging, her nipples looking large and as pink and puffy as her cunt meat! The sight and the sound of my teen daughter's penetration was driving me insane!

It was difficult to tear my eyes away from the scene, but I finally turned and ran back to the house. I came out with my shotgun and my big, black, male German Shepherd named Lucifer, also affectionately known as Luke. Then I hurriedly cut a path through a big cornfield towards the barn. As I neared the exit of the cornfield, my heart skipped a beat when I heard the faint moaning and slapping sounds again coming from the barn. Her cries grew louder until I was standing outside the barn door once more peering in on the sight of her getting fucked hard by a bunch of teen boys. They were still taking turns hammering her doggystyle with an endless parade of cocks going in and out of her slutty mouth. Rage overwhelmed me anew, but I could also feel my prick twinge with arousal. She was, after all, a succulent blond teenage girl with a gloriously wet and thick pussy!

Luke stood obediently at my side, waiting for my next move. Taking a deep breath, I flung the barn door open while simultaneously cocking my shotgun. Everybody screamed. Luke barked loudly and then growled, baring his sharp white teeth. It scared the shit out of the boys -- two of them ran out naked, leaving their clothes and bikes behind. The rest managed to get their clothes and leave my daughter prone on the ground on her hands and knees, her pretty blue eyes wide with surprise. Her wavy blond hair was slick from sweat and pulled back in a loose ponytail.

"Daddy, you saved me! They were raping me! You're my hero!" Elizabeth said breathlessly, looking up at me from the ground.

"Oh, please, spare me your bullshit, you little slut!" I shouted, aiming my shotgun down at her. "You were letting them fuck your pussy and enjoying it all the way!"

"But, Daddy they were hurting me --" she said with a whimper in her voice. How pathetic! Her lies only pissed me off further.

"Bullshit!" I screamed, spittle flying at her nude back. The barrel of my gun moved a few inches from her face. She seemed unfazed.

"Well, what the hell do you want me to say, Daddy? I'll tell you the truth, I love fucking those guys, I've fucked a lot of guys, and I'll continue to fuck a lot of guys, thank you very much!" she said with a sneer.

She then rolled her eyes. I seethed with anger -- this fucking slut actually had the audacity to roll her eyes at me! My hand came down on her asscheek with a powerful smack, making her yelp. Walking behind her, I saw a steady trickle of sperm oozing out of her cunthole, coating her thighs with a creamy glaze. She was a disgusting mess, and I told her so. I spat at the ground, inches from her face, making her wince. Then I suddenly put my knee into her back, forcing all the air from her lungs, and I grabbed a ball of twine from my pocket. I pulled her arms behind her back and bound her wrists tightly with the twine while she hollered and tried to buck me off of her. She shrieked loudly when my hand came down hard on her asscheek again. I took the collar and leather leash off my dog and put it around Elizabeth's neck.

"What the fuck, Dad? What the fuck are you doing? Stop it! Stop! Dad! Dad, come on --"

I pulled hard on the leash, choking off her sentence. With my shotgun in one hand, I picked her up and pulled her outside. Elizabeth shouted and called for help, but our land was expansive and isolated. There were no neighbors to hear her cries, and all her pathetic little boyfriends had run for the hills! I threw her down to her knees on the ground and pushed her face into the grass, her ass up in the air. Luke panted beside me, watching my every move. I laid the shotgun down. Elizabeth grunted as I then shoved the hard metal end of a green watering hose into her gaping pussyhole. I turned the knob, releasing a torrent of cold water into her cunt. She squealed and writhed around on the grass. The water flooded her cunt, cleaning the sperm from her depths.

Her pussy was still so pink and engorged from all those boys fucking her, even though they all had tiny little boy pricks -- nowhere near as strong and manly as my cock when it's ready to fuck. I pack 9 and 1/2 inches of steel, nearly as thick as a soda can, and it was now throbbing in my jeans at the sight of Liz's puffy pink cunt with her thick, dangling cuntlips. I could see the rippled cunt flesh surrounding her hole, I could even see her hard, tiny pearl of a clit. Her body heaved with fright. My cock had been semi-erect since I'd first peered through the barn door and saw her naked, tight body getting hammered by all those boys. Staring down into her pulsing, wet hole made my prick only grow harder.

Elizabeth let out another yelp of pain when I pulled her up by her bound wrists and stood her unsteadily on her feet. I stared her naked body up and down, from her pert breasts with big nipples down to her flat belly and puffy pubic mound to her skinny, pale legs and bare feet with red painted toenails. My daughter's blue eyes widened when she noticed the burgeoning erection in my jeans. Luke panted calmly, staring up at us. She swallowed hard, staring at my growing bulge. I grabbed my shotgun and the handle of the leash that was dangling from her neck and I pulled her into the cornfield. My plan was to relentlessly fuck her all over the farm.

Part 2 - Punishment & Pleasure

Once we were on a path a few feet into the cornfield, I shoved her down hard onto the ground, making her cry out again from the sharp cornstalks scraping her naked body. She began pleading with me, tears in her eyes. I pointed my shotgun at her and her cries turned to uncontrollable sobs. Luke calmly trotted off amongst the tall stalks of corn. She looked up at me helplessly, her breasts heaving from her sobs, but then she started screaming and begging again when my hand went to my zipper. Her teary blue eyes widened as I unleashed my massive prick from my boxers, inch by raging inch. Veins bulged throughout the thick, hard shaft. For the first time she was seeing a man's cock! This wasn't one of those puny little boy cocks she'd been fucking. I took the base of my shaft in hand and pumped it a few times, my shotgun in my other hand. Her eyes were on my big, purple, mushroom-shaped cockhead. A smile crept over my face.

"Suck it," I said, pointing my hard dick right at her face.

Elizabeth's mouth opened in shock and I quickly moved in, thrusting my prick between her parted lips. She resisted and I aimed the gun at her. I told her if she tried to bite me or any other funny stuff I'd shoot her. Then I bucked my hips hard and started fucking her face. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She looked up at me with her big, teary eyes, sitting on her knees with her hands tied behind her back while Daddy shoved his prick way into her throat. I face-fucked her so powerfully that she fell over onto her back, grunting and sputtering around my dick. She writhed on the ground on her back and I just bent down and continued thrusting into her throat, feeling her tongue grazing the bottom of my shaft. Finally, I blew a huge load right down her gullet, making her cough and choke. I grunted, my massive deposit of sperm flooding into her gut. My left hand was still clenching the butt of the shotgun, which was now aiming into the ground as I ejaculated the last gobs of cum deep inside my sweet little daughter's throat.

She thought I was just going to fuck her mouth and be done with her. But of course I had other intentions. I knew I'd be able to keep my hard-on almost indefinitely once I'd shot a load. Usually I could go for a few hours after blowing my first wad, and there were many nights I spent fucking Liz's mom from midnight till dawn until her pussy couldn't take any more. It had been far too long since I'd had that kind of action. But that was all about to change.

When my prick throbbed its last globs of cum down into my daughter's throat, I pulled it out of her mouth and she stared up at me in shock, swallowing hard. I think she grew even more frightened when I laid the gun down, my hand still on my dick. Her legs were splayed open as she lay prone on her back. I could see her wet, pink gash glistening in the dappled sunlight shining through the corn. She really was so beautifully ripe. My prick wouldn't even deflate. I stroked it back to maximum hardness in just a few minutes, inspired by the sight of my daughter's naked teen body spread before me. Her tears fell quietly now.

I straddled her body and then let all of my weight fall on top of her. Elizabeth screamed again, feeling my hard cock stab into her thigh. My face was inches from hers. She stared back at me, unblinking. I smiled and teased her, making her groan as I thrust my shaft along her juicy slit before penetrating her. While humping her moist gash, I bent my head down and kissed her neck. She struggled beneath me, but I easily overpowered her barely 5ft frame. My dickhead parted her pussylips and she gasped. Now she knew there was no escaping it -- her Daddy was gonna fuck her with his big, strong prick! I began thrusting steadily, now forcing my thick meat inside her teen cunthole inch by inch. She screamed beneath me until I had to hold my hand over her mouth, silencing her annoying shrieks. Half my cock was inside her hot, velvety hole, her pussy walls feeling snug around my raging muscle. Tears fell down her cheeks. She stared up at me, right into my eyes, the whole time.

"Take it, Lizzy," I growled. "Take that big dick way up in your little pussy!"

My prick tore into her, splitting her little cunt open. Her cries were muffled by my hand. It felt glorious, her pussy still so tight despite fucking all those guys. Good thing they all had small dicks! I built up a fast pace until I was bucking wildly at her while she lay beneath me on the broken cornstalks. She tried to kick me off but I maintained my steady thrusts. I was buried balls deep inside of her cunthole, my dickhead stuck securely in her womb. I was dominating her, punishing the little minx with my powerful prick! My body crushed her down to the ground. I was really hammering her hard and grunting all the while, delirious now from arousal and rage. My eyes closed, a conflicting mix of bliss and anger washing over me as I became lost in the rhythm of my own thrusts. Fucking my daughter, my own flesh and blood, filling her incredibly tight sixteen year old pussy with my powerful prick, seeking to flood her womb with my sperm...

Then suddenly she bit my hand and I cursed and smacked her hard across the face, my reverie ending abruptly. I pulled my cock from her hot cunthole and she gasped again. She sniffled, the tears continuing to fall, her eyes on my big prick all shiny and glazed from her cunt-juices. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder, bending over to get my shotgun, too. The German Shepherd trotted after me as I then carried Liz's petite body over to the shed. The dog was named Lucifer, for he could be vicious on command -- my command. Lizzy had always been terrified of him, but he loved me and never disobeyed me. He was Luke to me, Lucifer to everyone else. The dog waited patiently outside the shed door, standing guard for his master.

Inside the shed, I grabbed a roll of duct tape from my workbench and tore off a piece with my teeth. I put it over her mouth, silencing her shouts and curses. Then I bent her over my workbench and began fucking her hard from behind. She groaned into the tape. I grunted into her ear while thrusting deeply in and out of her juicy cunt, savoring the feeling of her young pussy walls clenching my cock. The shed was soon filled with the slapping sounds of my prick penetrating her cunt and my balls smacking against her gash. There were tools hanging all around us, all of them shaking from the force of my thrusts into my daughter's teen pussyhole.

After a few minutes penetrating her hard over my workbench, I abruptly pulled my cock out. My hand was still on the handle of the leash. I pushed her onto her back on the bench and grabbed one of my power drills. It had a twisted drill bit on it that was several inches long, and she began screaming into her gag as I inserted it slowly into her gaping cunthole. I traced circles around the rim of her hole with it before poking it further inside. She froze, crying and shouting into the tape. I chuckled, pushing another inch of the drill bit into her pussy. Then I began pushing it in and out of her, fucking her with it while she cried.

"Listen here, slut," I said through gritted teeth. "It's in your best interests not to resist me. You aren't really in a position to resist your father now, are you?" Elizabeth shook her head, her blue eyes so wide. "That's right, whore-child. You need to be punished for what Daddy caught you doing. How many boys were in that barn, Lizzy? Seven? Eight? All taking their turns fucking you... What a nasty little slut! Good for nothin' else but a fuckin'! And you're barely even sixteen years old!"

I removed the drill bit and tugged on the leash, pulling her off the hard bench and then forcing her out of the shed and back into the bright sunlight. Now she had tape covering her mouth, a dog collar and leash around her neck, and her hands still bound behind her back. And her back was all muddy and scratched from the hard cornfield fuck and workbench fuck. Her blond hair was matted to her skull. Tears cut trails through the grime on her muddy cheeks. She stumbled a few times as I led her onward through a field, stopping at a gigantic farm tractor along the way. Lucifer trotted along with us, panting in the heat of the afternoon sun.

Despite the tape on her mouth, I could hear Liz's muffled screams when I then threw her down onto her hands and knees, shoving her head down under one of the huge tractor wheels. My prick plunged back inside of her and I was balls-deep in her cunthole again in seconds, throwing my head back in ecstasy. I fucked her so hard that I was pushing her body forward beneath me until her face was right against the hard rubber of the giant wheel. We both grunted from my savage penetration. She kicked her legs in a futile attempt to get me off of her back. My strong, muscular body was hardened and sculpted from a life working on the farm, easily dominating my petite teen daughter and pinning her down so my cock could enthrall within the depths of her moist cunt flesh!

After a few minutes wildly fucking her against the tractor, I had to pull out and catch my breath. She cried, her shoulders slumped and her face falling to the grass. Grass clippings were sticking to her sweaty skin. Her pussy gash was a brilliant, sexy, red color, her little black pussyhole gaping open from my powerful thrusting. The sparse blond hair on her fat cunt mound was shimmering in the sun. I shook my head -- she would have been such a lovely young woman if she hadn't turned into such a nasty slut! What a damn shame. But there was nothing else to do aside from joining in and reveling in the depths of her hot cunt walls, fucking her like only a real man can!

Luke sat by my side, both of us staring down at the used blond teen. I scooped Elizabeth up, throwing her over my shoulder, and walked slowly to the house. All that hard fucking had made me thirsty! In one fell swoop of my arm I knocked everything off the kitchen table into a clattering mess on the floor, and I then laid my daughter down on her back. I poured a glass of ice water and proceeded to guzzle it while slowly thrusting my cock back inside her hole. Drips of the cool liquid fell onto her hot gash as I fucked her, making her body writhe and twist on the table. I grinned, downing the glass of water while fucking her, knowing she must also be parched from the hot sex and blazing temperatures outside. When I finished the glass, I turned it upside down and let the last drops drizzle upon her naked body.

I pulled my cock from her slick hole and took an ice cube from the tray. Then I spread Liz's cuntlips with my fingers and quickly shoved the ice cube deep inside of her hole. Elizabeth shrieked into her gag. Water started dripping out of her scorching pussy moments later. A puddle formed on the table. I smiled, telling her that this is what happens what young girls give themselves up to boys so easily -- they're good for nothing more than fuckery! She glared at me angrily, but I just smiled back. Then I grabbed her off the table and stood her on her feet. Her whole back was red from the hard pounding she was getting and also from the tension of her arms still tied tightly behind her back.

Elizabeth was filthy and disgusting -- she was a disgusting young whore but she was also filthy because I'd been fucking her all over the dirty ground. So I fucked her in the shower for awhile. Her cries were still muffled from the duct tape on her mouth, but at one point while I fucked her from behind in the bathtub, I swear I could hear a moan come from her throat. As good as it felt to screw her all over the place, my balls were starting to ache and I needed to cum badly! I got her out of the tub and didn't even bother drying us off. She grunted as I then picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom and to her bedroom. I kicked the door open and dropped her on the bed. Liz screamed for help when I ripped the duct tape off her mouth. Her eyes met mine, tears falling down her cheeks.

"What the fuck, Dad?! Fuck you! Fuck you, Dad! Stop it! Please! Stop, you're hurting me, please, no more, leave me alone! No! No! Please!" Liz shouted, her voice sounding hoarse.

She stared up at me from her girly pink bed as she lay there so helplessly on her back. But I straddled her prone body and forced her taut thighs apart. She was weakened from resisting me, her legs easily falling open. I paused for a few seconds, the base of my steel prick in hand. My balls felt hard; they were ready to blow, but I was trying to last as long as humanly possible. Then I aimed my big purple cockhead right for her gash and split her pussy open with my raging muscle, punishing her cunt with the force of my penetration. Liz let out a loud scream. Her bed was soon creaking loudly from my hard hammering. I loved fucking her on her girly pink bedspread! She was still young enough to have some dolls and stuffed animals surrounding her bed along with pictures of her cute friends from school in their skanky little clothes.

I grabbed Liz's ankles and forced her skinny legs up over her head, allowing my cock to penetrate her hole to the absolute fullest. I knew my prickhead was ready to blow a massive load right into her cervix! She was still screaming so I grabbed a pillow and put it over her face, holding it down firmly for a few seconds but easing up when she stopped shrieking. I heard some muffled grunts coming from under the pillow as I continued to nail her hard with her body folded up beneath me. The lewd slapping sounds of my cock in her cunt were echoing off the walls. I grunted like a madman, using every muscle in my body to fuck her, to impale her, to inundate her with cock and cum! She was softly moaning, "No, no, no" from under the pillow.

My balls smashed against her pussy gash, ready to burst at any second. I took the pillow off her face and she stared up at me, her mouth hanging open as she gasped for air. All of the noise in the room seemed to reach a crescendo: The squeaking of the bed, the slapping of skin on skin, my animalistic grunts, Liz's cries, the sound of my cock squelching from within her juicy pussy -- it all turned into a loud roar in my ears until finally there was silence and I realized I'd thrust hard into her one final time. My prick was pulsating, my face contorting as torrents of sperm erupted from my cockhead directly into her womb. I was gasping, my hands clawing at her supple thighs. She stared into my eyes, her mouth agape from shock, her breasts heaving. It seemed my cock went on throbbing into her womb forever. She knew her father was inseminating her teen slut-hole; surely she could feel my pulsating prick and the hot jets of cum washing over her cunt walls. A feeling she was all too familiar with.

I stayed inside her, keeping her legs high over her head for several minutes after I'd ejaculated into her teen womb. Our breathing slowed. Elizabeth stopped staring at me. She'd closed her eyes and was just laying there crying with her Daddy's prick buried way up in her cunt. A grin crept over my face knowing my prick reached further into her cunt hole than any of those tiny boy pricks she'd been screwing. My sperm surely flooded her cervix. I already couldn't wait to fuck her again!

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