Wild Side

Wild Side

Wild Side
by DDWArd©
revised by DinoMagick (I did not write this story, only revised it and made some minor grammatical changes to make it easier to read. I added a little to the ending, but the majority of the story belongs to DDWArd and Asylumchild.

A World of Warcraft Erotica by Asylumchild

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction for entertainment only. World of Warcraft and all related material are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment. Furthermore, the following story borders on mature themes such as minor bestiality. Reader discretion is advised.

The Harvest Time had come to Azeroth and the lands were filled with cooler breezes and bright colors of the changing seasons. The vast forests of the World Tree, Teldrassil, were no exception. The grasses were a lush carpet blanketing the scene of gold, reds, yellows, and browns as the many variety of mystical trees shed their leaves heralding the coming of winter. The streams flowed slower as they grew colder over the hills and cliffs preparing too for the ice that would soon follow.

Such was even the scene when the bright face of Elune rose above these magical lands. This was the chosen time of the Night Elves. Joining them in this nightly celebration of nature and beauty were the refugees from the distant lands of Gilneas, the Worgen. Guided by the Night Elves, the Worgen had found a new home and a newer hope. Some had even been trained in the sacred arts of Druidism.

Baron Wyatt sat near the stream feeling the grass and the wind. His long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he wriggled his bare toes in the dirt near the bank of a stream as the wind cooled his face. Like most nights, he sat looking at the moon and quietly thanking the goddess for her kindness at having the Night Elves rescue his people. Without them, he had no idea what would have happened. Since then, he had dedicated himself to the practice of druid magic. He found that he was more frustrated than anything trying to do the wonderful things he had seen the Night Elves do, but he thought most of his anger was due to the Curse that the refugees all suffered from.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt the presence of something large in the shadows. He cautiously looked over his shoulder and peered into the gloom reaching prudently to his quarterstaff. As his fingers tightened on the wooden weapon, he held his breath and listened. No sound reached his ears. He did not move but listened and looked at the darkness that his eyes had not adjusted to yet. Thinking himself foolish and paranoid, he silently cursed himself for being so skittish and relaxed his guard. That's when the large cat pounced.

He cried in alarm as the animal knocked him completely off his perch and sent him flying into the cold water of the stream. Baron thrashed back up to the surface gasping in a shocked breath. Peals of musical laughter rang through the night as Baron stood in the shallow water soaked to the bone and angry as a hornet. The cat was gone and in its place was a beautiful Night Elf druid who rolled on the grass laughing uncontrollably.

Her skin was not the normal purple tone as the others of her race but instead was the pale color of the moon with dark blue hair that spilled over her shoulders and down a slender torso. Playful glowing eyes like twin stars were decorated by tribal markings and full pouting lips curved into a wide smile illuminating a heart shaped almost girlish face.

"That was n – n- not FUNNY, Illstya!" Baron growled shivering from the cold dip in the stream.

The Night Elf stifled her laughter to a few quiet giggles as she reached her hand to Baron to aid him out of the cold water. His simple robes were soaked and clung to his wet body heavily. She covered her mouth again trying to stop the flood of giggles erupting once more.

"I'm sorry," she said in a song-like voice. "I couldn't help but take advantage of that situation, my dearest Baron."

Illstya was his druid teacher and although she was older than he was by about a century, she still looked youthful and spry as a teenage Human girl. Baron couldn't be mad at her as she simply sat and smiled. She knew he couldn't stay mad at her and that made it even worse for him. He always felt like a poor novice in her presence. She was never harsh or cruel to him, but he always felt as if she were mocking him. Looking at her smiling face as she sat on the edge of the rocks dangling her delicate feet in the water, he knew it was her playful nature and charm that he had come to adore.

In the coming weeks of his training, the Night Elf and the Worgen had become close friends. They were practically inseparable. Baron could not help that he was growing closer to his shadowed self but he could never tell her. Even if she felt the same (and it was never clear if the girl was serious about anything), he was almost completely positive that she could and would never accept him and his ... condition. There were things that even he had trouble accepting.

He tried in vain to wring the water out of his robes as he heard mirthful giggles coming from Illstya once again. Anger began to rise again in him and he glared at the Night Elf. She did not seem at all threatened by his expression and pouted her lips in a teasing fashion to him as she continued to playfully splash her feet in the stream. When she turned her attention away from him, Baron sprang into action. Illstya yelped in shock as Baron bowled into her. He had planned to only push her in but his wet robes pulled on him and he tumbled in after her.

Baron found himself once again sputtering for air splashing in the stream until he regained his balance. Illstya emerged in front of him gasping. Her hair was about her face in wet ringlets and her robes were now as soaked as his now twice soaked ones. The laughter had stopped and Baron was now looking at a furious and thoroughly soaked Night Elf woman. Her eyes glowed viciously as she stomped with a murderous look over to the shivering Worgen.

"Now, Illstya," Baron stammered holding up a hand in a feeble attempt to ward off her fury. "I didn't mean to ... I just meant to ... Don't be angry ... please ... I ..."

He tried to make an escape but found himself backing up into deeper water. When the cold water had reached his waist, he realized he had nowhere to escape. The Night Elf came on. Her body shook and Baron was not sure it was from the cold or her fury. With a primal screech, Illstya pounced on Baron sending the both of them into a torrent of splashing cold water. They splashed each other and wrestled in the waist deep stream. Illstya muttered curses in Darnassian and Common as she swung her fists half-heartedly at Baron who could only duck as best as he could and shield his face from any stray blows and splashes.

Illstya stumbled into Baron's arms and they splashed for a bit before she regained her balance. Their eyes locked: his in fear and hers in fury. When the struggling and splashing stopped they both stared at each other and noted that they both were wet and shivering to the point that their teeth chattered in almost perfect rhythm. As one they smiled and then trembled with laughter that started in their freezing guts and exploded as loud long cackles.

They laughed for what seemed like an eternity until they faded into a few stray chortles. Illstya ran her hands over Baron's broad shoulders (even though she was almost a full head taller than he was) and looked into his eyes. Baron swallowed noting the look that crossed her face. It was unmistakable as she seemed to scrutinize every inch of his face as her hands moved slowly over his shoulders. Her lips parted slightly and the very tip of her tongue unconsciously moistened her top lip. Baron was frozen lost in her eyes and her touch holding her around her slender waist. He couldn't speak. All doubts of how she felt melted away in that cold stream in her arms accented by the raw look of desire in her eyes. Her eyes drifted half closed as she leaned close to his face. Baron could feel her breath on his lips and he felt his eyes drift closed. Then, suddenly, he seemed to come to his senses.

"No, Illstya," he said turning away from her advances. "We can't."

"Oh, Baron," she whispered. "I want this. Please, don't you want this?"

Baron looked at her helplessly. "You know I do," he replied, "but we can't. You know we can't. You know ... you know what I am."

Illstya took his face in her soft hands and looked him deep in the eyes. "Yes, I know," she said firmly, "and I don't care. You can control your form just like you can transform into a great cat or a mighty bear."

Her lips brushed his and their eyes slipped closed. "Maybe I find your wild side appealing," she whispered. Her kiss was like fire that warmed him from head to toe.

Baron could hardly breathe as he kissed her in return. The warmth of her lips made him forget about the cold water swirling around them. All he knew was the magical connection between his lips and hers as she cradled his face and he pulled her close to him. He could already smell her scent as her desire grew. She sighed as his tongue danced with hers. He began to kiss down her smooth neck and cheek and Illstya moaned as he did so. Baron breathed in her musk and it was overpowering. He began to kiss her hungrily even nipping at her ears until he felt the change start. Horrified, Baron gasped and drew back shaking his head. Illstya kissed his lips and would not let him go.

"You can do it," she whispered. "Just concentrate on me. Focus on me and how your Human side feels."

They made their way to the shore where Baron peeled off Illstya's soaked robes. Her goose fleshed skin underneath was taut and smooth. Baron kissed every inch of her that was uncovered as wet cloth was pulled away and her damp skin underneath heated under his licks and kisses. Illstya writhed on the grass as Baron tickled her stomach with his tongue. She gasped as her robes were opened freeing her bountiful breasts to the night air. Her nipples hardened almost to the point of pain as the cold air blew across the wet buds. Baron took one in his warm mouth and Illstya moaned loudly arching her chest, yielding and surrendering to his skilled tongue and lips.

"Oh Goddess," she cried out grabbing his robes and trying weakly to pull them off of his soaked body. "ooooh that feels so good."

Baron quickly pushed the soaking wet robes off his muscled arms and torso never taking his attention and mouth from her pebbled nipples. He nipped one as his fingers pinched the other, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Illstya moved under him bucking and mewling lost in her desires. Baron sniffed deeply and smelled her feminine musk strong and sweet. The Beast inside him growled and he squashed it back down but not before he felt his cock stir.

Illstya frantically ran her hands over the iron strong arms holding her and her nails scratched down the unyielding muscles of his broad back. Never had she felt so alive. It was if her own Beast was clawing to try and surface. She felt rough hands caress her thighs and she moaned opening her legs and lifting her hips to guide Baron to where she wanted him. He kissed and sucked on her other nipple hard as his searching hand felt heat and cupped her smooth sex.

She heard him growl as he rose up to her. His eyes were already glowing yellow and his teeth elongated. She did not draw back but cupped his face and soothed him.

"Stay with me," she whispered, "YOU are the Beast. It does not control you."

At her words, his face returned to Human and his eyes lost their angry glow. He kissed her once more. His hand never moved from her womanhood and she knew he could feel her getting wet. Seeing him so feral and primal had turned her on beyond anything she had ever known. As if sensing her thoughts, she felt his fingers part her nether lips. Illstya arched to him and moaned his name, begging and pleading for release. His fingers teased her entrance until she felt as if she would explode. Then, when his fingers rubbed against her throbbing clit, she did.

Baron had no idea that a female could react in such a manner to his touch. Illstya threw her head back and opened her mouth wide. Her keening wail sounded like a bird of prey as her whole body tensed and he felt her quim pulse and release, soaking his hand as if he had dipped it back into the river. Her musk filled his nostrils once more and he was dizzy with desire.

The Beast stirred again clawing and roaring for release. Baron thought of his druidic lessons. He decided to ride the beast instead of fight it. Positioning himself over Illstya's still quivering body, he poised his cock to her soaked sex. The look Illstya gave him was the most erotic thing Baron had ever seen. The Night Elf wrapped her arms around his neck simultaneous with her long legs around his waist as her tongue languidly moistened her dry lips as she panted still recovering from her orgasm.

"Take me," she huskily whispered, "I want this, Baron. Please…Take me."

He entered her with a deep thrust that had her gasping. It felt so good, her eyes went wide with expectancy. Baron began to move deeper into Illstya, feeling the walls of her tunnel, caress his shaft from inside of her. Illstya began to moan through clenched teeth as she tried to move in sync with him forcing his glorious cock deeper inside of her.

"Elune's grace!" she cried out throwing her head back and literally thrashing underneath him. Baron moved faster and harder. He reached around, looping her leg around his arm to hold her open wider as he went as deep as he could go. Illstya moaned in extreme pleasure, feeling him pound into her lusting body.
As another orgasm tore through her, Baron could smell her sex weeping. Sweat, lust, sex, and desire filled his nose and lungs. The Beast inside him rattled its cage once more. Baron fought it down as he furiously sawed into Illstya’s pussy, feeling her muscles contracting around him.

Illstya grabbed Barons head and pulled him to her lips, kissing him fully with all her aroused lust. She moaned and sighed consuming his lips with hers. At one point she bit his lower lip with a growl.

"Baron, I want you to really take me," she moaned with crazy desire, looking deep in his eyes. The feral look of unfettered desire and primal need seemed to call to the Beast that was desperate to come out. Baron didn't know what to do, he felt his control slipping.

"Fuck me like an animal, let your beast come forth." she growled desperately to him.

The Beast came out as he continued to pound her sweet flesh. Fur sprouted all over his muscular body. Ears and face elongated to a wolf muzzle filled with sharp fangs, nails extended into claws that tore into the ground around the naked Night Elf, and his muscles shifted and squirmed under stretching skin as his legs hooked and folded becoming those of a wolf, instead of a man. Illstya arched up to his furred body crying out as his cock also changed growing longer and thicker inside of her, stretching her to the limits.

Baron roared a low rumbling growl and then whined as he heard Illstya cry out from under him. The last thing he wanted to ever do was hurt her. He started to pull away until she suddenly wrapped her long sexy legs around his waist and pulled him close moving her hips furiously to his. He realized then that her cries were not of pain, but ecstasy. With a roar of triumph, Baron grabbed the Elf's hips and brutally fucked her as fast and hard as he could.

Illstya screamed and moaned frantically pulling on his fur and moving with him as best as she could. Her pussy stretched to accommodate his newly enlarged cock as it thrust into her again and again soaking him and the ground underneath with her sweet nectar. When at last he felt the familiar warmth building in his gut, he knew he wouldn't last long. Illstya clenched her teeth and she knew she was close as well. Baron thrust into her mercilessly as she moaned louder and louder.

"Baron!" she cried out, "Oh Baron yes! Give it to me!"

She arched her back as her orgasm hit her with a shock, flowing through her body like a tidal wave before crashing to the shores of her demanding pussy. Baron thrust deep inside of Illstya and threw his head back and howled. His howl was long and deep almost in concert with his hot thick seed, flowing into Illstya’s sexy body. He couldn’t stop it, instinct took hold of him and he thrust deeply into Illstya’s core again and again, sending spurt after spurt of his hot Worgen seed into her womb. Illstya gasped and grunted with each of his massive thrusts feeling his deliciously hard and huge wolf cock as it buried deep inside her trembling pussy.

For a few moments, the two lovers quivered as their orgasms ebbed and flowed. Panting and gasping for breath, hearts beating like war drums, they collapsed together. Illstya caressed Baron's soft furry chest and began nuzzling it with soft coo’s and kisses. Baron held her close to him, breathing in her salty sweat and musky scent. When at last they caught their breath, Illstya cupped Baron's lower muzzle and looked him in the eye.

"You have no idea how much I have wanted for you to take me in your Worgen form," she whispered dreamily.

"I was afraid that I would hurt you," Baron’s gravelly voice explained as he shifted back into his human form.

"The only way you could hurt me is you not believing in yourself," she replied. "You must accept and tame the Beasts you have within. Become one with nature and its ferocity and its beauty. Harness it as a Druid and control it as a Worgen."

"I see that I still have much to learn," he sighed gruffly.

"Mmmm," Illstya sultry purred and kissed him deeply. "Perhaps…. And I have so much to teach you my pupil."

She kissed him fully as she caressed his now bare muscled chest and nibbled his ear before adding, “Besides, the night is still young….” She cooed, raising her eyebrows invitingly.
Baron gave her a roguish smile, his body tensing as he began to shift into his Worgen form. This time the pain of the shift was much less because he welcomed his inner beast. With a wistfully aroused expression, Illstya’s eyes went wide with anticipation and desire. When he’d finished transforming, his low grunt to her signaled his control, that Baron was there behind the eyes of the wolf.
When he grabbed her with his large clawed hands, she squeaked with happy surprise. None of his sharp talons made a mark on her smooth sexy body as he forced her onto her back, spread her long legs and pressed his muzzle between her thighs and began to lavishly lap at her smooth bare sex. She moaned and bucked against Baron’s long talented tongue as he licked and probed her pussy.
For many long moments, he drove his tongue into Illstya’s cunt. She stifled a cry when her body tensed and she let her cream flow. It sent Baron into frenzy as he gulped her tasty cream, pulling her sex into his mouth as he drank from her.
Once she let out a sultry gasp and her body relaxed a little, he flipped her effortlessly over onto her stomach, then gripped her hips and lifted her gorgeous ass up so he could plow his blood engorged hard throbbing cock into her hot tight pussy. She let out a primal cry of inexplicable need as he began to savagely hammer his Worgen phallus into her.
He fucked her like she wanted, like she demanded him to. Pounding into her like a fierce and feral animal. With a howl of delight, he gripped her firmly and leaned over her naked body, his lust filled rage causing Illstya to whimper and sob. With a powerful thrust that made her grunt hard, he let out a growl and began pumping his thick hot Worgen sperm deep into the depths of her womb. Thrust after thrust sent more and more of his potent seed into Illstya. She could only gasp and grunt as the breath was knocked out of her with each punishing slam of his cock.
He mated the sexy Night Elf, long into the night and then for many more hours all the way into the early morning of the next day, each joining the two of them had was more enjoyable and satisfying than the last.
Baron no longer feared the beast inside of him and much to Illstya’s demanding pleasure, he took much satisfaction as he constantly took her in his Worgen form, filling her up with his seed and claiming her fully as his mate.
A few days later, it didn’t surprise him in the least, but astonished everyone else, when Illstya announced that she was pregnant.
“My love, I will gladly bear your children.” Illstya told him after the celebrations had ended from her announcement.
He did not utter a single word, but dragged her to their home deep in the forest and fucked her into the night and long after the sun had risen the next day. “My dear…” Baron began earnestly in panting breaths once he’d changed back into human form. “I want you to bear me many children, do you believe me?” He said with a roguish smirk on his face.
“I have no doubt of that, Baron my love.” She replied seductively and pulled him on top of her naked body, his semen still dripping heavily from her well fucked pussy. “Now, give me more of your furriness.”
Illstya continued teaching Baron about the Druid ways, and their love making never ebbed or slowed until her belly was large and ripe with his child. She hardly ever knew a moment that he didn’t keep her naked and well satisfied. She would continue to bear her loving Worgen children, as many as he wanted.
Their long lives together were constantly filled with the sounds of loving children and the glow of Illstya being ever pregnant.

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