Daughter's Horny Urges - 6

Daughter's Horny Urges - 6

Janie awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and alive. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes sparkled and newfound awareness shone deep within them.

Wanting to please her daddy, she sat down at her dresser, naked. She put on her make-up as carefully as she knew how and then she fixed her hair in a ponytail. When she was through, she picked out a thin beige blouse and a short, tan skirt. After picking out a pink bra and bikini panty set of sheer nylon, she got dressed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she knew she looked good enough to eat and he was sure her father would think the same thing.

But the morning passed slowly for her. All morning long, she kept glancing at her father, watching him and hoping for some sign. Every time he passed by, she peeked out the corner of her eye at him. She wanted him to make her feel good. She needed him to give her some more of his cock but all he did was smile and pat her on the head.

By afternoon Janie was sorely tempted to go into her room and fuck himself with her hairbrush. But she managed to control herself, hoping her father would do something for her itching cunt. When at last she was almost ready to go do it for herself, her father called her into the living room while her mother was in the kitchen.

"Janie," he said, pulling her into his lap and kissing her sweet lips, "it's been hard for me to control myself all day, you know that?"

Janie nodded and smiled, gazing into his eyes. She could feel his cock poking between her asscheeks, nudging her asshole. Her asshole burned for something inside it and she knew she wanted to be fucked there. But then she remembered the size of her father's cock and reconsidered. Maybe she wouldn't be able to take his prick there, after all. She wiggled her butt as he pinched her nipples through her blouse.

"Here's what we're gonna do," he whispered. "Your mother's going to the store in a little while. If she asks you to go with her, tell her you don't feel good." His fingers dipped under her skirt. "I'll bet you'll be feeling damn good right after she leaves, honey, ha-hah."

"Okay, Dad," she answered eagerly. "I can't wait!"

Later, after her mother had gone, Janie rushed into her father's arms. She hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips. He responded just like he was supposed to, glad to find that his daughter had inherited his horniness.

Their mouths opened and slid across one another. Janie licked her daddy's mouth until it was wet, her tongue swirling between his lips. She felt the touch of his tongue on hers and their tongues began dancing in lust. Turning their heads from side to side, they passionately french kissed as the burning in their loins spread.

Then Janie felt herself being pushed away. She stood back while John eyed her from head to foot.

He inspected her make-up and her hair--flawless. His cock twitched as he inspected the smooth, graceful lines of her head and neck. His prick stiffened. He peered at her tits where her nipples poked out from within her bra. His cock pulsed. His eyes roved down her slim body and on down her smooth, slender legs. His prick throbbed. He hungrily stared at her feet, then his eyes traveled upwards. They centered on the spot over her cunt. He visualized the soft, swollen, griping cunt lips between her thighs. His cock surged and he pulled the girl to him. Their mouths met again and his hands filled themselves with her asscheeks.

Janie's body was on fire. The heat spread through her, her cunt was burning. Her clit was engorged and throbbing, making its presence known. Her butt was tingling as she spread her legs and pressed her cunt against her dad's hard cock. She wanted it inside her!

"Oh, Dad," she panted, "fuck me!"

Her father chuckled, "I will, baby, but not yet."

One of his hands slid to her pussy while the other kept squeezing her asscheeks. Janie felt her panties being pushed aside and two fingers began tickling her exposed pussy. Growing more excited by the minute, she spread her legs further to let him get at her dripping cunt.

Her dad's fingers slowly teased her pussy lips. Lightly, they brushed up and down the fleshy lips and Janie moaned in pleasure. After tickling the sensitive hairs, one finger dipped into her pussy slit. Janie groaned a little louder. The finger lay lengthwise along her slit and pushed. Her cunt lips separated and the finger sank in between them. Her cunt burned and slippery fuck juice ran out of her pussy hole.

Slowly the finger slid up and down the length of her pink cunt slit. It pushed down between her cunt lips, massaging the sensitive pussy flesh very nicely. Before it dipped into the hole, though, it drew back and slid up to the top of her cunt slit once again.

After her father had teased her cunt almost to the bursting point, he finally dragged his finger to her clit. He used the tip of his finger to circle it, massaging in gentle, inwardly spiraling circles, the finger getting closer and closer to the mark. By the time it finally reached it, Janie had her legs widely spread, thrusting her pussy against his hand.

The girl's clit was aching and hugely swollen. Her eyes were half closed, shining in pleasure. She looked at her father through a glaze of lust. Her butt gyrated, masturbating her clit against her father's finger. The pleasure was so good the girl pumped her cunt more firmly.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes, Dad ... rub it! Rub my clit, Dad ... ohhhh, it feels good! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Don't stop ... ohhhh, nooo ... don't stop, don't ever stop!"

But by now John's cock was about to explode in lust. It throbbed, big and swollen inside his pants. It strained at his zipper. It wanted out, wanted to be buried somewhere hot and moist.

The man looked at his young daughter's pretty, smooth face. Her lips were soft and red and inviting as he kissed them. Yes, he wanted his cock sucked.

"Janie," he whispered tickling his daughter's ear with his heated breath, "I want you to suck my cock!"

Janie was feeling good and hot and her cunt was sizzling. Her brain was taken over by pleasure and it seemed that the heat in her young loins was all she had ever known. She thought about sucking her father's cock, imagined taking his huge prick in her mouth. She had heard about doing such a thing and the thought turned her on.

"O-okay, Dad. B-but ... I've never done that before."

"It's okay, honey, I'll teach you. I know you'll be able to do it good."

He pulled the girl to him, feeling the warmth of her young, lean body. His cock surged more powerfully as he thought about having his daughter take his prick in her mouth.

"Kneel down in front of me, Janie," her father ordered.

Slowly, almost hypnotized, Janie knelt.

"Now, pull down my pants."

Trembling, Janie reached between his legs. She unbuckled her dad's pants, then opened them. She saw the huge bulge over his cock and she breathed harder as she got closer to it. Moving more quickly now, she yanked down his pants and reached for his cock as it sprang free. It aimed up and out as her father stood in front of her with his pants down around his ankles.

The heat of his cock burned into her hand. Grasping it firmly, she felt of its satiny smoothness. With a sharp intake of breath, she imagined it in her mouth, the nine inches of hot, throbbing cock. His prick stared back at her with its one unblinking eye, waiting impatiently. Questioningly, Janie looked up at her father.

"Smell it!" John demanded.

Her heart was thumping as Janie pulled the prick under her nose. She inhaled deeply again and again. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the smell of prick, pressing her nose against the purple cock head. Its heat burned her flesh as its excitement transmitted itself to her cunt.

"Ummm ... aaahhh ... mmmm," she moaned.

"Smell my balls! Feel them!"

Janie sniffed the underside of her father's cock, traveling down with her nose. His balls were huge, hairy and bloated. She smelled them. They smelled exciting. She hefted them in her palm. They were heavy. Wonderingly, she nuzzled her face between her father's legs, under his nuts. She inhaled repeatedly, her cunt juicing in excitement as the heady smell filled her senses. Automatically, her tongue snaked out and she licked just behind his balls. The wonderful, sensuous taste washed into her mouth.

Her father gently held the back of her head. When she had finished licking the sweat from underneath his balls, he lifted her head. Holding his prick with one hand, he began rubbing it all over his daughter's upturned face.

"Feel my cock against your face!"

Janie felt the heat of the cock against the smoothness of her cheeks. First her father laid it along one side of her face. Down one check it slid, across her chin, then up the other cheek, leaving a trail of sticky cum. There, at her right cheek, he laid the throbbing cock flat, searing her flesh with its heat. Her father then slid it over her forehead and down her nose. Finally, he rubbed it over her lips from side to side. Starting at one corner of her mouth, he worked it to the other. Then, reversing the motion, he nudged it back again. He laid it down the center of her face, from her forehead, across her nose, to her chin.

"Lick it!" he commanded.

Janie's tongue flicked out, meeting the underside of his cock just above the root. The hot silky cock flesh burned into her soft tongue. It made her head swim with cock lust. Her tongue began slithering around and around, up and down, as she got hornier. She was glad to feel the big cock responding.

"Oh, yeah, Janie ... that's it, baby ... lick my cock! Oooohhhh, yeah ... Now, lick it all over! Hold it at the root while you do it!"

Janie lost no time in doing as she was told. She grabbed his cock at the base and gripped it. She began licking the engorged prick, hesitantly at first, then more enthusiastically. She made it point straight up, swabbing the underside. She hungrily licked from the root to the crown and back again as she got into it. Up and down she went, noting how favorably her father responded.

John's head tilted back and his eyes were closed in enjoyment. A smile creased his lips as his mind registered the effects of his daughter's sweet lips and tongue.

"Yeah, Janie ... now, move your tongue in little circles. Pay close attention to the spot right underneath the head ... ooohhh, yeah! That's it!"

Janie began lapping prick as instructed. Her tongue swirled around the underside of his cock from root to knob. When she got to the head, she licked underneath it. Her tongue sensuously swabbed the super-sensitive spot underneath her father's prick head.

"Now, baby ... lick the sides and top, too. Wet the head good!"

Quickly, the young girl did as she was told. Her tongue raced up and down one side, then moved to the other. When it, too, was gleaming with wetness, she swabbed the upper surface. Moaning softly, she made it shine in the light. After satisfying herself that it was just as her father had ordered, she slid her tongue to his cock knob. Before she licked it, though, she leaned back just for a moment to look at his prick.

The head was purple, thick with blood. The hole was a little above center and a trickle of thick, clear cum was dribbling out of it. Something made her want to taste it. She wondered if it tasted any different than her girlfriends' cunt cream.

Noticing her gaze, her father said, "Smell it, honey. Taste it ... he-heh! It's good!"

It did smell good. The heady cock smell filled her nostrils and made her want more. She held the cock in a firm grip and touched the tip with her tongue. A wonderful taste tantalized her taste buds and the cum was warm and sticky. Getting more excited, she licked up and down the slit, cleaning it.

Stiffening her tongue, she tried to swirl it into the hole. The hole opened wide and she got the tip of her tongue inside it. The taste was good and her father's cock swelled harder. Mewling, she swabbed his prick head until it glistened.

"Ooohhh, yeah, Janie ... lick my cock head! Oooohhhh! Okay! That's enough! I want you to suck it. Wet your lips and put them over the hole. Then slide your head down. Let your lips keep a good grip as my prick goes into your mouth. Careful not to scrape it with your teeth, though!"

Janie's cunt was now juicing continuously. It was burning, screaming for attention. She wanted to finger-fuck herself and frig her clit. She wanted to throw her legs wide apart and let her daddy fuck her hard and deep again and again. Even though it was exciting to have her mouth on his cock, she wanted his cock in her cunt. But would he give it to her that way? she wondered. She had to find out!

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