Sweet torture

Sweet torture

I walk in the room and you blindfold me, lead me to the bed, and tell me to strip. I slowly remove my shirt. As I lift it over my head I feel you reach out, put your hands in my bra and pinch my nipples, hard. I suck in my breath, shuddering, hands holding my shirt over my face, and I wait. You then move away and I know I am supposed to continue. I remove the shirt and toss it aside.

I unzip my skirt, shimmy it down across my hips, down to my ankles, and kick it off. I reach back and unhook my bra and drop it on the floor, freeing my breasts. My nipples stand up full and proud, chilled by the air and tense with arousal. I kick off my high heels, then pull down my panties. You take them from me and shove them in my mouth. You then push me backwards until I reach the bed, then you hold my shoulders and push me back on the bed.

"Up." You command.

I wiggle up on the bed until I'm lying in the center. I feel your reach out and grab my left ankle, pulling it to the corner as you tie it to the railing. You then repeat with my right ankle, then move to repeat the same with my arms. I'm bound with soft silk, not painful, but too tight to move. I feel you in the room but I can not see or hear you. I'm naked, blindfolded, tied open, and gagged with my panties. Waiting for what comes next.

Suddenly I feel you biting my right nipple. Hard. Then you stop and slowly lap it with your tongue, soothing the pain. Then you're gone...

Only to reappear on the other side. This time you pinch my nipple, squeezing and twisting. You then massage both my breasts with your palms as you lean over me.

You whisper in my ear, "I'm going to make you scream for me like you never have before."

I suck my breath in and suddenly the panties are pulled from my mouth. You kiss me, hard, shoving your tongue in my mouth. Claiming me. Then you're gone again.

A moment later I feel you running your fingers up my leg. I moan and squirm, and you smack my thigh right where your hand is. "Don't move." I whimper and nod... And you inch your hand closer to my pussy.

You suddenly shove three fingers in me, as deep as you can, with no warning. I yelp and jump, even though I try not to.

"Tsk tsk tsk... You'll be punished for that."

You pull your fingers out and pinch my clit. Then you are gone... But just for a moment.

I feel your breath on my pussy, and then your tongue is circling my clit. You push my legs open as far as they can go in their bindings and start to fuck my pussy with your tongue. I begin to thrust to meet you and you hold me down, thrusting your tongue in faster and faster. I start to shake and shudder, and right when I'm about to cum, you get up and move away.

I can't see anything, but I'm almost crying from the sudden loss. I want to cum but can't. I don't know if you've left. I'm just waiting. My breath slows and my body calms, still waiting for the orgasm but not so close to the edge.

Just when I think you've left I feel you parting my pussy lips. You jam something inside, something soft and made of fabric. "Your panties should be good in here for a while."

Then you run your fingers up my body as you walk towards the head of the bed. I feel the mattress shift as you get on, even though I can't tell exactly where.

Suddenly your cock is at my mouth, pushing in hard. I choke a bit but start sucking and licking as hard as I can. Your knees are on either side of my head, your balls slap my face, your cock fills my throat, and you groan as you fuck my mouth.

I feel you speed up and pull out suddenly, then I feel hot cum all over my face and chest. I lick what I can, moaning and squirming. You growl as you cover me, again and again, ropes of hot cum all over my face and chest.

"Wear it proudly, my little cum slut."

You move again, away from me, off the bed. You're gone longer this time... I don't know if I'm alone, or if you're watching me.

Then you appear at my side, touching my hip, and tell me to lift up. I lift my hips in the air and you shove a pillow under my waist. It pushes my hips up high, forces my knees open farther, and exposes my tight asshole to you.

You shove a finger in my ass without warning. I yelp in surprise as I clench against it. You take your finger out and replace it with something hard, cold. I resist, but you push until I have no choice but to accept the hard, thick item.

Suddenly it buzzes to life, the vibrator that's filling my ass. I'm shaking and squirming, as little as I can. You lean over and bite my nipples, making them hard and red. I'm so turned on, but unable to climax, and you know it.

You lean over and whisper in my ear, "not quite yet, my love. I'm not done."

You're gone again, and I'm left to squirm on the bed, blindfolded, pussy in the air, stuffed with my panties, vibrator filling my ass. It feels like an eternity until I hear you breathing hard and realize you're masturbating right by my face. I turn my head and open my mouth, but you just laugh as you walk away.

"No, little one, I was just getting my cock ready again."

Then in an instant I feel the vibrator pulled out and you slam your cock deep in my ass. I scream in simultaneous pain and pleasure, rocking as you fuck my ass.

"I know how hard it is for you to cum without anything touching your clit, so I'm going to make sure I don't." You're right, and it makes me even hornier. I desperately need to cum but you're making sure I can't. I feel you fuck my ass harder and faster, then suddenly stop. You hold yourself in me for a while, then pull your cock out of my stretched ass.

I can't hold it any longer. I don't care what you do, I'm at my breaking point. "Please, Sir, I need to orgasm for you. I need to cum!"

"Ok, you can." You suddenly grab my panties and rip them out of my pussy. I feel you climb up on top of me, then feel you put two fingers in my mouth. I open to lick and suck them, then you shove the panties in my mouth. "Taste how wet you are," you say. I feel the thin fabric soaked in my pussy juices, I suck them and taste how wet you've made me. You reach down and start pinching and rolling my nipples, massaging my breasts, and making me moan.

I'm so ready... Covered in your cum. You've fucked my mouth, fucked my ass, and made me beg. I'm tied, blindfolded, pussy in the air, dripping, soaked panties in my mouth. Needing to orgasm so hard, but you've been keeping me right on the edge.

Suddenly my blindfold is ripped off... I try and look at you, leaning over me, laying on top of me, face inches from mine. Just as my eyes focus on you, you smile and slam your cock deep inside me. "Cum, slut!"

I almost choke on the panties I cum so hard. You reach down and pull them out, then kiss me as you continue to pound me as hard as you can. I'm screaming and moaning and kissing you all at the same time. You're slamming me on the bed against the knots holding me in place. You move faster and faster and then I feel you shoot me full of your cum.

Right then you whisper in my ear, "cum for me again!"

And I have the biggest orgasm of my life.

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