Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

Hell on earth – Lemon by MISTER BIG T
My most fucked up lemon ever

It all began with destruction…. Seemingly endless and pointless destruction of a small town.

Sapphire, an 8 year old girl nun huddled in the dining hall with all the other initiates, curled up into a ball on the floor of the church, one of the few remaining buildings in the town. Dressed in her simple wool nun's habits, she sobbed softly. The sky was raining blood. The rivers turned to fire, and the crops to ash. This could only be the end of times.

Suddenly the doors leading to the room were literally, blown to shreds; some of the splinters immediately killing several of the people inside. After the dust cleared, 6 extremely muscular black women were standing behind a beautiful woman with a completely white hair. She had very large breasts and a sly smile as she looked around the room. Her skin tone was that of a milk chocolate, Sapphire’s favorite treat albeit in no way was this monster sweet. "Followers of God, you may bow down to your new mistress, your new deity, and maybe your lives shall be spared.... Bow down to me, the queen of the demons…. Feralzen, thorn of the devil….. " she teased them.

Sapphire was the only one that wasn't wailing. Of the 20 initiates that had been in the room, only 13 of them remained, including Sapphire. All 12 of the older girls were headstrong in their beliefs, and stood up to oppose the demonic invaders, "You are abominations against God! Leave this place at once!" Sapphire just lay sobbing on the ground, curled up on her side. A sliver of wood from one of the doors lay imbedded in her side, some blood trickling down her nun's habits.

Feralzen roared in laughter as she approached them. "There are too many holes and too few poles at the moment...... While I usually enjoy breaking the feisty ones, I'm after something more... Exotic at the moment..." she spoke as she placed her hand before the face of the woman who had just spoken. Before she could even speak again, Feralzen punched her fist throughout her face and throughout the neck before retreating it back out, licking on some brain tissue on her fingers. “Mmm…. Virgin blood… You are all virgins…….”

Sapphire had just pulled out the sliver of wood from her side, and bunched up a bit of her robes to push into the wound. Looking up in time to see her fellow sister's face get punched in to the brain, the little girl lost control of her bladder, pissing all over the floor and wetting her robe. Her face scrunched up as she vomited on the floor, accidentally covering Feralzen's left foot with the puke. This was it, she thought. This was hell.

Feralzen stopped her movement that very moment as if she had hit an invisible wall. "You can do whatever you want with the others, just in the end kill them…. This one is mine first..." she ordered the others while placing her vomit covered leg against the little nun's face. "Lick it clean bitch, you got my beautiful leg dirty."

Sapphire was delirious. Just hours ago it had been a perfect day, and then those evil clouds had come out of nowhere, and unleashed literal hell. Now here she was, licking her body's rejected foodstuffs off of the demon queen's foot. She sucked on each toe individually, like she remembered her sister doing to the mayor's cock. This was before she was found out, and shipped off here. Nothing mattered anymore, really. The girl gagged every so often as she licked a piece of her lunch off of the demon’s foot, the disgusting taste almost making her retch again.

Feralzen grinned. "That's good, you did very nice job with that.... But I think you also got some on my butt." she murmured as she turned around and bend down a bit, revealing her extremely dirty rear. "Lick it bitch." she laughed.

Sapphire knew what the demon queen was trying to do, but steeled her stomach, sticking out her tongue, shuddering with anticipation. Just before she reached the stinking ring of flesh, the cheeks and pucker coated in lots of flecks of feces, some old, some new, the girl saw her only friend Judith get her head torn in half by a pair of the rutting demons while they kept raping her dying, twitching body. Unable to control herself anymore, she emptied her guts at the woman's asshole, coating the entire messy area in a fresh layer of vomit.

Feralzen laughed a bit as she pressed Sapphire's head against her ass hole, rubbing her face against her smelly rump. "Mmm bitch you just made my ass dirtier... I think I'll punish you for that unless you get to some good licking and soon.... And the angrier you make the more of your friends die....." she said while motioning to one of her sisters. And just like that another nun lost her life, just as gruesomely as the others; her breasts were torn off by the muscular woman who forced them down the screaming woman’s throat, before literally tearing her head off.

Sapphire gagged, and started to scoop the shit and puke into her mouth, shaking from the loss of blood, and disorientation from having two hard stomach churning vomits. "Uh-P-Please! N-No!" She soon switched to sucking the mess off of her Queen's ass, the filthy mess lining the inside of her mouth. She wouldn't taste anything else for a few weeks, unless her mouth got rinsed out.

Feralzen grins as she suddenly gave a stop signal. "Good.... You're doing better job but now...." she moaned as she huffed and let out a long fart as liquid like diarrhea began to come into the girl's mouth followed by several huge logs. "Mmm eat it all up..."

Sapphire held the wound in her side as she tilted her head back a bit, scorching under her queen as she opened her mouth. She'd heard the telltale farts, and knew that she was going to get shat on. Figuring that the easiest way would be just to have her mouth open and let the logs drop in, she closed her eyes. The first blast of the liquid shit hit more of her face than her mouth, and she gave a moan of terror from below the powerful female.

Feralzen grinned as she kept pushing more of her filth into the tiny girl’s mouth. "Mmmm you're doing so good job I think I'll reward you soon if you keep this up...." she murred.

Sapphire swallowed as fast as she could, trying to keep down the roiling mass of filth that had invaded her stomach. It was protesting not being fed real, food, and she wasn't exactly the fattest of pre-teens. In fact, she was quite skinny; her ribs were nearly visible under her skin. What was visible, though was her tummy starting to swell from all the shit she was being forced to eat.

Feralzen finally finished shitting and to Sapphire's surprise gave a kiss to the girl, sharing some of her own shit with herself. "Mmm now for the reward. One of your friends can go... And every time you make me happy, a friend of yours can go.... But my sisters will join me with you...." she laughed as soon, a muscular woman, obviously the youngest one approached Sapphire. She had huge erection, easily over 2 feet tall. "Suck her dick."

Sapphire whimpered as she saw that monstrous tool being offered in front of her. She hadn't heard the first part of the Queen's statement, only that she was to please the monster in front of her, and that the huge cock in front of her would not be the last. "Y-Yes... My q-queen..." She tried to keep herself from sobbing as she licked the tip of that giant fuck rod, her eyes stained with tears.

The sister began to rape Sapphire's mouth but not nearly as hard as she could have obviously, but forcing the girl to suck it and even deep throat her. "Don't you dare ruin her..... " Feralzen warned her little sister who pulled a bit out from the mouth, allowing the girl more room to breathe.

Sapphire pumped her mouth up and down on that giant slab of meat, her tongue wriggling under the massive cock in her mouth. Her jaw actually popped, dislocating; it was the only way that anything that large could get in her little mouth. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and her entire body heaved with each thrust.

Feralzen grins as she hears her jaw bones pop. "Mmm now there's dedication if I've seen it..... That impresses me so much that I’ll reward you greatly…." she murrs while motioning to the others. "The rest of your friends can go. You have saved their lives. However, now it's time you'll take us all on," she speaks as 5 more big dicks come to Sapphire's sight. The women tear off her nun dress, revealing her tiny breasts and begin to rub their penises all over her body and against her form. However, no one actually penetrates or touches her anywhere but her mouth where several dicks fight in try to get them to be the ones to be sucked by the tiny girl.

Sapphire moaned as the nun's habits are torn off, the wound in her side staunched for the most part, a little trickle of blood still coming down from the wound. She was now a mindless fuck-slave. Her life could be over at any moment, so she'd best get to the sucking. She couldn't exactly control who entered her mouth, but she tried her hardest to get each cock in there at least 20 times, gulping down any shaft that got near her mouth.

Some of the women shot some cum all over her mouth and in it. The girl was beginning to be coated in vomit, shit, blood, and now semen. "Mmmmm... I think I'll fuck you into your pussy now..." Feralzen murmured as she showed her dick. It was almost ten feet long and pulsing with precum. "You'll get the honor of having your virginity stolen by the biggest dick in the world.... Consider yourself honored..." she giggled while rubbing the massive member against Sapphire's tiny virgin pussy.

Sapphire froze at the sight of that massive member. That was going to go in... In her sin-hole? She bawled around the cock of the demon that was currently ravaging her mouth. There was no way it was going to go in... Then again, there was no way the little girl could stop it. She was on all fours, one sister each stepping on a hand or foot, keeping her down.

Feralzen grinned "Remove your cock Talera for a moment, I want to hear her scream." she ordered the one in Sapphire's mouth, and the demon with white hair complied. Soon Feralzen began to push her enormous cock into the tiny girl, the dick being much bigger than the girl herself.
She screamed at the top of her lungs. She was literally being split open from the inside, as an eight year old girl could not hope to take a cock twice and a half again as tall as her and remain perfectly intact. She was crying so hard, nothing was left. After the first few seconds, her tear ducts rupture, and little rivers of blood creep down her cheek. Her back end was slowly being demolished to accommodate that massive royal cock.

Feralzen grunts as she starts pushing more of herself in, while the demons continue to jerk off, the cum splashing all over the broken eyes of the girl and on her hips where Sapphire could see the outline of the penis working through the girl. Sapphire shrieked at the feeling of the cock ripping through her; her vagina and colon had been destroyed by the onslaught of that mammoth prick. The outline of the cock inside her crept up to halfway across her tummy, just under her ribs. She bit down on her tongue, neatly severing the end of the muscle. Blood started to pour from the orifice as a third of her tongue fell to the floor.

Feralzen moans harder as she continues to push mercilessly in, the huge dick going through all her vital organs and tearing pieces or even some of them completely with it as it moved forward in the girl who had now expanded and looked like a bleeding blow up doll without air. Sapphire's organs started to be expelled through her mouth. Part of a kidney here, the entire pancreas, a few feet of intestine. Sapphire sobbed as much as she could between organs, wondering what she had to do God to deserve this.

Feralzen finally pushed through the mouth of the girl, stretching it insanely wide as more of her organs hang from the cock's tip. "Mmm the tight whore is going to make me come....." she murred and immediately, the six sisters came forward and began to lick and suck on the member while pushing Sapphire further along the cock. Sapphire’s heart and lungs are the only things left in her body, keeping her alive just barely; her stomach comes up, spilling the rancid feces out of her mouth before falling with a plop to the ground. Her jaw stretches more, and her cheeks start to tear from the giant cock. Her cheeks rip open, and her jaw falls to the floor, her tongue dribbled onto floor, having been sliced completely off by a random shard of bone.

Feralzen takes hold of Sapphire's head strongly as she grunts and pulls more before coming huge, massive load all over her sisters who seemed like they had been blessed by God, licking their lips and moaning. "Mmmhh....." Sapphire's throat made gurgling noises as she started to fade forever. Her only wish as she started to expire was to be like those demon sisters she saw, writhing in pleasure as they were covered with their queen's cum, shot through the body of this pre-pubescent girl.

For some reason or another.... Feralzen heard this wish. She smiled as she waved for the youngest sister to come towards her. "It's your turn, everyone else has had their share..." she murrs as the girl laid on the floor while spreading her pussy wide. Feralzen took hold of the remains of what had once been pretty girl and slowly began to stuff it in the woman's cunt. Sapphire was barely conscious as she was stuffed into the demon's cunt, the tight passage crushing her skull, her eyes seeing the viscous grey matter of her brain being spread along the passage before more organs followed. She shouldn't even be alive right now, her mind screamed. Wait, how could her mind scream it? It just rushed past...

The little sister moans as she looked like she was pregnant for several months. "Mmmm... Your cum's still on her... It'll not take as long as usually......" she murrs while gently patting the belly. "Hear that? I'm going to be a mommy..."

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